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~Authors Note: So to stop confusion, the memories start and end in the asterisks (*). Also, this is my first time submitting.. I hope you like it. If this story does well, I will post the second chapter and even another story I have in the works.~

I walked down the hall of my school carrying the guilt of what just happened last night. Not only was it the guilt of what I did, but it was also the guilt that I liked it. Thoughts were racing through my head as I walked by the shiny silver lockers that I’ve passed hundreds of times.

I really did it. I thought I slept with Steven. Well it was really just a blow job, but it still felt wrong. Those thoughts kept racing through my mind causing me to accidentally passed by my locker. When I got to the boy’s locker room I sighed and turned around paying more attention to my new school building then I ever had. The freshly painted off-white walls mocked me, forcing me to think about last night no matter how hard I didn’t want to.

*It all happened so fast, Me and Angelina had just walked into the party at Mitt’s house. A few beers were passed around, and we didn’t care that if we were caught we’d be kicked out of the pristine school were were in. Our parents would just scold us and send us on to the next one.

I was sitting near Angelina rubbing the side of her arm when she threw up all over Jessica. Both girls ran out of the house screaming. After laughing my ass off I realized I was now at the party alone. Steven, the band geek turned popular after he saved the head cheerleader from drowning in the ocean; had sat next to me and we started talking about the latest game the Cheetahs had won. Our school of course being the Cheetahs. When all of a sudden out of now where he grabbed my hand. I was too drunk to care and just kept my hand limp.

He moved his hand up and down my arm, almost like I had with angel. But instead of a friendly “it’ll be ok”, he caressed my arm causing my to shiver. I turned and looked up at his face, our eyes locked.

“Why I help you lay down before you pass out on the couch..” He said, getting up and dragging my drunken self with him.

I managed to mumble “ok” but due to his laugh I’m sure it came out sounding like a Neanderthal grunting. He wrapped my arm around his shoulder and walked past Mitt and a group of cheerleaders

“Hey Steve” they called out.

“Hey girls,” He replied “Mitt is there a spare room? I don’t think it’s safe for him to ride home let alone drive home.” Mitt gave me a once over and laughed a little.

“He sure can’t hold liquor,” He said ” Yea, down the hall and too the left is the guest bedroom.” Mitt turned around and started chatting with the cheerleaders again.

“Thanks man” Steve lead me down the hall and kicked beyoğlu escort open the guest bedroom door. The lights were off and we could hear moaning. The light shone on a couple fucking on the bed, the person on top quickly hopped off and covered himself and his female friend up.

“What the fuck dude” the guy on the bed said.

“Get out, you know what happened to the last couple Mitt caught fucking in his house.” Steve said. The couple got up quickly trying to keep themselves covered as they got dressed. Though the male wasn’t so lucky as the sheet fell off and revealed a 8 inch cock between his legs. He looked up and caught me staring, though I was so out of it I didn’t realize till he said.

“What you fucking staring at Fagg.” I let my head drop towards the floor, still leaning on Steve for support.

“Watch your mouth Brad,” Steve retorted ” He’s drunk as fuck and probably didn’t realize it” Brad quickly finished getting dressed and hurried out the door.

I’ve noticed that ever since Steve saved the cheerleader, he’s been trying to keep his popularity. He hooked up with the co-captain on the cheer squad, and even joined the football team. He wasn’t the lead player by any means, but he was still important on the team. He also had a short temper, and now that he was working out, he had the bullet to fit the guns.

As soon as the couple was out and down the hall probably hopping in their car to finish somewhere, Steve laid me down on the bed.

“Ugh” I said. My head was clearing a little and I suddenly realized I needed to get home. I tried to get up but Steve forced me back onto the bed.

“Oh no you don’t” Steve said “Your as drunk as leprechaun on St. Patties day.”

I tried to reply, but I realized just then that the bed was super comfy. I twisted around and fell asleep.*

I finally entered the class room glad that there was a distraction from my mind. Jessica, the girl Angel had thrown up on was sitting among her other friends laughing about something. I was glad that they all forgot about what happened to Jessica last night but I didn’t

I walked past them and smiled at Jessica. “Did you get the stain out yet?” I said sarcastically.

“Fuck off.” She said and swung her head around so her hair nearly whipped me in the face. I made a loud sniffing noise.

“Mhh smells like strawberry puke” I said my grin growing wider.

“You got a fucking problem ass face?” the guy on her right said.

“Nope, none at all” I said sarcastically and turned around walking to my seat just as the bell rang. Mr. Simonae our 12th grade English teacher walked in before the guy could say something else.

“Alright class settle down, I brought in a movie today on Hamlet. So be quiet and take notes.” The whole class groaned sarıyer escort including me. Not that I don’t mind the story, but movies leave my mind open to thinking and I really didn’t need the time.

The teacher popped in the movie and I tried so hard to pay attention but my mind began wandering not even ten minutes into the move.

*I remember waking up after a wonderful dream. I can’t really remember the dream but I do remember what happened when I woke up.

I was lying on the bed where I fell asleep. Something was moving between my legs. Thinking it was Mitt’s dog I moved my legs closer to my body. I reached for the blanket and tried to pull it up but something heavier then a poodle was on it, I froze.

I realized it was a person. They were breathing heavy at the base of the bed, leaning on it most likely. The person removed the blanket from my body and I shot up.

“Who the fuck is there!” I whispered loudly.

“Calm down bro, it’s just me.” Steve said. I sighed when I realized I was in no danger.

“Why are you still here?” I asked, my eyes finally adjusting to the dim light.

“Well, I continued partying and hanging out with Mitt. Then everyone else left and Mitt passed out of the floor of his living room, so I helped him to his room. I realized that I can’t drive home because-” He hiccuped quite audibly “I may be just a smidge drunk.” He stumbled and fell next to me on the bed.

I moved over to the edge of the bed to give him some room. He flailed like a fish a bit until he came up to the pillow. He let out a soft sigh when he stopped moving.

“So comfortable” He said dreamily. That was the last thing I heard before everything went silent. I thought he had gone to sleep and I rolled over to my back and put my hands behind my head. I gave him all the blankets because quite frankly I was comfortable without them.

I started drifting off to sleep when I felt something moving closer to me. I turned my head and realized Steve was now pressed against my side. He looked up at me and smiled. Normally I would have moved away at this contact but I still had enough alcohol in my system not to care. So I smiled back at him.

He moved his hand from under him and placed it across my chest. I still was ok with it but now I was getting a little annoyed. All I wanted to do was sleep, and he wouldn’t stop moving. Finally when he stopped moving I closed my eyes again.

This time I knew he was going to move because I felt his arm muscles tense up. I sighed out loud and he started moving his hands downward. Again I was ok with it until he got to my waist. At first I didn’t do anything, but then his hands moved past my waist band and rested on my cock.

I hadn’t realized How horny I was until he rubbed my cock. I maslak escort knew it didn’t feel right morally, but it felt good physically and I hadn’t been laid in almost 5 months. He got up and pulled my pants down revealing my 7.5 inch dick.

I moaned when he put his hand around it and began to stroke. At first he started real slow allowing me to enjoy the feeling, but then he sped up causing me to moan out loud.

“Oh yea” I moaned. I thought I was in heaven until I felt him stop. Now I had a raging hard on and whimpered slightly.

“No don’t stop” I begged slightly. I was about to reach for his hand to put it back when I felt hot breath on my cock. I knew what was going to happen next and I moaned.

He wrapped his lips around my cock and stroked the tip with his tongue. I felt his tongue stroking the slit, and I whimpered begging him to take more into his mouth. I thought he read my mind when he complied

He brought his head down painstakingly slowly. I thought I was going to split down the middle with sexual build up. I assumed he was going to stop half way like my girlfriend, but he didn’t.

“Holy shit yes!” I cried out loud when I felt myself enter the back of his throat. It wasn’t long before He was nose deep in my pubes. Then he pulled all the way up and went down again. I never knew he was a professional cock sucker.

He sped up moving his head up and down, I was panting in joy as he rubbed the base of my cock with his tongue. After a minute or two of his head lifting up and down, he pulled my cock nearly all the way out until just the head was inside. He took his tongue and circled around my sensitive head, then he moved his tongue up and down the bottom of my head, stopping when he reached my slit.

He sucked all my precum the was now flowing freely from my tip. Not satisfied with just that, he started deep-throating me again, bringing my cock all the way into the back of his throat and leaving it there, then pulling all the way up again. He did this until I felt pressure building in my balls.

“Fuck!” I said loudly, “I’m going to cum” I said, I took his head and shoved my cock deep into the back of his throat. Not caring if he choked or not. I didn’t last long fucking his face before I clenched up and released a bucket load of cum into his mouth. He couldn’t really keep up with the flow and it began dribbling from his mouth. But that didn’t stop him, he finished swallowing it all then he licked my cock clean. He even licked the area around my dick making sure he got everything.

“Damn you tasted good.” Steve said, licking his lips. Once he was sure he got everything he rolled over and didn’t move. I turned the other way and fell asleep as well.*

The bell rang signifying for the next class. My cell rang at that moment as well. I looked down and read a text from Angel.

“Meet u in nxt class, exitin nws” I looked down at the text and laughed at my friends texting style. I began to walk to my next class when I bumped into Steve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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