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My name is Jen. Jennifer is okay, but don’t call me Jenny. I admit I was a snob in high school. I was stuck up, only dating the handsomest jocks, not even talking to most of the ‘ordinary people’. That seemed like a waste of time. I was looking to find the ‘coolest’ friends, the studliest guys. It turns out I wasn’t that successful.

But I wasn’t mean. It wasn’t like I tried to be obnoxious, or ignore people. I would speak to those ‘ordinary people’ if they spoke first. I even would have nice conversations with them. But I didn’t seek them out, try to be nice, or encourage them.

I had the physical qualities that I thought everyone wanted. Even craved. I was very slender, a bit above average height with long, shapely legs, everyone called me pretty, and I had great breasts. They had developed into C cups by my Senior year, and they were gorgeous – firm, ripe, and jiggily I remember being told. My ass was quite nice, too.

My problem was that I was looking for great sex. I knew there was great sex, because I had read about it. I had seen stuff on the internet, but that didn’t excite me very much. Mostly I read about it in my mother’s trashy novels. Ever since I had begun developing and started wondering about sex, I read her books. And she had a lot of them. Some from the library, some from friends, some she bought, but there was always a supply in her room, to which I helped myself often.

So where was this great sex? I dated the manliest, testosterone-filled boys in school. I knew how to tease. Oh, boy, did I. I was in demand. Part of that was because I never had a steady boy friend. I might date the same guy a few times, but never twice in a row. I didn’t want them getting any ideas that I belonged to them – which could happen easily. I had some of the most popular boys in school wanting to be my guy, but I couldn’t find ‘The One.’ ‘The One’, by my definition, was a stud who was good at sex. My two main criteria. Good looking, and good at sex.

My experiences were not good. Every guy I dated was after only one thing. And they were pretty clumsy at it. None were like the men in Mom’s novels. They quickly went for my breasts, feeling them up, squeezing them until they hurt, feeling my ass and legs – and more when I let them. But there was no romance. No finesse. Just grabbing.

Now I realize that I was to blame for a lot of it. As I said, I knew how to tease. I liked to flirt, I dressed to show off my assets. Not slutty, but everyone knew that I liked to be looked at and show off what I had. So when guys took me out on a date, they naturally assumed that I would be all hot for them and put out easily. And with these guys, many girls did. Many who did not flirt with them nearly as good as I did. They probably felt that I was offering myself to them, so why take their time? But I did not really realize this at the time. At the time I was just disappointed in the way the guys acted.

And the sex? Sometimes I wondered, what sex? It seemed that the guys wanted to cum. That was it. The whole point of the date was to cum. If I gave them a handjob, they were done. Mission accomplished. Time to go home. The same thing if I blew them. It seemed that by the time I wiped off my mouth we would be halfway home.

And it was the same with intercourse. When I did let someone actually fuck me, I almost felt like I wasn’t even there. I expected my first time to hurt, but it was the same even after that. As soon as they realized that they could fuck me, it was: Stick it in, Pump fast, Cum, Get out. And then, of course, go home! No foreplay, no effort to get me turned on and ‘ready,’ just stick it in as soon as he can. It was both frustrating and bewildering. And it didn’t help that it was usually in a car!

The first satisfying time I had came because of my brother. No, this is not an incest story, though I got the feeling more than once he would have been willing if I was. But no, my brother is two years older than me. When I was a Senior in high school he was in his second year of college, at a large university not too far from home. There was a big, formal dance there one spring weekend, and Tommy (my brother) asked if I would be interested in going to it with a friend of his. Well, yes! A college dance with a college man? This should be great!

I started right away fantasizing. Maybe the trouble with my sex life was that I had been dating immature guys. A college man – that may be what I have been waiting for. Then my brother told me that his friend was a science major, and some kind of nerd. This dampened my enthusiasm somewhat, but I was still thinking mostly about the college man idea, so I said yes.

I got a beautiful new dress and some other new clothes suitable for college, I hoped, and when the time came I took Friday off from school and my dad drove me to the university. I heard Dad telling Tommy that he had better take care of me and not let anything happen. Tommy laughed and assured Dad that Brian – my date – was too nerdy to be any threat to me. They didn’t think fake hospital hastane I heard that exchange, but I did. It seemed to make Dad feel a little better, but I was very disappointed.

The dance was wonderful. It was everything I had expected, and more. Even Brian was not too bad, though I would not have dated him in high school. He actually was not bad looking, and was a real gentleman to me, which I was definitely not used to. He brought me flowers, paid me compliments, opened doors for me, held my chair… Okay, it may not sound like much to you, but I had never been treated that way by my high school dates. He wasn’t a great dancer, but better than most anyone at my high school Proms. I found myself enjoying my evening, and my nerdy date, very much.

Brian had treated me like a lady, and the most intimate he got was holding my hand as we walked. I did not know how to handle it! He walked me back to the dorm (my brother had arranged for me to stay with a female friend of his), and I have to admit that I was surprised when he gave me a kiss goodnight. It was a bit tentative, but it was right on the mouth. I would have enjoyed a longer one, one with some tongue, but this kiss was sweet. And my breasts made it through the entire evening without being groped.

Just before he turned to leave, Brian stepped back and said, “I don’t suppose you would like to meet me tomorrow for breakfast? Or lunch?”

He was so sweet! I had never been asked out like that before.

“Why, Brian, I think that sounds lovely,” I answered, and he seemed surprised.

“Uh, cool, uh, what… which… what time?” he managed, as if he hadn’t planned on me saying yes.

“Why don’t you pick me up for breakfast, and we’ll see if it lasts until lunch,” i replied.

“Okay,” he said eagerly, and when he turned to leave his smile was as big as when he had introduced his sexy date (me!) to friends earlier that evening.

“9 o’clock,” he yelled, half asking, just before the door closed.

I smiled, waved, and nodded yes. It had been a fun evening, a chance to play ‘grown-up’, and my date had surprised me. He was fun, interesting, even charming in a way. So much different than what I was used to. So much more fun. And we hadn’t even had sex of any kind!


When Brian picked me up for breakfast, I was ready. Usually I sleep late on Saturday, especially after a big night like the dance had been, but I had awoken early and my mind didn’t let me get me back to sleep. I replayed the entire evening, and the best parts of it seemed to be about Brian. Now, don’t get the idea that I was falling in love with him. No, I knew that would not happen. He really wasn’t my type. But now I knew that I wanted something more in a guy than a body, an athlete. I wanted someone who would treat me like Brian had. (And a hot bod, too!) I found myself looking forward to seeing Brian again.

We went to a little place just off campus. It had good food, but the conversation was even better. Brian was much more relaxed this morning, and so was I. I was not trying to impress anyone. We talked about a lot of things – college life, our families, our goals – while we walked around campus. He showed me the building where he spent most of his time in classes or labs, but I think he liked best when he introduced me to friends, classmates, or professors. I still looked hot, and he liked to impress them with me. He never mentioned that I was his friend’s sister.

Before we knew it, it was after 1 in the afternoon. I teased him about what I had said the night before about breakfast turning into lunch. We did get a bite in the cafeteria, where the food wasn’t nearly as good but we were seen by more people. (I knew he enjoyed showing me off.)

After we ate, he said, “Should I take you back to the dorm?”

“Oh, okay'” I answered, feeling surprisingly saddened. “I guess you have things you have to do today. I didn’t mean to take up so much of your time.”

“No, no,” he said, now for the first time that day sounding nervous. “I don’t have anything pressing. I’m having a great time. I just assumed that you would be ready to go back.”

“Brian!” I stopped walking, turned toward him and took both of his hands in mine. “I am having a great time being with you. I just came up here for the dance, so I have nothing else planned. You can have me as much as you want.”

I realized when I said that he can “have me” that back home any guy would immediately picture me naked on a bed. I was impressed that the thought never seemed to cross Brian’s mind.

“Don’t say that unless you mean it,” he smiled. “I really have nothing I have to do today, so I could spend my whole day with you!”

“Then I am all yours,” I proclaimed. “Take me until you are through with me!”

Okay, that time I purposely tried to make it a double meaning, but was again impressed with Brian that his only reaction was happiness. He was very nice, and was making me feel like a princess.

We walked fake taxi porno some more, took in some more sights, and found ourselves in a very busy part of campus. I thought it might improve Brian’s chances with other girls if people saw him with – well, me! – a sexy girl who seemed out of his league. Oh, don’t judge me. I know I’m pretty and sexy, but I don’t mean it like that. Remember, Brian really was a nerd. Not a bad looking one, but still.

I suggested we sit on a bench near one of the main, busy sidewalks. We held hands and talked, with a couple people stopping to say “Hi.” Or maybe to get a better look at Brian’s date.

I was turned toward him, and I thought, an even better way to get people to notice Brian – and his getting a hot date – was to kiss him where people could see. So I leaned in toward him and planted a nice kiss right on his lips. He was surprised, but after we broke our kiss, he went in for another. This time it was harder, more passionate. When I slipped my tongue into his mouth, he responded in kind. After a long series of passionate kisses we broke off, and I stayed close to him, leaning in, my head resting on his shoulder. We weren’t out of place, kissing in public like that, but I would bet it was a first for Brian.

Eventually Brian said, “There are a couple really nice places for dinner not far from here, if you’d like to go.”

I looked up at him and said, “You know, we don’t have to do that. I’m completely happy with just grabbing a little bite. I’m not really very hungry. That food last night was awesome.”

I really would have liked a more elegant dinner, but last night’s food was actually great, and I ate more than I should have. My body was not going to stay thin and tight if I did too much of that. Brian seemed fine with it.

After we ate a light dinner we stood on the steps and kissed again.

“Is there somewhere more private we could go?” I asked.

I can imagine what Brian was thinking. Where could we find somewhere private, and how private did it have to be? Just what was on my mind?

He seemed to be coming up empty, so I made a suggestion.

“What about your room?”

His head snapped towards me and he looked directly into my eyes. Wondering, wondering. And perhaps scared.

“Um,” he began, “I don’t know if my roommate is there. He might be… there.”

“Oh, well… should we go find out?”

He considered this for a moment and decided that it might make sense, so we walked – a little faster – hand in hand toward his room. As luck would have it his roommate was there.

“Oh, hi,” he said to his roommate. “I didn’t know if you’d be here or not. Oh, you remember Jen from the dance?”

“Of course, Hi,” he said, trying not to get caught looking at my breasts. “You two are still… together?”

He seemed surprised, but Brian didn’t notice. “Yes, we are, and we were just wondering if… we were looking for someplace a little…private.”

Brian was acting very nervous again, but his roommate caught the ball and took over. “Well, I was just getting ready to go out. In fact, I don’t think I will be back at all tonight, so…don’t wait up.”

Brian laughed, as if he would really wait up for him. I was the only one who realized that his roommate was giving us the green light to do whatever we wanted. For as long as we wanted. Though he seemed surprised that Brian could have a chance with the girl standing beside him.

When we were alone we sat side by side on the bed, holding hands. There weren’t two comfortable chairs in the room, or a sofa, so we didn’t have much choice other than the bed. Very soon I turned toward him again and leaned in. This time he met me halfway and we launched into a long, slow kiss. Our tongues again got involved, and my hand traced little lines all over his arms and chest. Brian’s hands limited themselves to my arms and back.

I managed to get my hands inside his shirt and began feeling his bare chest. Actually, a fairly impressive one. This eventually led to Brian’s hands creeping around to my arms, then sliding off onto my breast. I moaned when he touched it, puzzling him for a moment until he realized that I liked it. I pushed his hand harder into my breast and he responded – not groping, but feeling it up very nicely.

As I worked his shirt open, then off, I complimented his chest. SIncerely. I asked if my bare skin could touch his bare skin. He readily agreed, then slowly realized I meant my bare chest. I began pulling at my top before he started to help, but having started he was quite enthusiastic. Very soon we were both topless, my breast rubbing against his chest with only his hand getting in the way as he played with one.

Our kissing was now getting extremely passionate, and my hand rubbed over his arm and chest down to his abs. He did not have a six-pack by any means, but he had nothing to be ashamed of. I stroked him a bit as I worked my way down to his pants. I was figuring out how his belt would get released, but as family stroke porno my hand worked on that I felt a bulge in his pants. I moved over to that and pressed on his erection, bringing a loud moan from Brian. He gasped for air as I pressed and squeezed, enjoying the sensation, as did he!

I broke our kiss and looked at his pants, using both hands to unfasten them and pull at them. He lifted himself from the bed a little so I could pull them down to his ankles. The tent in his Jockeys was large. It looked painful. I squeezed the length before pulling at the waistband and whisking them down his legs as well.

Time stopped for us both as I gazed at the sight of his erect member swaying back and forth. It looked big, and hard, and powerful. I felt a tingling between my legs just from looking at his dick. Seldom had I had a chance to just look at one, still hard. I reached out and took the bare flesh into my hand. I held it firmly, not moving for a few moments, then began slowly stroking. This was a bit more familiar to me, yet it felt different. I did not feel rushed. Usually the guy was wanting me to go as fast as I could so he could reach climax quickly. We both enjoyed the sensations as I stroked up and down, enjoying the feeling of his smooth, soft skin moving over the hard shaft.

His dick seemed almost to have a life of its own as it responded to my touch. A little pre-cum leaked out the tip, something I had never noticed before. Brian’s eyes were huge as he watched me make love to his dick. His breathing came in short, harsh gasps, like other guys did when they were close to cumming.

“Already?” I thought. This part was just like the others. Too quick.

I eased up on his dick. I raised up to kiss him again, an open mouthed, out of control kiss this time. I began sliding out of my slacks. Our kiss broke as Brian tried to see what I was doing, then gasped when he saw. I stood up and wiggled a little, showing my body off for him. He smiled, quickly, but his eyes remained bugged out and his dick was twitching.

I bent my knees slowly, reaching down to take hold of his throbbing erection again, lowering my body until I was on my knees in front of him. I bent his dick toward me as I leaned in, noticing that Brian was now not breathing at all. My lips touched the head of his cock and he expelled a lungful of air and moaned loudly at the same time. I locked my lips over the head of his cock and licked at the head with my tongue. Brian was constantly moaning and trying not to thrash his hips around as I worked on the head of his erection.

I opened my mouth wider and slid down his cock, about half now in my mouth. I sucked hard, drawing a louder moan from Brian, and feeling my pussy getting wet. Taking my hands off his thighs, I took his balls in one and squeezed lightly, pulling them down away from his body as I had heard somewhere, hoping it would hold off his orgasm. My other hand wrapped around the base of the shaft that wasn’t in my mouth. I squeezed it tightly and turned my hand back and forth, while sucking hard on the top of his dick.

Brian was nearly out of control now. He was bucking his hips up into my mouth, groaning and moaning even louder, and his cock was leaking more fluids. It felt like it got even bigger. I knew he was about to shoot a load.

“I’m. I’m.” That’s all Brian could say, but I knew he was trying to warn me.

I took my mouth off his cock for a moment, stroking the entire length with my hand while I told him to cum in my mouth. No sooner was my mouth back sucking on him than I felt his semen surge up, shooting out the tip and directly into my mouth. He thrashed on the bed as he shot volley after volley into me. I wasn’t practiced enough to swallow it all, but I tried. By the time Brian was able to control himself enough to look at me, cum was dripping out of both sides of my mouth and his cock was still pulsing. Gradually he finished as I sucked him more, then began to lick his shaft clean while swallowing the rest of his cum in my mouth. When I was done I withdrew his shaft from my mouth and wiped my chin, hoping he had enjoyed it as much mentally as he had physically. We just looked at each other for a long moment until he reached down, grabbed my arms, and pulled me onto him where we kissed passionately.

I noticed two things as we kissed. He was the first boy to kiss me after I had a deposit of his cum in my mouth, (not that there had been that many!) and his cock was not soft. Maybe I was going to get fucked after all!

Before I could do anything about that last nasty thought, Brian held me by the arms and rolled us both over. He was now on top of me, though the lower halves of our bodies were off the bed. He then released me and slid down off me. I didn’t know where he was going until I felt kisses just above my pussy. Brian’s hands were on my thighs – my inner thighs – and he spread them wider. His mouth kissed lower, kissing my pussy lips. His tongue found its way between my folds, and began licking up and down in between kisses.

A finger now joined his tongue and lips moving all over my pussy. Shocks were traveling from my crotch throughout my body as he touched my entire pussy with his tongue, his lips, his fingers. Then one finger slipped inside, into my hole, and I gasped loudly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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