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It wasn’t a requirement that professors hired for the Geneva School for Girls be oversexed, but if they weren’t when they were hired, they soon became so. Given the ratio of 200 students to 50 professors, there was little time for rest. The men had their hands full instructing girls in the finer arts of satisfying a man’s baser needs. There were also the assorted obligations of the school, which often led to mind-blowing orgasms. And then, of course, there were those moments of opportunity, when the cock-hardening sexuality of the girls led the professors to take advantage of the situation for an unscheduled bout of sex play. They could hardly be blamed for that.

But add it up, and the professors were often having sex of one sort or another several times a day. Consider a recent random Tuesday in the life of History Professor Tom Roberts, a handsome gent in his late 40’s…


Tom Roberts awoke when he heard the door to his private chambers open and close. A smile came to his face as he rolled over and looked towards the door of his bedroom.

A bosomy American girl whose wealthy father had roots in the aerospace industry, Cindy Evans had been consistently late to his class several times already this term. So, to teach her the importance of timeliness, Professor Roberts was requiring her to be his human alarm clock, visiting his room for a full week to wake him up at 6:00am. This Tuesday was her second day of performing that duty.

“Sir, are you awake, sir?”

Roberts turned on his bedside table lamp and looked over as the young girl poked her head inside the bedroom door. Her brandy-coloured eyes were blinking against the glare of the light.

“Yes, Cindy, come in.”

Clad in a plush white robe that she had cinched tight around her, the girl stepped over and stood next to his bed, where he was now propped up on one elbow. Roberts looked the girl up and down, allowing those illicit feelings to course through him that his position at this school allowed. At any other academic institution, private or public, the presence of a young girl in a teacher’s room would be considered incredibly inappropriate. And yet here at the Geneva School for Girls (GSFG), this was not unheard of behavior. So here was this girl, sweet Cindy, eagerly coming to Roberts’ room with the task of performing the duties of his personal alarm clock, waking him up in whatever fashion he desired.

Roberts let his hungry gaze roam over the young girl. She was a beauty, all right. About 5-6″ tall, and probably tipping the scales at a perfect 115 pounds, Cindy was a wet dream come true. She had a lovely angelic face. While some girls had very sharp and angular features, Cindy’s facial features seemed to flow together in soft melodic harmony. Roberts thought her eyes were the color of a fine brandy, and the warm brown of her curving eyebrows matched the rich chocolate brown of her hair perfectly. She had high cheekbones, but they were softened by a layer of baby-soft skin that gave her face a warm youthful glow. Her skin was smooth as silk on glass, making Roberts want to pull her close and brush his cheek against hers. She had a cute button nose and full pouty lips, lips that were so kissable it took all Roberts’ willpower to resist pulling her close and kissing her the first time they found themselves alone. Her dark eyes were warm and endearing, and the look in those eyes was of one who just wanted to know you better, that this was someone you could trust and believe in. There wasn’t a hint of anger, of rudeness, of anything deceitful in those warm brown eyes. Just someone you could believe in, could care for, could fall in love with.

And Roberts knew the body beneath that plush robe was just as breathtakingly gorgeous, if not more so, than Cindy’s beautiful face. The girl had been blessed with a body that any woman alive would give anything to have. She was slender but not skinny, full-bodied but not fat, with a bum that was nicely rounded but not chubby. Her hips had filled out perfectly while her waist was waspishly thin, giving her an alluring hourglass figure that drew any man’s gaze anytime she walked by.

Like most of the girls who’d been admitted to the GSFG, Cindy had an incredible set of tits that any boy, or man, would drool over. Roberts had already gotten his hands on those beauties, and they were almost beyond compare. If he wasn’t used to the kinds of girls that Headmaster Walker recruited for this school, Roberts almost wouldn’t have believed how incredibly large Cindy’s breasts were. They were big soft pillows of flesh that no top of any kind could hide. Even if she wore the baggiest sweatshirt going, she just had to move a little bit and it would be obvious what an amazing set of tits she had lying beneath. But here at this school, with its required uniforms, none of the girls were hiding the lush curvy bodies they’d been blessed with, including Cindy.

Roberts had seen the pictures that Headmaster Walker had asked the school’s photographer casino şirketleri to take when Cindy had come with her parents for her admission interview. She’d been wearing a jet black miniskirt that hugged her bum and upper thighs enticingly, the tight hem of the skirt ending daringly high on her thighs. Her shapely legs had been bare, but she’d been wearing black suede high-heeled boots that ended just below the knee. When Roberts had seen those boots on those shapely legs, his cock had started to stiffen immediately. His prick had been also helped along in its quest for freedom by seeing what Cindy’d been wearing up top for the interview. It was a pearl gray ribbed turtleneck sweater. The sweater fit her like a second skin, tightly stretched across her upper body to show her magnificent breasts provocatively confined beneath the soft gray fabric. The outline of what Roberts knew had to be a heavily-wired bra could be seen clearly through the tight fabric, the heavily-structured bra cups showing swells of warm flesh barely restrained by the confining cups. The turtleneck was the type with vertical ribs that flowed provocatively in and out around the pronounced mounds of her voluminous breasts, the shapely flowing lines emphasizing the immenseness of those tits even more. The pearl-gray color allowed devastatingly deep shadows to fall on her stomach beneath that imposing shelf, the deep gray tones emphasizing just how big her breasts really were.

To Roberts, her body was perfect.

He thought back to their first contact from less than a week ago. As usual, she’d been late to his first-period class and the girl could tell that Roberts hadn’t been too happy with her punctuality. He’d made sure she noticed him check his watch as she’d taken her seat. He didn’t say anything to her during class about it, actually barely looking her way as he’d given his history lesson. But as the class had ended and the other girls had trickled out, Roberts had called on her.

“Cindy, can I speak to you for a moment, please.”

“Yes sir,” Cindy had replied, nervously nibbling at her bottom lip as she made her way to the front of the class, her school books held with crossed arms over her massive breasts.

Roberts remained seated at his desk, continuing to make notes in his journal and not even looking at her as she approached. “What lunch period do you have this term?”

“Uh, fourth period, sir.”

“Good, that’s my designated lunch period as well. Be here no later than fifteen minutes after the start of fourth period. That should give you time to have something to eat. We need to talk.”

Cindy was surprised that the professor hadn’t even looked up from his note-taking once as he’d spoken, but just kept on going, as if she wasn’t even there.

“Uh, okay. Yes sir. I’ll be here.” It was obvious the professor wasn’t going to say anything more, so Cindy had turned and left.

If she’d had a rear-view mirror, she’d have seen Professor Roberts’ eyes glued to her backside as it swayed provocatively back and forth as she’d exited the room. As Roberts watched that short little kilt sway teasingly back and forth against her curvy backside, he’d felt the delicious sensation as a pulsation of blood went right to his midsection. Fourth period couldn’t come soon enough.


When fourth period rolled around, Roberts checked the contents of his desk and made sure everything was ready. His classroom was on the second floor, with the windows looking out over the sports field behind the school, the Swiss Alps visible in the distance. With his classroom being on the second floor, he had plenty of privacy, just the way he liked it.

Someone tapped lightly on his door. Roberts checked his watch, noticing that Cindy had only used nine minutes of her allotted fifteen before she was expected to report to his room. “Come in.”

Cindy entered the room and stood just inside the door. “Sir?” she asked, not sure what was expected of her.

Roberts pretended like he was intent on some papers on his desk as he finally raised his eyes and looked at her. “Yes, Cindy. Do come in and close the door.” She did as he asked. “And throw the lock please. I don’t want anyone to interrupt while I’m talking to you.”

“Yes sir.” Cindy turned the lock and quietly walked to the front of the classroom.

“Take a seat in that desk right in front of mine, please,” Roberts instructed. Cindy did as he asked, sliding into the seat right in front of his desk. What Cindy didn’t know was that Roberts had positioned the front row of desks at just the perfect distance from his teacher’s desk. He had that row far enough back so that the surface of his own desk wouldn’t interfere with his view of the girls who sat in the first row, especially the one lined up right in front of his, the one he’d just asked Cindy to sit in.

“That will be your desk from now on for the rest of this term, Cindy. I’ll let Gina know tomorrow that she can take your seat near the back of the class.”

“Uh, casino firmaları yes sir. If you like, sir.”

“I don’t really ‘like’ to have to do it, Cindy,” Roberts said, although he more than ‘liked’ the idea of Cindy sitting in that desk, he loved it, actually, but she didn’t need to know that. “But something has to be done regarding your punctuality for first-period class, and I think having you sit right up front is a positive start.”

“Yes sir, I understand sir. I just…I just have such difficulty getting out of bed. I always have. I find it really hard right after I wake up.”

Roberts couldn’t believe what the girl had just said, and said so innocently: “I find it really hard right after I wake up…” Fuck, he definitely found IT hard right after he woke up, every single morning, especially when he’d been dreaming about girls in his class built like her.

“Unfortunately, Cindy, you are expected to attend class on time. I’ve noticed that it’s getting out of hand and it has to stop. This school has certain rules and standards that all girls are expected to follow.”

“I understand, sir. I’ll try my best.”

“Just trying is not an option. You will be on time starting tomorrow.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now, consider the rest of this lunch period to be detention time.”

“Detention time?”

“Yes, detention time. As your instructor, I’m responsible from correcting your transgressions against the school’s rules, and I have to do what I feel is necessary to assist you in making sure it doesn’t happen again. You are expected to do as I ask you to do during this period of time.”

“Uh…yes sir.” Cindy looked totally confused, wondering what the professor was expecting.

Cindy had put her books on the desk, and Roberts was able to clearly see the way the front of her white blouse was stretched taut across her chest, her ample breasts absolutely filling the cotton blouse. Through the blouse he could see the outline of a substantial white bra, no doubt heavily reinforced to carry such an incredible load. Her legs beneath the desk were uncrossed, her white knee socks and Mary Jane shoes looking innocently alluring as they fed into her soft creamy thighs. Roberts let his gaze drift down beneath the top of her desk, his eyes reaching right up between her parted legs to her cockpit. He caught a glimpse of her white panties, a tiny triangle crying out from the darkness. He knew that having her sit there for the rest of the term would provide him with plenty of opportunities for close-up views of her plentiful attributes, but right now, he wanted something more.

“Now Cindy, you’ve been here long enough to know the kind of specialized curriculum we provide for the students here, don’t you?”

He saw her flush. “Yes sir.”

“So you know that we provide the girls with guidance relative to what might be expected of them if they were to become the wife of one of the world’s richest men.”

“Yes sir,” Cindy said, having spoken at length with some of the second-year girls, all of them having nothing but good things to say about the handsome, well-endowed Professor Roberts.

“That’s good. So at this point, for a penalty for your tardiness, I’m going to pretend to be your future husband, and I’m not very happy that you’ve been absent and kept me waiting when I’ve returned home from a business trip.”

“Uh…okay, I guess.”

“All right then,” Roberts said, putting on a stern voice. “Cindy, I expected you to be here when I got home, and the maid tells me that you’ve been out shopping. Is that a new outfit you’re wearing?”

Unsure of how to respond, Cindy looked down at her school uniform before raising her eyes to the professor’s. He gave her a nod, letting her know she was expected to go along with the role-playing. “Uh…yes. Yes it is. Do you like it?”

Roberts was pleased that she’d picked up on his nod and had replied the way she did. “I’m not sure. Come closer so I can get a better look.”

Cindy slid out of her chair and walked around his desk, coming to a stop beside him. Roberts got up from his chair and took his time walking around her, surveying her like a prized breeding mare at a horse auction. “It looks very nice. At least if you’re out spending my money, it’s nice to see that you’re spending it on something I’ll appreciate.” He stepped close to her and reached out, his fingertips touching her waist. “The fabric of this blouse is very nice. French silk, I assume?”

Cindy gave a sharp intake of breath as she felt the professor’s hand slide up along her side, his fingertips pressing softly against her stomach. “Yes sir, French silk, sir.”

“It’s nice that you know what I like. I only want you to have the best things. It’s a beautifully made blouse. I love the way it fits you right here.” Roberts slid his hand up the underside of her breast, his palm and fingers cupping the big round orb.

Cindy gave out another little gasp as the professor gently squeezed her breast, and then güvenilir casino hefted it, as if testing its weight.

“Yes, it fits perfectly, all over.” Roberts reached over and cupped her other breast, giving it the same treatment. He caressed the heavy mound for a few seconds, and then traced the tip of his index finger up the front of her blouse. “These buttons are beautiful. Real pearls?” He reached for the top bottom at the hollow of her throat and plucked it open, and then slid his hand down to undo the next one.

Cindy was quivering now, her body flushed with excitement by what was happening. Professor Roberts was so handsome, and she’d always dreamed of having an older man touch her, an older experienced man who knew how to treat a girl, or woman. A handsome older man with knowing hands who would touch her in just the right places, in just the right way. She had the feeling that Professor Roberts was about to become that man she’d always dreamed of. “Yes sir. Real pearls,” she replied, her voice barely above a whisper. She stood there, still as a statue as the professor slowly undid all the buttons down the front of her blouse, exposing her bra beneath.

Roberts couldn’t believe his eyes as he undid button after button. The girl’s cleavage came into view first, the dark inviting line between her breasts as deep as the Grand Canyon. He saw the lacy top edge of her bra cups next, the white satin bra covered with an intricate lacy brocade that was delicately feminine. When he got to the place where her blouse was stretched taut right over the front of her breasts, he looked down and smiled to himself as he popped that button open and, even confined within her tight-fitting bra, her jam-packed cups swelled forwards to fill the gap left by the open blouse. Roberts continued undoing the buttons, pulling the tails of the blouse out from the waistband of her kilt to undo the final ones. Freed, the sides of the blouse parted, giving him a clear view of her spectacular breasts.

Roberts felt his heart skip a beat as he took in the beauty of this young girl’s tremendous set of tits. They were, in a word: EXQUISITE. They looked soft as a baby’s bum, her skin as smooth as silk. And fuck, were they ever big! The lacy power bra only served to emphasize how incredibly impressive they were, pushing the two huge mounds together and up. The soft warm flesh was packed into the heavily-wired bra, swells of velvety-soft skin almost overflowing the substantial cups.

“Did my wife buy some new lingerie as well?” Roberts ‘the husband’ asked. He was happy to see that Cindy replied in kind, keeping to her role.

“Yes dear. Do you like it?”

“Very much,” Roberts said, reaching forward and cupping her mouth-watering tits. He let his hands roam over the incredible spheres, hefting, squeezing, caressing. He couldn’t believe how wonderful they felt. “Yes, this bra is beautiful. What size is it, my dear?”

“It’s a 32H.”

“Very nice indeed,” Roberts replied, impressed by her bra size. “And I love that this one does up in front. I like that. I’d like to see how that works soon, but right now, why don’t you take a seat on my desk, dear.”

Knowing what he’d intended, Roberts had already cleared the papers off the center of his desk as they’d been talking. He took Cindy’s hand and helped her onto his desk, her curvy bum sitting right in the middle, her kilt riding well up her creamy thighs. He sat back down in his desk chair, spinning it back into position until he was sitting right in front of her. “That’s good. Now, why don’t you put your feet on the arms of my chair so I can see if you bought panties to match?”

Cindy couldn’t believe how aroused she was by what the professor was making her do. She knew her pussy was dripping, and she had that itch between her legs she got every time she got excited. Wanting to please the professor and continue with this naughty charade, she brought her Mary Janes up and placed one on each arm of his chair.

“That’s a good girl. That’s the wife I know and love. You are so beautiful. I don’t know why I deserve someone like you,” Roberts said, giving the girl a comforting smile.

Cindy was beside herself. The smile her handsome professor had given her melted her heart, warming her insides and making her willing to do whatever he asked. This was the type of man she’d always dreamed of, fantasized about as she’d lain in bed at night, her hand between her legs, her fingers bringing her just a teasing glimpse of the pleasure only a man like this could give her.

As Cindy blushed under his kind words, Roberts reached forward and placed his hands on her knees. He slowly pushed them to each side, watching her creamy thighs as the gap between them widened, her kilt rising higher and higher. He could feel the warmth emanating from between her legs, and he caught her scent, that alluring fragrance of young innocence.

The gap between her legs widened even more as he slid his chair forwards, causing her knees to rise higher, her splayed thighs opening even wider. Roberts could see her panties clearly now, the white silk stained wetly in the front. It was almost translucent, her pouting mound partially visible through the sodden fabric.

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