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Liz and Andy were so excited that Jessica and Mike were coming to visit. It had been awhile since the four of them had seen each other, and Liz and Andy always enjoyed their company. This time though, none of them ever expected how enjoyable the visit would be.

Liz and Andy have been married for two years, and have a great sex life. The two of them had recently been experimenting with the swinging lifestyle. They found a couple to have their first experience with, and they both knew they wanted to do more. Liz had her first experience with another girl, and she loved it. Andy enjoyed seeing the show of the two girls, and fucked Liz incredibly hard while the other couple watched. That experience just made the two of them closer to each other, and they couldn’t wait for the next opportunity.

They talked about their friends, and if any of them were into swinging. They talked a lot about Jess and Mike, but decided that they weren’t into that. The night that they talked about it though, both Liz and Andy were both thinking about Jess and Mike when they were making love. Jess is 5’0”, barely 100lbs, and absolutely beautiful. Her cute little B-cup breasts fit her body perfectly, and Liz and Andy both had wondered what her nipples looked like. Liz also fantasized about Mike’s cock. Mike was 6’3”, 215 pounds, and had great eyes and short light brown hair.

Liz is 5’4”, 140lbs, and has great curves. That’s what Andy loves about her, even though it was her tits that attracted him to her. Her 36DD’s are what everyone notices about her. At 25, Liz is used to men never staring at her face when she talks. Her blond hair and striking blue eyes complete her beautiful package. Andy is 6’0”, and 200lbs, with brown hair and deep brown eyes, and a 6 inch cock that he uses very well. Liz is always amazed how well Andy’s cock can get her off.

On the first night that Jess and Mike came to visit, the four went out for a nice dinner. The alcohol was flowing freely, and everyone had a nice buzz going when they left the restaurant. The four decided to go back to Liz and Andy’s house and relax. Everyone got more comfortable, and kept drinking. Jess suggested that the four play a drinking game.

“What game should we play,” Liz asked, hoping for something sexual. Just spending time with Jess and Mike got her wet. Liz just felt some sort of sexual energy. She had felt it with Mike and Jess before, but it was really affecting her on this night.

“How about ‘I never’?” Jess said, with a devilish look on her face. She glanced at Mike, and a big smile broke out on his face.

“How do you play?” Asked Andy.

“Someone starts the game by saying I never, and then says something they have never done, or something they have done, and want to see who else in the room has done it. Whoever has done what was said has to drink. For example, if I said, I’ve never drank beer; anyone in the circle who has drank beer has to drink. Then, the person who just admitted their “secret” gets to say the next ‘I never’.”

“Sounds like fun” Liz said.

The game started out very innocent. The statements were all pretty tame, like, “I’ve never lied to a friend”, or “I’ve never stolen anything” but then, Mike said “I’ve never had sex in my kitchen.”

Andy and I looked at each other. Andy gave Liz a little grin, and then started drinking. Liz and Andy had just moved into their first house, and had spent a few steamy nights christening each room. Jess and Mike beyoğlu escort started laughing. “We did the same thing when we got our house.” Jess said.

“I just hope the neighbors didn’t see anything!” Liz said.

It was now Andy’s turn, and Liz knew how much his mind could get in the gutter. She prepared for more drinking. It was always a competition with Andy and Mike, and with Mike’s sex statement, Liz knew this was going to go downhill. Andy said, “I’ve never fooled around with someone while other people were in the same room.”

Liz almost started laughing out loud. Andy’s poor roommate from college was most likely woken up from nights where Andy and Liz were fooling around, but trying to do it quietly. She started drinking. Both Jess and Mike demanded to hear the story, so Andy told them the details. Neither dared to talk about their swinging experience, although both were thinking about it.

It was Liz’s turn. She was so horny at this point. The conversation had turned to sex, so it just enhanced what she was feeling between her legs. All of the alcohol had started to hit her, and without thinking she blurted out, “I’ve never kissed someone of the same sex.”

For a brief moment, you could have heard a pin drop in the room. Andy started laughing, trying to cover up the truth. Then, it happened. Jess started drinking! Liz’s mouth dropped open. Jess just smiled. Liz thought that maybe Jess and Mike weren’t as straight as she and Andy had first thought, so she decided to drink as well. She was thinking about lying, and not revealing her bisexual experiences to the other couple. None of their friends knew of their “other” life, but she felt that if they were into it as well, the secrets would be safe between the four of them. Both Andy and Mike were amazed that both of their wives had drank from that statement, and Andy wanted to hear about Jess’s experiences, and Mike wanted to hear of Liz’s.

Jess said, “Okay, this conversation cannot leave this room.” All agreed. “When I was in college, I made out with my best friend a few times. It was no big deal.” She said it was no big deal, but she was squirming like a little girl. Liz thought there was more behind that story, but didn’t push her. The guys turned to Liz for her story.

Liz decided not to talk about the swinging experience based off of Jess’s story. She told about her first kiss by a girl. “Okay, I was fairly drunk one night, and we went to this bar. The bartender asked me if I wanted to do a body shot off of her, so I did. Every guy in the place went nuts. One guy even asked me to lick her stomach again, so I did. The bartender seemed to like it as much as I did, and kissed me.”

“It was fucking hot,” Andy added.

Liz looked at Mike, and she swore she saw a bulge in his pants. Mike caught Liz looking, and moved slightly so she was certain he was getting hard. Liz felt even more wetness in her panties. Mike smiled sexily at her.

Since Liz had made the last “I never” statement, the group decided that Jess ask the next question.

“I’ve never swapped partners before.” Jess smiled as she said it.

“Wow,” Liz thought. “I was right. They ARE into swinging!”

Mike and Jess looked at Liz and Andy, but neither one of them drank. While they had a wonderful experience with another couple, they never had a full swap. Just as Liz was going to explain, both Jess and Mike started to drink.

“We got into the scene a few years ago,” Mike sarıyer escort said. “It’s actually made us love each other even more. And god is it a great time. I love seeing Jess get fucked by another guy.”

Liz looked at Andy, and Andy told them of our story with the other couple. “We feel the same way you do, that it really has brought another level of emotion into our relationship, and it’s made sex with each other even more exciting, and we didn’t think that was possible! They weren’t into a full swap, but we were. We’ve really just been looking for the right couple. Liz had a good time with the other girl though. And we all fucked in front of each other, but that was as far as it went.”

Liz saw Jess’s face light up. “Did you like your girl-girl experience?’ She asked.

“Yes, I did,” Liz blushed. All of the sudden, the sexual tension in the room just broke. Jess moved closer to Liz, and said, “Would you like to do it again?”

Before Liz could answer, Jess leaned in and kissed Liz. The kiss started out slowly, but the two of them couldn’t contain their lust for each other. Their tongues started dancing in their mouths, and hands started fondling each other. Liz was so happy to feel Jess’s tits spring out from under her shirt. Liz rolled them with her fingers. Jess became the instigator, and started to pull Liz’s shirt off. Before long, both girls were completely naked, on the floor, exploring each other’s bodies. Liz looked up to see what the guys were doing, and both were sitting on the couch, pants down, stroking themselves as they watched. Liz almost came at the sight of it.

Liz decided she would take the next step, and rolled on top of Jess. Her tongue worked down Jess’s body, sucking on those tits she wanted to see so badly. Jess was moaning in delight. After some slow licking and sucking, Liz finally got where she wanted to be, her head between Jess’s thighs. She started slowly, teasing Jess with her tongue. She would lick all around her clit, but never directly on it. Finally, Liz lightly licked her clit with her tongue, and Jess squealed with delight. She started tonguing her faster and faster, and Jess just got louder and louder with her moans.

Liz couldn’t take it anymore; she needed to feel Jess’s tongue on her clit. She swung her body around so that they were in a 69. Jess immediately started licking her clit, which made Liz tongue Jess even more. Both girls tried to mimic what the other was doing with their tongues. The moans from the girls were getting louder and louder. Both were alternating between sucking on the clit to sticking their tongue into the other’s pussy. Their bodies were writhing in delight in each other.

Liz was the first to cum. Her entire body shook as she did, riding wave after wave of pleasure. During her orgasm, Liz managed to move her tongue in the perfect spot for Jess, and as Liz was coming down from her orgasm high, Jess started screaming in delight. She pushed her pussy up as high as she could into Liz’s face, and Liz did everything she could to lick up all of Jess’s juices.

The girls laid on the floor for a bit, coming down from their experience. It didn’t take long for both of them to notice two very hard cocks on the couch. The girls had a quick whispered conference, and then moved to their own husbands. Liz gave Andy the most sensual kiss she had ever given him, and he loved tasting Jess on Liz’s mouth. Just as Andy was leading Liz to his hard member, she and Jess switched maslak escort places.

Liz was so excited to suck on Mike’s dick. His 7 inch cock stood at attention for her. She looked over to see Jess already in position, on her knees in front of Andy. Liz started teasing Mike’s dick, swirling her tongue around the head, then wrapping her lips completely around and deep throating him. Just as she heard him moan louder and louder, she slowed down, and would blow lightly on his cock. It drove Andy crazy when she did this, and the same effect was happening with Mike. Mikes hands reached down and started grabbing at Liz’s hard nipples. His hands made Liz moan onto his cock, which made him squeeze even harder.

Liz stopped bathing Mike’s dick with her tongue to see what the other two were doing, and she saw that Jess had climbed on top of Andy on the couch, and was just getting ready to impale his hard cock. Mike took this opportunity to move to the floor, and positioned himself behind Liz. He entered her from behind, and angled them so they could watch Andy and Jess. Jess was grinding on Andy, slowly at first, but neither of them could keep the pace slow for long. Jess started bouncing up and down on Andy’s hard member, and both of them started moaning. He was reaching for her hard nipples with one hand, and the other hand was rubbing her clit. Jess’ moans turned into screams as she continued to bounce and bounce on Andy’s dick. She screamed that she was cumming, and humped Andy’s cock as hard as she could. Just as she came down from her orgasm, Andy grabbed her hips and started pounding into Jess’s incredibly wet pussy. Liz could see the wetness going down her legs. Andy started moaning loudly, and before long, Jess was as loud as him, on the brink of another orgasm. Andy yelled, and came in Jess. His spunk covered his cock and her very wet pussy. The juices started sliding down Jess’s legs as Andy finally slowed his pace.

Mike and Liz had been slowly fucking as they watched the action on the couch, and now were fucking furiously. Mike was pounding Liz’s pussy from behind, and Liz knew she would be really sore later. Mike was about the same length as Andy, but thicker, and he was stretching her pussy walls farther then they had been before. Liz had her eyes closed in pleasure, and suddenly felt something else between her legs. She opened her eyes to be inches away from Jess’s pussy. Jess was underneath Liz, and started licking her clit. Liz moaned loudly. This was Liz’s ultimate fantasy, to be fucked and licked at the same time.

Liz moved her head down to Jess’s pussy, and lapped up all the juices. It was so hot for Liz to taste her husband’s hot load in another pussy. Liz moaned in delight as Mike fucked her faster. Just as Liz got Jess to cum again, Liz had a mind-blowing orgasm. She literally saw stars as Mike pounded into her g-spot, and Jess sucked on her clit. She moaned, and knew that Jess’s face had to be covered in her juices.

Jess moved away from Liz, and Mike kept pounding into Liz. Just as she thought he was ready to cum, he would slow his pace and calm himself down. Finally, Liz just yelled, “come for me Mike, I want to feel you cum in my pussy. Fuck me hard Mike!”

That was all it took for him. A few short strokes later, and Mike filled Liz’s pussy with his cum. His hot spunk filled her up, and they both cried out in ecstasy. He moaned, and then fell on top of her, exhausted.

The rest of the weekend consisted of more fucking, sucking and cumming. The four of them were so happy that their friendship moved to a different level, and Liz and Andy decided that they would be sure to invite Jess and Mike to visit again very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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