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After completing her training as a massage therapist Jolene went looking for her dream job a on a cruise liner. Caribbean Cruises came to her rescue with an offer as a full time masseuse on their regular cruise from Miami to Aruba and Vera Cruz. It was a beautiful ship that carried over 3000 passengers and crew. The massage department was part of the multiple fitness centers on board. Jolene was assigned to the fitness center designated for the midlevel or economy level of passenger clientele. Some of the other masseurs grumbled that the tips are lower in that level but if you worked hard you moved up to the top deck level passenger fitness center which had the high roller class and bigger tips. Jolene didn’t care she was going to enjoy herself and live her dream.

Sly, Jolene’s boyfriend decided to take a cruise on the same cruise line just as a kick off for her and to keep her company until she got used to her new shipmates. He also thought it might be a good way to get a look at some nice ass on the swim deck while Jolene was working. Sly used his contacts to get a good room on the mid deck with a nice balcony overlooking the pool. Jolene joined him when he came on board and showed him around the ship. After showing off the many amenities of the ship they stopped in the massage room assigned to Jolene so she could show off her new table and work area. Sly, never one to miss a chance for a little of Jolene’s charms took off his shirt and shorts and hopped up on the table.

“How about a little massage baby?” said Sly.

“Ooh baby, you don’t want me to lose my job before I even get started, do you?” purred Jolene as she stroked his cock through his bathing suit.

“This won’t take teen porno long,” said Sly.

Jolene turned and locked the door and then she took off her uniform. Next she slowly removed her bra and panties with plenty of show for Sly’s benefit. Sly in turn removed his bathing suit freeing his engorged shaft. Jolene’s eyes locked onto his member and then her hand reached for her special body crème. Warming the lotion in her hands and rubbing her tits on his arm she slathered the crème over his body. Alternately warming the lotion and rubbing over his body until his whole body was nice and slippery. She made sure the whole time she was avoiding touching his cock which was driving him crazy. It was obvious he was aroused because the veins were standing out on the side of his cock and it was visibly throbbing with every heartbeat.

“Looks like someone has a problem that needs some attention pretty soon,” she giggled.

“Jolene, you are killing me,” moaned Sly.

“Roll over baby and show me that ass,” cooed Jolene.

Sly rolled over on his painful boner and Jolene continued slathering on the lotion and began the massage. Of course when she came to his thighs she made sure she dipped her hands deep and massaged his swollen balls for a few seconds just to keep him alert. He moaned and spread his legs slightly giving her more access. Seeing what he was up too Jolene removed her hands and began to chuckle. He was going to remember this massage for a long time. Squirting lotion on her breasts and down her chest to lube herself up she hoisted herself up on the table and began a full body massage on Sly. Sliding her breasts in small circles on his back and shoulders and working her way travesti pornp down his body until her nipples are pressing on his butt cheeks. Moving her pelvis up over his ass grinding her pubic mound into him opening her legs and squeezing her legs around his thighs caused him to moan. Next she slid her pussy up his back and rubbed his back muscles with her mound causing ripples of pleasure to be sent through her body. Moving back down to his thighs with her pussy lips dragging along his rippling thigh muscles gave her a spasm that resulted in her catching her breath. The lotion and the nectar leaking from her swollen lips lubricating and adding to the velvety smoothness of his skin.

Sly was not laying there and doing nothing. Every time Jolene dragged her body up his he pushed back against her and made her moan as he bumped her back. Unable to take laying on his erection any longer Sly rolled over onto his back and Jolene straddled him sliding her body up and down avoiding his cock. He tried to get into her pussy as she worked her way up to his chest to massage him with her ass cheeks. Working her ass into him and working her hands over his neck was getting him crazy to get his cock in her. Making matters worse she began teasing him by letting the head of his cock touch her opening and slide through the lips but not allowing him to enter. Feeling the wet opening slide over his cock was almost enough to make him cum because of the erotic feel of her body on his. Sly had just about had enough of this teasing and was about to do a little teasing of his own. The next time she put her pussy on his belly he grabbed her by the ass cheeks and pulled her up to his mouth. The combination of the tricky masseur lotion and the pussy juice made it easy to slide her up his body, within reach of his tongue. She tried to pull away but as soon as the tip touched her clit she bucked into him allowing that long wet tool to slide all the way in and touch her special spot only he knew how to reach. Almost immediately a wave of butterflies went from her swollen clit and flowed up into her chest. Her breath now began to come shallow and quick as an orgasm began to build. The blood flowed out of her brain into her engorged clit and her vision began to close down. The sensation of a wave flowed back up into her head and she shuddered as the wave crashed flooding his mouth with honey from her now sucking hole.

Sly felt her shudder and the flood of wetness flow over his chin. Taking advantage of her being momentarily incapacitated he slid her pelvis back down his chest and impaled her on his cock grabbing her by the hair and pulling her head down to his chest. Now he had her where he wanted her. His bone was now all the way in to the balls and he was pounding into her for all it was worth. His cock was so swollen from Jolene’s torture that he felt his release was going to be soon. Jolene was building to another orgasm quickly because his cock head was hitting her right on her G spot with every thrust. Sly felt the increase in lubrication that always preceded her cumming and sped up his strokes in hopes of catching her at that exact moment. A low moan began in her throat and rose in pitch as the next wave broke over her. At that exact moment Sly felt his own orgasm blasting out into her pussy in long spurts and continued to pump into her until the feeling began to subside. Jolene began to breathe again and collapsed on Sly quivering. After a few minutes they untangled themselves and wiped off the lotion as much as possible before putting on their clothes and heading back to their cabin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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