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Katrin leaned against the door of her truck and stared at the dark, seedy looking building at the other side of the parking lot. She had truly hit rock bottom, she thought. She had dropped out of her senior year of college right after her mother’s funeral in November, the same time her stepfather had kicked her out of the house she’d grown up in. Her part time jobs barely covered her bills and rent on a crappy pay by the week furnished apartment, and after the Christmas shopping rush she’d been let go from the department store. This club, Unspeakable, one of the first of the new brothels established after prostitution was legalized, was her last chance to not wind up homeless. Adjusting her sunglasses she pulled her jacket tighter around her body against the sharp needles of February wind as she made her way across the length of the gravel lot.

She shuddered as she stepped into the club, pushing sunglasses to the top of her head. On the stage a girl in short shorts and a t shirt, wiggled provocatively, slipping of the shirt to reveal perfect D cup breasts. She continued to dance, seemingly oblivious to the cat calls and hoots from the men around the room. Men who looked up and leered as Katrin was escorted to the office by a burly bouncer who locked the door behind her. Three men shared the room with her. The closest appeared to be another bouncer, dressed in dark jeans and a tight black t shirt with the club’s pursed lips and index finger logo, who took her jacket and purse, tossing them to the older man sitting behind a large oak desk. He didn’t smile, but had a good face, classically handsome, wavy black hair, green eyes.

“Pat her down, Micah,” the man behind the desk commanded. He tossed the purse to the other man, a scary guy with a shaved head and gray eyes, wearing leather pants and a leather vest and motorcycle boots. “Go through this, Malachi, make sure she isn’t a cop or reporter.”

Katrin fought the urge to resist as she was positioned with her hands against the wall, legs spread, Micah’s hands searching her body thoroughly. The girls who sometimes came to the diner early in the morning had warned her about this when they told her about the opening. She gasped as her breasts were squeezed firmly, Micah and Malachi both stood behind her so there was no way to know who the culprit was. There was a marked similarity between the two men, and she supposed that they were brothers she had heard so much about. According to the gossip, it would be best to stay in their good graces.

“She’s clear, Smith” Micah said pulling her to stand in front of the desk.

“And broke.” Malachi tossed her wallet and checkbook onto the desk, chuckling darkly. “My guess would be she wouldn’t be too much trouble.”

The older man nodded and looked her over. “Cute face, gorgeous hair.” Smith stood, and lightly stroked the curly red, waist length tresses. “Take off your shirt.”

With trembling fingers, Katrin unfastened the buttons as quickly as she could, all the eyes watching her making her nervous. Slowly she allowed it to slide down her arms. Malachi took it from her and tossed it onto a nearby chair.

“Now the tank top and bra.” The simple white cotton garments were also confiscated.

“You have a wonderful shape. You must spend a lot of time at the gym to get such definition.” He came and circled her slowly, taking in every inch of pale, freckled skin he could see.

Katrin shook her head. “I helped my stepfather on his farm. Beylikdüzü escort It’s pretty demanding work,” she said softly. Smith nodded and reached out to cup a full breast, giving it a testing squeeze.

“Very nice,” he murmured. He cupped her cheek in one hand and leaned close to kiss her. Katrin couldn’t hold in a small hiccupping sob as he pulled away, warm brown eyes tearing up.

“Candy said she told you this would be part of the job,” Malachi said sternly, pulling her head back sharply by grabbing a fistful of long red hair.

Katrin nodded. “Yes. I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.”

“Understandable,” Smith said, nodding. “Unbutton your jeans, then put your hands on the desk.”

Katrin did as instructed standing on increasingly shaky legs as one of the men moved in behind her. Malachi, she deduced at the feel of cool leather against her bare back. His hands moved around to lower the zipper of her Levi’s, and then he was pushing her jeans and plain white bikini panties down over rounded hips, bending her over farther before two thick fingers penetrated her slit from behind while he played with her clit from the front.

With a small cry she felt herself getting wet from the stimulation, and circled her hips, seeking. His fingers continued to pump her, alternating between fast and forceful and slow and stroking. Within minutes she was shuddering as an orgasm racked her body, her knees giving out. If not for the man behind her, still lightly stroking her clit, one arm around her shoulders, pressing her into his back she would have fallen to the floor.

“Highly excitable,” he chuckled. He raised his hand to her mouth and instructed her to lick the fingers clean, “easy to arouse, incredibly wet. You were just born to fuck weren’t you, baby?” He nuzzled her neck and she moaned, pressing her body closer to his.

“Tight?” Smith asked from beside her.

“Hell, yeah.” Malachi pushed her down so that her breasts were flattened against the desk, and kicked her legs further apart. “She’s warm, Smith, go ahead and take a test drive.”

Katrin heard a zipper being lowered and then hands gripping her hips firmly as Smith’s smooth cock head slid into her. He pulsed there, tiny movements in and out with just the head of his dick, teasing her, pressing one hand flat to small of her back when she would have pushed back against him. Then in one firm thrust he buried himself to his balls in her slick heat, bringing a pained groan from her.

“Jesus,” he said, almost half in a prayer. “How many guys have you had? You’re nearly as tight as a virgin.”

“One,” she told him, moaning as he began to move, a slow, steady pace to keep her on the edge, “Oh, God, please, go faster.”

“How long has it been for you?” he panted, picking up speed only a tiny bit.

“Years,” she gasped, her hands clenching and opening with every thrust. She let out a small half scream, she was so close. “Please, please.”

Smith finally took mercy on her, fucking her violently as he grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her head up. He reveled in her orgasmic cries, the tears trickling down her cheeks as he pushed her back down to the desk, whimpering as he shot his load into her heat. She lay there, trembling and nearly naked while he cleaned himself and the men admired the view of her bare back and ass, his cum dripping from her cunt and down her thighs. He snapped his fingers and a young Goth woman crawled from beneath his desk.

“Clean Beylikdüzü escort her up, Princess, then take her back to Micah’s office and let her lay down for a bit.” The black haired girl eagerly licked her Master’s semen from the new girl’s legs and pussy, lingering just long enough to earn a swat from his crop. This was a privilege and she was still in trouble for skipping one of her college classes the previous week. She helped the girl redress and led her down the hallway, settling her onto the leather couch and covering her with thin sheet.

“They’ll be good to you,” Princess reassured her. “Like Master said, you’re the next thing to a virgin, they’ll play up the innocence and you’ll be making a ton of money in no time.”

“Master?” Katrin tried to sit up.

“You don’t have to take it that far, though Malachi will try to convince you to. I’ve just always been a submissive, and being Smith’s slave makes me feel whole. I know it’s not for everyone, and they do too. Don’t worry so much.” Princess smoothed the wrinkle from between Katrin’s warm brown eyes, and kissed the tip of her nose. “Relax and enjoy it. I could hear you, how much you loved getting played with and fucked, just remember that it’s supposed to be fun and feel good, and not just about getting paid.”

Katrin nodded and the other girl smiled before tucking the sheet more closely around her and leaving the room.


“Wake up, Red.”

“That’s very obvious,” Katrin muttered as she tried to roll over, away from the light. It felt like forever since she’d had any good sleep and she wasn’t ready to wake up. She fought, still half asleep as her sheet was taken from her, only to be rudely dumped onto the hardwood floor. Fully awake, and slightly chilly, she had to school her features so as not to glare at her new boss.

Micah stood over her, looking about ten feet tall and solid as a brick wall. “There’s one more part to the interview process.” His hands went to the zipper of his jeans and by the time he had freed his erection, Katrin was on her knees, ready to take him.

“Play it virginal and unsure,” he instructed stroking her hair. “We’ll probably have you fulfilling dirty old man/daughter fantasies for a while since you’re so damn cute.

Katrin nodded and thought back to her actual first time with Nick, how scared and nervous she’d been as he’d shown her dick for the first time, told her what to do, what the girls near the Army base had done to him. She looked up at Micah, eyes unsure, biting her lip and he groaned, pushing on the back of her head and urging her forward. She began with a tiny tender kiss, a tentative lick then took him in. At first just the head, still hesitant, then a little more with each downbeat until she had to swallow at the bottom of his every thrust, relaxing her throat so as not to gag. She held her breath on his final stroke as he shot down her throat, hot and salty.

“Jesus Christ, Red, you’re good.”

“Thanks.” There really wasn’t much else to say and she stayed on her knees watching him catch his breath and zip back up.

“We’ll have the girls start working with you on your choreography tomorrow, and for the next few weeks you’ll just dance, and entertain Smith, Malachi and I occasionally, just to get used to the idea.” He picked up a folder from his desk as she stood.

“Here’s your application, tax paperwork, confidentiality agreement. Are you on birth control right now?”


“Good, Escort Beylikdüzü that means we can get you out there sooner. You will have regular check ups and screenings for STD’s and pregnancy, also we do random drug testing. If you are found to be using a controlled substance your employment will be terminated, understood?”

Katrin nodded and he hander her the folder. “Get all this filled out and I’ll have Rex escort you to your vehicle. No girls leave the building alone, and you will keep your phone number and address a secret. Any patron who asks for this information needs to be reported to one of the partners.”

Katrin nodded again, and Micah left her alone at his desk while she completed the paperwork. He waited for her in the hall, and handed her over to the same bouncer who had escorted her in.

Rex was serious and single minded as he walked with her out to her truck. “Dancers park in the back of the building,” he instructed, taking notes on the make, model and plate numbers. “There’s always a bouncer watching. Stay in your vehicle until he comes over to walk you in.”


“Micah wants you here at 7 tomorrow morning to get started. Be careful and we’ll see you then.”

Katrin nodded and waved as Rex watched her pull away. She had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, guilt from her actions of the afternoon. She had been good for so long, but with one touch she was back to the constantly horny girl she’d been at eighteen when her stepbrother came home on leave and seduced her into becoming his lover, stoking all of her lustful, immoral fantasies and teaching about things she could never have imagined.

She fingered the small scar on the side of her neck. They had been playing, acting out a rape fantasy that he had when his father had walked into the barn just as she’d been begging for him to fuck her harder. Nick had let the knife slip just a little in shock, and then he had stood and watched while Ben beat her with his belt, beating the sin out of her, he had said. Beating out the demon that had made her seduce his son, turned his son into a pervert. Nick hadn’t made a move to protect her, or to tell his father that he had been the one to start it all, first with a bedtime kiss, then with longer visits to her room, teasing her until all she could think about was him.

Katrin pulled to the side of the road and pressed the heels of her hands hard into her closed eyes. She would not cry about it. Not anymore. Ben had never told her mother about that night, he had just pulled away, stopped being a father to her. Alison had told Katrin that he just wasn’t comfortable with her being a woman and not a little girl anymore, he was in awkward position as her stepfather, he didn’t know how to raise a daughter. Katrin let her mother believe that she wasn’t hurt by his actions, that she understood all those false reasons. She stopped behaving like a girl, instead wearing nothing but work clothes, and working her heart out, trying to regain his approval. She never dated, stayed as far away from boys as she could, and never, ever asked about Nick, who only came home when she was away.

Nick never tried to contact her all, not by e mail or on her cell. Katrin didn’t know what his father had said, but he kept his distance. To her knowledge he didn’t know that Alison was dead, that she had been cast out, that if he wanted he could come to her and she would still get on her knees for him to play out any fantasy that came to his mind. She shook her head. Nick was gone, instead of performing for him, she would now be used by any man who had the cash to pay for a couple hours of her time. It was time for her to get used to that fact.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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