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The hardest times for me were when Landon was away… And I only had Marie most times. Not because she was a pain to deal with, I know I wasn’t a walk in the park. Uncle Plekki helped out. But she missed Landon as much as me too. When it was the two of us, the day was emptier and I’d wait by the phone when I wasn’t in class or Marie didn’t have an activity.

Because when sissy was asleep and Landon could call from his post, our conversations would drive me crazy. So much that I had to jerk off my cock to his voice. Sometimes, I knew he was doing the same thing by how he’d breathe. Or he’d talk, behaving but listened as I moaned and came for him. On his leave, I always got a surprise. Seeing him, getting away for a weekend, and remembering why we loved each other.

In our talk tonight… he seemed so… different. His voice… trembled and reached through to me, holding me tight as I stroked and he did too. But both of us resisted, talking the other down.

“Sorry Scotty…” He murmured, panting a little and sighing.

“Don’t be baby. I can’t think of what you’re going through… And I miss you so much.” I said through biting my lip.

“I miss you too. Every day. And I can’t wait to be home again.”

I wanted to ask why he… felt different. But part of me knew it was what he might have seen. Or… maybe something else. “Marie will definitely be happy to have you back. And I… have a gift too.”

“You two are my gift. Seeing the family I’ve known is the best thing in the world. Hope you know that Scotty.”

“I do… and I don’t think I’d forget.”

“Just… I hope you don’t get scared of me.” He said oddly, so much that he coughed.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I might look kinda… different. Was a bit too close to line of fire. Got some metal and uh… maybe a few holes you know.”


“I know I know. You love me as I am. But I don’t want you to feel like you’re stuck. Not after what your pop used to do.”

I spoke softly, knowing he was scared to force me into anything. Cutting him down gently would work. “You’re nothing like him. And nothing like your father. You’re a good man. So come home… and I’ll be waiting until I have you.”

“God I’m some sorta lucky to have you…” I heard him chuckle.

“And I’m lucky to have my hero…” I said back, feeling tingly, horny, and teary.

“I need to get going… but I’ll see you soon baby. Keep my spot warm alright?”

“It’s always warm when you lay down at night.”

“I love you Scotty.”

“I love you too chocolate man.”

Hanging up, I knew he was probably smiling, and I was too. It’d been a few years since I called him that. And like the first night he popped my cherry, I wanted to be with him… for more than a wanderlust.

* * * * *

Coming out of class on Friday, I felt a weight off my shoulders. No activities, work, or anything. Just hanging out with sissy and waiting to see if Landon would call. Uncle Plekki had her most of the time, but I still mostly took care of Marie. I’d done it all her life and it was hard to know I couldn’t. But Uncle knew I needed my own life, space, and type of love. While I never had to worry my sister was in trouble, I did anyway.

In the dark parking lot, I heard a motorcycle coming through and it stopped near my car. Guy with a big bag sat there, probably staring at me through his visor. The bike motor stopped, and as he took his helmet off. Staring at me were those sweet eyes I missed… Landon. Right as he unmounted the motorcycle, I came over and hugged him hard. Tossing his bag down, Landon lifted me with ease, twirling like any romance movie does.

Kissing him, I felt him smile against my lips, coddling me as his hands caressed around. Pulling from him, I stroked his cheek, cooing like a kid.

“Thought you’d stay posted for another month.” I said, though I wasn’t complaining.

“I opted out of a three week leave a year ago. So I got myself bumped for the next one with added time. So long as they don’t need me, I’m yours for a while.” He drolled, excited about being with me.

“After four years of not seeing you much, I’ll happily take a month to six weeks of having you to myself.”

“Where’s Marie? Pretty sure I’m required to say hi. Never heard the end of it from her last time.” He joked with a grin.

I giggled as he lowered me down. “I was on my way to see her and Uncle for end of semester dinner. One more after this and I’ll graduate. I’m sure you coming home will be a nice surprise.”

As both of us stood there, I looked around, noticing we were far back from anyone seeing us and it was really dark. Turning back to Landon, I was taken by a kiss, his hand gently running down my stomach, the other down my back and ass. Everything tingled… for this man I wanted so much… Smiling, my back braced against my car, legs raising and wrapping around his waist. This was… a long way from being the town’s velvet throat… Comfortable and easy for Landon.

My hand gripped hard at his belt, not wanting almanbahis to take it off but tease him for later as he thrust into me. His thickness burned through his jeans and mine, thumping me as I let him dry hump me. When I could look up, my nerves were shaky as eyes fell on me.

“We should get going Scotty…” Landon whispered harshly. “Before we fuck in the car.”

I squirmed, grinding against him a little. “You’re right. And I hate that. It’s been over a year from your last leave and I’m hungry…”

“I am too baby. But we’ll get home and be together in private soon enough.”

With a pouting groan, he lowered me again, a rough kiss from him, before whispering “I love you”. As I touched his face, Landon leaned into my palm, a soft look as he held my wrist and backhand. Seeing him enjoy my touch… made me look forward to more.

* * * * *

Picking up his back and putting on his helmet, I drove with him trailing nearby to see Marie and Uncle. The moment we walked in, Marie, nine years old now, broke into a full sprint before tackling Landon.

“Uncle Lan! Uncle Lan! You’re in one piece!” She screamed happily.

Looking at his face in the light, I get what he meant by looking different. His face looked tired, even with a smile. Some of the cuts he said he had were still red and healing, the ones on his neck and collarbone scabbed. Seeing his wrist, I felt as if… rope were stuck to him for a while… But even so, I walked over to them and we hugged. The family was together now, for a while anyway.

Uncle Plekki stared, a stoic look on his face as I hugged him and he shook Landon’s hand. He had his Sergeant attitude… scared that Landon might end up being like Jody or Dad. Though, in the past four years, I could tell Uncle warmed up to Landon. Even slightly smug as he saw my Marine boyfriend nervous about impressing the family.

Sitting down for dinner, we toasted to the near end of my school career. And hopefully, Landon would be home for that. Uncle questioned him on how things on the ship were going. Landon was nearing a promotion from Petty Officer Third Class to Second Class. That got a Cheshire grin outta him, who raised his beer slightly in congratulations and good luck. I put my hand over Landon’s, who glanced over with a sly smile, hoping he was making the best impression.

While he didn’t need to feel self conscious, I knew it was with good reason. As far as anyone could remember, I had no stable figures in my life and he didn’t either. So having a good man, someone who wants to build up, came when I was almost 19 and propped me up until now at 23. It was still early in 1978, where seeing two gay guys wasn’t as accepted, though not weird. A gay wedding? Forget about it… We’d be engaged forever.

* * * * *

It took us some time to get home after Marie was up to date on what her Uncle Lan was up to on the ‘fighter boat’. I sat in the TV room, Marie hanging onto his arm as one story after another was rounded to make her little heart happy. She never bat an eye at the scars, the red at his neck, or his wrist mark. Just lost in the adventure Landon painted. With goodbye hugs and handshakes, we could go home and be alone.

When the door shut, the lights didn’t even come on before Landon took hold of me in the dark, kissing and grabbing at me. I didn’t need a light on to remember anything… My hands knew where to touch, lips knew where to kiss, and body to move for him. As we stripped a bit, my hand reached in Landon’s unbuckled jeans. My arm shook as his thick cock touched my fingers, grabbing as I jerked without thinking.

An awkward grunt came out of him, seeing that not having me touch him for a while was brand new. I reacted the same as he grabbed at me through my pants, squeezing and massaging softly. What drove me crazy was the pressure and how his thumb grabbed, almost turning me into a whiny puppy. I felt so crazy that I shoved him and wanted to cry. But Landon came back, face in my neck and shoulder, rough hands pulling at my shirt.

I shoved him again, in a sort of pouty way. Every part ached for him… but was overwhelming to the point it drove me wild. This made him hold me tighter, speaking low and harsh in my ear.

“I know Scotty… Things feel screwy for me too… But I need to be with you again.”

“Slow down for me Lan… please. Four years on and off takes a toll on me too… Not just you.”

His body slacked, cradling me like a little boy. Swaying with me, we found the couch and laid there, the room still dark.

“You’re the only thing that kept me sane out there baby… Now I dunno what to do with myself around you.” Landon sighed, hands still remembering me.

I’d twisted around, facing his chest as I had an arm around his neck, a free hand reaching up his shirt to feel his chest. “It’s… a feeling to have you home. So much feeling that I want to cry, scream, be angry, and fuck you all at once. But I can’t… I just, I can’t help but want… I wanna remember you… I know it’s the man I love. But you’ve almanbahis giriş been away so long.”

“I was scared you’d want to be apart with my damage…”

Reacting, I tapped his mouth, something I’ve done once. “I’ll cut you off there. You’re not damaged Lan. You’re my brave sailor. Keep up with this gibberish and I will leave you.”

Though I couldn’t see it, his smile warmed me up… As he kissed my fingers, his voice changed. Softer… like the first night. “You gonna keep me in line now Captain?”

I bit my lip but laughed. “I know nothing about leading a ship. But I do good with raising your morale Petty Officer.”

His hand slipped down the small patch of my back, over my ass as one rubbed my back. “I can teach you a few things Apprentice. If you’re willing to learn.”

“Yes Petty Officer.”

“Relax Scotty. You don’t have to be nautical for me.” Landon said with a grin.

“Can’t help it. Just want to cheer you up. And my charm’s good for that.”

“It is… I’m happy to hear it and not read it.”

Feeling him move closer, he took my lips with his, carefully wrapping ourselves in each other. My hand never left under his shirt, and it brushed against him lightly. There were tufts of hair scattered around, different from the last time. Shaving must’ve been difficult out in the ship or the field. Dragging my fingers down, tufts thinned out, the trail feeling finer as I reached down again, fingers grazing over his thick cock again. He never had bush of hair around his balls before… but I found it hotter than him being shaved.

I wanted to see him in the light… even if it was a few candles. Reading my thoughts, Landon suggested we move upstairs and maybe turn on some dim lights. He was used to glowing yellow bulbs at that point. Taking him by the hand, I led my man to his bed. Flipping the dimmer light, I told him to relax while I got the candles lit. Though, as he stripped from his shirt and sweater, he teased by pulling me to his chest, holding my hips near his as his hardness rubbed on my ass.

Fuck… stop tempting me…

Landon swayed with me against him, to the point I could feel a bit of his chest hair. It distracted me enough to where I didn’t notice his hand slipped into my pants, and cupped me, his first two fingers softly pressed against the tip of my cock. I went stiff in the back, dropping the candle in my hand and putting it over his through my pants. Panting and groaning, I grind against his hand and pushing back against his stiff warmth.

“My hero…” I moaned softly.

“My everything…” He whispered in my ear, biting my neck a bit.

Hearing him say that made me feel frenzied, my brain giving up on the candles and fighting to jump into his arms. He held me in a tight grip, kneeling onto the bad as our clothes fell, came down, or bunched up. Instead of more kissing, his thumb traced my bottom lip, slowly putting it past my lips. My tongue licked and lips wrapped around, bobbing my head as I registered the taste of his skin. Steely, salty, with a faint peppermint chocolate…

* * * * *

Our first night, he was all sugar… chocolate drizzle made him sweet. And he never lost his touch… and I couldn’t forget it either. Decadent… rich… addictive. We felt insane, so much that he tried to pound into me through his jeans… Coming up for air, he nuzzled me, my hands running along his back and ass. Firm… sweet… my hero… Reaching my hand into his boxers, those awkward soft grunts started again, eventually finding his balls and feeling their heaviness.

Biting my lip, I wanted him to give me his cream… but wanted him to prepare me first. With a smile, Landon brushed my hair back, holding my face.

“Why are you so beautiful?” He asked with a kiss to my forehead.

“Because you are to me Landon…”

“I’m not… anymore. With the accident-“

“Landon, stop. You gave your life for us and everyone to have a chance at living. You’re my husband. Just… accept it.”

My hand gently touched against the scabs and raw cuts, making him sigh. “Scott… I want nothing more than to be enough for you. For Marie, for Uncle.”

“You popped my cherry Lan… You are good enough, because you know I didn’t give it away before I met you. Marie loves you, and I’m happy she has someone to look up to. And my Uncle does like you, he also likes to make you sweat about it.”

Shaking his head, a small laugh escaped him. “Still sure you wanna be a husband to a Marine? I’ll be away a lot…”

“Being with you makes me happy, no matter how far apart.” I said with a smirk, thumbing his lip.

“And that’s why you’re the best thing I’ve ever had… The one thing that’s mine.”

“Only yours…”

We whispered sweet nothings for a bit, a few pieces of clothes coming off. The fire in my body didn’t stop and I knew I had to strip. Pecking his lips, I said I’d be back and to get comfortable. Going into the bathroom, everything I had on hit the floor and I fished in the drawer for a thong… It was blue, my favorite almanbahis yeni giriş color, and was barely big enough to fit me. But it was to tease him, and he wouldn’t waste that. Walking out, I felt the cloth almost break from my body.

* * * * *

Landon got bigger… buffer I mean. The clothes did a good job of hiding it. Not so big that he’d swallow me, but probably bench press me… As he walked over to me, my eyes went lower, seeing a hand on his thick cock… Just as I remember… Biting my tongue, I dared to look up, and saw my strong man’s smile. Daring myself through my nerves, I reached my hand to take his cock, moving and tugging him along.

He always took the lead… but I’m taking care of him tonight. Sitting down on the bed, the tip of him leaked a clear pearl of cum as I looked forward. Able to drink what I wanted, I leaned in and sucked it from him. I bobbed my head slowly, mostly tasting the tip of his salty sweetness. Landon felt harder in my mouth as I did this and by his groaning, strained to not grab my head and face fuck me. We did that once and while fun, it was too easy.

My thong stretched, a wet patch over most of the cloth left, and pushing it out of the way until my cock sprung free… Everything about us changed in a span of four years. Landon was still the strong, nurturing man I lost my virginity to. I was the man he wanted to be enough for, and I tried to do the same for him. My hands rested on his hips, head still bobbing, and his slight thrust into my mouth made me want to lay back and let him fuck me.

As he pulled himself from my mouth, his lips met mine as he leaned down, making me rest against the bed. Feeling his fingers run over whatever was left in the wet thong, a tug popped my hard on out and his hand carefully stroked. Moaning in his mouth, he moved away and softly hushed me. Obeying him, I groaned to myself, enjoying his hand on me and the slow creaking as he shifted on top of me. I spread my legs, making sure he could get what he liked when he decided.

I wrapped him in my arms and legs, melting as his hand let go of my hard cock, guiding his and gently poking at my hole. Landon didn’t plunge quickly, instead slipping inside easy, an arm around my waist and the other cradling my neck and head. My neck burned, surprised and excited of the different pace. Even while he sank, the need for him grew, the heaviness of his sack touching my ass. My legs squeezed him again, hands wandering down his back and stopping at his hips.

Feeling the first deep thrust, I groaned out loud, his face hiding in my neck as he kept this slow yet deep pace. Hearing him breathe… his heart thumping, mine finding a place on my shoulders, wanting to hold him tighter but relaxed. Fuck… this is what I missed… Landon… knowing he was home… and he’d love me like this for a little while. As he rubbed against me in each thrust, his sack was harder and heavier… I needed that love…

Craning my neck, I whispered faintly to him, still lost in his slow pumping.

“Lan… let, fuck… ahh… let me ride you…”

“I wanna, enjoy you… like this… Don’t make me stop, Scotty…”

“Let… ahh… aah… I’ll… take care of you…”

He didn’t want to stop… and I didn’t want him to either… But I wanted to do something for him. Rolling on his back, I was on top, still held close by him as he thrust into me. I clenched around him and nearly came right there… Landon always wanted to love me when I needed, and showing him a different side was new. Though he thrust into me, my hips rocked slow, the waves going through me making me drip but not cum.

My hands were on his chest, feeling the tufts of hair on his chest, the scabs and scars, and his hard nipples. Leaning back, Landon’s cock went deeper and made me bite my lip to not cream on his face. Grinding, rocking, and the slow pump he kept, every inch shook to not lose control. Tempting me, he sped his pace, gripping my hips until his knuckles popped. Taking it as a cue, I leaned in again. Bucking, moaning, and not letting him up to take over.

Before I realized it, warmth crept deep inside my stomach, making me scream as it scorched me and leaked out of my asshole. I kept working him, seeing as he was still rock hard inside me. Grabbing my hips again, he slammed over and over, our skins clapping, and I looked down at him, eyes wide open.

“Cum for me Scotty… Let me see how much you missed me.”

Not waiting anymore, I slacked, enjoyed Landon’s thrusts, and let myself release. A thick glob shot out, more spraying around, as I felt another hot burst inside my ass, Landon pulling my hips hard against his body. I know the rush inside also let some flood out, coating his shaft, thighs, and empty balls. Coming down from our high, I looked down again at him, a smile on his face. Reaching up, he touched my face, and I leaned into his palm.

Rubbing a bit, I kissed his wrist, seeing the scar there. Turning to him, he was sat up a bit.

* * * * *

“What’s the scar?” I asked in a whisper.

“Rope. Tried hanging onto a dinghy that was drifting away from the rescue… Had to let go.” He answered with a sigh. “I’d have saved them… if my arm hadn’t gone numb. We lost the dinghy… And I regret it every day…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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