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It all started innocently enough with soft, luscious kisses. His morning was perfect. The morning sun was starting to light the room, and as he slowly succumbed to consciousness, his lips were kissed softly. He felt her light touch, her petite body, all conformed to his large frame. It was as though they were designed to fit together. Slowly, she sucked on his lower lip while straddling his leg. He could feel her warm body undulate on top of him and almost instantly he became hard. She reached down and slid his underwear off and gazed for a brief moment at his throbbing cock. She thought wickedly about how she was going to feel in a while, after the ramp up, after the gspot orgasm he was sure to give her with his hand and her favorite toy. She thought of how her warm, wet, tight pussy would feel when he slides his cock in. She comments “my God, you are well hung!” He wonders where that comment came from, as this wasn’t the first time she had made love to him. In fact, this could have been the millionth time, the only thing he knew was that every time was like combining lightning, a roller coaster drop, fighter jet ride, floating, symphony, and firework show into one moment of explosion culminating in the most intense, tingling, hot, heavy, shaking, mind blowing, body spasm delight.

He smiled, proud of the comment. She came back to his lips. Her strawberry blond hair glistened in the morning sun and her smile melted him. Her beautiful hazel eyes looked into him, through his skin, into his soul, and he was mesmerized. She had him in her trance. She could do anything she wanted to him, and she did. Without saying a word, he started to tickle her back, slowly moving his fingers over the curves of her body. She tingled with chills and pressed her hot, yearning pussy into his thigh. She contracted and writhed in anticipation- she wanted him now, she thought of what it would feel like if he ripped her panties off and thrust his throbbing cock deep into her. That would come, but not just yet.

She arched her back, czech harem porno and rocked back and forth on top of him. He wanted her, he only thought of how this wonderful time would end, with powerful, strong, fast, deep, forceful, long, strokes, the kind that make her scream and slap him on his chest as she explodes, but that will have to wait for a while. He slowly continues to tickle her body, and moves her small petite frame on top of him so that he can suck on her neck. Her hair smells wonderful, and he guides his tongue along the nape of her neck to her lips where he slowly kisses her deeply. He moves down her chest, and sucks her nipples until they harden with anticipation. She breaths deeply now, and she can feel the heavy, almost rhythmic slow contractions that signal her desire. She wants him now, and he knows how to make her a very happy girl. He grabs her hips and in one strong move he is on top of her. He moves down her body with his hand and finds her hot, wet, yearning pussy. He holds her crotch in one hand and presses her clit hard. She moans with delight and anticipation. She wants more and is grinding her pussy into his strong hand. She is getting closer to bliss, her eyes dilate, her nipples harden, and her breathing slows while deepening. The room heats up from their foreplay. He kisses her one last time and moves down. In a quick move he takes her panties off and marvels at her beautiful petite body. He can barely wait to fuck her deeply, hard, fast, and completely.

First, though, he knows he needs to get her really hot. He needs to get her so horny that she begs him to thrust himself into her dripping pussy. So it starts. He moves her legs apart and rubs her pussy with lube. Her lips fall gently apart, revealing her tight, hot, throbbing pussy. He thinks of how she tastes, and purposefully, guides his tongue into her pussy. He slides it deep into her, and then moves it to her clit. Over and over, teasing her, building her anticipation, causing her dripping, wet, sticky, czech mega swingers porno pussy to contract. She clenches tight, and arches her back. Over and over, he continues to move from sliding his tongue deep into her pussy and then to her clit where his licks caused waves of pleasure to wash over her body.

He moved to her side and slid a finger to her gspot where he massaged it as she moaned louder and louder. She was ready to come now, and he was going to make her explode in one magnificent heavy contracting spasm. He placed the large vibrator head on her clit while he fingered her gspot. She was receiving incredible sensations from both her clit and gspot. She felt like she was going to explode, and she held on as tightly as she could, but he would get her come regardless. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her toes curled in, and she started one long guttural scream of pleasure. He could feel her pussy contract rhythmically around his finger, and he pressed the vibrator harder onto her clit. She moaned uncontrollably and screamed as she exploded in a hard, stunning, hot throbbing orgasm.

He barely removed his finger and turned off the vibrator when she said emphatically for him to fuck her. He put himself between her legs and lifted them onto his wide shoulders which spread her in front of him. He grabbed her hips and in one forceful thrust hurried his cock into her tight, dripping, wet, pussy. The shock of the deep penetration caused her body to shudder and she screamed for him to fuck her hard. She was shaking uncontrollably as he thrust his rock hard cock into her. She was at orgasm again, and she spanked his thigh as she screamed his name out for what seemed like eternity. He pounded her through her orgasm, and at the end of each long stroke he could feel her cervix on the head of his cock. They were both hot now, he power fucked her throughout her orgasm, and she loved the power and wild nature of his skills. Her nostrils dilated, and her eyes came czech pool porno back to his.

He was just getting started, she whimpered to him to come, and he slowly pulled his cock out. She wanted him to come inside of her, she wanted to explode with him. She looked into his eyes as he put the head of his throbbing cock into her sticky, dripping, wet pussy. He gave her short, quick strokes that teased her. She quickly found herself back at her orgasm and moaned for him to fuck her deep again. He grabbed the sheets behind her hips for extra leverage and in one hard, quick, forceful move, put his entire cock into her. She slapped uncontrollably at his arms as the shock of pleasure moved over her body. He fucked her uncontrollably and pounded her as hard as he could. She was screaming uncontrollably and reached for his hips to pull him in even deeper. She reached around his back and dug her nails into his skin, scratching him as she tried to pull him further into her. He felt his cock hit the bottom of her pussy on each stroke. He was in a perfect harmonic fucking oscillation with her body as he would pull her hips up while at the same time thrusting down and meeting in the middle for a deep, hard, fast, pounding, thrusting, sweaty, rhythmic, orgasmic action. He felt it building behind his rock hard cock, it felt heavy and he needed to put it as deep as he could into her. He now was starting to come, and all his muscles were focused on fucking her petite body in an effort to bring both of them to an explosive simultaneous orgasm. She started to scream, and said “this is going to be the biggest one yet!” this drove him to push harder into her and at the same time, they both contracted in one massive, explosive, shuddering orgasm. He continued to feel his cock throb as it shot hot, sticky, cum into her. He could feel it wrap around his cock as it tried to find room inside her tight pussy. His hot, sweaty, body was shaking, and he could feel his hard cock as it rubbed against the end of her pussy.

She giggled and moaned and for a moment, they stayed still as the last waves of intense pleasure washed over them. He slowly pulled his cock out of her in a oxytocin rushed state that was almost overwhelming. She looked at him again, almost the same way as when they started, and saw him deeply. Once again, she had him in a trance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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