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The big day came, and the Felicity in me was coming out. With all of the congratulating of the happy color, the velvety roses, the laughter, I felt like I would rather be anywhere else in the world right now. Even back home… I don’t want to think about that.

I suppose the biggest reason is that until two nights I never thought I’d actually be envious of all of this. In a life where I didn’t stop, where I CAN’T for fear of everything catching up to me and becoming real, why is it that I look at Reginald and I suddenly want to stop dead in my tracks?

The ceremony was an hour away, and the groomsmen and groom were hauled up in a large living room, and the girls were respectively separated to the kitchen. The living room was a crowd of half naked, dressing men, and idle chatter.

Waking up the morning, sober and hungover, what I asked of Regg caught up to me like I was struck with a truck. Felicity was giving me that smoldering side eye the entire day, so I did my duty as a professional coward and avoided them. Now the ceremony was fast approaching, and there was nothing I could do to escape them.

I was shoulder deep in my boiling thoughts when Regg’s eyes looked over men’s shoulders, and he motions his head for me to come. I clench my fists to the point that I might break my fingers. I slip through the guys, to find Regg standing in front of a mirror propped haphazardly against the sofa. He wore only his dress shirt, but no dress pants. His muscle legs were taut against his skin, and his dick was an antagonizing bulge against his briefs that I had to tear my eyes off of. He motioned a helplessness with his bow tie, which was a strangled and unflattering snake around his neck from attempts to tie it.

“Zip me up?”

He squeaked out in a woman’s tone. A hulking guy like him speaking like that had even my pissy attitude breaking, and a smile curled inevitably at my lips.

“Jesus, you are helpless, bro.”

I step over to him, and my fingers systematically work the bow tie, from years of doing it for my videos. Sometimes a porn shoot started out with a dude in a tux. We were inches apart, and I could feel his hot breath that smelled of dull spearmint, drowning me in the invigorating presence of him. I was beginning to suspect tying his bow tie was not the only reason for calling me over.

“You should know that I talked it out with the wife,”

Being this close to him, I had to tense my face to not show the apprehension that was swallowing me whole.

“And she gave me consent.”

My heart almost stopped dead. I was trying to hide the explosion of excitement on my face, to remain professional, but I doubt I was covering it up.

“That’s great news. Would you like to set up a time for the audition simulation at my place?”

To this he nodded sharply, but clicked his teeth and remembered something.

“Yeah, how about next week. Though you should know, Felicity will be joining me.”

I am embarrassed to admit how much that made my stomach drop. Was I really expecting to get this freshly married man naked and alone in my house? I finish up the tie, giving him a warm and professional smile.

“Sounds like a plan. You will not regret this, you will be raking in doe, I can promise you that.”

He put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer, facing us stiffly away from the rest of the guys.

“Shh, don’t want everyone here to know that I’m hitting up the porn scene. My parents would freak.”

My body inadvertently tenses. Slender hands graze over me. A woman’s blue eyes, just like mine, pierce me.

Get the hell out of this house.

A woman screamed in my ear. The faces of my siblings regarding me in disgust, the door I will never walk through again, a bus ride to a city to escape everything.

The images slow to a nauseating halt, and my body is rebuilt from where I stood slowly, everything around me shifting to clarity.

Regg’s hands were on my shoulders, his honey eyes glaring at me with concern.

“Dude, you wigged out there for a second. I thought you would faint or something.”

The inside of my suit was drenched. I swallow nothing in my throat. Eyes were looking to me, that same concern.

“I’m fine.”

I reassure everyone in a light voice.

Regg’s friends adopted me pretty quickly, they seemed ready to rush over. It made me feel warm and weak at the same time. Suddenly the slide doors of the living room are wrenched open. A stout, round woman comes trudging in, tall high heels sinking into the fluffy carpet.

“Places, people!”

The woman who must be Regg’s mother shouted. She had his tawny eyes and warm, coppery skin. Those eyes flicked to her son.

“Get your damn pants on, fool! You’ve got a gorgeous bride to scoop up in thirty minutes!”

That shocked Regg obediently into action. She basically hopped into dress pants. He buckled a belt, and slipped on a slimming black dress coat. His eyes were bright, but his face was tight with a nervousness that even I could feel.

He looked impossibly kaçak iddaa handsome. He made that suit and bowtie his bitch.

I pat him on the shoulder, and his mother takes his hand and hauls him out of the room. Her voice shrieks through the large house with excitement.

“Let’s get you married, baby!”

. . .

“Alright ma’am, add a little more verbality to your reaction. Switch camera angles so that we are behind them and we can get a good view of his cock.”

Dave and I work systematically around the naked bodies in front of the cameras. I reposition some cameras, notice a pastiness in the lighting on the male actor’s legs with his pale skin, and readjust some of the lights. The shot comes to life and I know it’s a keeper.

I give Dave the thumbs up to start rolling.

The sex reignites in front of us, passionate and loud.

The shooting finishes with ease, and we get a hell of a come shot out of the guy. He knows what he’s doing, and his expression was on point.

When they’re done, cleaning off and slipping clothes back on, I offer them some water and get them on their way. I wipe sweat off of my brow, shutting down equipment and the scene.

“Okay, what is this news you hinted at earlier today?”

Dave asked. He was rubbing on deodorant in an unflattering demeanor. He was a rather stout and plump man with a fair complexion that had the tendency of flaring up like a ripe tomato. I gulp down some water, excitement prickling on my skin. Today was the day Felicity and I were going to work with Regg on his audition.

“I scouted some talent. A real buck. He’s preparing to audition for next week.”

I caught Dave’s interest immediately. His eye brows curve and perk up.

“You know any of the intricate details?”

He said eagerly.

I knew a lot more than I needed, but I kept my description more tame.

“African-American, and built like an ox.”

I say, and walk toward the exit of the studio we were renting. Dave follows me, right on my tail.

“New talent is always exciting. Can’t wait to see what this man is made of.”

He says. We open the slide door of the complex, and hot afternoon sun braces our already sweating skins. We go our separate ways, and step over to our vehicles parked right out front. Before I could duck into the cabin on my truck, Dave’s voice called over from his car.

“Hey-um- Cesar. You’ve been doing a great job with the projects, but do you mind if I take on a little more responsibility? I appreciate your hard work, but the company has been breathing down my back about work-ethics. Too much of your name is on our stuff.”

I look at him, concerned.

“Are you doing okay? Of course you can have more responsibility, you’re the whole reason I have this job.”

Saying that breathed relief into my colleague. It was true that he has been a little lacking in contribution, but he helps at every audition, he shows up to every filming, so I thought nothing of it. Ideas for videos and sets pop into my head and I bring them to life, he’s always supported that and I never even thought about his contributions.

“Thanks, bud. I’ll edit the videos for now on, give me some more things to do.”

He disappears into his heavily tinted glass cabin and drives off, his Ford Explorer a golden glint against the hot sun.

My brain was skittish and didn’t have room to contemplate my colleague, I needed to get home and prepare my apartment for Regg and Felicity.

. . .

I showered up, dorning sleek dress pants, shirt, and tie. I set a camera in front of my living room couch, and placed a desk before it, a few paces away. A few spot lights strung from the ceiling, at the ready.

I was considering setting drinks out when my doorbell rang. Electricity buzzed in my veins. I nimbly walk to my front door, and swing it open.


Before I could blink, I’m wrapped up in my best friend’s hug. Hair sprayed curls lick my chin, and I look past her hair to see Regg, visibly sheepish in the doorway. He was dressed in a strapping black dress shirt that molded around his round shoulders and broad chest.

“Come on in, please.”

I say, and Felicity and Regg trail into my house. Felicity has seen it countless times, so she launders over to the pretend audition setup, and flops onto the couch. Regg was dazed looking at the sleek dark wood trimming, the granite countertops and shiny wood tile floors.

“Here’s the porn money…”

He muttered in quieted awe. A place like this in the big city did not come cheap. He looked over to my setup in the living room, and he got visibly stiff. I learned quickly that he seemed to absently flex when he was nervous. His back muscles shifted under his shirt heavily. Felicity chirps up across the room,

“I can’t believe you converted my husband. You play dirty.”

I shrug innocently.

“The profession attracts.”

I say airily.

Scepticism sizzles in those eyes.

“The money does. It’s what attracted both of us.”

“Damn straight.”

We both break kaçak bahis out into a laugh. She regards her husband quietly, smoothing her hands over the couch cushion.

“Well if he’s really going to try to do this, then he needs help from a couple of veterans like us.”

She says, offering her husband a smile. Her ring on her finger seemed to like a flame in the light.

I lead Regg over to the couch, and instruct him to introduce himself, and sit. Felicity scampers to the sidelines.

“Okay, this is going to be a raw and very real simulation. I will judge you as genuinely as a real auditioner.”

He seemed to pale. I try to be reassuring.

“Don’t worry, you’ll do great. You’re lucky, not many people get to practice on their actual employer before an audition.”

Felicity nodded encouragingly. He sucked in a deep breath, his shoulders and chest rising and falling anxiously.

“You bring the STD tests for you and your wife, and your application?”

Felicity appears at my side, and hands me to paperwork. We both take a seat at the desk, facing him. I flick on a spot light, and he flinches.

“Damn boy, who has studio lights in their apartment?”

I smile.

“A porn producer. I still make my own solo videos in my free time. Feel free to look me up, I have a decent following.”

I joke, raising the dark cherry color on his neck. His wife scoffed, smacking me on the wrist.

“Don’t listen to this pervert, hubby.”

Watching our antics seemed to break him free from his stiff demeanor, slightly. He was smiling now, a good start.

I cough, and find my professional, pornagraphy producer voice.

“Let’s get started. Alright-“

I turn on the camera, a red light flashing, and scan his documents.

“Reginald Simpson. It says here you are married, and your STD documents check out. Your listing of activities that you’re willing to partake in is oral, vaginal, and anal sex. You are interested in women, and solo porn.”

I looked up from the slick document, and my hands for some reason were becoming clammy. As an employer, I’ve never been nervous. Him sitting on my couch, practicing a porn interview, though, was becoming very real, like bumping into a person when you could have sworn your path was clear.

Regg nods stiffly. I lean forward, my eyes observant looking at the man before me.

“Why are you interested in working with us?”

This catches him visibly off guard. C’mon, man, don’t make me dock you on points… He speaks, his voice stable, but rough.

“I suppose… This industry will allow me to explore my sexuality, and offer my body as entertainment to others while making me more financially stable.”

Nice work. My question surprised him, but he followed up nicely. I look at the resume portion of his application.

“You work as a personal trainer, you did eight years of football… I see, that must be where you get your impressive size. Do you like your current job?”

He looked down at his shoes for a moment. Off to the side, Felicity snapped at him for losing eye contact with me. Me though, I was completely absorbed in my role of being his employer. The actor in me watched Regg closely, and it was clear that I was hitting home with my performance with his nervous behavior.

“I love it. I love helping other people find the version of themselves that they are truly happy with, the body they love.”

The nervousness, while he was talking about his career, dissipates like vapor. His eyes seem to glimmer, syrupy honey pouring into me. His inhibitions with his wife seem gone, he wasn’t at a porn interview anymore.

His job really made him happy. A part of my brain realized numbly how he would have to start from square one, losing clients and adjust to an entirely different atmosphere when he moves to Europe.

“Well put, Reginald.”

I say warmly, and his features were a bronze glow. My eyes lay over the body portion of the application. Hairs on my arms raise.

“You put here that your body type is muscular, and that is well and obvious. Your penis size is-“

A jolt palpitates in my heart.

“12 inches.”

I place down the papers. I felt like I was out of my own body, though I kept my performance straight and unphased, it was taking strenuous effort.

“For this portion of the audition, we invite you to use the magazines before you to get yourself hard, you’ll need to prove your penis size. If you need assistance, we have a female actor here to help you along. When you are ready and comfortable, remove all of your clothes.”

I could see his pulse bulging in his neck. His face was hard, his body like a statue. He stands up, and slips off his shirt, his skin burning against the natural light flowing into the apartment. He unbuckles his belt, and drops his pants and briefs, slipping them off his feet.

Seeing him naked again sinks me into the dark, where we drift against each other, becoming nothing and everything. He sits his big butt awkwardly onto the sofa again, eyes flicking between his wife illegal bahis and I.

“The look on your face is priceless. He’s hot as fuck, I know.”

Felicity mutters to me. I guess my performance wasn’t as fool proof as I thought. His voice breaks me from the surface of the water, and his eyes look to Felicity, then to the camera. He was looking at it as if it were bearing a weight on him.

“I need… Physical help.”

My skin turns to gooseflesh as Felicity slips out of her chair.


She cooed. Her clothes hit the floor. Seeing his wife naked seems to loosen him up. He spreads his legs a little wider. She plays with herself, her fruitful breasts squeezed and pushed together. She was almost doing a dance, her hands slipping down her body, she turns with a flash of hair and curls, and bends down, and I can imagine the view Regg has.

His breathing was becoming deep, he blinked hard clearly trying to get into the mental state, but stood up, his dick flopping and still soft.

“I don’t think I can… Do this…”

His wife straightened, turning back to him. She glances from me to her hulking husband, biting her lip and looking sympathetic. She steps over to him wrapping an arm across his hard traps.

“Babe, I know you’ve got this. You have nothing to be ashamed of,”

She flicked her eyes briefly at me, before turning back.

“Just cause a guy is watching, its not GAY… He’s a professional. The people behind the camera look at the scenes in front of them, focusing purely on production purposes.”

The way she said gay had something sickening twist in my gut. Was Regg really thinking that way? I clench my jaw. She sat him down.

“Now, it’s just me and you, in the bedroom.”

This time, slender fingers disappear into her flower as she goes farther with the seductive dance. Hair ruffles, she bends and twists. Regg focuses relaxation on his face. Breaths are deep and push out and collapse steeply in his chest.

Even though what his wife said to him had shaken me, I’m still entranced by the scene with anticipation and hope stabbing my chest.

If he can’t get it up in this situation, he’s doomed.

It felt like hours, and the shape of his soft penis was going to be burned under my eyelids for months, until it began stirring, inflating. My blood was set to a boil watching his tool fatten up his thigh, his creamy eyes on his naked wife. After long, intoxicating moments, an elephant trunk of a cock was straining on the cushion. It was so heavy and beefy that it was one of those cocks that pointed more downwards. No curve, just a hulking rod hanging beyond the couch cushion.

Holy… Shit…

I realized hotly, that my pants were unfathomably tight. I look down to my own cock painfully hard, bulging across my thigh, and draining precum into my pants. I look up to find those syrupy eyes no longer on his wife. They were on me, at what was beneath the table.

He sees I’m hard.

I abruptly found my voice.

“That certainly checks out, Mr. Simpson.”

I sounded like I just woke up. Regg, realizing he was staring, looks like a kid who just got caught. He blushes deeply, trying to listen to me as if nothing happened. There was a darkness to his eyes, a teetering that threatened to glance under the table again. I had no chance to readjust or hide it, Felicity’s eyes were baring down on me. She was rosy in the face, clearly turned on by her husband. I wondered how turned on I looked.

“Now, let’s move on to the next portion. We are going to see what you and that impressive cock got. Felicity here will engage in different positions of sex, and I will watch for your responses, and how you work in front of a camera.”

. . .

It felt as though the practice interview would never end. Regg had genuinely impressive stamina and got through all of the stages. He looked good on camera, and his presence was dominant, sexy, but also almost… Gentle. He had passion in his facial expressions, and could have sex lovingly, but could also let out a beastial side on Felicity that had me nearly coming in my pants. I was certainly close when we tested how he climaxed, and he came so much that Felicity took a shower to wash off after filming.

By the end of the interview, I was drenched in sweat. The moment Regg had his clothes back on, the blistering heat in my groin was subsiding. His dick was so big that even slumped and spent, it looked like the bulge of a hard cock in his pants.

I stand up, having forced my rebellious member into submission, and walk over to Regg. Felicity was singing, loudly, in the shower across the apartment. He had his hands stuffed sheepishly into his pants.

“What is that look for? Man, I’m not joking, we’re going to basically throw the job at you. You absolutely killed it. You’re a natural porn star. I’m already thinking of your series of videos.”

His face was a golden brown shine, and a grin that was so real spread over his face, I felt like it cast a spell over me, my heart tapped lively in my throat. I hold out my hand and shake the man’s hand. Felicity, dorned back into her clothes she arrived in, walked over to us with a pop to her step, her hair damp and scraggly over her slender shoulders.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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