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[and now for something completely different]

“You could be my last time.”

“I hope not. You aren’t that old.”

“I feel old. And with my health, I just don’t know about the future.”

“So why assume I’m the last?”

“I no longer seem to have the knack.”

“Knack for what?”

“Attracting women. Or sex for that matter. Though I don’t really know about the sex part- haven’t had any in so long.”

“Well, I find you very attractive. Sexy even.”

“Despite the fact that I’m more than twice your age.”

She laughed loudly. I loved that- how she was unafraid to let loose with her pleasure, right from deep in her belly.

“I loved how you used to pretend that you were too old for me.”

“I wasn’t pretending. That’s what I thought.”

“I saw how you looked at me. Like a drowning man.”

“And that makes you the oasis in my desert. Except all I’ve been discovering lately are mirages. So I thought that about you as well.”

“So now you want a taste, to know that I am real?”

“You are the most real woman I have ever known. But I am very curious about how you taste.”

“Don’t we all taste alike?”

“Do all cocks feel the same?”

“I’ve never really paid much attention. Mostly I just try to avoid gagging.”

“Well, then you’d be happy to know that my poor old weapon won’t respond, so I won’t be begging you for any blowjobs…”

“But what if I want to lick it, to take it into my mouth, to see how it feels?”

“Just like I want to lick you so that I see how you taste? I have no trouble with that. Sometimes, my balls do roll around, and my shaft throbs, but there is no stiffens, no fullness, no hardness…”

“So- truth in advertising. I like that. Most women might not find that sexy, but I do. I don’t want to be labelled as your last time though. You don’t have any sort of fatal disease as far as I know. You might live for decades. Imagine how some candy striper at the old folks home might taste- all wet because at eighteen she’s wet all the time, not really wanting to change diapers and give sponge baths but needing volunteer hours to graduate, not about to complain when you graze her tit with your arm, and then proceed to be bolder. It might take a few visits, but eventually, when nişantaşı escort you are alone in your room, and everybody else is at bingo, she offers you a taste…”

“I wouldn’t say no, but I am not holding my breath dreaming that will ever happen.”

“So we are in agreement that I might not be your last taste?”

“Never count on the bush in the bush is my philosophy…”

“Ugh. That expression is so NOT sexy… not to mention just a poor play on the real saying.”

“But you concede that I ought to eat you out?”

“Unlike you, I expect to have many more orgasms in my life, but sharing one with you would be an interesting experience, so why not?”

“Because I don’t have a nice hard cock to fuck you with?”

“Nonsense. That will make it more novel, so more interesting.”

“Because talking about it so much has taken all the spontaneity out of it, and all the fun as well?”

“How about we just cuddle a bit and…”

“…and see what comes up? I know that old line, but alas, my days of rising to the occasion are in the past.”

“…and you think that just because you were a master cocksman, your other talents won’t be appreciated? Darling, you were the kindest, most generous, most giving man I’ve ever had sex with…”

“…and you’ve had more than a few…”

“…but for some reason, am always drawn back to you…”

“…like a beautiful butterfly…”

“Well, thank you for saying that. But butterfly or thirsty bee, it isn’t just about the pollen. I come for the whole experience. And with you, I come harder and longer than with any other man. I will admit, there have been a few women that might give you a run for your money though. I could invite one over sometime to share if you’d like.”

“Are you forgetting that we’ve shared before?”

“Yes, but as you point out, this would be a new paradigm, a fresh experience. No constraints of worrying how to deal with the fact no man can stay stiff indefinitely.”

“By inviting an extra man instead of a woman? Or, by using restraints, just to be poetic?”

“I so like a wee bit of bondage play. We could always tie up the other gal, and both ravage her, then make her eat my cunt.”

“Without any cream to make a pie? Definitely need another guy to kağıthane escort supply…”

“If you insist on having another guy involved, we can do that too. We already have, if you recall, but no one including him, stacked up to you, and the poor bugger just felt left out. But I do like the idea of a foursome. Never tried that.”

“So you admit that you want a nice stiff cock?”

“Oh, sure, there are times it feels great, but nothing compared to the pleasure that you give me.”

“Gave you.”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

“I think we should get naked first.”

“Of course.”

“My poor shriveled cock may offend you.”

“Let me see.”

“You get naked too.”

“Oh, look, I’ve just undone one button, and something is throbbing in your pants.”

“Yeah, that’s part of my frustration- I get these throbbing sensations, and my balls roll about in their cage, but nothing more happens.”

“It looks fat, even though it isn’t stiff. I bet I’ll enjoy that rubbing up against me. Now that we’re naked, let’s climb into bed together.”

“Roll on your side, let me spoon up to you.”

“Wrap your arms around me, pull me tight, let me wriggle my fat butt into your lap.”

“Your butt is far from fat- it’s perfectly voluptuous.”

“I was right- your cock feels great like this, tucked in between my buttocks. I love the feel of it throbbing.”

“How about if I press it against your butt hole, even though it isn’t hard?”

“Sure. Could you tweak my nipples too while you do that?”

“Like this?”

“Oh, you’ve always known what I like. Now tug the nubs while you thrust against my rosebud. Yes, just like that. Now kiss the back of my neck?”

“Those ‘butterfly kisses’ you like so much?”

“Shut up and make those lips and tongue dance, old man.”

“Mmmmm. I guess the youngsters don’t have this technique?”

“Ohhhh…it does help that you have the experience all right. Say, what is that your hand is doing now?”

“Running down your torso towards your pussy, my dear. It smells like you are getting wet.”

“Yes, indeed I seem to be. But stop along the way and rub my belly a bit will you?”

“My tip seems to be teasing your sphincter open.”

“Of course, I can feel it. Why do osmanbey escort you think I want you to take your time?”

“Are you playing with your own nipples now?”

“Sure, why not? Your fingers seem to be busy elsewhere. Do you mind very much that my belly is soft and flabby, not tight like some little candy striper?”

“What is it with you and teasing me about candy stripers? I’m not ready for the old folks home just yet.”

“No, you aren’t I just wanted you to say that out loud while I enjoy how your cock is swelling just that little bit that fills up my anus nicely without hurting.”

“I can thrust a bit if you want, but doubt I will get any harder.”

“Mmmmm…no need for stiffness when I have fullness. Move your fingers to my clit, I’m almost ready to climax, but I need to be touched.”

“Do you want it in your cunt while I do that?”

“Ohhh, listen to who is getting all assertive now. I like that, but after I come, I think I want to sleep in your arms. We can try it with you in my cunt in the morning.”

“You are so wet.”

“That’s because you still know just how to please a woman. That’s why I hope that I’m not your last. That would be such a waste for womankind.”

“I can kiss your shoulder and neck, but then I can’t talk more.”

“Just talk a bit less, but keep talking between…ohh, yes, like that.”

“Are you talking about my fingers or my lips”

“Both, of course, plus the way your cock keeps throbbing in my ass, and even how your balls are dancing against my thighs.”

“How about two fingers making your clit dance?”

“That, I think I like the most.”

“Better than my tongue?”

“Next time, I want your tongue. This time I love the closeness of our flesh.”

“You hope therell be a next time?”

“Of course, always.Now finger fuck me like only you cam.”

“How’s this?”

“Can you feel my shivers? I love how you touch…me…just…like…this…wait- is that a third finger slipping into my gash? Are you going to blade me with…oh you are… all four finger…and the thumb flicking…m…my..p…pe…pearl.”

“I’m shaking as well. I feel just like I’m about to pump out great gobs of goo into you, even though I know I’m not.”

“Shut up and fuck me, I… I’m g…going…to c…shit, I am coming!”

“That’s it, don’t hold back, I’ll hold you tight.”

“Hold me until I sleep please.”

“I will hold you until the sun comes up.”

“I want you to hold me until the sun burns out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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