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“We close at 10, pick me up at 10:20!” she said before I pulled away. I hadn’t seen her in over 3 years since we went out on our only date, but she still looked really cute. She and I had only gone out on one date because she quit where we had both been working part-time, and I just never had the chance to track her down. A lot happened in that time – we both had gotten married, moved, new jobs, etc. She had been 19 at the time, and it always turned me on about how young and naive she seemed. She didn’t have a killer body, but her southern accent was really sexy, her face was so pretty, young, and innocent-looking, and she came across….less than smart. So, I was going to waste an hour and meet her back there.

I drove around, fake window-shopped at some stores, and remembered our one date. There was sexual tension, and it was actually a fun time. She laughed at all my jokes, and since I was more than 20 years older, I kept all of my conversation dumb and current. Over the years, I had always felt that had I initiated some making out, it could have led to her riding me like a crazed woman on a mechanical bull, but for whatever reason, I didn’t, so it hadn’t.

Pulling back into the parking lot around 10:25, I saw her waiting by her car, alone. When I stopped next to her, she hopped in and gave me a tight hug. I parked in a spot on the other side of the empty lot, and we just started catching up. Just to see what would happen, I rested my elbow on the top of my seat and put my hand on her shoulder. She stopped (making me think she was going to stop things right there), smiled, and moved closer to me, continuing what she was saying. We talked about our relationships, jobs, and many other things. I moved my hand around her shoulder, rubbing it and gently stroking the back of her neck. The conversation paused, and she asked why I never made a move on her. I decided to tell her that since it had been our first date, I hadn’t wanted to make the first move and give her the wrong impression of me. She blushed, smiled, and whispered that she wished I had, while leaning closer to me. I czech sharking porno moved closer, looking into her eyes, and we started making out furiously. My hands were on her head and one shoulder, and her hand moved to my head and left knee. She broke the kiss, and said, “Wow, that was nice!” I moved back in for another kiss, and we went back at it. She lightly bit my lip, and moved her mouth down to my neck, kissing and lightly licking me. I let out a deep, soft moan, and the hand she had on my knee moved upwards, and I couldn’t tell if she was looking right at my crotch since her mouth on my neck had made my cock start to harden.

“Um…,” she started, letting out a cute giggle, “I am guessing you liked that!”

“Yeah, that felt really nice,” I said coolly, feeling her hand move back down towards my knee.

“I can kinda tell, since it looks like your thing got a little hard,” still giggling.

I laughed, saying “Yeah…my thing kinda liked it!”

All of a sudden, her hand moved up from my knee right to my crotch, and I was feeling her palm and fingers rubbing and pressing my cock. I then felt her mouth on my neck again, kissing, sucking, and biting lightly, while her small hand gripped my growing cock through my jeans. Unable to not moan again, she pulled her head away, but left her hand.

I saw her looking at my crotch, almost mesmerized. She asked, “If we had done this years ago, would this have happened?”

“Definitely,” I told her.

“Mmmmm…it feels REALLY big,” she told me. “Would it be weird if I took it out? I um…” She paused, and I could see her blushing, all the while not looking at my face. “I really want to see it.”

“You can take it out and do whatever,” I replied, loving the feel of her touch through my jeans. She moved her hand from my crotch, unbuttoned my pants, and carefully pulled down the zipper. Looking at my teal boxer-briefs, she giggled at either the color or the fact that my cock was creating a tent in my drawers. After a quick glance at my face, almost just to make czech streets porno sure it was still ok, she turned her attention back to the task at hand, and lowered my underwear which freed my now-raging hard on.

Now, I know my cock is not huge. At it’s hardest, it’s maybe six and a half inches (though fairly thick). The way her mouth opened in surprise, it was like she was looking at Ron Jeremy’s tool. Touching it lightly, she told me, “Wow…your thing is a lot bigger than Jeff’s! I can fit my hand all the way around his,” as her hand held my cock, both of us noticing that the fingers of her small hands were not touching. Slowly, her hand moved up and down the shaft, while she brought her other hand over to softly caress my balls.

“Do you like getting handjobs?” she asked me.

“Oh hell yes,” I told her, loving every second of her hand slowly jerking me off.

“I give them to Jeff sometimes when we’re somewhere we can’t fuck. Sometimes I like to suck on it, but once he um…came in my mouth and I almost got sick, so I let him shoot on me instead. Sorry if I used bad language!”

“You can say or do anything you like to my co…um…thing.”

She giggled, “Your dick?”

I laughed back, “yeah, my dick…or cock…or whatever.”

“I like the word ‘dick’. It sounds hot, just like the way your dick feels in my hand.” Her hand kept stroking me slowly, but she was squeezing it a little harder. A few seconds later, some precum bubbled up out of the tip.

“Ooh, can I taste that?”

“Sure,” dying to feel her tongue on my cockhead.

Her head moved down, and I watched her tongue lick the head of my dick, tasting my precum. “Mmmm…I like that!” She licked around the head some more, feeling my whole body twitch when her tongue hit the sensitive spot under the head.

“Oh…you seem to like that, too!”

I groaned, and felt her tongue flicking the spot while she was looking up and me. She put her mouth over the top, moved down a few inches, and started giving me a serious (and fucking awesome) czech super models porno blowjob. I grabbed her ass and felt her moan around my cock. She took her mouth off it for a second and replaced it with her hand.

“Your dick feels really good in my mouth, and I like the taste,” she told me. “Where do you like to shoot when you get a handjob?”

I was getting close, as the sight of my throbbing cock in her mouth and now with her tiny hand stroking it like crazy was going to make me cum like crazy. “I dunno…I guess wherever you aim it!”

“So I could aim it anywhere? Even on me?” she asked, to which I just nodded.

My eyes were glued to my hard cock in her hand. More precum started seeping out, and she brought her other hand over so she could have them totally around it. Both of her palms, as well as her fingers, were lubed with my precum, and as more came out, she put her head down to lick it. She stopped licking as I growled, and rested her head on my stomach, inches away from my cock.

“Holy fuck I am going to cum,” I grunted.

Her head moved up a little, while both of her hands rubbed harder, and my cock was aimed right at her face.

“Hell yeah,” she whispered, “shoot that on me!”

Suddenly, huge globs of cum were exploding out of my cock and landing on her face, hair, chin, neck, lips, and nose. She kept jerking it firmly, taking my entire load onto her face. As my cock stopped shooting, cum started just leaking out the tip. I watched her eyes open, look up and me, then down at my convulsing cock. Her lips opened and she lowered her beautiful cum-covered face to my cock. Her mouth moved to the tip, sucking off the remainder of my cum.

“Mmm…you made me all messy! Did you like that?”

“Oh hell yes! That was insane!”

Still with one hand around my cock, she sat up and looked in the mirror. “Wow, you covered my face! I kept feeling it hit me but I had no idea there was so much cum shooting out! I love it!”

I found a t-shirt in the back seat and handed it to her, and she wiped my cum off her face, and tried getting it out of her hair. Laughing, she told me how she was going to need a shower when she got home. We agreed that we were definitely going to have to try this again.

In the nights since, I’ve jerked off MANY times picturing her taking my huge load right in her pretty face, and wondering when I’d be able to do it again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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