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Josh and Anna had just returned to their hotel from the first day of Anime Expo, both enthralled at the fun of the day and exhausted. The Los Angeles summer heat and the miles of walking along the convention floor they had both done had certainly taken its toll. It was barely sunset, but the pair were both more than willing to forego the night’s festivities in exchange for a few extra hours of sleep. Plus, these conventions attract a lot of fans with fewer social graces than most, many of whom don’t know where their shower is in their house, let alone how to use it. The stink clung to these congoers like leeches, Josh had discovered early on.

Josh was, thus, surprised when he met Anna in person for the first time that morning and discovered she was very much the opposite. He had met her online playing Fortnite a few months back, and they had quickly become good friends. They bonded over their shared love of games and, obviously, anime. Josh off-handedly mentioned one night how excited he was for Anime Expo, and was delighted to learn that Anna would be there, too. Since they were both students living in their parents’ houses, neither had much money to spare. Because of this, they decided it would make the most sense to share a hotel room. Los Angeles isn’t cheap, after all. Josh had never seen her face, however, and was fearing the worst. He was pleasantly surprised when he met her in the lobby of the DoubleTree that would be their home for the next few nights. She was a petite girl, short, with flowing brunette hair and nice, perky tits whose cleavage he could just barely see out of the top of her cropped My Hero Academia t-shirt.

She had a bubbly, happy personality to match- he could tell that much as she ran up to hug him. As her body pressed against his, he felt his member begin to stiffen, and pulled away quickly to avoid an awkward situation. Josh’s last relationship was months ago, and had had a messy end that left a bad taste in Josh’s mouth. With all the stresses in his life like school, his work, and looking at moving out of his bastard of a father’s house, a weekend at Anime Expo was just what Josh needed. Anna was one of the few people in his life who didn’t ridicule Josh for liking anime, let alone talk about the latest episode of One Punch Man with him. For that, Anna had immediately gained his respect.

As konyaaltı üniversiteli escort the pair exited the elevator on their floor, Josh was reminded yet again how sexy Anna was. While Josh didn’t like cosplaying, Anna did. For that, Josh was truly grateful. She had brought a number of different outfits to wear over the weekend, and that day was in a cosplay of Katarina from League of Legends. It was a simple but truly effective costume. Tight black nylon pants, along with a black pushup bra and a cropped green jacket, and of course a pair of knee-high boots and a set of prop swords completed the look. It was absolutely sexy. Josh followed behind Anna as she skipped down the hall, her ass bouncing ferociously. He was absolutely turned on, and praised his past self for suggesting they split a room.

The pair finally made it back to the room, and suddenly Josh felt truly drained from the day, and incredibly hungry.

“I think I’m going to run downstairs, grab something to eat from one of those vending machines in the lobby. Might get some Doritos. Or something” he stammered. God, he was so awkward. Where had his game gone? He used to chat up girls all the time, but video games and anime had slowly taken over his free time, and that skill had atrophied away.

“Ok!” Anna said, cheerful as always, “I’m gonna shower- I feel gross after walking around those convention halls all day. Too many fat nerds that don’t know how to keep their distance. Glad you’re not one of them!” she laughed.

Josh chuckled awkwardly, then walked out of the room and headed back down to the lobby. There, he got a honey bun and a Pepsi to wash it down with. After drinking the one drink, he realized just how thirsty he was, and bought a second. He downed that immediately too. After that, he decided to explore the hotel a bit- he didn’t get out too much, and it truly was a nice hotel. He wandered around, checking out the beautiful pool and peeking into a wedding in the hotel’s big hall. Josh eventually stumbled upon the workout room, and decided to check it out. He had planned on working out in the evenings after the Expo closed for the night, but Josh’s aching legs and feet let him know that wasn’t going to happen.

Josh was a fitness enthusiast, and in pretty good shape. kurtköy escort He admired himself in the gym’s mirror. He was tall, with large arms and lats. He used to work towards a six pack, but once he realized that was out of the question he settled for two. He had smooth tan skin (thanks to his abuela, who had come over from Spain after World War 2), short black hair, and inviting olive eyes. After a moment, he decided to head back up to the room and rest his legs.

He walked up to their room, and heard Anna moving around in the main room. Josh took this to mean she was done in the shower, and he was safe to go inside. He opened the door and walked in, then locked eyes with Anna. She was completely naked, her long hair still wet from the shower. She had been dancing to some pop music, but froze like a deer in headlights when she saw Josh. Instinctually, Josh’s eyes flashed down to her breasts- just as perky as ever, with enticing pink nipples to boot- then down to her wetness, waxed and plump. She shrieked in shock, and Josh spun around and practically ran out of the hotel room, only to realize he had dropped his key on his way out.

A few minutes later, Anna opened the door to a waiting Josh. She was wearing fluffy blue pajama shorts, and a loose-fitting Naruto tee.

“Now you can come in, ya perv” she joked, a smirk on her face.

Still blushing, Josh smiled sheepishly and walked in. He was still really embarrassed, but also incredibly horny. Seeing Anna’s gorgeous body like that had aroused Josh in a way he hadn’t felt in months, and he needed to go do something about it.

“If you’re done in the bathroom, I’m gonna shower now. Gotta get that con funk off me, right?” he smiled.

He gathered his pajamas, and shut the door behind him. He turned on the water, and it heated up almost immediately. Josh stripped bare, noting his raging hard boner as he stepped in the shower. Josh let the warm water rush over him, therapeutic after such a long day. He reached down and began to touch himself when the door jostled, and Josh jumped in surprised.

“Anna?” he asked, trying to sound manly but still be heard over the quiet roar of the shower, “the door should be unlocked if you need to grab your toothbrush or something”.

Suddenly, The shower curtain ankara kurtuluş escort was pulled back, and there she was – in all her gorgeous, naked beauty. Anna had decided to join him in the shower. Without thinking, Josh stepped forward, putting one hand on her cheek and one hand on her wetness, and the two began to kiss passionately. He could feel her smile on his lips as she reached for his throbbing cock and began to play with it. Josh’s hand ran up and down her body, feeling her incredible body and smooth skin.

Suddenly, Josh snapped out of their ecstasy- there was a problem. Josh had to relieve himself- badly. He pulled his mouth away from Anna’s.

“I’ll be right back” he said, as he began to pull away the shower curtain.

“Hey, where are you going, big boy?” she asked, a sly smile on her face.

“I-I had a lot to drink earlier, I’ve got to-” he began to stammer out, embarrassed that he had to cut off their intimate moment to go to the bathroom.

Anna’s eyebrows raised as her smirk turned mysterious.

“Josh” she said, kneeling down in the shower, “go on me.”

“Are- are you sure?” Josh was able to get out, confused, but somehow even harder than before.

“C’mon Josh,” she said, making eye contact with him, “what are you waiting for?”

Anna’s proposition was something that had never entered Josh’s mind before, but got him so incredibly hard that he couldn’t resist. He started to relieve himself on her, both of them grinning ear to ear. Josh couldn’t say why, but the sight of what was happening made him hornier than he had ever been in his entire life. Once Josh was done, Anna rose, and the two of them began to kiss passionately, not caring about anything else but each other. After a moment, Anna turned around and bent over, holding onto the disability bar in the shower for balance. She looked back at him, at his throbbing cock, the anticipation clear on her face.

Hesitantly, Josh moved forward, and slowly entered her. He heard her moan with pleasure, and he began to move back and forth, much to both of their pleasures. After only a few strokes, though, Josh had to pull out. He came all over her bare butt and legs, more than he had in his entire life.

“Sorry” he mumbled, embarrassed, as he cupped water in his hands to wash off her back.

She turned around and grabbed his face with both hands, before planting a tender, long kiss on his lips. She bit his lip, then pulled away.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about” she said coyly, “there’s plenty more where that came from”. She shut the water off, and grabbed Josh’s still-hard cock, leading him from the bathroom into the hotel room’s main room.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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