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Although there are elements of fact, the following should be regarded as a piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment.

It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are offended by sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this disclaimer attached.

Copyright (C) 2012 Jack Wellard. All rights reserved.

Chapter Two

Sunshine streaming through the window confused me; it didn’t do that in my cottage! Then as I got my bearings and I remembered where I was and whose bed I was sprawled across, naked. Sadly I was alone. The delicious fragrance of bacon cooking downstairs gave me strength to open my eyes and contemplate moving. A good pee and a hot shower later and I was back close to life again, but I needed a shave! With a towel wrapped around my waist I headed downstairs.

“Hello sleepyhead!” rang a happy voice from the kitchen. “I hope you’re as hungry as me.” Sarah stood in front of the cooker, her short pink cotton robe just reaching below the cheeks of her bottom.

I wrapped my arms around her from behind as she moved eggs, bacon, tomatoes and fried bread in the pan. As I kissed her neck she shivered. “Less of that Mister, we need fortifying before we start again!” I kissed her neck again, patted her bottom and moved to the table.

“It smells delicious, what are you going to have?” I joked. A damp tea-cloth suddenly wrapped itself around my head.

“This might all be for me,” Sarah jested. “But I could just share a little with you if you promise to behave!” She was already dishing onto two large plates.

She sat alongside but not too close to cramp elbow room as we tucked into a very welcome breakfast. After the initial pangs of hunger were quelled she spoke first. “Last night was amazing Jack. In fact yesterday was the best day of my whole life and I know it’s all your fault!”

“That’s the trouble with being so young; perhaps you haven’t had time to enjoy the wicked side of life!” I mumbled in between bites of tomato and bacon.

“I guess you didn’t do at all badly for an old man but are you ready for round two?” She asked, still munching toast and wiping the crumbs from around her lips with her little finger.

“You took advantage of me yesterday,” I said, wiping my plate clean with a piece of toast. “You sucked an extra ration out of my poor old cock! I might need more time for a re-fill.”

“Oh, sorry, I forgot the coffee.” Sarah carried her empty plate to the sink and returned with the percolator. “I hope it’s not over-done, er the coffee, not your supply!” she murmured putting two mugs onto the table. “Black or white Jack?”

“With milk for me please, no sugar.” I pushed my empty plate away. “That was delicious, thank you lover.”

“Lover; I like that!” Sarah smiled. “I have to say that I loved every minute of yesterday. Maybe I have a couple of slightly sore places, but then perhaps you might kiss them better?”

I drank half of my coffee. “That’s just what I needed.” I turned to face her. She followed suit but she opened her knees around mine baring her thighs and pussy. I raised an eyebrow. “Great view from the breakfast table!”

She widened her legs and eased her bottom forwards. “You haven’t finished your breakfast yet old man!” she purred with a sly smile.

They say ‘a nod’s as good as a wink to a blind man’ so I found myself on my knees kissing the lilywhite flesh of her open thighs. However, kitchen chairs are not great for cunnilingus! I dropped my towel, slipped my arms under her thighs and heaved her light frame onto my chest. Luckily the settee was not far. I laid her gently down and tugged the belt of her robe undone. Her nipple was hard and eager, I couldn’t resist sucking it. Down below my frisky old man was demonstrating his interest by nudging paradise with some eagerness!

I kissed down her body until I found her cool white thighs again; they smelled of soap from her shower. I looked up, she was watching with a quiet smile, her hand gently holding her breast. I kissed my way down her thigh, then slowly lifted her leg to kiss behind her knee. Above me I heard a gasp. Her head was rolling her head back and she was biting her lip. I slowly kissed the underside of her thigh. Sarah was trying to close her legs but I held the ‘spare’ away from the action. In this position my kisses lead directly to her anus.

My tongue poked briefly into the tight hole; she gasped and tried to close her legs again. I held tight and nudged again, lodging my tongue just inside. Sarah moaned but seemed now to be pushing her backside into my face. Taking that as approval I did my best to lick as far in as my tongue could reach. Sarah moaned and held my head. All I could manage was a random poking with my tiring tongue. I let go her thigh and bringing my casino şirketleri hand to her pussy slid a finger into her tight wet cunt. Then I quickly swapped the wet finger for my tongue. My finger slid sweetly into her arse and my tongue latched onto her clitoris. Sarah’s body went rigid as she screamed to her first gasping orgasm of the day. She jerked and writhed into my face then slumped back onto the settee with a great sigh.

After a few moments she murmured “Bloody hell Jack, I give you breakfast and you try to kill me! That was fucking marvellous; I climaxed so hard, so deep, so spectacularly. I can’t describe the exquisite feeling. Sensations ran prickling right through my whole body and exploded in my belly.” She pushed my head away. “Let me come back to earth. Please go and do something constructive like having a shave or washing up and leave a poor ravaged maiden to find her equilibrium!”

“Tender maiden, it is written in the ancient texts that any girl who can use a five-syllable word after a shuddering climax must be obeyed immediately.” I joked, closing her legs, kissing her knees and getting up. My quivering erection caught her attention. She raised a hand weakly towards my cock, then dropped it back. “Let’s save that as a reward for doing the dishes” she murmured.

As a protection for my naked delicate region I wrapped the bath towel around my middle again and started gathering dishes. Naked and staggering slightly Sarah found the stairs and slowly went up to the bathroom.

Concentrating on work soon sent my rampant dick into slumber mode. Just as I had stacked everything and finished wiping down the surfaces Sarah came downstairs again. She looked radiant in a bright yellow cotton dress. “Can we go to your house Jack? Is it far?”

“Not far, we can walk it easily in about fifteen or twenty minutes. That OK?”

“Great, that sounds perfect, I could use some exercise — too much lying around is not healthy you know!” She giggled, spinning round to flare out the dress. There was nothing beneath it!

My cock was interested but luckily, wrapped in the towel, the growing erection didn’t show. Heading reluctantly for the stairs I called “I’ll go and find a pair of trousers and a shirt or whatever.”

There was not much in the wardrobe. I was clearly smaller and slimmer than George had been but I found a pair of jeans that looked hardly worn. They were a good size smaller than the rest so were maybe bought by mistake. The jeans were still a bit loose on me but the belt held them up. I ignored the shirts as they looked more like tents! There were some t-shirts in a neat stack. Size didn’t matter so much with them so I slipped on the pale blue one. I had just pulled it over my head when I heard the doorbell. Standing still by the door, I listened, hoping Sarah would be able to send the visitor away quickly.

Sarah’s voice rang harshly through the house “What are you doing here?”

A man replied “I thought you might be lonely so I came to keep you company.” He laughed and I heard Sarah shriek.

“Get away Tony. I don’t want you here. Get out!”

The sound of Sarah’s scream and material tearing were enough to get me moving. As I stumbled hurriedly down the stairs I saw Sarah cowering in a corner of the hall holding her torn dress against her otherwise naked body. A large burly man was laughing swinging a piece of the yellow material. I guessed this was the brother-in-law from hell.

“The lady asked you to leave” I stated assertively as I reached the foot of the stairs.

“Hey, what’s this? Who’s this old fart, then?” laughed Tony as he turned to face me. “I think you should be the one to leave, this is a private matter. Go on, clear off you old git.” His voice was confident and bullying. “Get out now before I throw you out in painful pieces.” He took a small threatening step towards me.

Suddenly my head cleared and an icy calm concentration filled me. The hallway was narrow, no room for escape. He lumbered another step closer his left arm reaching for me. I stayed just out of reach but I could sense his next move as he shifted his weight onto his front foot and his right fist started its long journey towards my head. I moved inside the arc of his arm. With my own forward momentum and all my strength I drove my right fist balled so that my middle knuckles formed an arrowhead into the point just below where his ribs joined. I gave that punch everything, my shoulder and my whole weight drove forward into his chest.

Almost in slow motion I watched my fist disappear, driving his shirt inside his chest. His skin stretched around my hand. I pulled back taking half a turn to my right then swung back hard, slamming my left forearm across his throat. Before he had time to react I smashed my bare right heel down hard onto his right instep and stepped away watching him carefully.

Tony stood, rocking as he held both walls with his weakly extended arms. He was gasping for breath. Tears were pouring down his cheeks as his mouth flapped open and closed. I stepped casino firmaları forward and saw him wince in expectation as he rocked backwards. I flicked his buckle open and pulled the belt free of his trousers. He couldn’t react, he seemed almost grateful that no further pain had been inflicted. I pushed his trousers and underpants down his legs. As he tried to turn away from me his feet tangled in the trousers around his ankles and he started to fall away from me. I kicked hard behind his knees so that he crumpled into a kneeling position, his forehead thumped hard down on the stone floor. He found enough breath to groan.

Now I could see Sarah, still crouching with the remnants of her dress trying to hide her nakedness. Her eyes met mine. I smiled and pretended to wipe the sweat off my brow. With some apprehension she slowly rose, hiding herself from Tony with the dress and ran up the stairs sobbing. I couldn’t help admiring her pert bottom as it jiggled behind her.

Tony’s moaning brought my attention back to the battleground. I wrapped the buckle belt around his left bicep and pulled his arm behind his back. I looped the free end around his right arm and lopped it round just above the elbow. Once the belt was cinched tight I pulled off his shoes and extracted the laces. Luckily they were long enough for my purposes. I tied a slip knot in one end and dropped the loop over his left thumb pulling it tight and adding a lock knot like a butcher. I pulled the free end of the lace under Tony’s drooping belly and tied it tight around his other thumb so that his hands were now tight against his sides.

Another slip knot in the other lace went round his balls with the other end I tied tight around his left wrist. I reckoned he wasn’t likely to go anywhere in a hurry so I went up to see to Sarah.

The bedroom door was closed. I knocked lightly and called “It’s me Sarah, Jack. Can I come in?” I heard movement and the door unlocking. I turned the handle and eased the door open. Sarah clutched at my chest sobbing. I wrapped my arms around her and tried soothing words. She was inconsolable. I moved to the bed and sat down with her on my knee and again held her close. I stroked her hair and began to softly sing “Gentle on My Mind” as slowly as I did last night.

Gradually Sarah became quiet and her grip was less fierce. I had just sung the line ‘And some other woman’s crying to her mother ’cause she turned and I was gone’ when she pushed away and asked

“Jack, is there another woman? For you I mean. I’ve been so selfish I didn’t even ask!”

“No Sarah, no-one else for ages. You’ve nothing to worry about, I’m all yours.”

“Thank you Jack, sorry I stopped your lovely song. What about Tony? What should we do? Should we call the police?”

“That’s up to you Sarah. If we call them the whole thing gets taken over. He gets a sharp lawyer and you end up being publicly blamed for everything.” Did the strictly law-abiding Jack Wellard really just say that?

She looked at me. “So what can we do?”

“Just about anything you like, he’s trussed up like a Christmas turkey at the moment. Shall we go and check?” I said; standing and putting Sarah on her feet. “Get some clothes on and come down.”

I could see that Tony hadn’t moved. He was breathing, actually sobbing; his head still on the floor. His bare backside waved towards the kitchen.

“Who are you? What the fuck have you done to me?” He slurred.

“You raped Sarah. You came back to do it again.” I stated close to his ear.

“The bitch is lying. She wanted it, she loved it. I know she wanted it again.” He spluttered into the floor. I hadn’t realised that Sarah was now standing behind me and had heard every word.

“The lying bastard. The evil lying fucking bastard, I’ll cut off his filthy cock and stuff it up his arse, see how he likes it!” Sarah stomped to the kitchen. I hurried after her and wrapped my arms around her from behind before she reached the knife drawer.

“Ssssshh” I whispered. “Don’t get the knife, bring the old garden besom, the one like a witch’s broomstick. I saw it outside when I parked my bike.” I let her go. Fortunately she obeyed.

I picked up the largest carving knife and returned to Tony. Kneeling alongside him I warned fiercely “Time to repent old son! So, before she carves off your little treasure have you anything to say that might change her mind?”

Tony wriggled and caused himself more pain. “No, fuck off whoever you are! She’ll never do it.” He mumbled defiantly.

I moved close to his ear again. “She may not, but you’ve seen what I can do. Ready to change that bad attitude before it’s too late?” I grabbed a handful of his hair and lifted his head showing him the large blade. I tapped it on the floor so he could hear the steely ring of its long blade. “Maybe we should invite your wife and see whether she agrees with you or with Sarah?”

He started sobbing “No, please no. Don’t bring her into it.”

Sarah, listening to all this picked up the phone. She held to Tony’s güvenilir casino ear so he could hear the dialling tone. “Are you going to invite June or shall I do it?” she asked venomously.

“No, no, no,” was the anguished reply from the floor.

I waved Sarah into the kitchen then said to Tony “We’re going to have a coffee. We’ll see what you want when we come back.”

I closed the kitchen door firmly. Sarah already had the kettle on and was busy arranging cups as I gently wrapped my arms around from behind. She leaned back against me. “I’m sorry about this Jack. Just think . . if you hadn’t been here . .” she shuddered and I held her closer.

“Sshsh, it’s OK Sarah. I am here and I’m not leaving. Let’s have this coffee and think how to deal with this idiot.”

Sarah turned in my arms, stretched up and kissed my cheek. “Thank you Jack. That’s all I seem to say isn’t it? You brought me back to life yesterday and you really saved it again today. Thank you so much.” Her shoulders dropped and she looking forlorn. Then she pulled herself together, smiled weakly and got busy with the coffee making.

I actually enjoyed the coffee and the home-made fruit cake. Sarah also seemed more composed as we sat hip to hip looking out of the window.

“What’s your sister-in-law like?” I enquired.

“June? She’s great. A little older than me, late 30’s early 40’s I guess. Very stylish, a bit taller than me with more flesh. Just different class really, not a bit like him.” She nodded her head towards the door. After a brief pause she continued “I get on really well with her when he’s not around. I haven’t seen her for ages, I don’t think he likes June to see me, maybe because of the first rape. Perhaps he’s afraid I’ll let something slip.” She sipped her coffee, holding her hands around the mug. “Do you really think should we call her?”

I took her hand, warm from the hot cup. “She probably has more loyalty to Tony and might naturally take his side so that may not actually be a good plan just yet However, Tony does seem scared of her finding out so we can keep pretending even though we may not actually call her.”

Sarah picked up the empty cups and plates and took them to the sink. She came back and stood next to me as I sat on the kitchen chair. I wrapped an arm around waist as she kissed the top of my head. “Thank you Jack. God, if you hadn’t been here . .” she shuddered.

“Hey, don’t think about it,” I said as I nuzzled my face into her breast. Her hand pulled me closer. I dropped the arm I held behind her and lifted her skirt, sliding my hand all the way to her bottom. My fingers slid under the elastic of her panties and caressed her cheeks.

“Jack!” Her abrupt tone caused me to think she was about to tell me to stop. “Jack, I know this may sound rather bizarre but I feel incredibly horny! Can you believe that?” She pulled my face away from her breast, looked into my eager eyes, then lifted her dress and pressed my face to her panty-clad groin. “Take them off Jack. Please get those fucking knickers off and lick my aching cunt!” Such language, so demanding, what excitement!

The panties dropped in a micro-second. I pushed her back onto the table as I sat between her open legs, her feet over my back. My tongue went straight to her juicy lips delving deep, lapping hard. She pushed her pussy hard against me, opening her thighs to give me maximum access. I couldn’t take much more; my jaw was aching as also were my balls! I opened my borrowed jeans pulled out my cock stood up and inserted it in what I would like to describe as one fluid movement. In truth there a fair amount of fumbling but the result was the same — my stiff penis was embedded deep into Sarah’s pussy!

I held it as steadily as possible while Sarah writhed and bucked through her vivid orgasm. I kept old cocky deep inside as she recovered; kissing and caressing her legs which were still extended to my shoulders.

Gradually I felt her inner muscles activate. It was delightful just standing there being internally sucked off by this delicious pussy! Sarah seemed to enjoy it too as she became even more excited and less controlled. Eventually she cried out “Just fuck me Jack, ah, ah, ah.” She seemed eager to let Tony know what was going on as she gasped loudly to every thrust I made.

“More, further, harder Jack! I’m coming and I want your spunk right up my belly!” She exalted me to find deeper, hotter places. Suddenly, with hardly any warning I erupted much more than usual, more than for some years. I could feel it flowing almost like the old days. Each pulse was excruciating ecstasy. I lifted her bottom off the table to ensure that I filled every part of her.

Sarah was flopped back, completely relaxed. I couldn’t bring myself to remove my cock and disturb her bliss so I stayed lodged inside, shrinking delightfully slowly as I regained my breath. Eventually the soft remains of my erection only just about plugged her entrance. I looked up and enjoyed Sarah’s beaming smile. “Thank you, Jack, lovely Jack.” Her hands came to her crutch, one gently held my flagging member the other capped her pussy. “I’m not letting go of your cock or your sperm. My pussy’s never been so full. You must have found this crazy situation exciting too!”

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