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Laura and I were leaving the restaurant where we’d spent the last couple of hours catching up since we hadn’t seen each other in about ten years. Cindy had been there with us earlier, too, but she’d had another commitment and had taken off before us. The three of us had worked together many years before but Laura and her husband had since moved to Missoula where they’d had two daughters. She was back in town for a family event with her sisters but had managed to break free to see Cindy and me and spend some time catching up. While we’d been in the restaurant, I hadn’t been formulating a plan to proposition her; what happened was completely spur of the moment. We hugged good-bye in the parking lot before parting to head to our cars. I don’t know what made me even consider suggesting what I did but I sure ended up happy that I had.

“Do you have to be somewhere right away?” I asked before she walked away.

“No, not right away,” she replied, “Why?”

“I was just thinking that I’ve got the SUV,” I said, “and it has a really big back seat. Do you feel like fooling around?”

I’m sure I could have played it off as a joke had she been uninterested but she just stood there for a moment as if contemplating what I’d said or trying to determine whether she’d heard me correctly. We’d known each other for a long time and I don’t think we’d ever even hugged before, partly because we’d been coworkers. Maybe it was feeling her body against mine that inspired my proposition. Maybe it was feeling my body against hers that inspired her response.

“Sure, what the fuck?” she replied and we headed toward my SUV. I’m sure she didn’t make a habit of fooling around on her husband any more than I made a habit of fooling around on my wife but we’d both been married for a long time and we both knew that we’d be safe with each other. Plus, with her living 900 miles away, we knew it would be a one-time thing and not a prolonged affair.

We each climbed into the back seat from opposite sides and slid across the seat to the middle. My arm went around her back while hers went around my neck as our lips came together. Since I had a free hand, as our tongues started to explore each other’s mouths, I cupped one of her tits and fondled it through her blouse. My cock was stiffening as we were making out so I was pretty certain that her pussy would be getting wet, too. There was no doubt in my mind that we’d be doing more than just making out, which was confirmed when her hand dropped to my lap and massaged my stiffening cock through my jeans. I continued to fondle her tit and could feel that her nipple was as stiff as my cock. I didn’t expose it, though, wanting to move things along a bit more quickly. I dropped my hand down and started to open her jeans. When I had them unbuttoned and unzipped, she slid down slightly to make it easier for me to slip my hand inside. I could feel the coarse texture of her bush through her panties as I ran my fingers over the outside of them and caressed her pussy through them. Once I slipped my hand into her panties and ran my fingers through her bush, I discovered that her pussy was incredibly hot and wet so, rather than try to bring her to an orgasm manually, I really wanted to taste those flowing juices.

I slipped my hand out of her panties then, after licking her flavor off of my finger, started to work her jeans down. She lifted her ass up off the seat to help me out fake taxi porno and I ended up pushing both her jeans and panties down. I had her move toward the door and lean back against it as I slid her jeans and panties down, revealing her trim, brown bush. Her shoes came off easily and her jeans and panties followed so that she was naked from the waist down. I pushed her legs apart and lowered my head toward her pussy, admiring it as I drew closer. I ran my tongue along her slit, tasting her pungent juices and causing her to moan as she dropped her hands down to hold my head. I slurped at her pussy, my tongue not only running along her slit but over her clit as well. She was rocking her hips and moaning softly.

When I focused my tongue on her clit, I slipped a finger into her pussy then followed it with a second. While licking and sucking her clit, I was sliding my fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy while she continued moaning. I was pleased not only that she was clearly enjoying my oral attentions but also for the opportunity to have my head between her thighs. She’d definitely become a MILF over the years and I’d had many unsavory thoughts since I’d known her that I never expected to be acting on. Maybe that was where the proposition came from, my subconscious desire to be with her.

Despite my cock being almost painfully rigid and my desire to embed it inside her, I was relishing the opportunity to devour her pussy and was in no rush to finish. It wasn’t as though I was not trying to make her cum but my primary goal was to provide pleasure, which would ultimately lead to an orgasm. As long as it wasn’t denying her an orgasm, I’d have been happy to eat her for as long as my tongue would hold out. The longer I was eating her, the more she was moaning and the faster she was moving her hips. She started to tense up a bit, arching her back and clamping her legs on my head, but I kept going, knowing that she was getting close. Right before she started cumming, she suddenly went limp then started shaking. I continued to devour her pussy as she was cumming, wanting to make sure she experienced as much pleasure as possible. Her orgasm appeared to be pretty intense and was definitely a long one. When she finally went still and quiet again, I raised my head and slipped my fingers from her pussy into my mouth to suck the juices off of them.

“Oh my God, that felt awesome,” she gasped. I was still staring at her pussy as she was recovering but decided it was time to free my cock so I started to open my jeans. She watched as I pushed them down along with my underwear and my cock sprang out, her eyes going wide. She sat up and reached for it as I pushed my jeans and underwear down to my ankles, stroking it as she got up on her knees. She quickly straddled me and guided it toward her pussy as I ran my hands over her bare ass. We both moaned as she lowered herself onto my rigid cock, her hot, wet pussy engulfing my full length. She sat there on my lap for a moment with it fully embedded inside her then brought her lips to mine as she started to slowly ride it. We went back to making out as I caressed her ass while savoring the feel of her pussy sliding up and down my cock.

Recalling that I still hadn’t gotten my hands on her bare tits, I ended up bringing my hands around and unbuttoning her blouse. Once it was open, I caressed her tits through her bra, feeling her family stroke porno stiff nipples pressing out, before undoing the front clasp. Her tits were on the small side but her nipples were thick and hard so I was running my palms over them while caressing the soft, smooth flesh. She maintained a good, steady pace so we continued to make out while she rode me and I fondled her bare tits. When she did begin to gradually pick up the pace, I assumed it was because she was building toward an orgasm and that riding harder and faster was providing even more pleasure. I was fine with her riding me harder and faster, especially if it was feeling even better for her. It got to the point where continuing to make out became difficult, though, so she straightened up and I realized I’d be able to see her tits then. I pushed her blouse down her arms then did the same with her bra as I stared at her tits, bouncing slightly as she was riding me.

She was now completely naked in the back seat of my car, which didn’t escape my notice and may have made my cock even harder. Maybe it was also the thrill of being completely naked as well as fucking in the back seat but it seemed as though Laura continued to ride me even harder and faster. I started pushing up into her while watching her titties bouncing rather than continuing to fondle them. I did wonder whether my car was also bouncing up and down as she was riding me but it didn’t feel like it, though it was amusing to envision it. Aside from the windows up front, we were protected from view by a fairly dark window tint but, if the car was bouncing, it wouldn’t take a peek inside to determine what was probably going on. I did cast a quick glance past her toward the front of the car to confirm for myself that we weren’t attracting a crowd with our activity. Despite being close to the entrance to the restaurant, it didn’t appear that anyone was nearby.

She continued to ride me harder and faster, moaning more and louder, until she dropped down on my cock and just remained there. A moment later, she gasped and her body started shaking while she experienced another apparently highly-pleasurable orgasm. I continued to amuse myself with her tits while she was cumming and while recovering once she’d finished. She sat on my cock catching her breath for a moment before kissing me passionately then climbing off of my cock. She remained kneeling on the seat and had me slide over toward the door a bit to give her some room. Taking my cock in her hand, she pumped it then lowered her head and engulfed it in her mouth. I moaned as she started sliding her lips up and down my rigid shaft while gently pumping the base. It was immediately apparent that she had some definite skill and experience when it came to cocksucking so I appreciated the opportunity to enjoy her talents.

As I looked down to watch her suck my cock and glanced to the side to see her ass sticking up in the air, I thought about grabbing my phone and taking some photos or video. Unfortunately, my phone was in the pocket of my jeans down near my ankles and I couldn’t reach it. Of course that didn’t ruin my enjoyment of an outstanding blowjob and I knew that, even without photos or video, I was never going to forget this moment. I cupped her dangling tit and watched my cock disappearing into her mouth as I enjoyed the building level of pleasure due to her oral skills. The only sounds female agent porno were my occasional moan or muttered words of encouragement and the slurping sound of her mouth on my cock. I wasn’t trying to hold back from cumming to enjoy it longer but I didn’t really need to, anyway, because Laura was using her skills to draw the pleasure out. Whether that was for my benefit or hers, I didn’t know, but I suspect it was a combination. I was getting the impression that she was enjoying sucking my cock, which may have been because she never had before or because she just enjoyed cocksucking in general.

As I felt my orgasm beginning to build due to the pleasurable feeling of her hot mouth, I was savoring the experience since I expected that it would be a one-time thing. My cock began to swell even more but she remained intent in her cocksucking, not pausing or hesitating even slightly. The pleasure I was feeling was intense and I didn’t want it to end but I couldn’t have held back my orgasm at that point even if I’d wanted to. When I exploded into her mouth, I cried out loud enough that I might have been heard outside of the car and I didn’t care. She swallowed my load and continued to suck me off as my spurting weakened until I was spent. Only when she was absolutely sure that I had nothing left did she let my cock fall from her mouth and raise her head. She sat beside me on the back seat, apparently in no rush to get dressed or leave.

“I can’t believe we finally did this,” she said as I was admiring her naked body again.

“Oh?” I asked, “Was I on your to-do list?”

“I’ve thought about what it might be like for a long time,” she replied, “but I don’t think I ever expected that it would actually happen.”

“Glad I wasn’t the only one,” I confessed, “and I would say that it lived up to my expectations, maybe even surpassed them.”

“Agreed,” she said, “so I’m glad you suggested it but I don’t want to just move on now and pretend that it never happened.”

“So, in that case,” I said, reaching for my phone, “you won’t mind if I take some photos to remember this?”

“Subject to a couple of conditions,” she replied, “it would be acceptable. First, no one sees these but you and maybe me.”

“Trust me,” I said, “I will be hoarding these and only I will be jerking off to them.”

“Good,” she replied, “because my second condition is that you reciprocate and I’d definitely like to receive some video of that.”

“Okay,” I agreed, “so you’ll let me take some photos before we get dressed, I’ll send you some of me enjoying them when I can and you’ll then send more of you?”

“I will,” she replied, “I don’t know if this will ever happen again but I’m glad that it did and I think that if we’re careful and discreet, we can extend the excitement for longer without it hurting anyone.

She indulged me as I shot full-body photos, close-ups of her pussy and tits and had her turn around so I could photograph her ass with her pussy peeking between her legs. I also got photos of her just in her panties, in her bra and panties and in jeans with her bra as she was getting dressed. I’m not sure how I wasn’t fully rigid again by the time she was dressed and I finally pulled my own clothes back on. We made out a little bit more since we figured it might never happen again then each confirmed that the other was presentable before we stepped out. We gave each other the once-over one more time, hugged good-bye then went our separate ways. It wasn’t easy to drive home without looking at the photos and it was a while after I got home before I could safely review them but I was definitely happy to have them and showed my appreciation the first opportunity I got.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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