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Jessica has moved away and Mark has been a little lonely.

He is involved in Theatre at his school and after the first play his school does he scores a decent role in a no name musical the community puts on. There aren’t many females his age in the show mostly older women and mostly not that attractive.

There are a few girls his age and one especially catches his eye. A redhead named Megan. She is short, not petite though. He notices her first in one of the dancing scenes he is… Forced to be a part of. She and the other women have to run in a straight line and then get down on their knees in the submissive bowing type format. She is wearing a short tank top and as the women bend down he catches a glimpse down Megan’s shirt. This just gets him excited and more interested in her.

The theatre that the community used was very old and was going through some remodeling. About halfway through performances mark and a couple bro’s were getting bored of sitting offstage and they go and explore the theatre. The guys hit a point in the darkness upstairs where there is a hall with a little side alcove, one of Mark’s friends says hey this would be good for scaring someone. Even in broad daylight. Mark takes this to heart.

In the next couple weeks mark is beginning a small relationship with Megan and they really are hitting it off. At school they rarely see each other due to her busy schedule but have time at rehearsals and after rehearsals to get to know each other. They go as far as kissing and a little fondling until one night…

The play is running what actors like to call a Tech Rehearsal, which is going through the whole show from tech cue to tech cue. It is a long boring tuzla escort process and Mark really hates it because they like to do it on weekends.

So mark knows that he and Megan both aren’t going to be onstage for a while. And he plans something with his friend who said it would be easy to scare someone. Mark is going to hide in the alcove while his friend tells Megan where to go because mark has something to talk about.

Megan follows the plan beautifully because she thinks something is wrong.

She wanders up the stairs in the dark softly calling for mark. She passes him and his eyes have grown accustom to the dark. He glances at her figure, she is short but packs a punch. Her breasts protrude out from her body in her button up short sleeved blue shirt. She is also wearing tight jeans that accent her ass as she sways. Mark smiles.

She passes out of sight then comes back, and mark makes his move.

He quickly grabs her and pushes her back into the alcove and presses her back against the wall his body pushing against hers. She emits a small scared squeak before he smothers her mouth with his kiss. He feels the urge to be forceful knowing full well she will give it up if he wants her.

He pushes his groin to hers and she moans a bit. Mark knows she can feel his hardon through both their pants.

He hurriedly unbuttons her shirt and throws it off of her, to reveal a dark maroon silk bra. Her breasts are almost spilling over top of it and her breathing is making her breasts heave up and down.

He is not really worried about seeing her breasts just yet, he notices that the bra has a front hook ucuz escort so it will easily come off, he just wants her pussy and he wants it bad.

He goes for the button to her jeans.

“Yes Mark” she mutters quietly.

He unzips her pants and pulls them down quickly, Her panties are matching in a dark maroon color, with a little bow in the middle

“cute” he thinks to himself.

He pulls her panties down and sees a patch of hair, in this light he can’t tell what color but he assumes the same as her hair, dark red.

He pulls his pants and boxers down and lets loose his raging hard on.

He again pushes against her, his dick pressing into her stomach. She is shorter than him so he grabs her left leg and lifts it at an angle, and angle perfect if he had her up a few inches. He lifts her off the ground and pushes his dick inside her a bit, then he slowly lets her down as her pussy slides onto his dick.

She gasps loudly and her breathing is deep and heavy, and very loud, but she is trying to be quiet.

Mark now can tell she has had sex before. He slides in further and her pussy lips and hair connect with his pubic area. He holds her there, her right leg on her tippy toes, her left leg up and at a 90 degree angle from her body and bent at the knee over his hand. She looks at him and they kiss.

Her muscles are throbbing and she begins to move against him.

He is primed and ready, he just wanted her to get use to him. He pulls out a bit and thrusts, She emits another loud gasp.

He pulls out and thrusts again, slowly increasing his pace.

She sighs as he thrusts long thrusts. ümraniye escort

Her breasts are bouncing in her bra as his pace increases. He decides its time for the bra to come off. He uses his left hand to undo the bra. It pops free and her beautiful breasts are revealed. He can barely make out her nipples in this light so he predicts they are a light pink.

He grabs her tighter and starts thrusting harder.

A barely “Uun uhhh uhh” comes from her mouth on each thrust. Her mouth is wide open as she is trying to be quiet. He thrusts harder and harder noticing how her inner muscles are trying to pull him in.

She uses what strength she has left and wraps her legs around him and locks them on his lower back as he still thrusts, both their bodies are moving up and down with each thrust.

He puts her hands above her head and holds his hands there as her breasts bounce in his face.

He moves closer and pushes her back against the wall again and is now pressing against her fully. His hips must do the work now. She bites his neck and moans as he thrusts again and again inside her, he finds a steady fast pace and waits for her orgasm, no way is he going to not let himself pleasure her first.

She wraps her arms around him and starts bucking against his invading member, her legs tighten and she holds her mouth open but silent in orgasm, he stares at her face in wonder as he keeps thrusting, he closes his eyes and tilts his head back as his cum boils up and into her awaiting pussy. He feels a stream of it enter her with each spasm.

After the feeling of orgasm subsides She sighs again as he lets her down onto the ground…

“Oh Mark, that was wonderful… ” She whispers to him as they walk back down the rehearsal.

“Yes! It was!” he reply’s. As they regroup with everyone his friend gives him a grin, he know what Mark and Megan were doing up there.

-Mark ended up not seeing Megan much after the play-

To be continued with the new girl in his graphic/photo class…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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