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Finally getting back to the house, I set the coffee pot up and went to take a quick shower. After finishing up and dressing casually, I went back to the kitchen for my coffee. Stepping outside onto the patio, I plopped into a lounger and began to think about the past hours. Certainly the previous night had conjured up fears, concerns and excitement.

Fear about my marriage, concerns about the future and of course the excitement I saw and was involved with. I could not deny the pleasure of my contact with young Molly.

The short haired blonde minx with those small but oh so delectable tits and super hard round ass. I paused while sipping my coffee in reflecting how accommodating her pussy was, both in able to take my cock as well as her tightness. All in all she was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had and she was so young at 19.

Then my thought went to my wife, Janet. How did I really feel about seeing her constantly with other men? She was apparently enjoying her experiences and I questioned perhaps more about how long this may have been going on. I could not help but reflect on the vision of the driving cocks both in her pussy and ass, and how she seemed so pleased on taking the poundings. What has been going on here since I traveled so much? Again, thinking of Janet, I noticed that the time was heading toward noon, and she was still not home.

I heard a voice coming up the drive to the back of the house calling out my name. I responded by saying I was in the back. Shortly I spotted Molly coming in the backyard, wearing a wrap over a bikini. It was a super small white outfit which proudly displayed her tits and curve of her hips. It didn’t hurt that half of that great ass was open to view as well. Molly sat down next to me, raised and cradled her legs under her arms and stared at me. “Are you OK?” she asked.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I responded.

“You left so suddenly this morning, I was concerned” Molly said.

“Well, it’s not everyday one comes home to find your neighbors and wife having literally, a fucking party” I had to quip.

Molly giggled and clutched her legs tighter. “Since Janet isn’t here yet, perhaps you can explain some of this to me” I asked.

“Well, you know she has wanted that you become more social,” Molly started with.

“She has been coming down to our parties for the past 6 months, but last night was the first time she participated Molly went on. I think you not being there finally broke it for her.”

I had a hard time thinking this was my fault after that statement, but I begged Molly to continue.

” Well casino şirketleri we have a variety of folks at these parties, some come to play, some like to strip and masturbate or just play with their spouse, and some even stay dressed and watch.

Janet was a watcher until last week; she did get naked but didn’t play with anyone. Last night, she started to masturbate and things went from there. Guys would play with her tits or ass, and before you knew it, my dad was eating her out. That’s when she let go. I think almost every guy shagged on her, she was quite popular. Please don’t be mad at her, it gets pretty wild and uncontrollable sometimes.”

Well, that was some info to digest, though I had to admit, I myself got uncontrollable last night and I had not been tempted for months as Janet had. In fact I noticed Molly’s bikini bottom slide to the side and expose her pussy lips and I could tell that they were moist.

The beast between my legs started to harden with a mind of its own. I grabbed on my dick to move it and saw an impish smile cross Molly’s face. She got up and headed toward me, sliding her bottoms down. Her pussy looked delicious, pink and puffy. I slid off the lounger to the ground in a sitting position as Molly continued forward and straddled my face. My tongue reached out and found the spot just above her butt hole and I started to lick and nibble the area. I sucked one of her labia lips into my mouth and proceeded to draw out her juices. And what delectable juices they were, Molly was moaning and breathing rapidly.

Driving my tongue into her gash, I started upward to reach her clit. I raked my teeth on her clit and this caused Molly to have small electrical impulse shudders on her flesh. Her hands were placed firmly just above my ears on my head and she was making sure I was not pulling back at any point. It was then that she yelped and a steady flow, not quite a squirt, came from her pussy, hot and tasty to my throat. I got a charge out of giving a hot teen an orgasm.

Molly disengaged her pussy from my face and moved downward while pulling my diamond cutter cock from its confines. Sliding down my chest and stomach, leaving a trail of juice along the way, her radar pussy just engulfed my cock. Toying with the head for a moment, she then pushed herself down hard, taking me to the root. Molly exhaled mightily and after a brief delay, began to fuck me hard. My hands found her ass cheeks and basically just acted as guides for the screwing she was giving my rod. Looking up at Molly, her mouth was open but soundless, her breath short and quick and her casino firmaları eyes rolled completely back into her head.

This girl loved to fuck. I marveled that she showed no inhibition or hesitations to this activity. Molly body now had a slight sweaty sheen to it and became increasingly hot. Cum was beginning the boiling process and I looked forward to release. I then gripped Molly’s ass harder as I strained to bury my dick into her depths and come. The first rope shot deep and Molly began to squirm, the second shot was also deep and Molly was pushing off me. I thought something was wrong but she said she wanted to get some cum in her throat. She disengaged my cock during the third shot, leaving some spray on her upper legs and stomach. Her lips encircled my prick and caught the 4th and 5th shots directly in her throat. Her swallowing was so intense that a 6th and smaller 7th shot came also. I was literally weak in the knees.

With my cum shot now at an end, Molly was vacuuming my cock and licking for anything she may have missed. With that, she got up, turned and dived into the pool. It was then that I heard clapping from behind me and saw my wife Janet with a big grin on her face as well as appearing bowlegged and sleep deprived.

“Hi, Honey” we both said jointly.

Leaving Molly outside in the pool, I followed my wife Janet into the house. Entering the kitchen, I refilled my coffee cup and got Janet one as well. I then joined her at the breakfast table where I just knew the conversation would begin.

Janet began with “I’m sorry that you discovered things this way, I just hope you aren’t enraged and want our marriage over.”

I placed my hand over hers and answered, “I was gobsmacked at first, (Janet got a puzzled look on her face) but after analyzing things, I can’t say much, I have been gone way too much and I have taken things for granted. But after witnessing you last night and this morning, I never guessed you to have that sexual appetite.” I added that Molly had informed me of the calendar of events that led to last night.

Janet looked at me and said, ” Jack I love you and always will and I want so much to be with you, but last night for whatever reason, opened up a door I just don’t know if I want closed. The energy of last night, the daring of my actions, the orgasms, I want to continue.”

I looked directly at her and remarked, “Honey, I want more than anything for you to be happy and excited about life and us and if this lifestyle is the course for now, I think we should take this journey together.”

Janet started to tear up, güvenilir casino stood and gave me a crushing hug. “If I wasn’t so worn out, I give you the best fuck yet” she exclaimed.

After sitting back down I asked maybe she could fill me in about last night.

“Well, Janet said, I was told this morning that you had made it in and was a witness to some of the activity. You don’t know how worried I was about your reaction. I lost control during Mark licking me out. Ned came over and stuck his cock in my face so I began to suck him off. As Mark was bringing on an orgasm, I let Ned go and yelled out Oh Fuck. With that Mark got up and stuck his cock in me, during my orgasm. It was non stop after that. Ned and then Terrell fucked me. Henry then came behind me and fucked my ass. Then a friend of Ned’s, then Terrell again and Henry came back for another ass repeat. My orgasms were unrelenting and I just became a cock whore.

Jack, you won’t believe it but Henry fucked my ass 6 times last night, he has unbelievable energy.” I then told her about watching her this morning with Henry, Janet said that was their 4th fuck.

She also was made airtight, blowing Terrell while Mark was pussy pounding and Henry drilling her ass. My cock was really aching now with these vivid descriptions. She also recounted Terrell along with his brother Leon making her into an Oreo. Action with Allie and Tonya, so I knew that girl-girl was also in the mix. That was it; I stood up, dropped my shorts and stepped out of them, went to the backdoor and loudly asked for Molly to come in.

Molly got out of the pool, still without her bottoms on, toweling herself as she came in the house. As she entered, I grabbed her by the ass with both hands and lifted her onto the counter. Before she could utter a word, I sank my enraged cock into her pussy and began to pound. Molly locked her hands around my neck and urged me on. The position was a little awkward for me, so I lifted her by the ass and carried her over to the kitchen table and laid her down in front of Janet, without removing my pummeling cock from her clutching cunt.

I got hotter when Janet placed her face over Molly’s and they began a tongue fight and suck. Molly’s pelvic muscles were doing a job on me and I was prepared to blow. Pulling out and straining to reach both women’s faces, I started to ejaculate. With the first and second streams I made an X over both their faces. As cum started to drip toward their lips, they were aggressively feeding on it. The other shots were wild and went all over their hair, ears, face and shoulders.

The girls continued to clean up the mess with their oral skills. Afterwards, basking in the glow, Janet commented, “Jack, I would like to hold the next party at our house.” I didn’t respond out loud, but internally I uttered, I can live with that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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