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Shelly’s alarm clock woke her promptly at 5:30 that morning and she lay still staring at the ceiling for a moment as visions of a man’s muscular buttocks danced in her head. Her right hand began her usual clitoral stimulation as her left hand smoothed the soft skin of her right breast until she felt her nipple tingle, but when she felt she was forcing herself to reach orgasm she exhaled in frustration then exited the bed, went to the bathroom, urinated, then showered before sitting down to have her first cup of coffee.

Shelly scanned the headlines in the local newspaper, read the stock news, folded the paper for her mother to read later, rinsed her coffee cup, returned to her bedroom, applied her makeup, brushed her long black hair, dressed in her work clothes then organized her purse. After she was satisfied she appeared perfect for a boring day behind a desk, she checked on her sleeping mother then drove to work in near darkness in the used car she bought last year.

Just after sunrise, Shelly arrived at the facility for her fourth day of work, parked the old rust bucket then waited for the dieseling to stop. An attractive blonde woman in sheik business dress walked up to her and said with an assuring gentle voice as she peered at Shelly’s protruding chest, “It’ll stop eventually.” The girl waited while giggling Shelly thought about the numerous times she heard the same words from people. When the engine finally stopped, Shelly exited the car, locked the door and said to the woman, “Connie, this is a POS car and I’m sick of it.”

Connie was an adorable blonde with a slender yet shapely body, a bubbly attitude, a genius mind and a healthy passion for beautiful women. She had developed an accounting program when she was in college and sold the rights for a considerable commission before graduating. When Shelly first met Connie she had no idea Connie was a prodigy and self-made millionaire among other things, she simply liked being around the silly woman because she acted like a bubbly teenager and always encouraged Shelly to push the envelop.

The girls independently captured the attention of many males and a few females on their first days at West Side Medical, but when they were together they acted in harmony protecting each other from the onslaught of advances much likes sisters but Connie decided from the moment she first met Shelly she wanted to be more than just girlfriends with the raven beauty but she understood a sexual relationship with Shelly would take incredible patience, a vast amount of understanding, nurturing and discovery far outside the box.

That morning, they wrapped their arms around each others waist then began sashaying toward the front doors of the building like two giggling high school girls on a tease mission. When the girls stepped by two men near the entrance talking to each other, one of the men growled, “Fuck me.” Instinctively, Connie turned her head and said, “You wish.” Without further comment, the two girls continued toward the huge glass doors purposely wiggling their posteriors like two untouchable hot girls insisting they were the center of attention, then after promising to meet in the dining hall for lunch, they went their separate ways.

Later that morning Shelly’s office partner placed a sealed envelope on her desk then she stood at attention waiting for Shelly to open the envelope. Shelly looked up as she slipped her letter opener under the end of the flap and quizzed, “What?”

“Some woman I’ve never seen around here before asked me to give it to you … guess I’ll just go do stuff, I don’t need to say … or do,” then Shelly interrupted with a caustic, “Thanks.”

Mary lowered her body slowly down to watch Shelly’s face before her computer monitor blocked her view. After Shelly opened the sealed envelope she pulled a note out and read it. She quickly got up, grabbed her purse then stepped briskly toward the doorway.

“Where you going?” snapped Mary as she stood up and caught her balance.

Shelly didn’t answer instead she rushed to the ladies restroom hoping nobody would be in the space. When she opened the door to the restroom she quickly glanced around and when she was sure she was alone she placed the note on the counter then looked at her reflection in mirror.

“Shit, shit … shit … damn, shit,” mumbled Shelly, “Why now?” then Shelly picked up the note and read the words again. “I can’t do it, I just can’t do it,” continued Shelly, then she read the note again. “Oh God, I have to do this.”

Shelly’s heart began to beat in her chest and she began feeling heat fill her body. Her heels clacked on the tile floor as she paced in a circle while fanning her face with her hand, “Shit … I’m going to loose it, I know I will.” Then suddenly the restroom door opened and Mary entered the space, glanced at Shelly then stepped up to the vanity pretending she was examining her makeup.

“You ok?” asked Mary as she looked at Shelly’s reflection in the mirror.

Shelly stopped bahis firmaları pacing and stood still with the note dangling between her fingers, “someone wants to see me.”

Mary stepped in front of Shelly and tried to look into her eyes, “Who, who wants to see you?” asked Mary with a crack in her voice.

Shelly exhaled then she held the paper up as she cocked her hip to one side. “I can’t say,” offered Shelly as she felt her body chill.

“That envelope has the corporate name on the top, right?” asked Mary as she felt there was something going on and she needed to be filled in as fast as possible.

“My God Mary,” offered Shelly, as she crammed the piece of paper in her purse.

“I know, I know,” said Mary as she snapped her fingers, “You have to see him, it’s like a court summons, you have to do it, maybe it’s about something … like a promotion or something,” then Shelly interrupted the ranting woman and said with a calm voice, “Mary, It’s not your issue.”

Mary didn’t have anything left to offer so she simply said, “You’re right.”

In seconds Shelly found herself alone again, pondering her next move. She fixed her makeup until she was satisfied it was perfect then she adjusted her dress, checked her shoes and cleared her mind. When she felt confident she stepped toward the door and slowly opened it. When she rounded the corner of the restroom vestibule she looked into the room of people. “Oh shit,” she whispered as she noticed every single man in the massive room was looking at her like she was a slice of prime rib and every single woman was looking at her as if they wanted to toss the piece of meat on an open flame and watch it sizzle.

Shelly forced the walk through the facility to be a long journey to give her thoughts time to organize her words and what she would say to Peter once they encountered each other again. By the time she reached the double oak doors she concluded she had to tell the man their past had been forgotten and if he resisted, she’d have a backup plan, but Shelly never got that far in her thought process. The huge dark oak doors suddenly appeared before her and she read the stately signage, Westside Medical, Inc. Then her heart began to pound in her chest.

Shelly expected the doors to be heavy but when she pushed on them they opened easily and she stepped through the opening. A very attractive woman with deep red hair wearing a soft yellow dress was sitting at a glass top desk and she looked up when Shelly walked toward her as the massive doors slowly closed themselves behind her.

“May I help you miss?” asked the woman in a soft voice.

“Hi, I’m Shelly, I have this note, Mr. Kline wants to see me?” said Shelly nervously as she offered the note to the woman.

“Oh Shelly, nice to meet you, yes, I’m Joyce, I gave the envelope to your coworker, you were away from your desk at the time, hope you don’t mind,” said the lady as she stood and offered her hand.

Shelly shook the lady’s hand then smiled and said with a calm voice, “Not a problem, she gave it to me as soon as I got there.”

“Good, hold on a sec, I’ll let Mr. Kline know you’re here,” said the lady as she picked up a handset and pressed a button on a massive console.

“Mr. Kline, Miss Duval to see you … Yes sir … no not yet sir … it arrives on Friday the fifth … yes sir … very good sir,” then the lady placed the handset back in the cradle and smiled at Shelly. “Mr. Kline will see you now.” Just then the phone rang and the lady picked up the handset again then brushed her hand like she was scooting Shelly toward the huge wood door with a golden sign reading; Peter M. Kline President & Owner.

Shelly’s heart began to pound harder in her chest as she pushed on the door. As before, that door opened easily and she stepped into the massive office of a man she hadn’t seen in years. When she saw Peter standing behind the huge desk her heart nearly popped out of her chest. Peter instantly rounded the desk to greet the beautiful woman with extended hands.

“Shelly … my God it’s great to see you again … I knew it was you the moment I saw you in the strategy room, how are you my dear,” he said in the soft voice she recalled.

As soon as their hands touched, Shelly’s mind began to flash back at a time she couldn’t forget and all the soul searching she had done on her way to Peter’s office vanished from her mind with a click.

“I’m fine Mr. Kline.” Said Shelly as she felt a lump in her throat, “very nervous, but I’m fine.”

“Shelly, please call me Peter … okay?” said Peter as she nudged Shelly’s hands with his.

“Yes Peter,” she responded coyly. Shelly began to feel a strong urge to wrap her arms around the man but she settled for the touch of his hands. It was a feeling she had missed for years but the spark was vastly different.

“I’m so delighted to see you I forgot my manners, please sit, want a soda or iced tea or something … hell, you’re old enough now to have a cocktail, kaçak iddaa what will it be?” he rambled as he gazed into the eyes of the best looking woman he had ever seen.

“Um, water will be fine, I’m working,” said Shelly as she tried to get Peter to look into her eyes, “Um … I have a question, Peter.”

As Peter turned with his back to Shelly, he said, “Shoot.”

“How did you know … I started working here?” asked Shelly as she scanned Peter’s body stepping toward the large built-in oak cabinet. Shelly couldn’t help scanning his buttocks as he stood with his back to her. The man hadn’t changed in her eyes and she was sure their meeting held something in store, but she wasn’t sure what.

“I own this place … after you showed up in the strategy room, I knew it was you, I did a little research … very few people are allowed in that room, Bob must trust you and I trust Bob.” Peter said as he opened a cabinet, “How are your sisters? … I bet they’re as pretty as you are,” asked Peter as he pulled out a bottle of water.

“I haven’t seen Martha in three years, she moved in with her dad and Kelly is attending a private academy now and doing very well, she wants to be an astronaut, believe it or not,” offered Shelly.

Peter turned with a chilled bottle of Perrier and a cloth napkin in his hand and smiled. Shelly felt weird inside and she had a gut feeling her life was about to change. Shelly took the opened bottle of chilled water from Peter’s gentle hand, took a token sip then she rested the bottle in her lap with one hand under the wet napkin as she inhaled Peter’s fragrance.

Peter sat in the large leather chair in front of her, placed his hands on the arms, crossed his legs and simply stared into her eyes. The impending silence in the room started to haunt Shelly, so she simply asked, “What?”

Peter smiled then said softly, “My God Shelly, you are beautiful.”

“Thank you Peter, I try,” said Shelly as she smiled back at Peter.

“I don’t beat around the bush, you really are stunning,” said Peter as he looked deep into Shelly’s eyes.

Shelly felt her face blush then she asked, “Are you married now?” as she felt butterflies fill he stomach.

“No … who told you that?” asked Peter with a low voice.

“There’s talk … and I see you wear a ring … you know offices will be offices,” offered Shelly as she wiggled her butt to get comfortable.

Peter looked up to the ceiling for a second then back at Shelly, “Typical of simple minds … no one actually took the time to look at it … its just a piece of jewelry, I liked it and bought it, but strangely it’s the only finger it fits on comfortably.”

Shelly knew she was in a mysterious world in more ways then imaginable and she didn’t want to say the wrong thing, but she had to clear the air once and for all, “I have to get this off my mind Peter.”

“Go ahead, I figured this was coming,” said Peter as he grinned a little.

Shelly cleared her throat then said with a slightly nervous voice, “after you left, it hurt a lot, and for a very long time … there, I said it.”

Peter’s facial expression changed for a second then he spoke with a soft voice, “You were always the straight forward sister, I liked that about you, there was no guessing … I’m very sorry Shelly, I had to leave and you probably didn’t know why then … apparently you’ve figured it out by now … If there’s any consolation in all of it, I’ve never forgotten you, Shelly.”

Shelly sat motionless for a moment and simply gazed into Peter’s clear blue eyes then she snapped out of her fog and spoke softly. “It did take awhile, but I figured it out eventually, I was young and naive, you were right, it wasn’t the right time, but it still hurt a lot, I really thought for the longest time, that, well, you really wanted me,” said Shelly as she felt she was blushing. “I still can’t believe you’re not married, good grief, you’re actually better looking now than you were then, how in the world did you manage?” asked Shelly as she felt a tingle in her crotch.

“Work, work and more work … makes a lot of jack, but it makes Peter … let’s just say it makes a lot of jack and leave it at that … your hair is longer and darker, and much wavier than I remember, it’s gorgeous … it was the second thing I noticed about you when I first saw you,” offered Peter as he stared at Shelly’s face. Then Peter leaned slightly forward and spoke in a near whisper, “I have to say this Shelly … I fell then, and I’m still there.”

“You’re funny … what was the first thing you noticed?” giggled Shelly as she opened the water bottle again.

“Your beautiful violet eyes,” said Peter softly.

“A lot of people say they look like that actress … what’s her name … I can never remember her name,” said Shelly while looking down

“Elizabeth Taylor … it’s uncanny how much you look like her when she was young,” said Peter softly.

Shelly looked up, smiled a little then said kaçak bahis softly, “Thank you Peter.”

“Ok, then … down to business … I don’t allow inter office relationships, unless the couple is married, so … you’re fired,” said Peter abruptly.

Suddenly Shelly’s body began to flush away all the comfort she was feeling. It was as if Peter had popped her and all the helium was escaping through a giant hole in her heart.

“You’re kidding … I hope?” asked Shelly as she tightened her grip on the water bottle in her lap.

“Actually I’m not … I have strict rules, and I keep strict rules … however there is a golden lining,” offered Peter as he unfolded his legs and leaned forward.

“Wait a minute … you’re firing me for a relationship we had years ago?” said Shelly as she felt her entire world collapsing in around her. Shelly couldn’t believe she was just fired, and it wasn’t anything she ever contemplated, but she listened carefully to Peter as he spoke his next words.

“Shelly, listen, if you want a better job I have a friend in the aircraft communication business, she’s looking for a top notch accountant, that is if you’ll consider it, it’s yours, your starting salary will double, I promise,” Peter said as he cupped his hands together.

“I need a job Peter, my mom is very ill and I take care of her, it would devastate her if I couldn’t care for her,” pleaded Shelly.

“What’s the matter with your mom?” asked Peter as he sat up straight.

“Pancreatic cancer,” offered Shelly as she lowered her head, “I have no idea how long.”

“I am so sorry Shelly, I know you really watched over her, believe me,” said Peter softly.

Shelly giggled a little and said something she had never confessed to anyone except Peter, “Yeah, you do know, don’t you, but I watch her in a different way now.”

Peter didn’t know what to say as he recalled Shelly’s vivid descriptions of her mother doing things in her bed with the guy she lived with at the time. He simply remained silent and studied Shelly’s gorgeous face. He realized the girl he once knew had grown into the woman of his dreams and she was more beautiful to him than he ever imagined she would be, and now she was old enough to make solid choices. He knew it wouldn’t be him running away this time.

“Shelly, once you’re settled in at your new work place, I’d love to have you over for dinner at my place, I’ll have the car pick you up, we’ll have pizza if you want and just talk?” pleaded Peter as he tightened his hands together.

Shelly looked deep into Peter’s eyes and melted, “I’ve been waiting for this a long time … but after what just happened, I’ll have to think about it, Peter.”

“I understand … look … I’ll have a hard copy memo hand delivered directly to you, Joyce, my secretary, will personally deliver it and place it in your pretty hand, no computer emails and no hand offs, there’s too many prying techs and eyes around here, it will have all the information you need to contact Silvia on her private cell, that’s the friend, believe me, this must remain hush, hush around here, I can’t afford a scandal, until you figure out what you want to do we have to do it this way … ok?” offered Peter as he held out both his hands.

“I think I understand … Peter,” said Shelly as her hand slipped off the water bottle and knocked it over spilling the contents on her dress. “Oh fuck,” whispered Shelly as she scrambled to right the bottle.

Peter stared giggling and said with a calm voice, “Yup, she’s all grown up now.”

“I am so sorry Peter, I didn’t mean to say that, I’m such a klutz sometimes, look, my dress is soaked and there’s water on your rug … now what?” rambled Shelly as she held Peter’s hands.

“Looks like cotton to me, it’ll dry quickly, hang around for a while, make yourself at home, you can leave after it dries, sound like a plan?” offered Peter as she gently held Shelly’s hands and gazed deep into her eyes.

“Thank you Peter,” whispered Shelly as she gently squeezed Peter’s hands while her heart beat harder in her chest.

The couple paused for a moment while the feeling of touching each other filled their spirits again but Shelly began to feel contorted deep in her soul and she began to sense her longtime feelings for Peter had just been scrambled and she had a lot to think about.

A half-hour later, and after witnessing Peter in all his business glory, Shelly felt she needed to escape. He talked on the phone the entire time and only looked at Shelly when she looked at him. It was nearly to the point of mental telepathy. When her dress was dry she stepped toward Peter and wiggled her fingers in front of her lips, then blew him a kiss as she had done many times before. When Peter saw Shelly offer him an air kiss his heart began to pound in his chest and a chill filled him. All he could do was cover the mouthpiece and wink at the woman of his dreams. Then Shelly turned with a smile and Peter gazed at her bouncing tight buttocks as she stepped through the huge oak door, then walked right by Joyce’s desk as if Joyce wasn’t there.

“Miss Duval, is everything ok?” asked Joyce as she hung up the receiver and looked at Shelly.

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