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Eric and I don’t have don’t have a pot to piss in, but we kinda like it that way; life’s less complicated. But, we did inherit a nice size motor boat, which we named Jer-Sea Girl. It took some time to get her seaworthy, but let me tell you, it was soooo worth the wait; let me tell you why.

One evening, Eric surprised me by asking if I wanted to take her to my favorite restaurant, Water’s Edge. I love this place because they have a pier you can dock your boat onto, an outdoor tiki bar, live entertainment and a dance floor. We talked about doing this a few times, but it was always just talk. Since this was the first time we’d be boating at night and having dinner there since our first anniversary, I was very excited!

After dinner and a couple of cocktails, we went out on the bay a couple miles and Eric anchored. The shoreline was all lit up and the water sparkled from the reflection of the moon. In the distance, we saw fireworks from one of the amusement parks. Standing behind me, Eric wrapped his arms around me, his body felt so warm and strong. The tide was changing, so the water was a little rough, causing the boat to rock a bit.

Each time the boat swayed, I could feel his chest press up against my back and I felt safe. Each time the boat rocked, I could feel his pelvis rub against my ass. Already excited by the romance of the night so unlike Eric to plan, I know I was starting to get wet. I didn’t even realize until a minute had passed that I had responded by arching my lower back toward him, gently rubbing back and forth.

He caressed my bare arm with one hand and pushed my hair to one side with the other to gently nibble the nape of my neck, knowing this is the ultimate foreplay for me. Caressing my arm had every hair standing on end and I shivered.

My rhythmic gyrations against him got him aroused and he let me know by whispering, “See what you do to me?” Letting go of my hair, he began to rub my stomach, slowly moving his hand up and down. With each wave that rocked the boat, he’d move his hand down a little further, making me yearn for more, but I knew I wouldn’t get it until he was ready…until he felt I was ready.

He latin sex tapes porno moved his other hand from my arm to my breast. With his thumb and forefinger he gently rolled my nipple around, and I suddenly became aware of every nerve in my body. I wondered if he knew that with each squeeze, my clit was getting harder and was beginning to throb.

His other hand finally made it’s way between my legs. I thought I’d come right then and there; but he stopped and turned me around to face him.

He led me to the rear of the boat and spread-open a cushy sleeping bag. Lying on our backs, we gazed up at the twinkling stars. Once in a while, I turned toward him to nuzzle his neck and whisper in his ear how wonderful he makes me feel and how handsome he is. He doesn’t show too much emotion when I do this, but I know he enjoys it. Then, as if Eric had ordered it, a shooting star trekked across the sky, so we made a wish. Now everybody knows if you tell what you wished for it won’t come true, but we think so much alike, that at the same exact time asked each other, “So, what did you wish?” For some reason, maybe it was the prior sexual tension, I don’t know, but it struck us as being really funny and we rolled around laughing at ourselves for five minutes.

And just as suddenly as we had started laughing, he stopped to look me straight in the eyes, as if I was the only woman in the world he could ever love. It’s a look he gets only once in a while. His eyes draw me in and for that instant, I am a part of him. I return the same look to him, and at that moment, we are one…we are soul mates.

That when he finally decided I was ready. Rolling closer, he leaned in to kiss me. Not his usual kiss, THE kiss. The kiss that makes me melt, makes me purr and sigh. He gave me his passionate kiss and I was his for the taking.

Knowing exactly what I yearned for, he pulled the front of his shirt behind his neck, exposing his muscular chest. I love to run my fingers through his thick chest hair. Using his knees to spread my legs open, he mounted me and I had butterflies in my stomach, anticipating how wonderful he would feel inside of me. lezbiyen porno I reached up to stroke his face and braced myself for what was coming by taking hold of his smooth, broad shoulders.

He teased at first, pressing the head of his cock against my swollen lips, pretending he was going to enter me only to pull away. After a few agonizing times, I tried arching up to keep contact, but it was no use, he was in control of our passion.

He continued teasing, now pushing in just a little, lingering a moment, only to withdraw what I so desperately wanted…no, needed. I was dripping wet now, ready to burst and gasped for air. I bit my lip and turned my mouth to suckle his wrist to muffle my groans of anticipation or was it desperation? I couldn’t tell; my mind was spinning. How did he have such restraint?

For a moment, I glanced past his handsome face to eye the stars. It suddenly occurred to me, that this was a fantasy come true and a part of me didn’t want to come, didn’t want this to end. How many times had I dreamt of something this romantic happening between us? I never really thought it would happen. Yet here we were; he had planned all of this just for me. What did I do to deserve someone this wonderful?

Eric saw my eyes divert and took full advantage of it by driving himself forward, penetrating me all the way when I least expected it. We are a match made in heaven; he is a perfect fit for me and he knows it. He pressed up against me and flexed his rock hard cock inside of me, stirring in time with the motion of the boat.

I heard myself moan in ecstasy. It’s never a porno moan; rather, half moan, half sigh and I must admit, sometimes my own sounds turn me on. I think it’s because it turns Eric on knowing I’m thoroughly enjoying everything he’s doing to me. His eyes tell me a lot, but his cock getting harder says even more.

I caught my breath and unknowingly arched my back, forcing my breasts toward him. He pulled all the way out to quickly suck each nipple. He had no trouble finding his way back inside of me with one, hands-free, thrust forward. He methodically did it again, all the way out, then back in. We both liseli porno enjoyed him repeating this move over and over. And we both enjoyed how I had stopped squeezing my pussy. When he makes love to me like this, he taught me that the sensations are so much more intense if I just let go and relax. I come quicker and to my surprise, without any clitoral stimulation, without my doing anything at all.

Still kneeling between my legs, he stopped for a moment and moved back to look between my legs. I am surprised at how this doesn’t embarrass me. Rather, it makes me feel sexy because he just wants to admire his accomplishment of how he can get my empty pussy hole to stay wide-open, eager to accept what he has to offer. And I enjoy seeing his stiff rod, so heavy, sway freely between his parted thighs wondering how it feels to him.

The cool night air swept across my breasts, causing my nipples, still wet from his kisses, to stand at attention. I liked how it felt and he liked how it looked, turning us on more.

Our eyes met and he gently drove forward and lingered inside. Again, we were one. He felt what I felt; I felt what he felt. I could tell the restraint he had earlier was now fading. He called me his “beautiful lover” and asked, “Together?” and I answered, “Yes, now.”

I closed my eyes to relish every sensation; waves of water rocking the boat, waves of electricity running through my body, and then, the waves of his intense orgasm, spurting inside of me. Hearing his low groan of inevitable gratification, I imagined that I am the only woman that has ever let him feel this way. All of this happening at once, set me off. My body shuttered more then I thought possible. I never had an orgasm last that long or be that strong.

Afterwards, an overwhelming feeling of love, peace and security came over me, bringing tears to my eyes. I can’t put this experience into words, but is understood by those who have shared these emotions with the love of their life. I was a little embarrassed and tried to force myself to stop crying. I think Eric might have been flattered by it though, because he just held me close to him, rocking me gently saying it was ok.

Once composed, we cuddled under the sleeping bag, admired the night sky one last time and started to joke around a bit in order to come back down to earth before heading home. And during the entire ride back I kept thinking, “I am sooooo glad I am a Jer-Sea-Girl!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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