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Since I retired, I had got into the habit every morning, about 8am, of walking into the local shopping centre. There I would buy the daily paper, and sit in Costas over a flat white.

Some mornings I’d take my time, other mornings I’d be on my way back home after only half an hour.

The roads close to the shopping centre were used by the shop employees to park their cars, as the shopping centre car park was chargeable.

About a year last March, I noticed a young lady, in her early twenties, parking her red Mini Cooper, and making her way to the shops.

She caught my attention at first, because of her fiery red hair. It was straight, falling down over her shoulders.

I didn’t see her every day, because my timings would vary, but when I did see her, I began to notice more about her.

She wasn’t very tall, about 5′ 6,” and quite slim, although that was difficult to judge in winter clothing. However, as Spring arrived bringing warmer weather, she began to dress in ever more revealing fashion. She had quite a delicious body.

It will only be the senior citizens reading this, that will know how the older male’s mind works. It works exactly the way the younger male’s mind works!

The bit that’s the paradox is the outer, ageing shell, and what it’s become, however, that’s sometimes compensated for by a certain amount of experience.

But to return to the story.

As the weeks went by, we used to pass each other at various places between her car, and the shopping centre.

One morning I saw her turn into the high street, cross over, and enter ‘George’s,’ a hairdressing salon. And so I came to realise that she was a hairdresser.

Gradually over time we passed by each other so regularly, that we started to nod and say, “Hello,” or “Good morning.”

Her smile was illuminating, and if I passed close by, her eyes sparkled green.

One early summers day, my walk home coincided with her parking her car, and as she got out we started a brief conversation.

“Good morning,” she said, “it’s lovely to see the sun. We seem to bump into each other a lot.” She smiled a wonderful smile.

“Yes we do, don’t we,” I laughed, and added, “You work at George’s?”

“Yes, you’ve obviously seen me. You ought to drop in for a trim.”

I wasn’t sure if this was a slight joke, as I’d always assumed Georges was a ladies’ hairdressers.

She could see my quzzical look, and added, “We do men as well, we’d be gentle with you.” She laughed out loud.

With that I watched her walk off down the road, unashamedly, I watched her buttocks moving beneath her jersey dress.

I didn’t see her for a couple of days, and then on the following Monday I saw her coming in the opposite direction.

“Good morning,” she smiled, and continued, “By the way, I’m Evie, so you know who to ask for when you book that appointment.”

I wasn’t sure what to say except, “I’m Rob, Evie. Thanks for the invitation. I’ll book one when I’ve summoned up the courage.”

“If you don’t want to come in the daytime when it’s full of women, we have a late night on Wednesdays, we’re open till 7.30pm.”

“I may just do that, as long as it’s you.”

“Just ask for Evie. I’ll look forward to it.” And off she went to work with that pert little bum waggling down the road.

I continued home with a spring in my step, and later that morning phoned, and made an appointment with Evie for 7pm on Wednesday.

On the Wednesday afternoon I showered and shaved, and put my best cologne on, and dressed in shirt and chinos drove down, parked up, and at 6.55pm entered this totally alien environment.

I must have looked very nervous. A girl at the desk, who looked about fifteen, took my name, and at that point Evie walked past and said, “Hi Rob, you made it. Ruby here will wash your hair, and then I’ll work my magic.”

Ruby was a stunning blonde girl, I guess about eighteen, who was wearing tight leggings, and a top with a low neck, and a bare midriff.

Being made to lean back, and have my hair washed backwards was new to me, but I let Ruby make me comfortable, and chat away about this, and that.

When she’d done she walked me over to Evie’s chair, and I thanked her, and took in the absolute vision that was Evie.

Her red hair blazed at me, and her green eyes danced under long lashes. She wore all black, leggings, and a tight t-shirt, and for the first time I saw how well proportioned she was. Generous breasts, slim waist, and that plump, rounded ass.

“Right Mr Rob, can I call you that?” asked Evie.

“Just call me Rob,” I replied, “I answer to all sorts. So what are you going to do to me, I haven’t got much to play with.”

The innuendo wasn’t lost on Evie.

“I’m sure that’s not true, oh you meant hair!” And she Beylikdüzü escort giggled. “Oh I’m sorry, it’s been a long day,” and giggled again.

“You’re a bit of a rascal, I can see that,” I said, but I realised all this chat was becoming a bit familiar, and I’d better cool it down.

Evie realised too, but there was a little bit of chemistry working, despite our age gap, and I sensed she liked flirting.

Evie and I agreed how much she’d cut, and the style that she was aiming for.

Putting the drape around me, and securing the neck, her fingers brushed my skin, and that made me catch my breath a little. I was feeling very much the old perve, and our age difference was impacting my thoughts.

As she set to work clipping away with the scissors, we chatted about this, and that.

She felt comfortable about telling me about how she’d bought a small flat, and that she’d broken up with a long term boyfriend, and that she’d finished with men, because they were too superficial. How she was going on holiday to Greece in a couple of weeks, and how she was trying to lose weight.

I, in turn, told her that I lived alone after my wife had passed away, and about being a retired teacher, and my day to day life, and hobbies. It’s surprising how much information you can exchange in a hairdresser’s chair.

As Evie clipped away, tilting my head slightly when required, she moved around the chair, and I was very conscious of how close she was. I could smell her perfume, and when she leaned towards me her thighs pressed against mine.

It seemed quite exciting. At first I tried to withdraw my thighs slightly, but Evie appeared to press further forwards, so I just enjoyed the warmth I felt from her legs against mine.

Circling around to the other side, she pressed against me again, and this time I kept my thighs against hers, and began to wonder whether this was the way she worked normally.

A sexy young hairdresser, an older male customer, I was purely letting my imagination run away with me.

But then the touch of her fingertips on my neck and chin, as she moved my head to assess her work. It felt divine.

Was the touch just a little longer than normal?

Was the touch just a little more gentle than normal?

Again, I was reading too much into it.

Finally, Evie completed her task. She removed the drape, and smoothed my shirt with her hands. Was that normal?

As I settled the bill, Evie again said it had been a long day, but she was pleased that I’d plucked up courage to come.

“I’m going to have a pint next door before I set off home. Show off my new haircut.”

Evie smiled, “Well you were my last customer, I’m tempted to join you.”

Her face looked slightly embarrassed.

“Well it’s an open invitation. Yes, yes, of course, I’d love you to join me.”

Nodding, she said, “Give me a few minutes, I’ll get my bag and stuff,” and in no time we were walking into the pub next door.

We were both driving, so a glass of wine for her, and a pint for me was going to be our limit.

We both sat side by side on a comfy sofa in the window.

“So was it as frightening as you thought?” Evie took a sip of wine, and her green eyes looked directly into mine.

“It was a lot different to my old barbers shop, I must say,” was my reply.

And the staff were certainly much easier on the eye, and the woman who cut my hair was a real cracker.” I was being deliberately flirty.

“Ooooooh Rob, you are quite naughty, I thought that when you were pressing against my leg in the salon.”

I must have blushed beetroot red, because Evie looked sternly in admonishment.

And then, suddenly, she burst out laughing, and leaned over, and hugged me.

“Oh Rob, I just love the look on your face. I am a tease aren’t I? You must have realised it was me, flirting with you in the salon.”

“I thought it was my imagination Evie, but realistically I’m old enough to be your grandad.”

She cuddled up to me, and whispered, “Rob, I’ve always liked older guys, is that odd? I actually lost my cherry to one of my dad’s friends.”

“I’m not sure what to say Evie. Here we are, only knowing each other briefly, and you’re revealing how you had sex for the first time. You’re such a sexy girl, this is all surprising to me.”

“Well my last boyfriend always said I was spontaneous. So I’m being spontaneous today. Come to mine tomorrow evening, and I’ll cook you a meal. Give me your phone, and I’ll give you my number.”

I was astounded. Was this the modern generation? I had experienced the nineteen sixties, and it’s liberal behaviour, but this was another level.

Taking my mobile, Evie put her number in, and said that she would get off home, but insisted I text her in the morning to tell Beylikdüzü escort her if I was coming.

“Oh I’ll be there,” I said, “Don’t worry about that.”

Evie gave me a kiss on the cheek, and left with that classic shake of her ass, as she disappeared out of the door.

I could hardly wait until the next morning, but I texted her first thing as I’d promised, and a reply came back saying that she was pleased, and giving her address. I was due there at 7pm.

And there I was, ringing the bell exactly on time.

Evie lived in a two bed flat in a modern development of two six storey blocks. She was on the fourth floor.

Evie was standing at the front door when I came out of the lift. Greeting me with a kiss on the cheek, and taking my bottle of wine, I followed her inside to a living room, modestly furnished, with a large tv, framed photos and posters on the walls, and a large 3 seater sofa facing French doors which opened out onto a Juliet balcony.

“What would you like to drink Rob, beer or wine?” Evie looked divine, dressed in a clingy dark green dress, contrasting with her red hair.

“I’ll have a glass of red if that’s ok Evie, you look stunning in that dress.”

Evie seemed slightly embarrassed. “It feels strange you saying that, because you sound as though you really mean it. So many guys say it in a way that’s obvious that they’re wanting to get inside your knickers.”

“Well Evie, it’s refreshing to hear you be so frank about something like that. I’ve already learned from you that young people are more open these days about stuff.”

And that set the tone for the evening. No more embarrassment. It was as though the dam of self consciousness had been broken.

The meal was enjoyable, a pasta dish, followed by cheesecake and raspberries.

The conversation flowed, as did the wine, and we were well into the second bottle by the time we carried the dishes into the kitchen.

“I’ll sort these out, I won’t be long putting them into the dishwasher. You take your wine, and sit on the sofa.”

As she passed me my glass she gave me a little kiss, but this time on the lips.

“If you’re sure, thank you,” and I went back into the living room, and sat down.

It was now quite dark outside, and the lights were coming on in the adjacent block, barely fifty yards away. Evie’s room was lit by a couple of wall lights, and the French doors were just ajar in the evening warmth.

I was casually casting my eyes here and there when, suddenly, the light in the room directly opposite came on. A couple entered, I guess in their thirties, and it became obvious straight away that they had one intent.

My eyes were transfixed. They were rapidly undressing one another, completely oblivious to the fact that they were openly visible through the window.

I called out to Evie, “I think you’d better come and see this. Your neighbours are getting very passionate, or should I say horny.”

“Oh it’s not them again. They are always getting carried away, it gets a bit embarrassing at times.”

Evie was standing behind me, as I was sitting on the sofa. We both stared as the guy had already removed the woman’s dress, and was now unclasping her bra.

She had unbuttoned his shirt, and was unbuckling his belt.

“Does this happen often?” I added.

Evie giggled, “Occasionally, I’ve secretly watched them a couple of times.”

“Naughty girl,” I remarked as his trousers slid down revealing his erect cock.

“I think we are getting to the point of no return.”

Evie knelt down behind the sofa so that her head was close beside mine, and we could just whisper together.

“If I was watching this alone I’d be classed as a dirty old perv,” I said

Again Evie giggled, “It’s quite a turn on isn’t it?” she added.

I turned my head slightly and smiled, as I did that, she put her hand over the back of the sofa, turning my head, and kissing me just long enough to suggest intimacy.

By the time we had looked back across to the window opposite, the woman was on her back with her legs wrapped around him, and we could see his buttocks pumping up and down.

“Wow,” was all I could say. I could feel my cock responding, and becoming erect.

Watching we saw him slow, and he rolled to one side, and the woman straddled him. She raised and lowered her hips, looking down at him, and we could see her large breasts swinging to a rhythm.

It was Evie’s turn to whisper, “Wow,” and then, “Fuck.”

And then, what should have been obvious to us both, happened.

The woman was close to cumming, she had her head up and backwards, her mouth open, and her eyes closed. We were both holding our breath.

And then she saw us. It was almost as though it pushed her over the edge, and brought Escort Beylikdüzü her to orgasm. The look on her face was a mixture of realisation and pleasure.

We could see her body shaking, and she held our gaze, and as she sunk down on his body she smiled, and gave a little wave.

Neither Evie, or myself knew quite how to react. I smiled back, and as the guy lifted himself up onto an elbow, and looked across I waved back. He smiled too.

As the woman drew the blinds opposite Evie stood up and just said,” God that’s made me horny.”

And without a second thought she reached down, and stripped off her dress, leaving herself just dressed in a black thong.

Smiling, she took my hand, and led me into the bedroom.

Just inside the door she stopped, and pulling me close, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me. A kiss which lasted a minute, a kiss which said I’m yours, and I want you.

As she stepped back it became almost a replay of what we had just witnessed.

Evie began unbuttoning my shirt. Briefly, as it fell away from my shoulders, she scraped her finger nails across my nipples. They stood up obligingly, as she pressed her lips against them in turn. As she sucked gently, her hands were unbuckling my belt.

My cock was pushing my boxers outwards, and Evie pulled the waistband up and over, so freeing the obstruction.

As I laid Evie down on the bed I slid her thong down her legs. She looked as deliciously sexy as any woman I’d ever seen.

She pulled me on top of her, wanting me inside her. I felt the smoothness of her skin everywhere, but most of all, the silky folds of her pussy enveloping my cock, as it eased inside her.

Our bodies started to move as one, the bed rocking slowly.

As I kissed Evie’s neck, her breathing quickened, and I could feel her hips thrusting up against me.

The room was lit by the light from the hallway and the street lamps outside.

I heard her gasp, “Let me get on top.”

I rolled onto my back, and Evie straddled me, my cock deep inside her tight little pussy.

I was looking up at her breasts, her red hair, her face.

I watched as I saw the surprise on her face. She stopped moving. With a smile she looked down at me, “They’re watching us now.”

It took me two seconds to realise what Evie was saying. The blinds weren’t drawn, we were in full view, and I was guessing the couple we had seen earlier were now watching us.

Evie looked down at me again, and beamed.

“Let’s give them something to see. Fuck me doggy style.”

Sliding off me, she got on all fours with legs spread, facing the window.

As I got behind her I could see the couple in the window opposite. Their room was dimly lit, but they were naked too, and watching us with a strange concentration.

I grabbed Evie’s hips, and pushed my cock inside her again.

My thighs slapped against her buttocks, and her breasts were swinging back and forth. She started to cry out with each thrust.

I could feel my orgasm approaching, gritting my teeth, I was trying to delay it.

I shouldn’t have worried.

“Fucking hell Rob, I’m cumming…fuck, fuuuuuuck!” Evie’s body shuddered.

I felt her pussy gripping my cock, squeezing it in tiny pulses. It was enough to end all resistance from me. My cock jerked, and jerked again. My spunk squirting deep into her.

“Oh my god that feels good,” Evie shouted again.

We both looked up just as the couple opposite mimed some applause, and smiling they closed their blinds.

Evie briefly looked shocked, but then mischievously said, “If they were nine out of ten then we got a maximum.”

She leaned down, and kissed me with a smile, as I felt my cock, soaking from her juices, beginning to shrink, and withdraw.

Finally, she lay beside me in my arms, and we had one of those quiet, whispered conversations you have in the afterglow of sex.

“Leaving aside what just happened Evie, we both know our age difference means the probability is that this won’t last. As much as I want it to, the decision must be yours. I can walk away this evening, or we can enjoy it all for a bit longer.”

I looked down at her sad face, expecting the worst.

“I know you’re right Rob, you’re sensible, and a lovely man, but I’m not ready to give you up yet. You may find me impetuous, and a bit naughty, and I won’t promise to be faithful, but if you can accept that, I’d like to see you again.”

My heart leapt, and I gave her the biggest hug, and we kissed again.

“I want you too, Evie, but you must live your life too. I must go now, you have work tomorrow. Would you like to come to mine next Saturday? I can repay the meal, and you haven’t got to work on Sunday, so you can stop over?”

“That would be lovely Rob, it’s a date,” Evie hugged me again.

Eventually, I got up and dressed, and Evie still naked, saw me out of the door.

We agreed to text in the morning before she started work.

I was in heaven, but where would this adventure lead me?

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