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It was a warm summer night. I was heading home daydreaming. I pull up to the house and head inside. I holler for the wife to see where she was.

She told me she would be right out. I put my stuff on the table and turned around. She walked down the hallway, and my jaw dropped.

She was wearing this thin white mini dress that was as white as the clouds. It had slits on both sides of her thighs that almost touched her hip bone.

She had on a black garter belt and thigh high nylons. Also had on her little white ruffled ankle socks with your “Hot Wife” anklet. My cock got hard.

I worked my eyes up to her face. Her makeup done so sexy with bright red lips. She had a necklace on with a key hanging from it.

She walked up and gave me a kiss and said, “I feel like being naughty tonight!”

She grabbed my face and looked me in the eyes and said, “I put clothes on the bed. Shower and put them on and we will go to dinner and then a show!”

I go take a shower and shaved my entire body knowing she has something in mind tonight.

I grab my dirty clothes and walk to the bedroom and I see my outfit. Matching black garter and thigh highs with panties, the thinnest white pants I have ever seen.

My chastity cage and an anal plug. I squeezed my cock into the cage and rolled each nylon up my smooth shaved legs. Hook the garter on.

I lubed up the anal plug and pushed it in my ass. I pulled my panties up and slipped into the pants. I can see the black panties and my pink cage if you look hard.

As I am putting on my shirt, my wife walks into the bedroom and pulls her panties off and says “I won’t be needing these tonight!”

She smiles at me and lifts her leg onto the bed and laced up her heels one at a time showing me her naked pussy under her dress.

After she got done, she stood up and walked over to me. She grabbed my cock and smiled, feeling the cage.

She had me spin around and bent over the bed, when she pulled the pants down and to look to see if the plug was in, and with a tap on my ass she says “Good bitch!”

I stood up and looked at her and with a slap across my face she says “Kneel and kiss my feet and thank me! Thank me for allowing you to go out and find me a new man to fuck tonight!”

I obey quickly and dropped to my knees and kissed her feet and when I went to look up into her eyes all I could see was her bare pussy; I snapped back and thanked her when I could smell her pussy getting wet.

She says, “MMM good little bitch! Now lets go I am hungry.”

We head to the car and drove off to dinner. Dinner was normal we had some small talk during dinner. She flirted with the waiter some, but he must of not turned her on much.

I felt her heels rubbing my leg and pushing against my cage and smile at me about it.

After dinner, she decided she wanted to go shopping. I didn’t mind she looked so sexy I wanted to see her wearing these cloths for the whole night and didn’t want to go home or the fun would end.

We drove to Target. She held my hand but made me walk just slightly behind her. Throughout the store she would stop and bend over, looking at anything on the bottom shelves.

When this guy walked by us when she did this once. He went around the corner and waited a few and then walked back towards us. He introduced himself to my wife and complimented her on how she looked.

He told her he loved her ankle jewelry and then flicked his finger on the key on her necklace and said, “I know what this means.”

He reached over and tapped my cage with his hand and laughed. It must have turned my wife on cause her sweet smell of her pussy went up my nose witch make made my cock squeeze in my cage.

He grabbed her hand and kissed her wedding ring and said “Lets go to your home so I can fuck you hard like you deserve!”

He puts her arm inside his arm and starts walking out as I follow them. We get outside my wife tells him to follow us. He opens the door, she slides in and they both kiss when he says to me “Start the car get it warm for her and you can walk me to my car.”

So I start the car and follow him to his car when he stops and says, “Open my door for me, bitch!”

I smile and open his door as he sat down he smiles and says “I going to fuck your wife hard tonight now lead me the way to her pussy!”

We get home I help my wife out of the car he pulls in and gets out of his. The wife grabs his hand and says, “What is your name?”

He smiles and says, “Daddy, my name is Daddy, that is all I want to hear tonight!”

My wife smiles and giggles and says, “Ok Daddy!”

We head inside to the living room as they both sat down on the couch very first thing and made out. Wife stopped for a few to tell me to take off my shirt and pants. So I obey as I watch them feeling each other, exploring each other’s bodies.

She noticed me standing there when she stopped kissing. He looked at me and smiled and chuckled, when the wife says “Good little bitch now kneel and watch!”

She pulled his pants karabük escort off him and his 8 inch cock sprang out. She wrapped her lips around his cock and stared into my eyes. He reached around and was playing with her ass and teasing her pussy. I could smell her getting wet.

He moans, feeling my wife’s mouth moving down on his cock. I watch his other hand rest on her head, feeling the motion of her head bobbing. He stared at me, noticing me watching her sucking his cock. He then moaned real loud “Oh fuck I going to cum!”

My wife stopped and said, “Already?”

He replies, “Oh god that feels so good, baby! I promise this load with be the easy one and give me just a few minutes to recover and I will give you the hard one all night!”

My wife smiled and said, “Ok, but only if you promise. So would you like to blow your load in my mouth?”

He begs her, “Yes, please.”

She smiles and kissed him on his cheek and says “I don’t swallow but my bitch will. If you want to cum call our bitch over and have him finish the easy one for me!”

He wanted to cum terrible cause he snapped his fingers and said “Get over bitch and suck this cock swallow my cum!”

As I crawl over towards him. I watching both them kissing and making out. I wrapped my lips around his cock and he instantly grabbed my head and forcefully fucked my face.

It sure didn’t take long for him to moan in my wife’s mouth and he shoved his cock deep in my throat when I felt warm loads of his cum squirting over and over down my throat. His cock had to throb at least a dozen times.

He then pushed me off his cock, trying to catch his breath. Wife looks at me with a smile and says, “Get us some drinks while he recovers, because he promised me the hard fucking I deserve.”

I run to the kitchen and grab glasses of water for them. When I get back his legs still spread apart, and his cock is semi hard still. My wife has her legs spread apart some as they kiss each other as his fingers play with your wet pussy.

I hand them their drinks. Both of them chug their water down and hand the glasses back to me. He says to me, “Get down there between my legs and suck on my balls while I eat your wife’s pussy!”

I crawl between his legs and put his balls in my mouth. She twists around putting one leg on the back of the couch and the other she put her foot on my head, rubbing my head.

He licks and eating her pussy as she moans out loud. She sticks her foot in my face and says, “Suck on my toes!”

I pull his balls from my mouth and start sucking her toes. He stops and looks down a second making my wife whimper a little and he says “Good bitch practice sucking!”

He goes back to eating her pussy as I suck her toes witch sent a wave across her body she arched her back and screamed as she came.

He stops to let her catch her breath and says to me “Suck my cock bitch get me hard and ready to fuck her!”

I bob my head up and down. Still tasting his cum on his cock. I watch him kissing her inner thighs and pussy, getting her worked up. She jumps up and pushes me off his cock. Grabs his hand and leads him to the bedroom.

I know I better crawl behind them to the bedroom. When I get there, they are in bed making out hot and heavy. She is stroking his cock, and he is rubbing her pussy as they kiss each other.

She looks at me and says, “Grab a condom out of the dresser he needs one!”

So I follow orders and grab on and go to hand it to her when she looks at me and says “I ain’t touching that and he ain’t either you put it on for him.”

I rip the package open and crawl between his legs and as I am rolling it on his cock there still kissing. I just get fitted over the head of his cock and about to unroll it. My wife jumps up on his cock reverse cowgirl.

She slides down his cock deep into her pussy. As she lets out a loud moan. He grabs her shoulders to hold her up, and she places her feet by his legs and starts riding his cock when she says “Lick my pussy bitch!”

I lean over and start licking her clit, and that sends her to the moon. Her body shakes she lets out a scream as she squirts all over my face.

He grabs her and puts her on all four and starts fucking her doggy really hard. My wife yells at me to get under her and lick her pussy more. He doesn’t miss a beat as I position myself under them.

He was not kidding when he said, “I will give her the hard one now.”

I lick her clit as his balls are slapping my forehead. She came again and again. He has a hold of her hips and is straight fucking her good.

After seems like hours and one last big cum, my wife collapses on my body. He stops and pulls out, letting his cock slap my face. She rolls over off me on to her back. He climbs between her legs and starts fucking her more.

She tells him “OMG please no more holy shit!”

He smiles and starts fucking her nice and slow, with long slow strokes of his cock in and out. My wife says to him, “Cum please cum! I can’t take no more please cum in karaman escort my pussy!”

He picks up his pace. I grab my wife’s foot and start sucking her toes. She moans and came again and that is when I watch his balls tighten up and his cock throbs in her pussy. He shoves his cock deep as he can go.

He keeps his cock inside her for seems like an eternity as they kiss and whisper and kiss more. He then rolls off her and lies beside her as they both catch their breath.

When I noticed his condom almost fell off, the head of his cock was the only thing covered. I knew the wife climb on him before I could roll it all the way down.

I crawl up between her legs to kiss her pussy when she stops me with her foot and says “No, it’s sore and I need to pee!”

He says, “I have to pee too, but you go first, please!”

Wife smiles and thanks him, as she stands up on weak legs she laughs looks back at me and him and says “Fuck my legs are weak! Take his condom off for him please I will be right back!”

She takes her time heading to the bathroom cause her legs are so weak. I roll over and take his condom off and rolled back over to my side waiting for her when I feel a hand on my anal plug.

A hand covers my mouth and I feel the plug get pulled out and his semi hard cock gets pushed in my ass. Good thing I lubed it cause he forced it in.

He whispered in my ear, “I will not have to go to the bathroom now and you better not tell her!”

I feel him pee in my ass. So warm and my belly bloats outwards when he whispered in my ear “You are my bitch now!”

Just then wife walked back in and pulled my face to edge of the bed and said “It is too sore to wipe, so lick my pussy clean!”

I obey cause this is the lifestyle we have. I clean her pussy with his cock still in me when she says, “Oh I see you are making him your bitch too? Have you not had enough?” As my wife chuckles.

She grabs the condom from my hand and put the open end in my mouth and made me look up to the ceiling. When all his cum flows out the condom into my mouth.

I feel him push his hips into my ass hard and he said, “That is a good bitch eat my cum all up!”

Wife pulls the condom out and hands it to me. He pulls his cock out of my ass so fast I had to squeeze my ass together so his pee didn’t come out. I jump up to head to the bathroom and relieve myself.

I can hear wife begging him for something. So I head back to our room. Wife had the anal plug in her hand and he had one pant leg on. She is begging him to stay when she hands me the plug and says, “Put this back in your ass now! And beg him to stay the night!”

I push my plug back in my ass when he says “No no I don’t want to be a bother, unless he wants me to stay?”

My wife snapped her head at me and said, “Beg him to stay the night! Do it!’

My cock is fucking struggling in my cage, wanting released. I look at my wife and she gives me her pouty lips and then I look at him and say “Please spend the night and fuck my wife more, she deserves it.”

I turn my head to see the wife smiling and he chuckles and says, “I don’t know. Show me you want me to spend the night. Crawl over here and kiss my feet and beg me to stay!”

I drop to my knees looking at my wife and with a stern look she says “Do it now for me, please!”

I crawl over to him and kiss his feet and looked up and said “Please stay the night!”

He smiles down at me and says, “Who am I? Say my name.”

I reply, “You are Daddy.”

He says, “Yes, I am. Now ask me proper.”

I obey seeing the wife looking at me licking her lips when I say “Please Daddy stay the night and fuck my wife more.”

He laughs and said, “Well since you insist I will stay the night! You can go get us both a drink of water too please.”

Wife smiles and lays down on her pillow. He has me pull his pants off his leg so he can get in bed with the wife as they kiss. Wife looks at me and says, “Come over here and undress me.”

I crawl over to her side of the bed and start unlocking her garter belt. I watch them looking at each other giving kisses. I take off her heels and her anklet I start roll her nylons off when he says “Make sure that goes back on please I love how it looks!”

So I placed it back on her ankle for him and she sat up as I lifted her dress off her.

They both climb under the blankets, but the wife leaves one foot and hand out and says, “Kiss my foot and thank me for fucking him, and kiss my wedding ring.”

I kiss her foot and then her ring and say “Thank you Master for fucking him.”

I head and get them both a glass of water in which they both chugged down like thirsty animals.

She covers up and I ask, “Where am I going to sleep?”

He rolls over and says “I will sleep in the middle of you to so that there is no hanky-panky going on!”

So I was about to get nude to when wife stops me and says “No keep it on all of it and grab a nightie out of closet to wear.”

I get an old football jersey out kars escort of the closet and crawled in to bed. My cock is so hard and I need to cum so bad. The both of them are facing each other, kissing and touching each other. I know she is holding his cock.

I grab my cock, but they still have it locked up. So I grabbed the anal plug and fucked myself with it, when suddenly I hear “Stop moving and go to bed!”

I tried to close my eyes and fall a sleep, but my cock was too hard for me to fall asleep.

That morning I am laying in bed with my ass facing him. I look over and see he is facing me and his arm under my head, almost spooning me. I have to pee so bad, but I don’t want to disturb anyone.

I reach down to my cock slowly, not wanting to make any sudden movements. Suddenly his hand covers my mouth, and he whispers, “SSSH I need to pee again!”

I feel him remove my anal plug, which seems lubed still, and shoves his hard cock in my ass. I moan into his hand, when I felt him pee in my ass again, this time way more than last time.

That feeling I had to pee got worse. It felt like my whole insides was ballooning out. He pulled out, and I squeezed my ass together. He inserted the plug back and I walked on my tiptoes to the bathroom.

As I sat down I pulled the plug out, the pee just poured out of my ass and my caged cock. I felt so relieved after wards. I wiped myself off and headed back to the bedroom.

On my way, I heard moaning. I walk in and see him on top of my wife fucking. Her legs wrapped around his legs and her hands on his back as they kiss. I heard him say, “OMG your pussy feels so good!”

I realized that I didn’t put a condom on his cock, so I went to the dresser and grabbed one. I heard whispering but could not make out what they said.

I turn around to see my wife dig her nails in his back and she dug her heels into his ass holding him tight. As I watch his balls tighten up and they both start moaning.

He digs his toes into the bed and pushes as deep as he can go. They sat there for a few minutes kissing when I hear her say “Your cock feels way better without the condom on, but you came quick.”

He kisses her and says to her, “Remember the first one is the quick one, but the second one is the hard one.”

She giggles and says, “Easy stud, my pussy still hurts a little from the pounding you did on me!”

He rolls off her when the wife says, “Clean his cock with your mouth and taste our juices, he deserves his cock cleaned every time!”

I lean over and start licking and sucking his semi hard cock. I watch my wife spread her legs and say “Now come over here and eat your breakfast get it all out of my pussy into your belly!”

I crawl between her legs and lick when her body shakes and I see her wince as she says, “Be gentle it is sore!”

I obey and lick her gently. His cum oozes out from her pussy into my mouth. Then suddenly I feel my plug get played with in my ass again.

Wife laughs and says, “You are such a good little bitch! Now go make us our breakfast while we cuddle.”

I go out to the kitchen and start cooking. I am so horny my cock straining in the cage. Wife comes out to me and pushes me to my knees and puts my face into her pussy and says, “I need your tongue to clean my pussy!”

I lick and I can taste her pee and his cum still coming out of her pussy. He comes out and sees me on my knees and laughs and says, “Is my breakfast done yet!”

Wife whispers in my ear, “I am so proud of you! I know you need to cum and you will but right now it is about me and him, so be a good little bitch and do as your told!”

I stand up as the wife walks over and sits on his lap. I plate the food and take it to both of them. I was told to kneel beside them as they feed each other.

He says, “Well that was a good meal, but I need to go now!”

Wife stands up as he gets up. I am still on my knees beside the both of them. Wife asks him, “Are you going to come visit again? I had fun and love your cock!”

He smiles and kisses her on the lips and says, “Do you want me to? Does your bitch want me to?”

Wife replies, “Yes!”

I look up seeing her smile and I say “Yes Daddy please come back and fuck her.”

He pats me on my head and looks at the wife and says, “Show me baby. Show me how bad you want my cock!”

My wife drops to her knees and unzips his pants and pulls his cock out of his pants and starts sucking. She looked so determined. Then she looks at me and says, “Help me! Show him you want him to come back!”

I sucked his cock with her. He has a hand on both our heads and moaning out loud “God yes! I will come back. Fuck, I need to cum!”

My wife takes his hand off hers and places it on my head. Then stands up. He fucks my face hard. I hear them whispering, but I can not hear what they are saying from the gagging and slurping coming from my mouth.

He pushes me off his cock and told me to get on all fours. I turn around when I feel him pull the plug out of my ass. My wife pushes my head down to her feet and says, “Kiss my feet!”

Then I feel his cock push in my ass. There was no pain cause the plug has been in for a long time. He grabs my hips and starts fucking me hard. My face smashes into her feet with every thrust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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