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After completing her training as a masseuse Jolene went looking for her dream job as a masseur on a cruise liner. Caribbean Cruises came to her rescue with an offer as a full time masseuse on their regular cruise from Miami to Aruba and Vera Cruz.

On the second morning aboard ship Sly was up early and getting ready to hit the deck to see what was so exciting about being on a cruise ship. He had heard like everyone else believed that sex was abundant on these cruises and he was going to sniff it out. Jolene was still in bed snoring because she wasn’t due at her workstation for a few more hours. Sly and Jolene had an understanding that if one of them found a prospective fuck buddy they would let each other know and if possible share the experience. Jolene was a big fan of double penetration but she would occasionally allow a woman to lick her pussy while Sly stuffed her.

Sly stepped out of the shower and continued drying off in front of the sink. As he was brushing his teeth he looked over and saw that Jolene had rolled on her side and the sheet had fallen off her body exposing a rather nice view of her ass. Just the sight of Jolene’s ass was usually enough to interest Sly’s cock which began to swell up. Still brushing his teeth Sly let his other hand drop down and give his now semi hard cock a little squeeze and a few strokes for good measure. Now his cock was good and hard and he was thinking now what do I do. He had given himself a raging hard on and at the moment, nothing to do with it. Finished brushing his teeth now he switched to his other hand and stroked his cock a few more times while eye fucking Jolene’s meaty ass cheeks. He had jerked off before while looking at her sleeping so this was nothing new. He could probably go over there and wake her up and she’d be ready to do anything he wanted. Jolene loved Sly’s cock anytime anywhere. The question was should he wake her?

As if on cue Jolene pulled her leg up toward her chest exposing her gorgeous pussy. Now Sly was definitely interested. Her pussy lips spread open slightly exposing the inner lips and in the low light it was obvious she was having a good dream because they were glistening wet. One thing about Jolene is she got wet for almost no reason and the best thing about that was Sly could sneak up behind her and slip in her with almost no foreplay at all. Jolene loved to be taken from behind with a little force more than any other position. Sly moved closer to the bed for better look at that wet pussy still massaging his cock. A little pre-cum was seeping out of the tip of his rod. Too bad Jolene was asleep she loved the taste of his pre cum because it Antalya Escort didn’t have that salty bitter taste yet from being contaminated with sperm. He loved how she forced the tip of her tongue in the slit and sucked it out of him, and also loved how she licked his cock head and shaft while she was doing it. If he kept stroking his cock he was going to cum on the bed so he had to decide what to do. As luck would have it Jolene decided for him by rolling over and opening her eyes.

For a second Jolene wasn’t sure what she was seeing then she zeroed in on Sly standing there holding his cock in his hand. It was obviously hard and he had something in mind for her.

“MMMM good morning baby. Is that for me?” she asked as she put her hands behind her knees and pulled them up to her chest sliding her hands up her calves which made her ankles almost touch the sides of her head. This was about as open as she could make her pussy and Sly loved to look at a wet pussy as did all guys. A wide open wet pussy just makes all men crazy so she made sure she wiggled it in his face.

This was too much for Sly to take in his state. He dropped his cock and dove on the bed planting his face in that wide open pussy. Juice was dripping out of it already signaling she was ready for him to finish her off with his tongue. Sly put two fingers straight onto her and began licking and sucking her clit as his gaze traveled up her belly to those fantastic tits of which she was rolling and pinching the nipples between her fingers. Jolene gasped and shoved her pelvis in Sly’s mouth as she felt that velvet tongue slide in between her lips and those fingers probe her hole. Sly’s fingers always hit her G spot just right and he could make her cum in seconds. All he had to do now was one more thing and she would be exploding in his mouth. As if on cue Sly slid an already juicy finger into her asshole and the bomb went off in her brain. Jolene usually had a quick build up to orgasm especially if she was super horny which was most of the time. The fact that she had been having a particularly good dream prior to waking up had set the stage for a quick orgasm.

Sly felt her familiar shudder and Jolene’s hands grabbed him by the hair shoving his face deeper into that sweet pussy. She was so wet his whole lower jaw was forced between her lips. He was literally chin fucking her. Slowly her grip released as the wave subsided in her body and she pushed his head away. Rolling him over on his back Jolene attacked Sly’s cock with her mouth swallowing it all the way down to his little patch of pubic hair.

Plunging down his shaft again and Antalya Escort Bayan again she extended her tongue and licked at her saliva on his ball sac. He was soaked with her juices and she noticed his cock head seemed fatter than normal which was probably due to his stroking his cock as he watched her which made him abnormally hard, not that Jolene cared because the harder the better. On her way down his cock she opened her throat and suppressed her gag in order to get that fat cock head as far down her throat as possible. She loved the feeling of his shaft in her throat and she knew to Sly it was as tight if not tighter than her pussy, which was very tight. Sly reached around and plugged two fingers in her dripping pussy and began pumping using his thumb to rub her engorged clit which was sticking out a good half inch now and hard as a rock. She began to push back against his hand driving him in deeper. Sly sensing her urgency to cum again put all four of his fingers in her pussy and pressed his thumb into her ass hole. Jolene pulled her mouth all the way off Sly’s cock and took a deep breath. God she loved this guy’s cock. She loved looking at it, stroking it and sucking it. Most of all she loved to feel it in her. Anywhere in her was fine. The only thing better than Sly’s cock in her was two cocks in her and one in her mouth. Jolene loved cock.

Sly was feeling the need to cum and Jolene was getting him there fast. Every couple of deep throat sucks she would take a few breaths and furiously stroke his cock as fast as she could. Deep in his balls Sly felt the coming orgasm building. Jolene plunged that fat cock down her throat again and again. Sly began to tense up as she knew he was close so she pulled him out of her mouth and spun around so his fingers came out of her pussy. Quickly turning away from him reverse cowgirl style she reached between her legs and found his cock with one hand guiding it into her aching hole as she slid down on to it. There was an audible squish as her pussy clamped on his pole and juices gushed out as she sat down on it hard. She knew Sly wouldn’t last long now because reverse cowgirl was his favorite position for watching his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. He could control the speed and depth of the strokes, watching his cock come out to the tip and all the way back in. The position also benefited Jolene because she could control the pressure on her clit. An added benefit was Sly could slip his thumb into her ass hole giving her an extra thrill. An intense orgasm was building in both of them. It was just a matter of seconds before one of them went off.

Jolene was Escort Antalya first. She was close when Sly pushed his thumb into her ass and began working it in rhythm with her rocking thrusts. The buzz began as always in her clit and quickly traveled through her stomach causing her pussy to contract around his pole. A moaning squeal began coming from Jolene that built up in intensity culminating in a mind blowing, body shuddering orgasm that caused her pussy to contract on his cock. Feeling her shuddering cum Sly stopped her from thrusting on his cock until the jerking subsided then he rolled her off him onto her back on the bed. Jumping out of bed he grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her to the edge where her head just hung over the edge. Jolene still in a daze and quivering knew what he was up to and shimmied herself into position so Sly’s cock would enter her mouth at the right angle. Aside from stuffing Jolene’s pussy he loved stuffing her mouth. She opened her mouth and he slid his cock all the way in till his balls were touching her nose and began to pump slowly while Jolene got the breathing rhythm down.

As far as giving blow jobs went this was the best way because Sly had to do all the work all she had to do was apply a little suction and if it was done right all his cum would go down her throat and no after taste. Reaching back with one hand on his ass to regulate his stroke and using her other hand to rub her clit, Jolene was ready to get Sly off. Sensing she was prepared to go Sly began to stroke faster in and out of her mouth, stopping when the head of his cock was at her lips and deep stroking down to his balls. It wasn’t going to be much longer because he could feel the cum rising into his loins. Jolene could feel his body begin to tense and decided to help him along by slipping a finger in his asshole. She switched the hand from her pussy to his ass and slid a cum soaked finger into his ass in one easy push. Sly gave a gasp and sank his cock as deep as it would go into her throat as she wiggled her finger across his prostate. A blast of semen shot out of Sly’s cock straight down Jolene’s throat on its way to her stomach. Another wiggle or two of her finger and he continued shooting ropes of cum down her throat. At the same time Jolene began to climax again from her combined rush of the fingering of her clit and the erotic feeling of Sly’s cock cumming down her throat. Amazingly she didn’t choke. Sly slowly reclaimed his cock and pumped it himself a few times while she sucked the last drops out of it and let it slip out of her mouth with a pop.

“Wow. What a way to wake up in the morning. Lets do that again tomorrow,” said a cooing Jolene, as she snuggled against Sly. Sly decided that the pool could wait for a while and snuggled against Jolene’s hot tits and felt her wet pussy still quivering on his leg. Little did they know that another adventure was waiting for them on deck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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