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Author’s notes: This is an adult story for consenting people over eighteen who will not be offended by it. It is pure fantasy. The events never happened. Not that I’m not wishing for something like this to happen, but I live in the real world. I would like to thank Wolf Vixen for her editing and comments that helped to make this a better story. All constructive comments are welcome. This is my first attempt at writing erotica and I’m doing at the request of a special friend. If you like it let me know and I’ll continue it.


I never thought in a million years that something like this could happen to me. I can’t remember exactly when it started happening. Well I can, but I never thought I would travel down this road. How does a smart-assed street kid learn to serve an older couple? To top that off, I enjoy doing it!

I’m Lexi, just so you know. When this all started, I had just turned eighteen. Well it started a few months before that so I guess I should start there. Oops, I guess you want to know what I look like so you can visualize as I take you through my story.

At the time, I had my hair died three different colors. I had a pink stripe down the middle, then it went to ash blonde and the rest was black. I’m a Goth and have a few tattoos covering special parts of my five foot six frame and I weighed about 115 pounds. I swear most of it is in my 36 D breasts. They’re all mine and they weigh a ton.

Of course I have the clothes and chains and everything else Goth people wear. Although my favorite ensemble is my pink leather bustier with tight black pants, studded collar, belt and chains.

It even has a dangling chain that loops enough, if I am adjusted right, the chain looks like it’s attached over my nipples on the outside of the top. It’s fun to watch guy’s eyes as I make that chain jiggle as my tits move. To bad for them I wasn’t into guys at the time. I mean, to this day, I much rather a slow handed woman, to some fumbled handed dude just trying to get his rocks off.

When this all started, I had broken up with this major looser named Trace. Being a man to him meant beating women into submission. Unfortunately Trace’s next one, Amber didn’t know any better.

Trace and Amber used to live across the street from each other and she thought he was just another cool skater dude. She was on the outs with her major crush Adam, so she started going out with Trace the looser.

Unknown to both of us, we shared many friends in common though Amber and I hadn’t met at that point. What was really shocking was that both of us are bi and our friends thought we should hook up. Long story short, Amber wouldn’t summit and hit back when Trace tried his bullshit on her.

That’s when we finally met. When I met Amber, my stomach did a flip. She was my doppelganger. She was only an inch taller and we could and did swap clothes. Her hair was longer and brown and she has the prettiest green eyes.

God, it was great snuggling up against her. She was so soft and we fit perfectly. Oh, I know, you want to hear some raunchy sex filled description of our love making, but for us, it was more about the intimacy. Nothing more than some good kisses and snuggling together naked as we slept. But this is where this story gets interesting. Amber’s parents, well her Dad and Step-mom actually, were just so cool.

When Amber told them that we were dating, I was shocked by their honest open approval. Not only did they understand, but fully supported our relationship. It really floored me when her step-mom, Crystal, told me that she was also bi-sexual and they had been together for over seventeen years. Her dad just said that we would either be together for a long time or burn out fast.

Then it happened. Trace, who’s homophobic, heard about us gong out, went ballistic. He was obsessed with Amber and I was in his way. So one night he called me and arranged to meet. He was supposed to give me some money that he owed Amber. I thought it was fishy, so I had Amber go with me.

Of all the stupid mistakes I made, that was the best thing I could’ve done. Neither one of us thought he was so unhinged. When I got there, Trace tried to get me to follow him into a darkened corner. When I wouldn’t, he started an argument. Amber could hear everything, but she was hiding behind the seat so Trace couldn’t see her. Then Trace struck.

He was hiding a kitchen knife in his shirt sleeve. He whipped it out and sliced it across my throat. I screamed for Amber. Hearing this enraged him and he stabbed me in the back three times before I could fall to the ground. Amber burst out of the car and Trace ran into the house like the little bitch he was.

Amber got me into the car and sped off towards the hospital. Lucky for us, we were stopped by the local cops. As soon as we were pulled over, Amber screamed at them that I had been stabbed. The next thing I knew, I’m at the hospital.

Lucky for me, Trace didn’t know how to wield a knife. My neck was sliced, but not deep Beylikdüzü escort enough to cut anything vital. Only one of the stabs actually pierced my skin, but my ribs deflected it away from any vital organs. So even though I was sore, battered and bruised, I would live and love another day.

Honestly, I never felt so loved. I was told by the ER nurse that she had never seen so many people waiting just for one person before. My mom was there and so were many of our friends. As soon as they could, Amber and her dad showed up so Amber could be with me. My dad was out of the country working.

Again, to get to the point…it was after I came home and everyone wanted to see my back and Amber’s dad made sure he didn’t see me taking off my top that I started calling him dad too. He was just so great and loving.

Here was a man I knew I could call at the drop of a hat and he would come to help. It’s about him and his wife that this story is truly about. They totally accepted me without reservation. There is nothing I couldn’t tell them. Not like there was anything sexual or anything going on. Well at least not at first.

At first, it was all about them helping me and me helping them. When Harry needed help cleaning out a rental, he had me and Amber help to give us a little extra spending money. Then he helped me fix my car… You know little things like that.

What I didn’t expect, was that Amber, who like, me suffers from PTSD, would freak out and she ended up eloping with Adam. I didn’t feel too bad for too long since she didn’t tell Harry or Crystal either.

They just went out and did it. So now you have the background and maybe can understand where I was at the day Harry called and asked if I could help get the new house they were buying cleaned up and ready for them to move in.

It was the start of the new fall semester and I was only taking a couple of classes in collage so I had the time.

At the time both Harry and Crystal were carrying around some extra weight. I mean Crystal was the perfect chubby little wife and mother. She has brunette curly hair and smoky brown eyes. She has a ready smile and a warped sense of humor. She was also Goth in her youth and had all these really great boots.

Years before Harry had some kind of accident where his lungs were damaged and he couldn’t breathe well. He hated the weight, but his stamina was shot. He worked on it, but it took him awhile before he lost it. He called himself a six foot tall 300 hundred pound gorilla.

That how all this started. I would go over and help Harry. Some times their son’s would be there getting in the way like any teen would do. Over the next few months I really got close to him and Crystal.

With all the work, I guess their love life was suffering. I know I really didn’t notice until one day Harry took off his shirt and I noticed that he had lost quite a bit of his extra weight. He looked pretty good for an old guy. I mean he was like in his mid forties or something. Not like he was ripped or anything. That came later once he finally got some of his breath back. No, what I noticed was that there was actually muscle moving under his skin as he worked.

To be honest, I think it had more to do with how he treated me than his looks which attracted me to him. I realized this once when I saw him with Crystal and was actually jealous. He was very open with his love for her. He was always playing with her boobs or grabbing her ass in a playful manner. They always kissed and you knew they meant it.

Once I even heard him make her moan during one of her lunch breaks. I never had someone just take the time to make me moan like that. I know he didn’t finish because she had to get back and he was still sporting a tent when she left.

Suddenly I wanted him to give me more than just his normal hug hello or goodbye. I wanted him to touch me with the love like he touched her. I can’t remember the times I wished he would just throw me down and ravage me until I couldn’t move, then softly stroke me with his loving hands until we fell asleep together.

Knowing Harry, I knew he was totally oblivious to my attraction. Crystal told me many times that to give Harry a subtle hint about wanting sex, meant telling him, “Fuck Me!” Then he might get it.

At first I was afraid of his rejection. Me, the street kid from Chicago’s lower end, was actually afraid of something. I wasn’t even afraid when Trace stabbed me, but being rejected by Harry scared me witless. I wasn’t afraid of betraying Crystal. I had the impure thought or two about her too.

I knew from our many talks that they had played with others in their past. They were so cool. Their rules were that as long as everyone knew and there was no cheating, it was all good.

Harry even told me how he wanted Crystal to find a girlfriend. Not for the usual man-centric threesome thing, but just so she could express her bi-side. So I suffered in silence until the next spring. Then came the day that changed Beylikdüzü escort my life.

We were working on the pool, getting it repaired for the summer. It needed a new liner and I was taking off the deck pieces so we could get to the top. He was cleaning out the weeds that had grown in the sand at the bottom.

I was pulling up a board when Harry called for a break. I was starting to standup when I lost my footing. Harry was right under me and saw me start to fall. He braced himself so I could land on him. And land on him I did. I know I knocked the wind out of him as he tried to protect me from hitting the side of the pool.

We ended up sprawled in the freshly leveled sand. I know he didn’t know where his hands where, but I sure did. His hands were full of my tits. As he tried to move his hands, I felt them squeeze my tits and instantly my nipples were rock hard and I felt a jolt of energy shoot from my nipples to my pussy. I was instantly on fire. I couldn’t stop my squirming.

As Harry caught his breath, he realized where his hands were and that I was breathing rapidly. He asked,

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, did I hurt you?” I replied as I felt something poking my leg.

“No, I’m fine, but um. I’m a bit stuck here…” I must have moaned because he looked concerned and asked again.

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

It must have struck me funny, well actually I think it was just more of a release because I started giggling as I said.

“What, I like being on top.” As I wiggled trying to get closer to this man who made me feel so loved.

“I’m sorry about grabbing your umm breast, but I can’t move my hands right now.” He said as he actually blushed. Looking into his eyes I knew it was now or never.

“That’s okay. I don’t think you’ve damaged them. They’re soft enough to bounce back.” That was when I took my chance. I leaned down and kissed him.

As we kissed I figured out what was poking me, because it got harder. I was on fire and I didn’t feel any rejection. At first I felt his shock and then a softening. Then he was kissing me. I mean really kissing me. Not like a friend, but as a lover.

When the kiss broke I saw confusion and a spark in his eyes as I looked down. But as much as I wanted to continue, he had to break the spell.

“Sweetie, I need to get up. There’s sand in some very uncomfortable places.” He pushed me up by my tits so I could get my arms under me to push.

Sitting up, I moved my legs so I was fully straddling him. I even allowed my tingling pussy to brush against his hard cock as I made my way up.

It felt cold the second his big hands left my breasts. I didn’t want them to leave but I could see that I had pressed him halfway into the sand. As he got up all he said to me was.

“Don’t do that again unless you mean it.” He tried to brush the sand out of his shirt and shook his ass to get sand out of his shorts. As he did that I noticed that he was a man who went commando as I got the first look at his hard dick.

Okay, I’m not going to lie and tell you he was hung like a horse, because he isn’t. It’s a normal looking seven inches but thick. I think he caught me looking as he told me.

“I’m going to go take a shower. You might think of doing the same.” He brushed my back moving around to the front but stopped before he could touch my aching breasts again.

“I’m serious. It’s not nice to tease and I wouldn’t want to hurt you, I love you too much. Just remember to be careful for what you wish for, because you might get it.” He said as he climbed up the ladder and headed into the house.

I was in shock. At first I thought he had rejected me; then his words penetrated my sex fogged brain. I scrambled up the latter to see if I was right. I entered the empty house and heard the water going in the master bedroom. I peeked in and saw that he was already naked as he stood there adjusting the water.

I didn’t go in until he was in the shower with the curtain pulled. It took me seconds to get naked as I softly padded over to the shower shaking with excitement.

I must’ve jumped ten feet when he asked. “Are you going to just lurk out there, or are you coming in?”

Hesitantly, I pulled back the curtain. “Is it okay?” I asked wanting to fall in his arms and run away at the same time.

“Only if you are sure this is what you want. If you have any doubts, then I suggest you go take a shower in the spare room.” He waited for me to make up my mind then said. “Hurry up; there is only so much hot water.”

Making up my mind, well actually following my excited body, I took the step under the warm spray as he pulled the curtain closed. I leaned up and kissed him, running my hands over his back and butt. I have to admit I was in a hurry, my passion was rising and I wanted to finish this before he had any regrets. I was stopped and amazed when he took my hands and told me.

“Slow down sweetheart, there isn’t a need to rush unless you are unsure.”

“Sorry, Escort Beylikdüzü It’s just I’ve wanted this for awhile and I don’t want you to…” I stuttered as he wiped the running water out of my face. As his big hands started roaming, touching my heated flesh, he told me.

“We can take this fast or slow, but know I’m not a young man anymore and don’t know if I can get it back up if it goes off in a hurry. Why don’t I teach you how good it can feel to go slow?”

“I was afraid you’d…” I gasped as his hands found my nipples and he started teasing them.

“Shhh… Just put you hands on the wall and I will make sure you are totally clean.” Harry said as he ran his hands down my arms causing goose flesh to rise.

He placed his hands over mine and moved them so I was in the frisk me position with the water running down my back. He leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“If you want to stop, all you have to do is say is your mom’s name. That will be your safety word and I will stop everything. If I don’t hear that, then I will start teaching you all about control. It will require trust. I promise I will not hurt you. Are you ready?”

All I could do was nod; I know I was breathing heavily as my body ached for attention. I knew my nipples had never been harder and my pussy was already throbbing and all he was doing was softly stroking my skin.

“Okay, hold still while I wash you. If you move, I will stop washing, and you can finish for yourself. Remember if it gets too much to say your safety word.”

He grabbed one of the soapy sponges and started at the base of my neck. He lightly rubbed my back and down my legs as the water and soap bubbles ran down my body.

Then he started on my shoulders and down the front. I know I jumped when the rough sponge ran over my excited nipples as he teased my breasts with both soapy hands and the sponge.

As his hands lowered he told me to stay still. “I don’t want you to slip and hurt yourself.”

Then I feel his hands graze over my outer lips and the sponge hit the hood of my protruding clit. All too soon though, he had moved on down my legs as they trembled. Then he shocked me even more.

He grabbed his razor and started shaving my legs.

“I can’t…”

“Shhh… You wouldn’t want me to nick you.” He said as I stood there vibrating with my need.

As I felt the razor moved up my legs, I wanted him to be done so he could put out the fire that had been raging since he first touched my tits. I felt the blade scrape over my thighs and my pussy would leak at the same time, but again he wasn’t done.

The next thing I felt was the sponge on my swollen pussy lips. Then I felt the pull of the razor, as he shaved my outer lips. He left the tuft on my mound alone and unruly but shaved my lips clean. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he pushed a finger past my swollen lips and stroked me.

He ran it up and down softly stroking my clit on each pass. I was so close to cumming I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want him to stop, but again I wanted to feel him fill me up with his hard cock. I wanted his lips on mine.

I didn’t care which lips I just wanted him to kiss me. I wanted so much; I didn’t know what I wanted first. All I could feel was the need.

He must have felt it, because just when I was at my breaking point, he dropped the razor and slid two fingers into my dripping pussy. I know I gasped as he found my G-spot and rubbed it. As I started tumbling over the edge I felt a slippery finger enter my pushed out ass for the first time. It was too much!

I know I screamed and thrashed in my first ever climax. Harry held me up by holding his fingers in my pulsing pussy and ass as I kept cumming.

“Oh, god; oh god I’m… Oh shit… Oh fuck… I can’t…” I said uncontrollably.

Just when I thought the spasms would taper off he latched on to one of my over sensitive nipples and off I went again.

“Ohh fuck… Don’t… Don’t… Ohhhhhhhhhh….” I grunted incoherently.

I moaned as he controlled my orgasm. I don’t know how long I came. It could have been a minute or an hour. I was totally lost in time as my body responded to my new lover. When I came aware of my surroundings again, the water was off and Harry was holding me against him as I noticed the empty void in my tingling pussy and ass.

“Can you stand?” He asked as he reached for a towel on the sink.

“I think so, just don’t go too far. My legs are weak.” I answered quietly.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he softly toweled me off, avoiding all the really sensitive places.

“God I never felt like that before. I never knew it could feel that good.” I said in blissful wonderment.

“Oh sweetheart, that’s only just the beginning. I was just wondering if I went too far. I know Crystal doesn’t like anything up her backside. She calls it an exit only.”

“It was different, but it felt… It felt intense. What about you?” I asked as he was drying my hair and felt his still hard cock brush up against my tender pussy lips.

“I’m fine for now. I wanted to make it special for you. I know I would end up being a five stroke wonder right now. It was more important for me to please you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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