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Amber Ivy

Hey everybody, sorry I’ve been quiet, work got absolutely insane, and then, just for bonus fun I was sick for a while. Now I’m somewhat better I’m getting back to it. All questions and comments should be sent via the e-mail in my profile page. Enjoy the chapter!


It was another month of his rigorous workout before he re-evaluated himself. During that time he got to the point where he could simply pick up the marble blocks of the quarry and carry them to where they needed to be. He would also let the acolytes practice their sledgehammer skills by hammering his abs, sometimes even breaking their tools before he grew bored of it.

By night, he’d apply the oil and then fuck his way through as many girls as Zoe and Xenia could bring. When they couldn’t get enough Matriarchs or Priestesses, they would return with larger numbers of acolytes. In one night he wore out a full fifty of the lesser acolytes, astounded by the ease with which he could break a woman down into a gibbering mess of slobber, sweat and cum. On another night as the month had nearly come to a close, Xenia and Zoe had readied an ambush for him, bringing all fifteen Temple Matriarchs, the whole host of them at once trying to somehow bring him down.

But he was like the Bull of Heaven now, an unstoppable force of virility and strength and stamina. While they did better than the fifty initiates, in the end they were still the ones who tapped out or creamed themselves unconscious first. No woman it seemed, or even a veritable army of women could hope to slow Pericles down any longer. After he’d totally laid waste to their cunts, mouths and asses in a record three hours, Pericles took a moment to really study himself in the mirror the next morning.

He curled his arms and admired the incredible disks of muscle that rippled beneath his skin, bombs of vast power and masculinity. He was astounded that he had to step back further from the mirror than he used to in order to see all of himself, not just to accommodate the added bulk of his insane musculature, but also to allow for his increased height. While the effects of the oil were obvious, they’d built up so slowly he hadn’t even realized the added inches. Already tall to start, he was now just a hair over seven feet on his unbelievably thick legs, his quads easily the size of any of the girls’ torsos who were passed out around him.

The rock-breaking exercise he’d added to his training had left him with an almost armor-like sheet of powerful muscles, particularly his massive pecs which he playfully flexed one by one, loving the intense control he could now exert over every part of himself after such intense training. Next he rippled his abs; no mere six or eight-pack could describe the situation of that veritable labyrinth of crevices and bulges at this point, it was some whole other thing that defined strength and stability itself. He squared his shoulders, the huge slabs of beef that he had to bring in just a little to get through some of the smaller doorways.

He even turned to allow himself a glance at humongous hemispheres of his rounded ass; to him these were no longer merely muscles. Rather, each of the giant firm globes was an engine of cunt-destruction, the powerful thrusters that would allow him to exceed the speed and power of any stud in history.

And then of course, the incredible equipment that the piece would be thrusting for. Even from the back he could easily see the swaying weight of his monstrously heavy balls, the pair of grape-fruit sized sperm-tanks boasted enough loads of such volume that he was confident he could easily fill the temple baths with nothing but his own spunk he so chose. Turning back around he enjoyed the sound and feeling of his pendulous cock slapping his inner leg. At his last measurement the damned thing swung limp at a full sixteen inches, more meat than he’d had hard when he first entered the temple, and it had taken both Zoe and Xenia to use two sticks to measure it hard, a mind-breaking twenty-three inches, just shy of a full two-foot-cock.

He knew it was arrogant of him, but even just gazing at his own form began to get him going, his breaths coming in throaty near-grunts, his heart starting to beat faster in his chest. He gave one more exaggerated flex before catching something in the corner of his eye in the reflection. He turned to see one of the Priestesses, a pretty young thing whose mouth was in a competition with her eyes to see which could hang open wider. At the sight of his cock she gave a little undulating shudder and he could see pussy-juice escaping the opening at the bottom of her robe. The poor thing had accidentally cum herself!

“Brother Patriarch, You’re wanted in the Worship Hall!” she barely got the words out before doubling up, her hands frigging madly as she squirted out another few orgasms worth of sauce from her poor overwhelmed cunt. Pericles grinned, knowing it was at last time and grabbed his loincloth, binding the whole of it around his cock so that the massive thing could somehow be contained in spite of its escort ankara beyond-impressive heft.

When he entered the hall, he was forced to suck in a sharp breath. Kassandra and Aphrodite both stood upon the dais at the far end of the room, each dressed in their most formal ceremonial gowns, their HH and J cup breasts supported by their magical straphions, their heads cocking at the sight of him as he entered. There was a moment of acknowledgment that passed between them, and a less literary age might have known it was a moment of game recognizing game. When Pericles had reached the middle of the room and made the appropriate bow before the Goddess, the pair of them stepped down from their stage and stalked towards the megastud like a pair of great Lionesses inspecting their prey.

“Very GOOD,” Kassandra finally said, almost grudgingly, “You’ve done well.”

“Perhaps a little too well,” Aphrodite added in her velvety voice of pure sex, “If I didn’t know better I’d swear our new toy had cheated the system somehow. Maybe gotten some forbidden help?”

Pericles shocked them both when he addressed Kassandra with the truths he’d uncovered, “Our mother is right, dear sister.”

The pair each gasped at the revelation; Aphrodite that he knew the truth, and Kassandra at just what that truth was. But the Goddess was quick to move on,

“Oh pish-posh. Why does my father always have to stick his fat nose where it doesn’t belong?”

Pericles shrugged, “According to most of the legends he usually sticks it up women’s—”

“Enough!” Aphrodite held up a hand, fighting the smirk that wanted to live on her face. She wrestled it into a more serious set and spoke on. “I had my reasons to leave you as I did, son. Despite all the legends of heroism and labors, your father was nothing more than a barbarian, illiterate, wild and uncivilized. You’ve lived at the temple long enough to know that true passion is best where there is structure. If I’d left you in his hands you’d probably have been killed on some battle-field or gotten some poor village slut knocked up. You’d never know the glory or greatness that I knew you could one day achieve.

Kassandra had been studying Pericles’ face closely and at the first turn of the slightest down-turn at the corners of his mouth she cut in to add, “I didn’t know we were related… but the Goddess has been keeping tabs on you for years. She cares for you only as an immortal can, both for the good and ill that means.”

If Pericles believed in this caring, he didn’t betray it, his face flat as he listened. Aphrodite chimed back in,

“Tell us son, how angry are you? Kassandra has lied to the temple for years that she is god-blooded so that the other mortals have something to aspire to even if they can never truly reach it, and I have lied to you about being of my own blood. If you wish to leave, I will understand, but know that I intended to tell you the truth in time, no matter what you’d chosen to do with your life.”

Still he was silent. Kassandra wrung her hands,

“Please brother, do not hate me.”

Another long moment paused, but Pericles couldn’t contain himself any longer and his face broke in a huge smile. With a bellowing laugh he swept his enormous arms around both women, comfortably palming each of their asses as he pulled them in to his sides,

“Don’t be silly! I’m not angry at all to learn I’ve a demigod and Goddess for my parents! I always felt so out of place in the mortal world, now I know why.”

They purred and proceeded to grind their bodies against him lightly, the sheer lust and sex seeming to ooze from their every pour.

He gave each a single, gentle spank and added, “But even though I’m not angry, we still have a grudge for how you humiliated me last season. The only way to settle that grudge is for me to fuck you both brainless, strengthless and creamless until you’re begging me for mercy. Is that clear?”

Kassandra nodded, but Aphrodite stepped back suddenly, bringing her daughter along.

“Ah ah ahhhhh, dear, son. You forget temple law; to fuck the High Priestess or Goddess you must be one of the elites. Tomorrow we will test you and see if you are worthy of joining their ranks.”

Pericles bellowed a harsh, barking laugh at that, “HAH! I will not ‘join’ your precious Elites mother, I will DESTROY them. I am the Champion, and there is only like me. Bring on your Elites and watch them fall like all the others.”

Aphrodite and Kassandra exchanged a look then, one that shared their sudden admiration for his confidence.

“Tomorrow, son. We know you fucked last night and we want you fresh.” Inside, Pericles smirked to himself that the mere three-hour fuck would not have slowed him down, but he chose to play it their way.

“Very well, Mother. Tomorrow you will see how weak and unworthy your Elites truly are.” He bowed then, and made his way back to his room to rest and prepare.

Preparation wasn’t much more than relaxing and eating. A few girls came by to see if he’d esenyurt escort be willing to give them some of the deep-dicking to which they’d grown so accustomed, but he waved them politely away, saying that he’d see to their needs later on, but wanted to save himself for now. Eventually he slept, and dreamed of just how he’d smash the pussies to come.

It felt like forever until a priestess came to his quarters the next morning. She seemed to have better restraint then the poor thing who’d creamed herself just talking to him, but she was still clearly very effected by the raw power of his masculine presence and stuttered a little as she greeted him.

He followed the metronome of her lovely swaying ass to the 4th ring of the temple, this time to a new Communal Hall. She left him at the door with an enticing bow of cleavage-showing and then made her way back to the lesser circles of the temple. He took a deep breath, letting himself swell with the confidence and power he knew to be at his command, swaggering on into the room a moment later.

The room was done up in astounding majesty, shimmering silken sheets cast over mattresses that spanned the room almost wall-to-wall, everywhere but the holy statues, the vast feasting table and the raised dais where the Goddess and High Priestess sat. Pillows were cast about randomly, perhaps more for helping with positions than any intent of sleep, and the temples ten most beautiful women next to the two on the raised stage were present. Six of them were the Elites he’d seen at the orgy two months ago, and four others were matriarchs. Zoe and Xenia were not absent, but it seemed conscripted for other duties. Zoe was knelt between Kassandra’s legs, clearly eating the High Priestess’s cunt as Xenia busied herself polishing the tits of the Goddess, her tongue wandering over the soft flesh of the humongous mounds.

The Elites were not idle either, but seemed to be waiting for him in a state of frenzied preparation, their tits heaving with deep, fast breaths, their hands expertly playing with themselves or each other as they devoured him with their eyes. Their bodies glistened with oils and the air was thick with a mix of perfume and sex.

Aphrodite acknowledge her son’s entrance with the barest of nods before speaking,

“Come to the center of the room and let your loincloth desert you. You will have no need of it from here,” she commanded with all the regality a Goddess should have.

He acknowledged her only through compliance, swaggering his way up onto the mattress and letting his strong legs bear him in a path around the gathered women, careful not to step on anybody as his towering height balanced along. Their eyes all followed him with supreme interest, widening just a bit when he tore the cloth away, letting it fall—ruined—to the ground. An audible gasp was heard throughout the room, and though he could tell they’d tried to conceal it, Aphrodite and Kassandra had gasped right along as his pendulous organ finally swung free, the meaty thigh-slapper sweeping back and forth a little until it rested in the center from its natural weight.

Pericles could smell the sudden moistening that rippled through the room, basking in pride at the hunger in their gazes for a moment, letting the breathtaking cock’s size sink in for everyone. Then it was rising; he wasn’t sure he could have stopped it if he even wanted to, so he just let it grow erect, the curl of its limp state giving way to a massive erection, so stiff it slapped his chest with force, right between his pecs. As it rose, he could see his mother and sister grinning wider and wider, the latter even licking her lips at the sound of that meaty slap. Another long moment they all stared, and then the Goddess raised her hand in a gesture of command,

“Girls?” She said, speaking to the elites and matriarchs gathered, “Stud thinks he’s too much man for the baddest bunch of bitches in the temple. How about you show him how wrong he is!”

Moving with the eerie coordination he’d witnessed before, three of the elites and two matriarchs peeled off from their self-play and closed in on him in a swarm. He had the briefest flash of doubt; while he’d trained long and hard, the groups of girls he’d been fucking on the nightly were not trained to work together in the slightest. While the temple no doubt had imparted some technique in this regard, the Elites as near as he could tell virtually lived and loved together all the time, perfectly aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and they’d probably been studying him as well.

But his doubt did not last as they finished closing in on him and attacked him as a single oral unit.

A raven haired beauty was the first on his cock, opening wide to inhale his cockhead like a pro, but he noticed the look of shock and evident strain when she had to open much wider than she was accustomed to, getting him barely inside, her thick lips smearing along his glans with serious pressure. At the same time, her hands flew to eskişehir escort her enormous tits, easily a G cup, bouncing them playfully for his visual delight as she and the others began to orally service him.

He had to suck in a breath, a bit shocked at how quickly they were going for the kill as one of the Matriarch’s had found her way between his strong ass cheeks and was already rimming him out for all she was worth. He glanced back to see her blonde locks swaying around as she really got in there, tossing his salad like it was her favorite thing in the world.

That sensation had been so shard it distracted from the other Matriarch, an auburn-haired beauty with—he laughed to think that he considered this small now—small DD cup breasts. Her mouth was greedily attacking both of his dangling balls, her hands gathering up more and more of his sack to attack with her mouth; of course she had no hope of sucking a ball at his size, but she was making damned sure every last inch of his scrotum was covered in hot, dripping slobber for all her effort.

Another Elite, this one with shocking red hair and F cups, was devoting herself to the sheer oral worship of his incredible muscles. She ignored his face, kissing and licking her way over his huge arms and shoulders, sweeping her tongue through the deep trenches that gave him definition between the massive clusters of meat. She was working her way between all his abdominal muscles when he became aware of the last of the five.

This Elite had unnatural yet gorgeous purple hair, dyed expensively no doubt. She was doing her best to cover his shaft, working her way up and down, left and right, feasting on his gigantic cock from every possible angle as the black-haired beauty tried to get more and more of his cock, going slowly to allow herself a fighting chance of not choking out on his monster. The violet vixen was exceedingly well endowed at a generous G cup, sometimes arching her back so that instead of licking or sucking she could just grind those massive melons against his monstrous meat instead.

Just as he was getting accustomed to that arrangement, the girls all switched again. He felt a new, more sensual tongue at his ass, a pair of mouths each pursuing his balls as individuals, and a new mouth on his gigantic cockhead. He couldn’t tell who was doing what because those gargantuan G-cups were in his face, giving him something to suck one while he in turn was sucked on in so many different places and ways. In spite of his legendary stamina and overly productive nuts, Pericles realized that he was going to have to fight back a bit if he was going to win as planned; left to their own devices these girls would suck him dry and be still begging for more.

He started with the monstrous tits in his face, worshipping and sucking them as best he could, chasing his own trailed of slobber around the massive gum-drop nipples, letting his huge hands cup, maul and tug the big globes this way and that; showing her that even though she was smothering him and obscuring his vision, he was still the big fucking dick in charge of the situation. His efforts were rewarded and he could feel her buckling a little, panting, gasping, letting his tongue take her where he wanted her to go.

Meanwhile, he began to buck his hips. It was subtle at first, and his muscle control was so fine he could move forward and back just a quarter-of-an-inch at a time, but it was definitely challenging the current mouth on his cockhead. Soon he was bucking arhythmically, his ears rewarded with the gagging sounds of someone biting off more than she could chew. He also began to strategize on the back-swings, really bearding down so that his balls were challenging their own antagonists, forcing their way into mouths that were having more and more trouble keeping up.

When he heard the purple-haired one actually whimper a little from the attention he was paying her monster tits, he seized his opportunity and reached around to her ass, grabbing her firmly and lifting her like she weighed nothing to sit on his shoulders, easily devouring her helpless cunt. His endless training had given him a deadly combination of attributes when it came to eating pussy; not only was his tongue like a jackhammer on ice-skates the way it glided around her clit and vulva, but he had learned to read even the smallest signal from his partners. Her smallest twitch, throb, drip of pussy-juice or clit-stiffen were all like instructions to his delicate senses, telling him exactly what to do next to maximize her pleasure.

After mere minutes he was virtually vibrating her sex in his mouth, gargling gout after gout of juice that sprayed from her helpless form. When he felt her go limp, leaning back against her hands he gently lowered her to drop to the mattress, a surprising fountain of her juices spilling down his chin, splattering her naked body.

But the Elites were anything but unprepared for a challenge. Even as two of their number came to drag away the woman he’d just put under, a third tagged in to take her place, immediately pushing away one of her sisters to attack his cock directly. Inside, Pericles smiled; these women were well-trained super-coordinated attack-sluts, yet his skill or physique had them already working against one another just to get their shot at him. In this moment at least, he felt like he’d already won.

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