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Jayne Dwyer and her partner Kyle Wilson had often talked about their sexual fantasies but they had remained just that.

Kyle was a 42-year-old Business Manager. He stood just under six feet tall with dark hair that was showing signs of greying.

Jane was younger at 34 years old. She was average height and stayed slim, as Kyle and she were members of a local gym. Jayne liked to look good without being vain. She had tried various hairstyles and colours. At the present time her long hair was dark and straightened.

One of Jayne’s sexual fantasies was to be taken by a stranger. She and Kyle had discussed this and sometimes turning fantasy into reality is a step too far, but this was the first stepping-stone. Kyle arranged everything. She would meet a man in a town centre bar. Kyle ensured the guy knew who Jayne was, but she was not to know making the pick-up more realistic. She trusted Kyle to make the arrangements but had a safety net. If she met the guy and felt uncomfortable in any way she would ring Kyle from the bar and he would come and meet her. The two of them called it the ‘sex with a stranger fantasy.’

Jayne drove into town, parked up and walked to the bar. She wore a low cut short black dress and now standing at the bar entrance she suddenly felt very self-conscious. Kyle had helped pick her outfit. She wondered if this was perhaps not such a good idea. When she entered the bar it was bustling but not over crowded. Jayne felt less self conscious as some other female customers were revealing far more flesh than her. Within seconds she realised that she was standing still just gazing around, but for no reason.

She walked across to the bar closest to the entrance. It took several minutes for her to be served and as the barmaid moved to pour her white wine a tall, coloured, well-dressed man approached her.

“I’ll get that for you,” said the stranger. “Would you like to join me,” he continued.

Jayne looked into his dark warm eyes. The stranger was very attractive and could have been no older than twenty-five. She eventually mumbled that she would be happy to join him. The man paid for the drink and they moved to sit at a nearby table. The man introduced himself as Jermaine. He seemed charming and as the two talked Jayne became more relaxed. Nothing was mentioned about the pick up or the fantasy, not that it should have arisen. She felt comfortable with the stranger and surprised but happy with Kyle’s choice. Jermaine suggested they move on to another bar, to which she agreed. They left and walked a short distance to another more crowded bar with a dance area.

Jermaine invited Jayne to dance, which she was happy to do. As they danced closer she could feel his large cock through the material of his trousers. After a drink Jermaine invited her back to his place, which was only a short walk from the bar. They arrived at his quayside flat within ten minutes. As they entered his apartment and he put the lights on Jayne could see how clean and spotless it was.

He showed her into the living room and invited her to sit on the sofa. Jermaine removed his jacket and sat next to her. Jayne’s body tingled with anticipation and excitement her initial nervousness now gone. He leaned across and kissed her passionately. Initially it surprised and took her breath but she responded in kind. He brushed her hair back and gently kissed and caressed her neck. He spent time with this and allowed his hands to fondle and feel her body. She became more and more aroused. She stood up and he helped her remove her dress. She kicked off her shoes and stood wearing a black bra and thong. Her erect nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of her bra. Jermaine looked approvingly at her body, which made her feel good. Jermaine stood up, unfastened her bra and pushed the garment to the floor.

“Wonderful breasts,” said Jermaine.

Jayne’s 34C breasts were perky and she felt her nipples stiffening and lengthening even more. She moaned as he cupped her breasts and ran his tongue in a circular motion around her nipples. He continued using his tongue to tease her sensitive nipples. He moved Escort bayan down using his tongue to lick all across her stomach. He used his fingers and tongue to tease her around the material of her thong, which had become wet as her pussy juices had started to run. He slowly slid off her thong, which she stepped out of. Her pubic bush was dark and dense apart from at the sides where she closely trimmed it. At the entrance to her pussy the thick pubic hair glistened with the moisture of her juices.

Jermaine told her to lie back on the sofa. He gently pushed her legs apart and slid his hands along her inner thighs. He did the same thing again but this time with his tongue.

“Lick me,” gasped Jayne.

He slid his fingers into her pussy. He gently pushed her pussy lips apart and leaned down to lick her pussy. As he tasted her juices for the first time her body shuddered uncontrollably as he expertly worked his tongue in her dripping pussy. Jayne was moaning loudly as she gushed. Jermaine worked and teased her clit. He tasted and swallowed her flowing juices. Her arms flailed and she could hold back no longer. Her body spasmed as warm feelings and sensations swept through her, climaxing with her first screaming orgasm.

He moved from between her legs. As he looked up at her she could see his lips glistening with her own pussy juices. Knowing she was watching he ran his tongue across his lips appearing to savour her taste. He stood up and looked down at her attractive naked body. She was breathing heavily and her heartbeat raced as she slowly came down from her sexual high. Jermaine unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside. She gazed at his broad shoulders, strong arms and his toned, smooth stomach. He unfastened and removed his trousers. His legs were hairy and as Jayne looked upward she could see the outline of his large cock strained for release against the material of his briefs. He slid down and took off his underwear. She gave an involuntary gasp. She had had a number of lovers but had never been with a coloured guy before and had certainly never seen a cock anywhere near as big before. Jermaine stood still as she openly ogled him. He had a fit and athletic body. His pubic hair was short and neatly trimmed. His erect, throbbing cock must have been at least nine maybe even ten inches long with a thick girth.

“Suck it,” said Jermaine.

Jayne regained her composure and sat up. She wrapped her hand around his thick shaft and pushed back his foreskin as far as possible, which appeared to make his cock even bigger. She started to slide her hands all over him.

“Suck it,” Jermaine said again.

Jayne by her own admission was not a fan of cock sucking but her usual inhibitions were diminishing. She had not drunk that much and felt totally in control. She leaned forward and licked at the dark pink head of his cock. She slowly slid his cock into her mouth. She allowed herself to use a free hand to fondle his smooth balls the other she used to feel his body. Jermaine was moaning and arched his back as she sucked him. She found herself aroused and turned on by his noisy reaction and slowly took as much of his length into her mouth as possible without gagging. He encouraged her to suck and she found herself starting to suck harder and faster. Her libido was in overdrive and she was enjoying sucking him. Jermaine eventually withdrew his cock from her mouth. She could taste some pre-cum in her mouth, which she swallowed, something she had never done before.

He moved to the side and told her to lie on the floor. She stretched herself out on the floor and he moved above her. Their bodies glistened with sweat. He leaned over and kissed her. He nuzzled her neck. His fit body felt good against her. She could feel his erect cock brushing her pussy. He gently pushed the tip of his cock into her streaming wet pussy.

“Be gentle,” she found herself saying.

He eased his cock slowly inside her. He looked into her eyes. They both smiled. Jayne’s smile turned into a cry of pleasure. She had never had anything so large penetrate her before. She felt dizzy and light headed and her moans Bayan Escort became louder and louder between gasps for breath. Jermaine eased gently into her and now his cock was buried deep inside her. They started to rock together rhythmically. Her pussy juices flowed as he slid his cock slid out and then deeply inside her again. She moved her hands and squeezed his buttocks and lightly pressed her fingernails into the cheeks. Wrapping her legs around him she urged him to fuck her. She begged him to fuck her. He was stretching her but she had never felt so sexually aroused before and her animal instincts were brought to the fore.

He eased his cock inside but he started to buck faster, faster and deeply Jayne could not suppress her cries of sheer sexual pleasure nor did she try or want to. Her body seemed to convulse uncontrollably as Jermaine pumped, his own moans drowned out by Jayne’s cries. One, two, three another earth crashing orgasm.

Jermaine was close to ejaculation and after a final few thrusts withdrew his cock. Pulling on his cock he spurted out a thick jet of spunk that splashed across Jayne’s breasts and as far up as her neck. Still playing with his cock he quickly moved beside her, cum still spurting from his cock and splashing down on to her arm and body. He leant across to allow his remaining cum load to spill across her breasts. Jayne shuffled downward and grabbed his cock, fresh sperm falling over her face as she moved to take his length into her willing mouth. His body still jerked as cum oozed into her mouth. His moans were louder than hers as she milked his cock dry. He looked down to see her using both hands to smear his spunk over her breasts and nipples. He lurched forward as she continued to suck him. His hot spunk hit the back of her throat and she allowed herself to swallow it. She was wild and abandoned. Jayne had never swallowed or tasted cum before nor had she ever wanted to. Now she was sucking for all she was worth and happy to take his remaining load. The flow of spunk eventually began to subside but Jayne continued until she had literally sucked him dry.

She eventually allowed him to withdraw his cock, which quivered and twitched between semi-erect and full stiffness. Jayne looked down, her whole body seemed to shine with copious amounts of spunk and beads of sweat. She let out a little cough as the last of his spunk trickled down her throat.

They collapsed lying together on the floor. She pulled him close to her. They were both panting and breathing heavily as they both came down from a wonderfully, mutually satisfying experience.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

He pulled her close to him and held her tightly in his arms as if to concur with her comment. Normally she would have quickly wiped the cum off her body but this was no normal situation.

An hour or more may have passed when Jayne awoke. Jermaine still held her tightly in her arms. She felt him running his fingers through her hair. She guided her fingers across his chest before sliding them up and down his body. They lay there a little time longer before he suggested they shower.

He stood up. Dried spunk and pussy juice covered them both. He led her through to the bathroom. She took pleasure in soaking and washing him and he felt the same with her. As she washed his cock she smiled. Even in its flaccid state it looked big. Her washing and fondling had stirred it to rock hard erection. He allowed his hands to soap her whole body. He tweaked her nipples as he ran his hands over her breasts. He allowed his hands to run through her pubic bush. He asked her if she ever completely shaved. She offered to do it for him there and then but he said things looked great as they were. After a long, hot shower they took time to towel each other dry. He took her by the hand into the bedroom. They lay next to each other on the bed feeling, fondling and caressing with their hands.

“Use you magic tongue,” Jayne asked.

He slowly worked his tongue over her whole body. He moved down and slid his tongue along her inner thighs, teasing her before sliding his tongue inside her. She placed Escort her hands on the back of her head burying his face into her sodden pussy. As he worked her clit her juices flowed freely. Her moans of passion and sheer lust grew louder and louder. She was thrashing her head from side to side enveloped in another mind-blowing orgasm. Her clit and her pussy had never received such intense erotic stimulation. Her shrieks of pleasure where probably heard in the surrounding flats but neither of them cared. They were both sexually charged and exploding.

Eventually Jermaine moved onto the bed next to her. He was lapping her juices from his lips. His throbbing cock bobbed and twitched. She rolled and sat straddling him. She took hold of his cock stroking his shaft with both hands. She started to slowly masturbate him. She used his penis tip to tease her clit. Her pussy ached but it was becoming the most sexually fulfilling and satisfying night of her life. Her strength was weakening but her body urged and ached for his cock inside her again.

She teased herself and controlled the depth of his penetration. Jermaine was revelling in the pleasure. His eyes open, ogling her body and watching her expressions. She used her free hand to fondle and play with his balls. He had never been with anybody so passionate and sliding into her felt so good. He was close to ejaculation. Jayne slammed down impaling herself on his full length. She continued bouncing down on him. They were both moaning loudly. He fondled at her breasts pulling and tugging at her nipples. She ran her hands over his chest. As she slammed down hard again on his cock he shot his spunk deep inside her. They climaxed together. Jermaine’s cock kept pumping and Jayne continued taking all he had. She sprawled across his body and kissed his face before their lips locked for a prolongued kiss. She lay on top of him. Her breasts pushed against his chest. She could feel his cock resting against her thigh. She eventually rolled off him to the side. The sheet beneath them was soaked but neither of them cared. It had been the most wonderful sexual experience – for both of them. Jayne cuddled up to him and he wrapped his arms around her.

When Jayne awoke she wondered what time it was. She looked but could not see a clock in the bedroom. The birds were singing and the sky was lightening. She sat up and looked down at the sleeping Jermaine. He lay out on his back and she ogled his naked body. She moved off her side of the bed and moved round to sit beside him. She slid her hands over his body. She started to massage and fondle his cock. As she played it stiffened and lengthened under her touch. Jermaine was in a state between sleep and awakening. It felt fantastic as she wanked him. He felt her soft lips around his shaft. She was sucking hard and fast. She returned to masturbating him – slowly, then faster and then slower again. Was he dreaming? She had both hands wrapped around his shaft faster and faster she wanked him. Jermaine pushed his head back into the pillows and arched his back. His cum was spurting out falling over his stomach and over Jayne’s fingers. She kept pumping him. His cum not as thick, more watery than the first time, but still as plentiful. She continued masturbating until his erection started to subside, which took some time. Jayne looked at him. He may have been looking. She licked and tasted his cum from her fingers – seductively licking each one in turn.

She moved off the bed and walked to the bathroom and washed. She found her clothes and dressed before returning to the bedroom. Jermaine had fallen back into a deep contented sleep. Jayne stood watching his body some time before leaving his flat.

Walking was not as easy as normal. It had been the most gratifying sexual night of her life. Her nipples still tingled and her over worked pussy ached. It was the most wonderful ache she had ever had.

It took her thirty minutes to walk back to her car. She passed market traders who were setting up stalls for the day.

She drove home finally arriving shortly before seven. Kyle was waiting for her.

“Where the hell have you been,” asked Kyle as she entered the kitchen. Her face looked puzzled. “Brian was late getting to the bar. He never saw you.”

“Brian, who’s Brian?” Jayne asked.

“What do you mean? Sex with a stranger. I arranged for you to meet Brian.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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