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I’ve been happily married to my husband John for 15 years. Today things in our marriage are going to change, and I hope they will be for the better. I enjoyed a great sex life with my husband for the first ten years, but in the last five some things have changed between us. As he has gotten older he seems to be less interested in me, and I have been increasingly interested in sex. This has created a little bit of tension between us, mostly on his part. He feels frustrated that he isn’t pleasing me the way he thinks he should. I have, until today, been trying to reassure him that things are fine, that I don’t need to be satisfied every time I get horny.

Until today…

He has tried a lot to try and satisfy my increased sex drive, all the way up to suggesting that maybe I need a second lover. When my sex drive started increasing, he started doing reasearch on what he could do to help his declining sex drive. Eventually he stumbled across something called hotwifing, where a husband would share his wife with her lovers for her satisfaction. He approached me with the subject and it became something of a fantasy between us. We would roleplay and pretend that I was with other men, including his friends. He kept asking if I was actually interested in doing this without the roleplay. Until today I told him that this was just a fun fantasy for us. I told him that I didn’t need anything more than him.

Until today…

He tried taking testosterone supplements, edging, pills, porn, and methods of pleasing me without himself. All in the hopes of satisfying my increased sex drive. He would regularly go down on me, finger me, use toys on me, all without any pleasure for himself. He did this in the hopes that he could remain horny and satisfy me. It works, kind of. Until today, I told him that this was a good compromise, that I could work with this even though it wasn’t the sex that I was craving. I tried making the toys and the fantasies work.

Until today…

Today is Saturday. Saturday is usually a solo day for both of us. I tend to go shopping, and he goes to the local adult theatre with his best friend, Adam. I have often asked him about this ritual, and he always responds the same. “We spend the afternoon there, from about noon til almost 8. We bullshit and chat and appreciate the porn on the screen. But we never do anything there.” I have occasionally joined him on this activity, and he is true to his word, he sits and talks to Adam quietly in the back of the theatre, glancing occasionally at the screen. Rather boring if you ask me, but to each their own.

Today I went out shopping at my favorite store. It’s a small clothes boutique and I was just looking for a cheap new outfit. The clerk at the store was new, a young man with blonde hair, a nice build, clean shaven, and half my age. I was browsing blouses and shirts when he asked if I needed assistance. I politely declined. Having shopped here for years, I felt I would be better able to assist him than the other way around.

After finding three items to try on, two blouses and a pair of jeans, I started looking for a clerk to access the dressing rooms. I once again found the young clerk behind the counter, eager to assist. He grabbed the keys to the dressing rooms and started guiding me back to the dressing area. As we were walking, he gently placed his hand on my back, something that no clerk had ever done before at this store. It mentally shook me, but I said nothing, thinking it was just a nice gesture.

When we reached the locked dressing room doors, he gently let his hand fall, sliding over my butt before breaking contact. He stepped around me, placed the key in the lock on the door, allowing me to gather my composure at the unwanted contact. Once unlocked he turned back to me, “Let me know if you need anything else,” he said, then winked at me!

This man was young enough to be my child if I had any, and he was flirting with me. I immediately assumed he was just trying to get a reaction out of me, or maybe he had a kink for old women. Either way, I did not give him any reaction and stepped into the dressing room as he placed my items on the hook on the door. I closed the door and began taking my top off to try on one of the blouses. Standing in my leggings and bra, I caught my reflection in the mirror. The first thing I noticed is that I still look good for my age. At 40 I have retained most of my figure from my youth and I didn’t look bad standing there half naked in the mirror. The second thing I noticed was my nipples poking through my bra.

I guess my body reacted to the young man’s attention more than my mind did. I ran my hands over my torso and breasts as I stared at the woman in the mirror who did the same, and a thought occurred to me. Why shouldn’t the clerk flirt with me? I am a good looking woman, I’m not in the grave yet. Maybe I shouldn’t have dismissed his flirting as quickly as I did. Maybe he did think I was worth a fling. mamak escort My hands found my hard nipples and began playing with them. I felt myself getting more aroused and thought about how I could use this as a story with John to get a steamy sex session with him.

I grabbed the first blouse and tried it on as I started going through a story in my head about pulling the clerk into the dressing room and going down on him. I wasn’t as thrilled with the first blouse on me as I thought I would be and quickly shed it for the second one. As I slid the garment over my head, the story in my mind continued, with the clerk playing with my butt and pussy as I sucked his hard on. This blouse looked better, so I left it on as I shed my leggings to try the jeans on. As the leggings came off, I ran a finger over my panties, teasing my sensitive and apparently sopping pussy. I quickly put the jeans on, pulling them over my butt and fastening the front.

I admired myself in the mirror again, liking what I saw, both the woman, and the outfit. I ran my hands over the fairly tight jeans and imagined how much effort the clerk would need to put in to get them off of me. The story in my head was running wild, I was getting so horny in the dressing room, I was starting to wonder if I was going to ruin the jeans before I got them home. Deciding to put the story in my head on pause, I quickly shed the new clothes and worked on getting re-dressed, acutely aware of the lady in the mirror stripping and dressing for my amusement.

Once dressed and ready to face the world again, I exited the dressing room and headed for the counter. I handed the first blouse to the clerk, telling him that I wasn’t interested in that piece, but would get the other two. He rang me up quickly, and offered for me to come again as I left. Little did he know that I was planning to go home and do just that.

I sped home, tossed the bag of clothes to the side as I climbed the bed and found the toy I keep in the nightstand. I set the toy to a steady hum and began running it on my sensitive areas over my clothes. My head had unpaused the story from the dressing room, and the young man was now stripping me out of my clothes and running his hands and mouth wherever he could get them on my body. My clothes found themselves quickly discarded as I guided his head between my legs. The first orgasm rolled through my body as his head was sucking on my clit and my toy was vibrating there. The second one shook my legs as I moved the toy into my now sopping pussy, imagining the clerk sliding into me from behind. The third left me out of breath as he pounded me against the dressing room wall, with my legs wrapped around him.

Out of breath, I set the toy aside, still not satisfied, still in need of a good fucking. As I lay there panting, wanting nothing more than a hard cock between my legs, my mind went back to the clerk and his flirting. I realized that I liked the attention, further, I realized that when I spurned it, it wasn’t because I was married, it was because I thought myself not good enough to warrant the attention. But the lady in the mirror was good enough for that attention, in fact she wanted it. Craved it. Maybe it was time I acknowledged her. Maybe it was time I took my husband up on his offer of having more lovers. Maybe…

And this is how I find myself in my current situation. I am currently driving down the highway wearing a simple over the head black dress, with flats, and my hair secured in a ponytail. No bra, no panties. I won’t need them where I am heading. My mind is racing as I drive. I wonder if I am doing the right thing. I wonder if what I am doing will cost me my marriage.

I wonder what it is going to feel like.

I pull into a parking lot a few buildings away from my actual destination, and step out of the car. The wind flutters the dress around my thighs, but doesn’t threaten to reveal anything. I walk across two lots, to the nondescript building, heading straight for the door. I take note of John’s car in the lot as I reach the door and pull it open. I pay the clerk quickly and walk through a door into a darkened theatre.

The sound of sex quickly assaults my ears, and I quietly walk through the theatre. I am headed for one of the darkest sections of theatre, away from the door, about halfway to the screen. I don’t want anyone to be able to see my face. I hear John and Adam near the back of the theatre, close to the door, talking about politics. I also note four or five other men in the theatre.

This place doesn’t have individual seats, instead it has easy to clean vinyl couches at regular intervals away from the screen (a giant tv mounted to the wall). I slide into the darkened area of the room, and sit on one of these couches, close to the wall. I slide my flats off of my feet and place one foot on the couch, spreading my legs and giving myself access to my wet sex. ofise gelen escort My fingers go to work, watching the woman on the screen get pounded by a big cock from behind.

I focus on the screen and let myself imagine that I am her, that I am getting what I need. My moans have already begun as I work my fingers into my pussy. I make no effort to hide what I am doing as I use both hands to satisfy my needs, hoping someone will be brave soon. In the darkness of the room, I can see heads turning towards me, but I cannot see anything of their faces, which tells me that no one can see my face either.

I didn’t have to wait long. The woman on the screen hasn’t even changed positions before a man moves behind my couch. It’s obvious that he is standing there stroking his cock as he watches me play with myself. It isn’t a huge cock, maybe four inches, but that doesn’t matter to me. I adjust my position, moving my face closer to the cock. I leave one hand playing with my clit, but take the other one and wrap it around his cock, moving his hand out of the way and using my juices as lubricant as I begin stroking his cock for him.

With each stroke, I gently pull him towards my mouth. I don’t dare speak, I don’t want to give myself away to John, but I keep stroking until I can lean over and slide the head of his cock into my mouth. It isn’t the hole I want it in, but I’ll take what I can get right now. The sounds of my mouth on his cock, and his moans can now be heard through the theatre. I can see more figures standing in the room now, moving closer.

I moan on his cock, and spread my legs wider as I play with myself, hoping someone will take the hint. I’m in luck. As I suck the cock in front of me, I see another man enter my aisle. He kneels down on the floor and gently touches my thighs. I can’t see his face, but I can tell that he has a beard and is looking at me, probably for approval. I nod to him as I continue sucking. He wastes no time, his face lowers and I feel his tongue on my opening. I move my hand away, giving him total access to his prize. His tongue works its way into my slit and I moan around the cock in my mouth.

This sends him over the edge and I feel his cock twitch and his balls tighten before he sprays the first jet in my mouth with a groan. I accept the first jet in my mouth, then release him from my lips and point the rest at my tits. He covers my dress with three more spurts before staggering away from me. I want it to be obvious what I have been doing when I go home to John.

With my attention removed from his cock, I am now better able to take in my surroundings, as the beard between my legs continues to make me moan. The drained blowjob guy is now staggering out of the aisle behind me, pulling his pants up as he moves. It appears he wont stay for the rest of the show, as he is moving towards the exit door. Well, it isn’t like he will be missed, I note as I now have the attention of every man in the theater. I note the location of John and Adam, even though I can’t see their faces, I know them well enough to identify them by body type.

John is standing in the center aisle, between all of the couches, it looks like he is stroking his cock, but not coming closer. Adam sat down on the couch next to me, I am not certain when that had happened but it doesn’t displease me. His pants are around his ankles and he is stroking his rather impressive cock. Besides the beard man, John, and Adam, there are two more men watching and stroking their cocks, one has replaced the drained blowjob man, hoping to get the same treatment. The other was trying to get close enough to get involved without crowding the other participants.

I reach over and took Adam’s cock in my hand, replacing his as I stroke it to full size. It is easily six inches long, maybe closer to seven, and fairly thick. It is going to feel great in my longing pussy. I intend for Adam to be the first to get inside me, but I let the beard man continue a while longer, getting me nice and wet. I let the man behind the couch get what he wants as my mouth wraps around his cock.

I am close to heaven right now, a nice cock in my hand, a wet tongue on my pussy (I’ll give him credit for trying, but he’s not really great and I doubt he would be able to get me off even if I gave him the time), and a decent cock in my mouth. I don’t really have anything going on in my head at this point, I just close my eyes and enjoy the feeling.

Perhaps sensing that he isn’t going to be able to get me off, the beard man stands up and leans over me, intending to put his hard cock where his tongue had been. I gently put my hand on his chest, indicating that I want him to stop, and he does. These guys are surprisingly gentlemen like considering the circumstances. I take the cock out of my mouth, and swing a leg over Adam, straddling his lap with my pussy right above his cock. I look otele gelen escort at his face, but cannot make out his features, hoping that I am not wrong about his body type, I lean in and kiss him, letting our tongues dance as I lower my myself and let his cock impale me.

With a new cock deep in my pussy, the first one since my marriage, I moan into Adam as we continue to explore each other’s mouths. I wonder at this point why I was so hesitant to accept John’s offer for other lovers. Maybe it was because that was what society expected of me. Well as far as I am concerned, society can bite me, cause this feels amazing. The beard man may not have been able to make me cum with his tongue, but he did a fantastic job of working me up, and as a result, I cum within a few seconds of having Adam’s cock impale me.

My orgasm shakes my body and I bury my head in Adam’s shoulder as I moan from the pleasure. Adam takes this opportunity to reach down, grab the bottom of my dress and pull it over my head, leaving me naked in front of five men, including my husband. As I come down from my high, I begin grinding on the dick inside me, rubbing my clit against his pelvis. The blowjob guy appears in front of me again, and I gladly take his cock back in my mouth, sucking it as I lean over Adam’s shoulder.

I feel another cock pressing up against me, and stop sucking enough to look back. The beard man is now pressing his cock against my ass. It feels slightly slick and I assume he brought some sort of lube to the theatre. Anal is not something that John and I regularly engage in, but niether are gangbangs and strange cocks and I am currently engaged in both. With that line of thought, I lean back into the beard man’s cock, giving him the go ahead to fill all of my holes with cock.

He goes slow, which I appreciate, as I go back to sucking the cock behind the couch. It only takes a few moments as I sit still on Adam’s cock to allow my ass to be penetrated. The beard man is not huge, thankfully but when he slides in, I feel completely full. I have no idea what this feels like for Adam, I am sure he can feel the beard man’s cock as they begin sliding into me with a rhythm that will very quickly send me into orbit, but I know what it feels like for me. I feel them rubbing against each other on that thin membrane between my holes, it is doing wonderful things for my body, sending jolts of pleasure through me with each movement.

Their rhythm almost feels practiced, as one is reaching the bottom of his stroke, the other is at the top, not quite in unison though. Enough of a difference between them to keep my body guessing and anticipating, which just causes more waves of pleasure to flow through me. I am moaning non stop around the cock in my mouth now, which proves to be too much for it. I feel it tighten in my mouth. I prepare to receive another load in my mouth, but he removes his dick and aims it at my face.

I haven’t gotten a facial since before I was married, truth be told, I am not very fond of it. It feels degrading, but this time I welcomed it. It was just another sign that I had been used in every way possible when I would get home. His cum splattered my mouth, coating my lips, then hit my cheek. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, giving him a target, but his last spurt was stronger and went into my hair. I licked my lips, removing the cum from them, as I thought of what John would say when I got home. This sends me over the edge again, and I slam my body down on both dicks, my body convulsing between their bodies.

Adam starts grabbing my ass as my pussy grips his cock with a vengeance. “I’m getting close, you need to get off…” he begins to tell me. I cut him off and plant my lips on his, forcing my body down on his cock as hard as I can. He grunts into my mouth, grabs both of my tits with his hands and forces his hips up. I feel his cock throb inside me as he unloads his balls inside me, filling me with cum from the first man besides my husband. This is apparently too much for the beard man, and he pulls his cock from my ass and I feel his hot liquid on my ass cheeks.

Spent, the beard man reaches behind him and grabs his clothes from the couch before shimmying out of the aisle. I see John still watching me from the aisle, still clueless that he is watching his wife be a slut for the first time. Blowjob man has disappeared during my most recent orgasm, but I see the last straggler moving into my aisle past the beard man.

I rise up off of Adam’s dick, feeling some of his cum leak out onto it. I collapse onto my back on the couch, fully satisfied for the first time in years it feels like. The cum on my ass is slippery on the vinyl couch, I can feel Adam’s cum leaking from my pussy, and the cum on my face and hair is just beginning to dry.

The straggler climbs onto the couch between my legs, fully naked with his cock in his hand. He looks at me, expectantly. I am exhausted, but I am the one who decided to jump into this hotwifing thing with both feet, so I nod at him. He walks closer on his knees, guides his cock head to the opening of my ass. While I am not opposed to anal, as I just had a cock in my ass, I would rather not go for a second round right now. I push my bottom into the couch more, guiding his cock higher, towards my pussy.

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