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Daisy Dukes

Copyright 2012, 2020 Lisa Summers

Samantha just stared back at Trish, a deep foreboding, mixed with confusion over her just concluded dream, clouding her ability to respond right away.

She was lying naked in a tub of cooling water, having just awakened from an extremely erotic dream, while her fully-clothed roommate stood looking at her expectantly, clueless to Samantha’s inner turmoil.

“I said, ‘Dave called’… Jeez, clear those cobwebs, honey!” Trish smiled to show that she was just kidding, but she turned on her heel and left the bathroom. Samantha followed suit, wrapping herself in a bath towel and padding out to the living room, her thoughts filled with recently departed visions of a fantasy sex romp with Trish, and being dumped by Dave, her boyfriend.

Seeing the flag for new email on her phone, she checked those first. Sure enough, there was one from Dave. Reading it, her vision of his ending their relationship was sadly fulfilled. Instead of reflecting on the eeriness of her having seen this beforehand somehow, the pain was muted by her foreknowledge, in part, but even more by her curiosity about where her new fascination with Trish had come from.

“What was it?” Trish asked.

“Oh, Dave dumped me,” Samantha responded off-handedly. Trish looked at her curiously.

“I’m so sorry, honey,” Trish said. When Samantha didn’t respond right away, Trish added, “You don’t seem real broken up about it.”

“Yeah, it’s just…strange,” Samantha responded.

“Strange?” Trish said.

“Yeah…I had a dream that he was gonna do that,” Samantha said. She decided to leave out her fantasy fuck fest with Trish.

“That is strange,” Trish responded. “Well, anyway, I’m still kind of sorry. But honestly, you’re way too good for that slug.”

Samantha smiled at her. “You’re really a good friend,” she said. “You have no idea how good of a friend my subconscious apparently thinks you are,” Samantha thought to herself.

“I need to worry more about my job loss, than I do Dave,” Samantha announced. “If you’ve got any ideas, I’d appreciate them…”

“Well…you could open up your own business?” Trish ventured.

“Doing what?” Samantha asked.

“What are you best at?” Trish responded.

“Fucking, according to Dave.”

“Well, there you go,” Trish replied, grinning.

“Um, yes, good idea, except that it’s illegal and yucky,” Samantha said.

“There’s always tons of ‘escort’ ads on Greg’s List,” Trish said. “How illegal could it be?”

“Really?” Samantha said. “How did you know there’s tons of them?”

“Never mind, but check it out,” Trish suggested, turning the conversation away from her and back to Sam.

“Yeah, okay,” Samantha said. “After I look for a real job.”

A month later, after striking out on every legitimate job lead she’d found, Samantha decided to at least look into that part of Greg’s List, the online guide to all sorts of ‘opportunities’ in town. With Trish’s help, she pored through the entries.

“It seems like if you’re offering some kind of legitimate service that you can get paid for, and sex just kind of happens, that you can get away with fucking for money,” Trish reasoned. Samantha was in no position to dispute it, as her funds were rapidly dwindling, and the rent would soon be due…again.

“But…how do you avoid skeevy people, and just plain bad people?” Samantha asked.

“Well, if you went for married couples, that’d probably be safer. And I could help you out, be your pimp or bodyguard or something.”

“You mean like in that HBO show?” Samantha asked.

“Well, I wouldn’t really be your pimp or collect money, I’d just be there to call the police if you got in a bad way.”

“Call the cops? But I’d be a whore. Whores don’t call cops,” Samantha said.

“You’d be ‘Helena the Handywoman,'” Trish said. “Handywomen have every right to call the cops if they get in trouble.”

“‘Helena the Handywoman'”? Samantha said, dubiously. “Still, it sounds like a good idea…an idea, anyway.”

After perusing a good number of notices, found in almost every section of Greg’s List, Samantha and Trish came up with one they thought might work:

“Talented, cute and personable ‘Jill of all trades’ handywoman looking for married couples in search of help around the house. I can’t guarantee that I’ll do the work perfectly, but I can guarantee your ultimate satisfaction! Bla blah blah…”

At first, Samantha argued that, by wording it that way, “No one wants a handywoman who’s not that great at fixing stuff!” After Trish stared at her wordlessly for about a minute, it occurred to Sam that that was exactly her desired demographic, and then entering the ad went smoothly from that point on.

It only took two days to start getting results. Unfortunately, most of the responses were from horny single men – desirable for their money and their need for “the product,” as Trish called it, but undesirable due to their risk quotient.

However, one response looked interesting. “Hi Jill, my husband and I are looking for someone who meets your şişli bayan escort listed credentials. Could we get together at a public place of your choosing, so that we can all be sure that this is legitimate? If you do good work, we’ll pay top rates. – Kim and Alexis Bonneville”

“That sounds promising,” Trish said. “And they sound rich. But it’s your ass, so to speak. What do you think?”

“I guess it would be okay,” Samantha responded. “Do you think I’m doing the right thing?”

“It’s not like you’re going to make it your career, right?” At Samantha’s nod, Trish added, “So this can just ‘fill in the gaps.'”

“Is that some kind of ‘pimp’ thing, where all your metaphors have to do with sex?” Samantha asked.

“Just keeping my pimp hand strong, baby. I finger, I mean, figure, it’ll give me more street cred.” Samantha rolled her eyes.

“Okay, let’s set it up,” she said.

Samantha was sitting alone at a table at the small coffee shop that they’d all agreed on, when an attractive blonde of about thirty five or so approached her. “Are you Jill?” she asked shyly.

Samantha’s heart rate rapidly increased. Her first potential customer!

“Yes, I am,” she said, smiling. “And you would be Alexis?”

The woman nodded quickly. “Yes, how did you – oh, of course.”

“Won’t you sit?” Samantha gestured to one of the three available chairs – Trish opting to hide behind a potted plant while surveiling what she called, “the meet.”

Alexis explained that Kim was unavoidably detained at work, but assured her that they were a gentle couple, and even gave Samantha a copy of Alexis’ driver’s license as a sign of good faith. They agreed on terms – all crafted around various words like ‘repair’, ‘renew’, ‘polish’, and the like, the amount to be paid – Samantha insisted on full payment upfront, and when she would ply her trade at their residence, which was indeed in a better part of town.

As the two women talked, Samantha tried to assess Alexis. She looked every bit the attractive, affluent, middle-aged professional that she represented herself as, her jewelry and makeup perfect, her outfit and shoes designer label, her hair well coiffed. No doubt her husband was equally chic, and hopefully, quite handsome. Samantha just hoped that he didn’t smell.

Since everyone involved was anxious to get started – everyone other than Samantha that is – she would come to their house the next night and begin ‘work,’ the job to be completed when the customers were visibly satisfied. The next day, Samantha began to get cold feet, but Trish assured her that she would be right outside their house, parked in her car, watching intently for any sign that there was a problem. And Sam had her phone to call.

At eight o’clock that night, Samantha, or “Jill” as she was known to the “johns”, presented herself at the front door of Kim and Alexis’ lovely McMansion, in one of the better parts of town. Alexis opened the door, and greeted Samantha warmly, perhaps more warmly than she would greet the average craftsperson. Samantha could see that Alexis had indulged in a little ‘dutch courage’ to fortify herself. That oddly comforted Sam – if they were practiced torturers and murders of girls, they’d probably not need anything to calm their nerves. It was dubious logic, but Samantha was going to cling to it. Alexis’ hair was down, a little short of shoulder length, instead of the tight coif of the previous day.

“Where’s your husband?” Samantha asked.

“Oh, he’s upstairs, he’ll be right down,” Alexis responded. They chatted for a while, then Samantha heard a light step coming down the stairs. A young, very muscular person approached she and Alexis.

“Jill, this is my husband, Kim.” Alexis introduced ‘Jill’ in return to Kim.

“Um, but you’re a woman,” Samantha said. She’d been prepared for an old guy, a young guy, a big guy, a little guy – but not a girl guy.

“Hi, Jill,” Kim said smoothly. “You, of all people – intelligent, experienced in the ways of the world, and in a certain ‘trade’, would realize that same sex marriage is perfectly legal in our state, no?”

“No, I mean, yes,” Samantha stuttered. “It just hadn’t been made clear to me beforehand, um, what your arrangements were.”

“I hope it doesn’t cause any problems,” Kim said. “But if it does, you can just return the money…”

Thinking of how much of that money had already been spent, Samantha hastened to assure Kim and Alexis both, that she was perfectly fine with the way things were.

“Splendid,” Kim said. “Now, I understand that certain ‘repairs,’ you perform in the nude, yes?” It had been necessary for both sides to give certain assurances that would minimize the risk of police interference.

“Yes, of course,” Samantha replied. “Here?”

“No, why don’t we go upstairs, and make ourselves comfortable. We want a lovely woman like yourself to enjoy home repair just as much as we do. Isn’t that right, Alexis?” She slipped a strong arm around the older woman’s waist.

“Oh yes, and you are so lovely, Jill. And so young, too!”

“I just need to call my, um, şişli escort boss,” Samantha said, already entering Trish’s speed dial number, “and let her know I’m okay.”

“That’s fine,” Kim said, “we’ll wait over here.” The two women stood at the base of the rather majestic staircase.

“Okay, this looks okay,” Samantha whispered to Trish. “But it turns out, it’s two women instead of a man and woman.”

“Say the word, ‘merriment’ if you’re not being held under duress,” Trish said, out of the blue.

“What?” Samantha replied, completely confused by Trish’s sudden order.

“I said, use the word ‘merriment’ in your next sentence, so I’ll know they’re not holding a gun on you or something.”

Samantha thought to herself that it might have been nice if Trish had thought of that a little earlier, but she’d try to cope. “Um, I think we’re going to have a lot of fun and merriment here tonight.”

“Oh, okay, good. Call me when you’re done,” Trish said and ended the call abruptly.

“Merriment?” Alexis said to Kim, puzzled. Kim just shrugged. “Probably some kind of code or something. I hope it’s not cop code.”

“Okay, sorry,” Samantha said, walking over to the couple. “I’m ready.”

“Welcome to our home, Jill,” Kim said, as the threesome proceeded up the stairs. “We’re not really used to this kind of thing, but Alexis and I wanted to kind of spice up our relationship. We love each other very much, but, you know, things can sometimes use a little boost. You must have seen a lot of that…”

“Well, I try to view every, um, relationship as a new one, as though I were just starting,” Samantha said. “That helps to keep me fresh, too. I’d hate to come across as jaded or anything.” Samantha prayed that her improvisation would sound believable.

“That’s admirable,” Kim said, with Alexis smiling in agreement. “And if you’re really good, we’d like to spread the word in our group. You probably wouldn’t mind some good word of mouth, would you?”

“No, that would be wonderful,” Samantha agreed.

“Here’s our bedroom, I hope that you find it agreeable,” Alexis said. As Samantha entered, she was struck by the size and fabulous taste in which it was decorated. The furnishings bore absolutely no relation to anything ever found on Samantha’s usual marketplace, Greg’s List. She thought that some of the furnishings, and the art work, bore a suspicious resemblance to some things that she’d seen on a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“It’s beautiful,” Samantha breathed, taking in the graciousness and taste. “God, if ever I had a chance to live in a place like this, I’d snap it up in an instant,” she thought to herself.

“Jill,” Kim said. Caught up in absorbing the room, Samantha forgot that was her working name.

“Jill,” Kim said a little louder. Samantha caught herself.

“I’m sorry, I’m just overwhelmed by how beautifully you’ve decorated this room, and what I’ve seen of your house. You have exquisite taste!”

“Thanks,” Kim said. “Do you need to use one of the bathrooms? We have two directly off the bedroom, one with a sunken tub, the other with a large walk in shower. Feel free to freshen up. And would you like a drink?”

“Oh, I’ll have whatever you’re having,” Samantha said.

“We thought that a light Viognier might be nice, allow us to loosen up a little without getting drunk…” Alexis suggested. Samantha assumed that was a wine.

“I’d love that,” she said.

Alexis opened up a small cooler near the bed.

“This keeps the wine at a perfect temperature.” She handed it to Kim, who deftly opened it, the strength in her hands and arms clearly evident from the ease with which she handled the process. She poured it out, and handed Alexis and Samantha their glasses.

“Here’s to a wonderful evening for all of us, full of merriment.” Samantha caught the glint of amusement in Kim’s eyes.

“I’m so sorry, my partner told me to use that word if I weren’t being held at gunpoint,” she said, her face reddening slightly.

Kim caught that blush, too.

“This is pretty much your first time doing this, isn’t it?” Kim asked, quietly.

“How did you know?” Samantha asked.

“A girl as pretty as you – you would have a client list a mile long as soon as you finished your third job. And you wouldn’t need to ever do it through Greg’s List. This is our first time doing this, too, as we said, but I know a little something about sales…and honey, if you’re any good at all, you could make a fortune.”

“Now, have you ever been with a woman?” Her eyes were merciless on Samantha’s. Samantha figured she’d better tell the truth.

“No,” Samantha admitted quietly.

“Well, you’ve been with a man, at least?”

“Oh sure,” Samantha said.

“So, that’s your partner? Like your boyfriend or something? Did he put you up to trying this?”

“No, it was really my roommate’s idea. Um, she’s a woman.” Samantha had never been caught up so easily before – but then, she’d never tried a lie on this scale before, either.

“How do you feel about the thought of being with a woman, like you mecidiyeköy escort were with your boyfriend?”

The wine was starting to hit Samantha. “Honestly? I’m excited by the idea. The day my boyfriend dumped me-“

“He dumped you? Is he gay?” Kim was incredulous.

“Yeah, dumped me,” Samantha continued. “Anyway, I took a long, hot bath to just kind of soak and relax – I’d been let go from my job that day, and I actually didn’t know that I’d been dumped, though that was in my dream, too…I guess this must be a little confusing.” She looked at the two women, who nodded.

“Well, bottom line, I had the most awesome fantasy about having sex with my roommate – my partner – and it was the most detailed, fantastic sensations I have ever felt. It was real.”

“And it was better than with your boyfriend, the one who dumped you, but you didn’t know he’d dumped you?” Kim was grinning.

“Oh god, yes,” Samantha said.

“Well, I can assure that, invariably, the worst sex with a woman is better than the best sex with a man. What does women in with other women, is our innate jealousy and bitchiness. So, welcome to the club – you still want to play?”

Samantha nodded. “Yes. Very much,” she responded honestly, recalling how immense the pleasure had been, how overwhelming the ecstasy, and she was dying of curiosity now to experience it for real. And she was a little relieved that she wasn’t going to be penetrated by some guy’s dick.

Kim walked over to Samantha, took the glass from Samantha’s hand, and placed it on the table, then took her hand, gently pulling her out of the chair. She took Samantha into her arms, and softly, gently, brought her lips to Samantha’s, a whisper of softness on Samantha’s lips, and then gone. Kim kissed Samantha’s throat, again, a soft whisper of flesh on hers, a soft breath of air tickling her throat.

Kim kissed Samantha’s ear, tickling her sensitive, downy hairs there, her tongue touching her lobe…then, gone. As Kim brought her mouth to Samantha’s other ear, passing in front of her face, her eyes, a lovely shade of green, locked onto Samantha’s blue eyes, freezing her thoughts for just a second, perhaps two, then continued on to ghost kiss the other ear.

Samantha was still in shock from Kim’s gaze, when the sweet feeling of her soft kiss at her ear sent a little trickle of pleasure through her. Kim continued her sweet attack on Samantha, just the barest of contact, until she brought her lips to Samantha’s, warm, soft perfect lips hovering over, and then grazing the girl’s. Instead of moving on to some other spot, though, Kim kept her lips there, just microns away from Samantha’s.

Samantha found the bait irresistible, and moved her face forward, and in turn kissed Kim. Not the ghostly near touches with which Kim had teased her, but a budding passion drove her deeply onto Kim, her arms going around the woman’s hard body, their breasts mashing together, their warmth and softness melding.

Kim and Samantha kissed, long minutes of contact, and learning and knowing about the other. Kim’s body surprisingly softening against Samantha, Samantha in turn melting into Kim. The two women opened themselves to the other, and as Samantha realized the delight in sharing her wet, hot mouth with another woman, she shivered, a small orgasm pleasing her with a promise of more pleasure to come.

Kim felt the shiver, and read it correctly. She held Samantha’s arms and pushed her a few inches away, her eyes again locked on Samantha’s, but this time, so much warmer and softer.

“You’re going to be so great,” she whispered to Samantha, then took her hand and that of Alexis, who had been watching the whole thing, and led them both over to the bed.

“Why don’t you two get to know each other?” Kim suggested.

“Ohh, just like a guy,” Samantha thought, a little disappointed, “Euphemisms for fucking.”

To Samantha’s surprise, Alexis sat, Indian-style, with her legs crossed, and gestured for Sam to do the same, facing her. Kim brought them over their glasses after refilling them, then retired to a chair in the corner.

“Tell me about yourself,” Alexis said, smiling almost timidly at Samantha. “What do you do, what are you in life, where do you want to be in five years?”

Samantha thought that it sounded as though she were being interviewed for the position of appointments secretary, but she tried to sincerely answer. Within a matter of moments, she had forgotten why she was there, and with the help of the wine, was immensely relaxed, treating Alexis like an old friend. The two woman chatted familiarly for quite a while, when Samantha noticed Alexis fussing with her hair.

“Is that bothering you?” she asked.

“Yes, a little,” Alexis admitted. “Could you help me braid it?” Samantha smiled – that she could do for sure.

“Of course,” she assured the blonde. The two laughed and giggled together as Samantha raised up on her knees to weave Alexis’ hair together into two loose french braids, occasionally falling against her on the mattress. When she was finished, Alexis kissed her, the gesture as natural as two friends greeting each other, but both women felt the tug of desire keep them together for just a second or two too long, then when they parted, the softening of Alexis’ brown eyes gave Samantha permission to return the kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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