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Thank you for all your editing help, Incredimeters.

It was a typical Thursday afternoon. It was sunny outside and the temperature was sitting around 60. I had finished up my English term paper and decided to go for a run in the park. Who was I kidding? I had been going for a run in the park every day after 5 pm for the last week hoping to run into, pun intended, him.

My name is Jason Wise. I am 22, 5’6″ and about 150 lbs I am lean more than fit. I need to get to a gym and do more weight training. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I went to a small high school so I went out for every sport not because I wanted to but because if I didn’t, they could not meet the number of students required to field a team. The one sport I did like was cross country. I loved to run by myself out in nature. Little did I know my old love would lead me to a new love.

Near my apartment there is a park next to a large area of wooded land that had been set aside for preservation. The park was well maintained and the sidewalks always seemed to be in good repair. It was not the most popular park in town but it always seemed to have a few people in it. I used the sidewalks and trails to run.

I got dressed in an under-armor shirt that was big enough but hugged my ribs and shoulders. I put on briefs and a pair of bicycle shorts that were black with two white strips down the legs. Socks and shoes came next and I was ready to stretch. I didn’t spend as much time on my stretch as I should have because I wanted to get to the park. I decided I would just take the first few kilometers slow as a warm up to compensate for it.

I got to the park in under five minutes and my heart was pounding in anticipation, not because of exertion. I tried to tell myself to slow down but my little brain over ruled my big brain. I waived hello to a fellow runner I knew heading the other way and to the Post’s nanny, Mrs. Grant, who was watching two little boys play on the swings. I was only about 100 yards into my run when I saw him and his dog there on the path in front of me, Arthur Class.

Arthur was in his fifties. Today Arthur was wearing a grey name brand track suit with black stripes and sneakers. He wore a black fanny pack around his waist. He had mocha colored skin that made it look like he always had a tan. He owned a metal recycling business and was the nicest guy you ever met. He stood 5″ 10″ and is maybe 210 lbs. He has salt and pepper hair and a well-trimmed beard that was almost entirely white.

“How are you doing today, Arthur?”

His dog, a black and white spaniel named Checkers ran to me and I rubbed her behind the ears. “I see I’m not the only one happy to see you, Jason.”

Checkers is the one who had brough Arthur into my life. I had met him several times over the last ankara travesti few months but one day Checkers had gotten away from him and I chased her down. After that I would run a few laps on the wood trails and then walk and talk with Arthur. I could not believe that he and I had so much in common even though we were decades apart in age.

“I wanted to tell you that Checkers and I aren’t going to be coming to the park as much.” He explained.

“That’s too bad,” I put it mildly while inside my brain screamed NNNOOO. “Why not.”

“Well, if you must know its because of this damn prostate.” He said pointing to his crotch.

I didn’t want to stare but I couldn’t help it. “I guess I don’t understand,” I said.

“I told you how I had trouble with my prostate and those damn doctors had to do a little work down there. Well, now I can’t go more than half and hour or so without having to pee. The city is closing the restrooms here next week and there will be no place for me to relieve myself.”

“What are you talking about? There are trees everywhere and let’s be honest, there’s not a whole lot of traffic here. Just find a nice shaded spot somewhere and take a leak,” I argued.

He smiled. “I guess that would work I’ll give that some thought. Well, you go on and get your laps in and enjoy the day.”

“Yes sir,” I saluted and ran a lap.

Arthur had a series of stumps and benches that he would stop at during his walk. I had gotten it down to a science as to guessing which one he would be at on which lap. I was right on the first two laps but on the third he was not sitting on a fallen tree stump like he usually was. I stopped and looked up and down the path. No Arthur. I kept going a little bit up the path then back and still no Arthur. I was about to call his name when I saw or at least thought I saw a path through the tall grass to the trees.

Maybe he had to pee and took my advice, I thought. The idea of catching Arthur peeing didn’t do anything for me but the thought of seeing him with his dick still out after he had finished had me hard as timber in only a few seconds. My heart started to beat faster as I followed the path to the trees. I came to the perfect private pee spot, an evergreen surrounded by three other large trees that created a kind of cave, but no Arthur.

I stopped for a minute collecting my thoughts. I mean what the hell was I doing? I had probably seen a deer or rabbit trail nothing more. “Mr. Wilson is going to take away your tracking merit badge for sure,” I thought out loud. Then I heard a hiss, a hiss like the sound you would hear from a bike tire when you let air out of it.


“Over here Jason,” I heard Arthur whisper.

Just like the spot I would have picked to stop and take a pee. He had found ankara travestileri a tall evergreen surrounded by four others that were shorter. I walked over to him.

“Arthur, are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes and no.” he answered cryptically.

“I was taking your advice, but when I bent over, I dropped my glass and now I can’t find them.”

“Oh, is that all? I was worried you were hurt or something,” I said by way of explanation as to why I was out here looking for him.

“You’re such a good boy. I love that about you,” Arthur exclaimed.

I don’t know why but him calling me, “boy” really turned me on and the fact that he loved anything about me turned me on even more. I wanted to please him and so I searched high and low and found the glasses in no time, right in front of him. “Don’t move Arthur. You’re about to step on them.”

I got down on all fours and crawled over to him. He took a step forward despite my warning and he came very close. When I straightened up to hand him the glasses his crotch was right in my face. He smiled down and me. “You’re such a helpful boy. Would you mind helping me with this.” He rubbed the bulge at his crotch which was growing by the second.

I looked over to see Checkers’ leash was secured to a branch of the tree. I also noticed that I was not crawling on pine needles, like you would expect to find beneath a pine tree, but on an old but clean blanket. I also could not remember Arthur ever wearing glasses. This was a trap and I had fallen right into it.

If this is a dream, please don’t let me wake up. I deftly unzipped Arthurs pants and started pulling them down. “Just to my hips.” Arthur ordered. “That way if someone comes, I can pull them up fast.”

That made sense to me so I did as he instructed. He was wearing boxers and those went down next. His shaft was already about 6 inches and growing. He had a lovely silver bush of hair around his dick. I kissed the head of his dick. Then I licked it like a popsicle and finally just stuck the whole thing in my mouth. I was such a newbie. I knew that I was terrible at this. I had never sucked a cock before but Arthur was very understanding. I must have been doing something right though as he was staying hard and was even getting a little longer.

“That was nice Jason. You are such a good boy. Now try again but this time play with my balls a little.” Arthur instructed.

I started stroking his shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. I started to caress his balls and then I swung underneath and licked them as well. Then I lifted Arthur’s balls and licked the skin between his balls and his ass. That got Arthur’s approval. “Yes Jason. Very good boy.”

“Hold on a second Jason.” Arthur said reaching for his fanny pack and withdrawing travesti ankara a condom and disposable tube of lube. “Give me your other hand.”

I did as he said and quick as a bunny, he unrolled the condom over three of my fingers and then squirted the lube on it. “Now Jason,” he started, “Suck on my cock like you were before and while you do that slowly slide your fingers into my ass.”

“Yes sir.” I responded.

I started to suck on his cock and then thought that for sure my three fingers would never fit in his ass. His ass ate my fingers up to the knuckles. I kept sucking his dick and then I started to pull my fingers out and put them back in. “That’s it boy. Oh that is so good. You are such a good boy. I love that. Don’t stop.” Arthur croaked out try to keep his voice down.

Arthur was really enjoying the fucking I was giving him. He leaned forward and grabbed onto a conveniently placed branch. “That’s the way Jason. A little faster on the sucking and a little deeper in my ass. Oh, holy shit that’s good.”

I kept this up for a few minutes and finally he said between heavy breaths, “Ok, I’m going to cum. You are making me cum. You are such a good boy. Keep it up for just a little more.”

Moments later my mouth was filled with his cum. I had never tasted cum before but if Arthur’s was typical of most men, then I liked it. He gripped the branch he had been holding and leaned forward more like he was about to do a chin up. I just sat there on my knees waiting to see what he wanted me to do next. After a minute or two he straightened up and reached into his fanny pack again. He handed me a couple of wet wipes and told me to clean him up, gently. I did and then pulled his boxers back up, kissed his deflating bulge and then, his pants.

He motioned me to stand and then took one of the bags he used to clean up after Checkers and put the condom and the wet wipes in it and tidied it up. “Sorry about the ruse, but I wanted you so bad. I would have never forced you; you understand it’s just you are so handsom.” Arthur spoke quickly and in a rush.

“No Arthur, that was incredible. I’m just sorry I’m not that good.”

“Was that your first time?” Arthur asked.

I nodded.

“Well, you were pretty good.” He asked with a hopeful look on his face, “Do you want to learn more.”

“Fu..” I caught myself, “I mean I would like that very much.”

“Good,” He smiled, “I was hoping you were not the blow and go kind of guy.”

He grabbed Checkers’ leash and headed back to the path. I dusted off my knees and chased after him. I walked all the way back to the car with him in silence. I helped him load up Checkers, who licked my face by way of saying thanks. “Hands off, Checkers. He’s mine,” admonished Arthur.

He got behind the steering wheel and rolled down the window. He handed me a calling card with his name and address on just like in the old movies. “Please come to my house on Saturday. We eat promptly at 6pm. After this the least I owe you is dinner.” He smiled slyly, and drove away.

To be continued.

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