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It had been almost two weeks since it started. Something had changed and she wasn’t sure what it was. She felt like the amazing woman that she really was, for the first time in a long time. He was the perfect man except for one thing; he was already taken. She didn’t care though. Something was going on, something she didn’t understand but it didn’t matter. It was high time she took care of her needs, and fuck what anyone else thought, did or said. She deserved it.

They had always been flirty at work, but things had taken an unexpected turn in their casual banter and emails and it was much, much more now. He asked if he could touch her and she had said yes. The next day in the office, he did. He ran his hands over her large breasts and she was in heaven. He did the same with her ass. She hadn’t been able to keep her hands to herself either, touching his ass whenever no one was looking or stroking his member through his jeans. He really was quite large. Was he playing a game with her though, or did he really want her? He actually thought that she was as tease and wouldn’t cross the line. She would prove him wrong.

He told her to meet him in the parking lot during lunch by cell old cell tower. She knew she would meet him this time. He had asked her before and she had been too scared: Too afraid that he would reject her. He wouldn’t. She knew it. She wouldn’t be able to take it if he didn’t really want her.

She could see his truck when she pulled into the parking lot. There were other cars and people around, but he had parked off to the side in a semi-secluded spot. There were a couple of businesses there and it wasn’t very private. He smiled at her as she pulled beside his spot with her car. He walked around and opened her car door for her and helped her out by her hand and then opened reality kings porno his passenger side and sat back.

“You know what I need.” He said simply …almost demanding.

She did know what he needed, but there were people around. She wasn’t submissive but she would be for him. Looking around nervously she sighed and then dropped to her knees and unzipped his jeans. She reached inside and gasped as her hand touched his hardening cock. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. He looked down and laughed. He was always so full of surprises. Well she had a few surprises of her own for him today. With both hands she yanked down his pants far enough to reveal his cock in all its majesty. Then she leaned forward taking him all the way into her mouth. She used to be so nasty. She would be again.

He groaned in pleasure as his cock dissapeared between her lips and down her throat. Looking up at him she started to slide her mouth up and down his thick shaft. She loved giving head, especially when it was someone deserving like him.

He grabbed two big handfuls of hair then. She was hoping he would. Weakness was something she couldn’t stand in a man, especially from him. He had to be strong for her. She grunted around his cock as he started fucking her face and tightening the grip on her hair. He was staring down at her watching his cock slide into her mouth with each thrust. She kept her hands down at her sides letting him have complete control. He was a real man. Without warning he stopped his thrusting, and flooded her mouth with his cum. She tried to swallow it all but it was too much and some of it leaked out of her mouth and unto her blouse. It was one of his favorites. His eyes roamed her body in the office every time she wore it and now it was marked with his semen. She knew she sexmex porno was going to wear it the next week, marked as his. If she had the money, she would have tattoed his name on her ass.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet. He wanted to trade places. She had worn her short skirt without panties just like she told him she would. She sat on the seat of the truck legs hanging out the door and giggled in anticipation as he dropped to his knees right in front of her, holding a leg in each hand. She closed her eyes and waited. She could feel his hot breath on her sex before she felt his tongue.

“Oh fuck!” She nearly screamed as he licked the insides of both thighs. He was teasing her. Then a soft light flick of his tongue on her clit and then he was back to her thighs again, only this time closer to her pussy. Then she gasped as he started on the sides of her pussy with his mouth. God he was good. When he finally got to her clit again he had slid two fingers inside her and it wasn’t long before her body shook in orgasm. She came around his tongue and his fingers. Nobody had ever made her cum this hard from oral sex before. Still recovering from her orgasm she opened her eyes to see him rising up to her smiling. She opened her mouth, kissing him and tasting herself on his mouth. That was another of her favorite things and she was glad he had remembered.

“Oh my god.” She said when he finally pulled away. “I better head back.”

He laughed. “When I’m done, you can leave.” He said and then pulled her out of the truck hands on her thighs. “Turn around.” He commanded.

He wasn’t going to actually do this was he? She did as she was told and turned around hands on the flooring beside the seat of his truck. Her ass was exposed. She felt his hands lifting her skirt up sindrive porno around her thighs. She was really exposed now. She felt his hand on her wet sex. She moaned. He started sliding the tip of his cock up and down her slit over and over again until she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Please.” She said.

He acknowledged her by pushing his cock head inside her. She moaned in pleasure. This is what she had wanted since the first time she saw him. Then he thrust his cock all the way in with one glorious thrust. She pushed her hips back as far as she could and then smiled has he grabbed her hips and started to fuck her slowly and then picked up the pace. Soon he was slamming into her from behind with powerful thrusts and she grunted with each one, bucking her hips back to meet his thrusts.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she yelled and then started to cum. He never stopped fucking her throughout her orgasm. Her pussy was contracting around his thick cock and that was all it took for him and soon he was filling her pussy up with his jism.

When he was done unloading, he pulled his cock out with a wet plop and laughed.

“What’s so funny you dumbass.” She said trying to recover calling him by her pet name.

“Here you are ass naked in a parking lot with my cum oozing out of your pussy and running down your leg.” He said.

She laughed too. “Well retard it wouldn’t be so funny if you had to go back to the office would it?”

She pulled up her pants and quickly looked around. Nobody had seemed to notice or at least no one was standing around gawking as she had imagined. He had already stuffed his cock back into his jeans. She grabbed his hand and he pulled her into a tight embrace cupping her ass as he did so. He loved feeling her large breasts mashed against him. She loved feeling his semi hard cock against her.

“Until next time.” She said and got back into her car and drove off. He stood there leaning against his truck watching her pull out of the parking lot.

“Yes. Until next time.” He said to no one, and was soon on his way as well.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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