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Nikhila doesn’t like change, preferring her sheltered and simple life. Even approaching 30, she wasnaive about sex and haunted by painful memories of her only childhood sexual experience. Soon to marry, her concerns for a fulfilling love life with her husband found her in the care of Doctor Love. It’s one of many recent and significant changes in her life.

Was I really that naive? Thank you for the beautiful stories and therapy. Nikki and Jimmy.


I found Jimmy undressed when I returned from the ensuite, laying naked on the bed in our bridal suite. ‘Who’s happy to see their new wife?’ I teased in a sexy Caribbean purr, smiling as I gazed at his cock for the very first time, hard and erect.

My ballooning breasts were straining against the fabric of a new white lacey camisole and the matching G-string clung to my pussy leaving little to Jimmy’s imagination. ‘Oh Nikki. You look gorgeous,’ he sighed as I sashayed confidently towards the side of the bed.

I trailed my long slender dark fingers along his toned pale thigh and Jimmy’s smile sent a shiver rippling up my spine. My palm felt the warmth and smoothness of his cock and the pulsing veins beneath the skin as my curled fingers glided along its length to caress the meaty head, smearing pre-cum with my fingertips. ‘Bigger than Doctor Love,’ I thought, moistening my lips in anticipation.

Jimmy softly moaned and arched his back. ‘You’ve got a lovely cock,’ I grinned, my eyes suddenly widening as I felt the hardened flesh throb and recalling Maddisyn’s advice about dirty talk. ‘And I’ve got a tight wet pussy,’ I ventured and my grin widening as I felt several more forceful throbs against my palm.

I climbed onto the bed and lifted a knee over Jimmy’s hips and peeled my moist panties aside. ‘Oh Nikki, I love you. I want you so much,’ Jimmy moaned, lifting his eyes from my pussy. A hit of adrenaline surged through me with the words I’d dreamt about hearing since attending the Practice.

I grinned feeling my husband’s erection pulse and twitching against my palm as I aimed his cock at my intimate slit before lowering my pussy. I rolled in my lower lip and bit down as I felt his copious meaty head stretch my moist dark folds. Slowly rocking my pussy against Jimmy’s groin at first, I adjusted to the fullness of his erection against my sensitive internal flesh.

I rolled my eyes and gave jimmy a lusty smile with the pleasure of fullness and friction. ‘Ooh yeah. That’s what my pussy’s been waiting for,’ I groaned as I started working my hips faster.

I supported myself with my palms on Jimmy’s chest, my ass cheeks quivering as I shimmied. ‘Oh Nikki. Fuck that cock baby,’ Jimmy deeply moaned as my pussy slapped into his groin.

My heart was soon pounding as I wildly rode Jimmy’s cock, finally gasping for breath as I rolled off. His rock-hard erection glistened with slick wetness and throbbed for more as I introduced him to my favourite position. I arched my back with my head buried into the bedspread and thighs parted in invitation.

My new husband eagerly mounted me from behind and I softly moaned feeling the weight and curve of his body over mine for the very first time. ‘Oh yes,’ I groaned loudly as his large cock drove effortlessly between my slippery folds.

Jimmy soon had me whimpering with every thrust. ‘Uh, uh, oh yeah, oh yeah,’ I gasped and moaned, heat pulsing through my body with flesh smacking flesh and the sound of wet sex echoing around the bridal suite.

Jimmy’s fingertips glided over my hips and inside the camisole, his warm exploring hands cupping my naturally tanned breasts. ‘Oh yes, play with my fucking tits,’ I begged, gasping for breath as his fingertips searched for where pleasure and pain met.

Continuous moans and groans escaped with the relentless and torturous pleasure as Jimmy rolled and squeezed my hardened dark peaks as he thrusted. ‘Oh yeah, oh yeah,’ I loudly moaned over and over, almost incoherently as Jimmy fucked me senseless.

Jimmy paused and held me tightly against his body, his cock exploding deep inside me. ‘Oh, Nikki. That feels so fucking good,’ he moaned, filling me with his cum.

We rolled onto our backs next to each other, hearts pounding and breathing heavily as I turned to meet his excited gaze. ‘Was I good for you?’ I anxiously gasped.

‘Sensational Nikki,’ Jimmy smiled. ‘You are a surprise,’ he added, a smile filling my face as I rolled into his arms and felt the slick coating of lust’s sweat on my husband’s back.

I just wanted to savour the contentment that comes with amazing sex. The room filled with satisfied silence as we lay in each other arms recovering. I smiled to myself recalling how naive I was about sex and fearing not pleasing Jimmy. That was before Doctor Love and Maddisyn took me to another level of pleasure, just in case . . .

I can’t get over how much my life has been transformed in the last six months. The first big change was when my manager asked me to work in dispatch occasionally. I don’t take to change very fake agents porno well and started to panic, overwhelmed at the thought of doing a new job.

I’d been a picker and packer at the warehouse since school and even almost 30 I’m still the youngest in the warehouse. They’re a lovely group of much older people and I love the way they still look after me. Apart from Mum, they’re the only family I have.

But as usual, things didn’t turn out as bad as first thought, changing my life for the better. That’s how I met Jimmy, the next big change. He’s a driver and called regularly. Probably more often than he really needed and would ask for me if I wasn’t in dispatch. One day he asked me out. Surprisingly, I accepted.

The panic set in later when I realised what I’d done. It was the longest few days of my life as I waited for my very first real date. Just like the job change, it worked out for the best. We’re getting married in a few months. That’s the third change. Nikki and Jimmy, who would have thought it six months ago!

I was born in the West Indies and came here with my parents when I was only four. My name is actually Nikhila but everybody calls me Nikki. I never really knew my father. He went back home not long after we came. Mum worked as a cleaner and my father regularly sent us money. ‘Gilt Money,’ Mum called it but she wouldn’t talk about what happened. I learnt very early to leave that subject alone.

I recently found out my father had died. It was such a surprise when I was contacted by the executor of his will. He must have been successful as he left me a considerable sum of money and even plenty for Mum. We’ve never had so much money! It’s hard to comprehend really, the changes at work, meeting Jimmy and getting engaged. Then a father I didn’t know dying and leaving me most of his money.

But the changes just kept happening and the latest one is a little insurance, just in case. I’m attending a lovely medical centre for counselling and treatment. I don’t really have a medical issue. I’m worried about having sex. Jimmy hasn’t pressured me but it’s going to happen and I want him to be happy with me. I’m having another session today with Doctor Love at the Practice today.

The Practice is one of those beautiful old double-story terrace buildings converted to a medical practice for women. I’d never seen such luxurious facilities. I had a tour before registering and knew as soon as I stepped into the entry hall it was something I hadn’t experienced before. It was intimidating at first and it just didn’t feel right. Far too classy and I never could have afforded it before the inheritance.

Maddisyn made the difference. She’s the Practice Manager and gave me the tour and explained what the Practice offered. I thought she was lovely and only a few years younger than me. I’m sure she knew I was nervous and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. An hour with Maddisyn eliminated all my fears and hesitations. I’m excited about showing off my new purchase with some of my inheritance.

I rang the doorbell and Maddisyn greeted me with her lovely soft smile. ‘Hello Nikki. Come through to the Sitting Room. Your dress looks gorgeous.’

A smile filled my face when she noticed the new dress. I’d spent hours agonising over buying it. I admired how lovely Maddisyn always dressed and the compliment meant so much. I decided on wearing something more stylish when visiting the Practice. It was that sort of place. They treated me like a Guest and that’s what they called women who attended.

‘Thanks Maddi. It’s new. I’m wearing it for the first time,’ my West Indian accent even more excitable than normal.

The Sitting Room is wonderful. The antique furniture and furnishings matched the design of the building beautifully. I felt like I was going back in time or on a movie set. It was certainly a women’s room with pastel colours, soft cushions and fine lace curtains at the windows. Two large couches sat neatly in front of an open fire and a spectacular chandelier hung from the ceiling. It’s where Guests sat and relaxed before seeing Doctor Love.

I sat at one of the couches feeling a little excited and glamorous sitting in such an elegant room in my new black dress and high-heels. ‘Would you like any refreshments?’ Maddisyn kindly offered.

I’d previously declined but with a growing confidence and returning her smile, ‘May I have some tea?’ I asked.

‘Certainly,’ Maddisyn replied with a broad smile and went to the kitchenette behind her desk at the other end of the Sitting Room.

I sensed Maddisyn was pleased that I was starting to enjoying what the Practice offered. That’s just me. I’ve always taken a while to adjust and accept things and that’s why I’m worried about sex. My first experience was painful and horrible. We were just kids and it was the boy who lived next door and I can’t even recall his name; it was so long ago and the family moved.

The sex didn’t get any better and I soon lost interest. He soon lost interest fake angets porno in me. There hasn’t been anyone else since. More than anything, I want making love with Jimmy to be special and enjoyable. I know it sounds silly but I fear Jimmy losing interest in me. I couldn’t bear for that to happen to me again. I want to please him and I just needed to know how.

Maddisyn soon returned with my tea and some slices of cake on a silver tray and poured me a cup. ‘Thank you,’ I grinned having already noticed a piece that took my fancy.

‘Enjoy your tea. I’ve got something that Doctor Love asked me to get for you. I’ll show you when you’ve finished,’ Maddisyn added.

I’ve had counselling in a couple of sessions so far. Doctor Love has been wonderful. He’s so gentle and kind and easy to talk with. He understands no matter how trivial my concerns might seem. I’m sure he knows they’re important to me. Doctor Love doesn’t think I’m silly. Even by the end of the first session I felt relaxed and had confidence in him.

Doctor Love’s about twice my age and in his late 50’s but appears much younger and there’s a definite connection between us. His engaging smile and the warmth in his voice made the conversations that much more comfortable despite our intimate discussions. The Practice just keeps doing that for me I thought as I had my tea and that lovely cake.

Noticing me finishing, Maddisyn joined me carrying an exclusive looking glossy and bright pink bag that swung in her hand by the string handles. She looked excited as she sat beside me on the couch.

‘I hope you like them,’ she grinned, taking out the lingerie she’d purchased for me.

‘Ooh . . . they’re so pretty!’ I exclaimed. ‘I love the colour. I hope you didn’t mind. I hadn’t a clue what to get.’

‘I love shopping, particularly when I’m not paying for it,’ Maddisyn softly laughed with an infectious smile that I couldn’t help but share. ‘I’m sure they’ll fit you beautifully.’

Doctor Love suggested that Maddisyn could select some lingerie for me as I had no idea of what I wanted. My indecision is bad enough but when you don’t know what you’re shopping for it just becomes too painful. Knowing Maddisyn’s lovely taste in clothing, I jumped at the offer. I’m embarrassed to admit I’m naive when it comes to intimate apparel as much as I am about making love.

‘They’re beautiful, thank you,’ I smiled leaning into Maddisyn and giving her a hug.

Maddisyn obviously enjoyed my reaction. ‘My pleasure,’ she grinned excitedly.

‘What type are they?’ I clumsily asked displaying my innocents.

‘I got you a camisole and short set with a matching kimono you can wear over them,’ she smiled handing them to me.

‘They feel lovely,’ I sighed, running my hands over the silky-smooth material.

They were cream in colour and looked lovely against my dark skin. The kimono had a delicate floral pattern of pinks, reds and mauve. The camisole was a plain cream with thin shoulder straps and pretty lace edging at the bottom.

I realised Maddisyn knew a lot about lingerie as she enjoyed telling me about the style and how they’re worn. I listened intently taking it all in. The pants were a loose-fitting pair of shorts. I’d never been particularly adventurous when it comes to underwear, preferring my normal comfortable hipsters.

‘What type of pants are these?’ I asked lifting my eyes to Maddisyn’s and noticing she was just as excited.

‘They’re called French knickers,’ she said raising her eyebrows seductively. ‘I didn’t get a thong or G-string just in case you don’t like wearing them.’

‘I not sure what they are,’ I admitted with a soft laugh, feeling comfortable with Maddisyn’s company and assistance.

‘I have some lingerie upstairs. Would you like to see other styles?’ She enthusiastically offered.

‘Ooh . . . yes please!’ I excitedly replied. ‘That’s if you don’t mind. I mean, they’re your intimate items,’ I added.

‘That’s okay. You’re showing me yours,’ she giggled.

Maddisyn is wonderful and I very much appreciated her help. I could imagine her looking amazing in lingerie. She’s tall with a slender and attractive figure and long flowing shoulder-length dark hair. I was looking forward to seeing what designs she liked as she returned with an armful of items.

It was obvious Maddisyn was enjoying taking about lingerie and sharing her thoughts. She spoke softly and had an attractive and naturally warm smile. Her caring nature put me at ease while showing me the intimate items and I didn’t even feel uncomfortable at hardly knowing anything about them.

My eyes widened checking out the panties and I could see what she meant about the thong and G-string. ‘There’re a little cheeky,’ I teased holding them up, causing use both to giggle.

‘I’m not sure how adventurous you are but a white bra and panties with a suspender belt and white stockings would look wonderful with your skin tone,’ she smiled, giving me a naughty wink.

‘I fake cop porno didn’t realise there was such a range,’ I replied looking amazed. ‘Where did you purchase them?’

‘Intimates on Queen’s Parade but I normally order mine on-line. I can email you the details if you like,’ she added folding her garments.

‘Thank you. I’d like to checkout that suspender belt outfit,’ I replied with a cheeky grin which brought a smile to Maddisyn’s face.

‘I’ll just use the Guest Lounge and then go through to Doctor Love,’ I mentioned while putting the lingerie back in the carry-bag.

Maddisyn went to return her garments upstairs and I made my way to freshen up, excitedly swinging the bag. I sat at the dressing table with a large mirror and looked at the range of perfumes, cosmetics and other delightful creams and lotions for women to use. They were just one of the many things that made the Practice such a wonderful place. I touched up my makeup and brushed my hair before checking out my outfit in the mirror.

I smiled at the reflection, loving the way it hugged my figure and showed off my long-toned legs. It was the first little black dress I’d ever owned. The sliver necklace and matching earrings complimented the dress wonderfully. I hardly ever get to wear high-heels but was starting to like the way they made me feel. Never really thinking of myself as sexy, I liked what I saw in the mirror.

I picked up the carry-bag and went back into the Sitting Room. ‘How do I look?’ I grinned enthusiastically at Maddisyn.

‘Beautiful,’ she smiled as I made my way to see Doctor Love.

Doctor Love’s suite is at the end of the long passageway that led from the entry hall. I smiled hearing the sound of my high-heels striking the polished floorboards and hips swaying as I sashayed toward the suite. I found the door open and walked in. Doctor Love was at his desk, closing the door announcing my arrival.

Looking up, his eyes made a tour of my body before meeting my broad smile. ‘Hello Nikki. It’s lovely to see you,’ he welcomed with his trademark gorgeous smile. ‘You look lovely. Is that a new dress?’

‘Yes, but I wouldn’t have bought one without you suggesting it,’ I grinned making my way to the couches.

I sat down, placing the carry-bag by my side and Doctor Love sat opposite on the other couch. The couches were luxurious with soft cushions and I soon felt settled. The suite is warm and inviting with the same lovely décor and furnishings as the other rooms. It provides an intimate and relaxing atmosphere unlike any doctor’s room I’d been in before.

I’ve enjoyed our discussion and it’s easy to forget Doctor Love was my therapist. We’d explored my concerns about not enjoying sex and desire to have a fulfilling love life with Jimmy. I came to appreciate the deep-seated impact of my only unpleasant and painful sexual experience, effecting my attitude towards sex and relationships.

I felt more than comfortable taking about intimate matters with Doctor Love, I felt excited. The progress we made was such a relief. It was like a journey of self-discovery of the sexual issues that had troubled me for so long. We were now working on a plan for dealing with the issues and achieving what I desired. My new dress was just one of the steps on that journey. It was as if Doctor Love was my guide and we were on that journey together.

‘How were things at work last week?’ He asked with a warm and generous smile that just seemed to entice you into conversation.

‘I spoke with my manager about some more work in dispatch and asked if there were any other opportunities,’ I replied comfortably sharing his gaze.

Doctor love couldn’t help looking a little pleased. ‘How did he feel about that?’ He prompted.

‘Very happy. He wants me to work in other areas of the business. The company has many older workers and he thinks there are opportunities for me,’ I explained excitedly.

I noticed that familiar smile that slowly formed on Doctor Love’s face when his thoughts we proven correct. We’d discussed my work at the warehouse and realised I’d more than outlived the role. I felt comfortable with the relatively simple work and the pleasant company of the older workers. The move to dispatch had not only introduced me to Jimmy; it had shown me what opportunities there were.

‘I see Maddisyn’s been shopping for you,’ Doctor Love commented gesturing towards the pink bag.

‘They’re lovely,’ I answered, my elation clearly evident. ‘She was so helpful and showed me some of the other styles. I can’t wait to try them on.’

I was a little surprised when Doctor Love suggested sexual therapy. Even more surprising was my interest and that I didn’t instantly reject the idea. As usual, I had to think about it but I soon became excited about the prospect. I realised there was a lot to learn about sex and I was enjoying Doctor Love being my therapist, maybe a little more than I realised.

I was still dealing with the fear of not pleasing Jimmy. Wouldn’t some sexual experience help? Who better to learn from than a sex therapist? Besides, Doctor Love’s handsome with an attractive body for his age. I’d fallen for his gorgeous smile soon after we met. I knew he would be gentle and I trusted him. It’s my insurance for satisfying Jimmy, just in case. It just seemed the perfect answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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