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This story, is in no way intended to offend any American Indian Culture. The characters, and the story, are strictly fiction. All rights are reserved. My hopes are that you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please vote.

I’m Jonathon, twenty years old, six feet tall, a hundred, and eighty pounds, and my hair, and beard are prematurely grey. I told my parents, that I was going up river to trap. The following is my story.


About three days travel from town, I stopped at a trading post for supplies. I had two horses, and three pack mules.

The trading post owner came out to help me load everything on the mules, and noticed I had all my traps on one of the horses.

“You going up river to trap beaver?”

“Yes, that and fox.” I answered.

“When you get a load, bring em here, and I’ll give you top dollar for em.”

“I’ll do it.” I answered.

I left the trading post, riding one of the horses, and leading the rest, I had traveled several days, when I reached an Indian village. The tribe was friendly, and as I rode into their camp, an Indian chief came out of his T-pee to greet me.

“I am Spotted Owl.” He said, “How are you called?”

I told him that I was called Jonathon.

The old chief just shook his head, and said “I will call you Greybeard.”

I told him I had come to trap beaver, and fox, and asked him if there was a place near by that I could make my camp.

“Yes, there is a place a short way up river, where the ground slopes gently to the river, and there is good grazing for your animals. If you are going to trap beaver there is a place about a days ride up river. A small stream enters the river there. Follow that stream, and you will find a large beaver dam.”

I thanked him, and then asked if he had another T-pee.

“Yes, there is a T-pee.”

I got off my horse, and pulled one of two rifles from it’s scabbard, and handed it to the chief, in trade for the T-pee.

“Spotted Owl not know how to use fire stick.”

“Chief, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll teach you how to use the “fire stick”, if you’ll teach me to use a bow and arrow.”

“Deal” the old chief said.

I left the Indian village, and headed up stream, where I found the place the old chief had told me about. I set up the T-pee, and pulled the supplies, and traps from the animals. There were two trees near the river, and I stretched a rope between them, and tied the animals to it with long enough ropes, for them to graze, and get to the water.

Returning to the T-pee, I placed all the supplies, and traps inside, to protect them from the weather. I then built a small fire, and getting some food from the supplies, I fixed myself a meal. When I finished, I decided to turn in. It had definitely been a long day.

The next morning, as it was getting light, I built up the fire, to make some coffee. I planned to check out the beaver dam, the old chief had told me about. Saddling one of the horses, I rode up river, until I came to the small creek, that emptied into the main river. I turned up the creek, and shortly, I came upon the largest beaver dam, I had ever seen. The pond behind it was huge, and I couldn’t see the end of it.

Dotted all over this pond were beaver homes, made of sticks, and mud. I noticed a lot of small trees had been cut, by the beaver, to make the dam, and their homes. I scouted further around the pond, and found the droppings of many fox. I thought to myself, “Jonathon, you’ve found the place you’ve heard about.”

On the way back to camp, I killed two fat deer, one of which I was going to give to the chief. I got back to my camp, hung one of the deer, and headed to the Indian village, with the other deer.

When I rode up to Spotted Owl’s T-pee, he was standing outside, talking to two, very upset, girls. Both girls had their heads down, and were crying.

“Spotted Owl, what’s going on?” I asked.

“Greybeard, my heart is heavy.” the old chief said. “These two girls, along with another, were picking berries, up river, a day before you came to our camp. They were captured, by two men, and taken to their camp, about three days up river. The girls were all raped by those two men. These two girls got away, and returned to our village. Since they were raped, no brave will have them for wives. The council has decided, they are to be banished from the tribe.

A frown crossed my face, and I asked “What happens then, Spotted Owl?”

“They will wander the forest, until they either starve to death, or are eaten by wolves. I do not agree with this, but have only one vote, in the council.”

I thought for a minute, then said,”Spotted Owl, may Greybeard take these girls to be his wives, and warm his T-pee?”

“You would do that Greybeard?”

“Yes. In the white mans culture, a girl, that has been raped, is looked upon with sorrow, for what has happened, and is not banished from the white man’s tribe.

Spotted Owl turned to the girls, and said, “Would you bahis firmaları go with Greybeard, and be his wives?”

Both girls were looking at me with interest by then, and both told the chief, “Yes.”

I got off my horse, and gave the deer to Spotted Owl. Leading my horse, I told the girls to follow me to my camp. As we were walking, I asked the girls, “What are you called, and how old are you?”

One of the girls spoke up and said she was called “Yellowbird, and I have seen nineteen summers.” The other girl said she was called “Running Deer, and had also seen nineteen summers.”

“I am called Greybeard, and I have seen twenty summers. Are you girls satisfied to be Greybeard’s wives?”

Both girls said, “Yes,” they would be quite happy to be a wife to Greybeard.

We got to my camp. and I began to dress the deer, I had hung in a tree, but the girls ran me off.

“That is a wives duty Greybeard. Running Deer, and I will fix the deer.” remarked Yellowbird.

I left the girls with it, and went to see after my animals. When I got back to camp, the girls had skinned the deer, and were cutting it into small, bite sized, pieces. They had gathered stones to make a fire pit, and had built a fire in the pit. Running Deer asked if I had a large pot to cook in.

“In the T-pee.” I told her.

She got the pot, along with a tri-pod, to hang it over the pit. She then went to the river to get water for the pot. Both girls started to place the cut up pieces of the deer into the pot. One of the girls went into the woods, to gather herbs, which she placed in the pot to flavor the deer stew.

I noticed we were going to need more wood for the fire. I went into the woods, with my axe, to cut, and split more wood. As I was working, I could smell that stew. The smell told me I definitely wanted some. I had taken one of the mules to carry the wood back to camp, and late that evening. I returned to camp.

“Greybeard, come and eat,” said Yellowbird, “The stew is ready.”

I dumped the wood from the mule, and tethered him with the other animals. There was a large log, close to the fire, and I sat down on it. Running Deer had found some bowls and spoons in the T-pee, and brought me a large bowl. After one bite, I knew I was in hog heaven. My mom made good stew, but this was by far, the best I had ever tasted.

As soon as I finished the first bowl, Yellowbird, quickly refilled it. I almost inhaled that second bowl. Yellowbird was going to refill the bowl a third time, when I told her, “No more, Greybeard is full up to his ears.” Both girls started giggling.

After the bowls and spoons were washed, the girls wanted to go to the river to take baths. I told them to go ahead. I got to thinking, I could use a bath myself. I went a short distance from the girls, to give them some privacy. I took my clothes off, and got into the river. The cool water felt wonderful.

When I finished my bath, I went back to camp naked. I saw no sense in putting my clothes back on. I got back to camp, to see two lovely naked girls waiting for me. Needless to say, the sight before me had my cock hard immediately.

The sight of me, brought a gasp from both girls.

Yellowbird stammered, “Greybeard has a mighty lance.”

It took me a moment to realize she was referring to my very hard cock. I guess the girls had never seen a “Lance” that was seven inches long. The girls told me later, that none of the braves were that big.

I gathered the girls, one under each arm, and headed for the T-pee, to consummate the marriage, with these two lovely women. The bed I had in the T-pee was made of several blankets, and I laid the girls on it. I chose Yellowbird first, and began kissing her on the lips. I don’t think Indians kissed each other on the lips, because Yellowbird’s eyes flew open, and it didn’t take her long to learn how to kiss.

I teased her mouth with my tongue, until she opened it, and I slid my tongue inside, and we were “Frenching.” I went to her titties, and started sucking, and licking the nipples. I then licked my way down to her pussy lips. and finally worked my tongue inside her lovely cunt.

The way she reacted to my lovemaking was obvious. Not in her wildest dreams, did she ever imagine the feelings she was having. I stuck my tongue in her cunt as far as I could, and her bucking and moaning told me she had an orgasm.

“Oh yesss, more, more.”

I went to her clit, and began sucking, and licking the small bud. Her reactions told me that she was having one orgasm after another.

Finally, she exclaimed, “Enough, Greybeard, enough.”

I went back to where I could kiss her mouth, and told her that her pussy tasted sweet. I don’t think she had ever tasted herself before. the look on her pretty face said it all.

I rubbed the head of my very hard cock against her very wet pussy, and with a gentle thrust. the head of my cock slipped inside her very tight cunt, I knew she had been raped, but the gentle way I entered her, brought a gasp.


Very gently, kaçak iddaa with several thrusts I buried myself, balls deep, in a very tight pussy.

“Ohhhh, Graybeards lance fills Yellowbird’s pussy so full. Let Yellowbird get used to the fullness.

It wasn’t long until Yellowbird began a gentle thrusting, that told me she was ready for me to fuck her good. I began thrusting in and out of her, faster and faster. Her cries told me she was getting close.

“Ohhhh yessss, Greybeard, yesss, fuck Yellowbird’s pussy… ahhhhhh, ahhhhh, I’m coming.

It set me off, and I started to cum in that tight little pussy. There were several spurts of hot cum, that filled her delightful pussy to overflowing.

I finally rolled off of Yellowbird. When I had rested a short time, I looked at Running Deer, and said, “You’re next.” The girl was all smiles. She had watched me fuck her friend, and it had been obvious, that I had greatly pleased Yellowbird.

When I began to kiss her, she opened her mouth immediately to french kiss me, and couldn’t seem to get enough. I licked down to her nipples, and began to suck on them, and flick the nipples with my tongue. Her gasp told me I was doing something right.

I licked down to her pussy lips, and thrust my tongue inside her pussy. In a few short minutes, she was cumming, just like her friend did. I began licking her clit. It seemed to stick out more than Yellowbird’s did. When I licked her clit, she exploded immediately.

Ohhhh, ohhhhh, yessss, don’t stop, don’t stop. After she had several orgasms… she finally said, “Ohhhh, Greybeard, enough, enough.”

I stopped, and when I kissed her, I told her that she tasted every bit as good as Yellowbird.

I gently rubbed the head of my cock, along a very wet pussy. With a gentle thrust, I buried the first inch of my hard cock inside her. a gasp told me she hadn’t expected my size. Several more gentle thrusts, and I was all the way inside a very tight pussy.

“Ohhhh, Greybeard’s lance is so big. Running Deer feel’s so very full of you.”

In a short time, Running Deer’s thrusting, told me she was ready. I began slow strokes, in, and out of her hot pussy, that soon became quicker thrusts. It seemed like no time, until Running Deer was screaming.

“Ohhh, fuck Running Deer… ohhhh, ohhhhh, I’m cumming, aghhhhh. Running Deer wants Greybeard to come in her pussy…NOW.”

I did. I began to spurt cum inside that very tight pussy. I thought I would never stop.

Finally, I rolled off her, and said, “Running Deer, and Yellowbird’s pussies are both fantastic. Greybeard will want a lot more of both.

Both girls snuggled up to me, and we drifted off to sleep. A couple hours later, I was awakened, by both girls sucking on my hard cock. I knew then, that round two wasn’t far off.

Yellowbird straddled me, and slipped my hard dick into her pussy, and began moving up, and down on me. I cupped her breasts with both hands, and began to squeeze her nipples.

It wasn’t long until… “Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, Greybeard, I’m going to cum…ohhhh…yesssss, ahhhhhh, cum in my pussy.”

I didn’t displease her, and began to squirt cum inside her. As I began to spasm, I said, “NOW, Yellowbird, NOW.”

When we slowed down, Yellowbird rolled off of me, and Running Deer took her place. Suddenly, my still stiff cock, was entering another hot pussy.

“Ohhhh, yesssss,” said Running Deer, as she began posting herself up, and down, on my hard cock.

I cupped her tits, and as she leaned down, I began to suck her extended nipples. It took no time, until she was cumming.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, Running Deer is cumming, ohhhh, yessss, fuck my pussy, arghhhhhh, cum in Running Deer’s pussy.”

That’s all it took, and I began to shoot, what seemed like a gallon of cum into a very hot cunt.

The next morning, I started the fire, under the pot of stew. Shortly the girls came back with some quail eggs, which they fixed for our breakfast. As we ate, the girls asked, if we could go and get the other girl. They told me they had to leave the third girl at the trappers camp, because she wasn’t able to escape like they had.

“How far is their camp?” I asked.

“About three days up river.” Yellowbird said.

I said, “Lets get one of the pack animals, so we can take bedding, and food with us, and we will go. We all got dressed, and loaded the pack mule. I checked my rifle, and took it as well.

We left our camp, and traveled all that day. When the shadows got long, we made our camp. I built a small fire, and the girls fixed our meal. The light faded quickly, and it wasn’t long until we were all ready for those blankets. When we laid down, I had two naked, horny girls, who badly wanted to get fucked… again. I sure didn’t disappoint them.

The next morning, we were quickly underway again, and pretty well repeated our first day.

The third day arrived, and Running Deer said, “We aren’t far now.”

We traveled about two hours, and came to a small hollow. The girls told me, that the camp kaçak bahis was just over the next hill.

I tied the pack mule in the hollow. We slowly crept up to the top of the small hill, and looked down on the river. As we watched, one of the men came to the river to fill buckets with water.

I whispered to Yellowbird to take her clothes off, and cross the river towards this man, telling him she was lost, and hungry. I turned to tell Running Deer, and when I turned back, Yellowbird had already shed her clothes, and was walking towards the river.

Running Deer, and I crossed the river a little further down, where the man couldn’t see us. As we headed up the other side of the river, I heard Yellowbird call out to the man.

“I am lost, and very hungry. Will you give me something to eat?”

As Yellowbird stepped close to him, the man dropped the buckets, and grabbed her breasts, and began to maul them.

“I knew you Indian bitches would come back, when you got hungry.”

That’s all he got to say, because I stepped up behind him, and with the butt of my rifle, I hit him behind the ear. He dropped, like he had been poleaxed. He fell at our feet, and Yellowbird spat on him.

“Running Deer, will you be alright to stay with this one?” I asked.

“Yes, Running Deer will watch this one.”

I asked Yellowbird if she could play the same game with the other man. Her eyes gleamed, as she nodded her head yes. “Give me a few minutes to get behind him.” I told her. Again she nodded her head, and I slipped into the woods. I saw her start toward a lean-to, that the men had made camp under.

She began to call out, that she was lost, and hungry. I noticed the third girl was close by, tied to a tree, with her hands tied behind her.

The second man came out of the lean-to, saw Yellowbird, and snarled, “You sorry bitch, I’m going to beat you for running away.”

He said no more, because I hit him at the base of his skull. As he hit the ground, Yellowbird spat on him too. I stepped to the girl that was tied to the tree, and with my knife, quickly cut her loose. I could tell, she was scared of me. I handed Yellowbird my knife, and told her to cut the girl’s hands loose. I told her I was going to check on Running Deer.

As I got close, the man screamed, and Running Deer hit him with a large stick, knocking him out. She had used a small knife she had, to castrate the man. She threw his balls into the river. While he was out, she took a needle made of bone, and a small rawhide string, to sew up his ball sack, so he wouldn’t bleed to death.

She turned to me, and said, “He won’t rape any more girls.”

The man came to, and was groaning in pain. When he looked down, and saw he had been castrated, he almost fainted.

“On your feet, you. If the braves of her village had caught you, they would have taken your scalp, and tied you to an ant hill.

We started to where Yellowbird, and the other girl were. I heard a scream, then a “whack”. When we got there, Yellowbird had used my knife, to cut his ball sack open, as well. She cut his nuts off, and threw them into the woods. Running Deer handed her the bone needle and rawhide string. Yellowbird quickly sewed up his ball sack too.

As he regained consciousness, she told him, “You will never rape another girl again.”

I told the two men, “You best not be here. when the braves of their tribe come looking for you. You will not like what they do.

I went into their lean-to, and gathered their rifles, and ammunition, and left them moaning, and groaning.

The girls, and I crossed the river, to get Yellowbird’s dress. The mule, we collected from the hollow, and started back down the trail. We had about three hours of daylight left, before we had to make camp. We hurried as fast as we could, to put as much distance as possible between us, and the men’s camp.

The girls were ahead of me, chattering a mile a minute. Yellowbird had told me, the other girl’s name was Little Sparrow.

Little Sparrow told the girls she wanted a dress. Yellowbird told her she would loan her one when they got back to our camp, but she doubted that she would need it. “What do you mean?” Little Sparrow wanted to know. “We don’t wear clothes at our camp.” Running Deer told her.

Little Sparrow had many other questions, about how they had become my wives. The girls explained that the tribe had voted to banish all three of them, and that I had asked if they could be my wives. “Will Greybeard take me for a wife too?” Little Sparrow asked.

“Why don’t you ask him?”

Little Sparrow dropped back to where I was walking. This petite young woman was a real beauty, just like the other girls. She snuggled up to me, and I put my arm around her waist.

She asked, “Can Little Sparrow be your wife too?”

“Yes. Greybeard would be honored to have Little Sparrow for his wife.” She grinned, and started to skip, to catch up with the other girls. As she did, I reached, and squeezed her pert little bottom. It made her jump. It was obvious she hadn’t expected that.

When she caught up with the other girls, I heard her say, “Greybeard just squeezed my bottom.” The other girls giggled, and told her, “Yes, he does that all the time. You must get used to it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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