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She had been given an assignment for the week. It was an easy assignment, make sure that at the end of the week she sent a pair of her panties to him. They were to be fragrant. Fragrant with the smell of her excitement in the them. He told her he wanted her to cum in them throughout the week, never washing them, putting them on when she felt especially horny and needed release. She was to rub herself through them, making them wet again and again, saturating the straddle with the gush of her juices as she trembled in orgasm.

The first night she was so tired from the day she did not feel the urge to touch herself. She told herself she had plenty of days left to fulfill her mission, it would be easy.

The second night, still tired, she felt some urges and she adorned her privates with the panties and lay in bed touching herself through the panties but the release never came and she did not cum. In the morning as she took them off, she raised them to her nose. The scent was there but too faint to satisfy him, she knew. Tonight…she told herself, she’d be ready.

That day was stressful and long and by the time she had settled down for the day, again she was too tired to feel anything. Even so, she put them hatay escort on and climbed into bed. The phone rang…she reached for it.

It was him.

“You in bed?” he asked.

“Yes…” she whispered.

“What are you wearing?”

“Tshirt and panties” she knew where he was going with the conversation and it automatically brought tingles into her lower tummy.

“Take off the shirt,” he ordered.

With a rustle she peeled off her tshirt and let it drop off the side to the floor.

“Ok” she answered.

“Now run your hands slowly over your stomach, caressing.”

Her free hand roamed her tummy, fueling the tingles into a burning need.

“Now bring them up to your breasts and caress them, feeling the nipples,” he ordered.

Her hand glided up and over the mounds of her breasts, her nipple hardening under his direction.

“Pinch and pull the nipples”

She pulled them and the sparks shot down to her groin igniting her there. She knew she was rapidly becoming wet.

“Now slide your hand down.”

Her moved down her tummy.

“Down,” he continued.

Her hand reached the band of the panties.

“Now stroke the area right above your hurma escort clit”

Her hand stroked the curly hair through the panties and the first moan escaped her.

“Good, that sounds nice. I want you to moan for me baby when it feels good.”

She replied with a deep throaty moan into the phone.

“Now pull the crotch of the panties to the side and feel your lips.”

She slid her finger around the elastic and felt her lips swollen with desire.

“Put a finger between and slide it up to your clit.”

She ran her finger between the vulva feeling the moisture seeping from within. Her fingers reached the bud of her clit, sending an electric pleasure throughout her body. She moaned aloud again and started to breath heavily into the phone.

“Ahhh, yes that’s a nice moan baby.”

Her fingers circled and rubbed her clit as he urged her on. She remembered her assignment and moved her fingers to the outside and began to rub the panties into her slit, coating them with the juices.

“Now I want you to rub your clit hard for me, circle it, make it scream for more,” he demanded.

She slid her hand inside again and began a fast circling of her clit, ığdır escort sending her on a ride for release.

“Keep rubbing your sweet clit baby, rub it for me, make it feel good,” he asked.

She was breathing hard into the phone now her fingers furiously rubbing, her hips rising to meet the need. She began to feel the need to be penetrated.

“Now slide your fingers down and into your hole lover!” he shouted.

Her hand flew down to her opening and her red-painted nails dove into her vagina, three fingers wide. The sudden penetration sent her up and over and she began to breath hard and fast, moaning in-between.

“Take your sweet tunnel baby, fill it up, make it good!” he demanded.

Her fingers slid in and out, wet and warm from the penetration and she felt the waves speeding toward her.

“I’m gonna cummmm lover!” she squealed into the phone.

“Cum for me!” he whispered.

The wave hit her violently, her hips rising and falling as though on a small raft in a violent storm. Her muscles clenched tight and her body trembled, breath hissing through her teeth as the pleasure washed over and over her.

The waves finally settled into a glassy sea and she sank to the bed in exhaustion. There was a long silence.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yes…but need…sleep now,” she mumbled into the phone.

“Night, night” she continued and without waiting for an answer, she hung up and dropped off the edge of the conscious world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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