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You may think that being 70 sucks – life is ebbing, sexual drive with it, and your cock sags and goes into retirement. So this is an uplifting story, literally. And all true.


Knowing I found boys attractive as a kid in the 1950s was pretty scary – gay did not exist and faggot was some creepy guy, I did learn that it is a big mistake to tell the cute boy in my class that I dreamt about him. But I did dream, even if I did not understand.

Okay, in those middle teen years I was terrified, what would I become? But I got over it – hitch hiking through Europe when I was 18, a handsome Italian seduced me in Firenze. I was sleeping on the Ponte Vecchio and he said let’s take a walk. He brought me to a courtyard and began fondling me – I was hard, confused, scared. When he tried to put his huge dick in my ass, I did not even know what he was doing (no internet porn to learn about anal sex)- where would that thing go? The pain was excruciating and I begged him to stop. He pulled out and came in my mouth. Terrified, but I felt fabulous, a real live pulsing dick shooting thick sperm down my throat. I felt disgusted. I was very confused. But something vibrated inside me for the few seconds he fucked me – something I had never felt before.

I still fantasize about him, that big, thick dick. Why was I such a woos?

Then, in college, one stoned night, a buddy puts his dick inside me, small enough to just slide in but big enough to hit my prostate and my body goes crazy, like nothing I even imagined could happen. I explode cum across the room as my ass vibrates, pulsing, shooting electricity from head to toe.

My ass was never the same. I craved dick. I craved a dick up my ass when not in my mouth.

I had girlfriends, played straight. Of course, got married, had kids, a respectable job. Please, this was the early 1970’s. All the good things came with marriage and a happy family. But the lure of cock was always there.

Many escapades. Boyfriends. Fuck friends. Tears from breakups. AIDs scares. The marriage was rocky at times, but I held the two worlds together.

So here I am, seventy years old. Married with beautiful grandchildren and a wonderful wife. We still make love three or four times a week. But there is so much more that I crave, fantasy not enough. Let me tell you just about this past year.

The Bathhouse

There is a great bathhouse in Ft. Lauderdale I checked out on line before a business trip. I fly in and go straight there, strip down and start wandering the halls. Mostly older Beylikdüzü escort guys, but they all have dicks, balls, hard, soft, beautiful. I am salivating, I need cock.

I enter the steam room, take a seat and wait. Soon enough, I open wide as a hard cock is stuffed inside my mouth and begins to pump, Delicious. The luxurious feel of soft skin and steel pole, precum dripping down my throat. I am in heaven as he shoots his cum in my mouth, thick rich semen sliding into my body, millions of spicy sperm swimming inside me. I have just a second before another cock is thrust in me. I gag a bit, still not able to deep throat (that comes later), but he does not last long as another five spurts shoot inside me.

This is my lucky day. They keep coming – well, cumming – six in all, velvet smooth steel rods face-fucking me, until I meet Juan and Sebastian, two young Latino guys who ask me if I want a threesome. Holy shit! Is this for real?

We go back to my hotel and they get going – I am there to provide willing holes as they kiss each other and moan, one in my ass and one in my mouth. They are not so big so I can swallow easily and get fucked without pain. I am being spit roasted for the first time. I am in heaven, so proud of myself. Laughing with joy.

My hands are all over these lithe bodies, stroking their balls, grabbing their firm butts. Sebastian is stroking me, Juan pinches my nipples, electricity is rippling from nipple to ass to cock to mouth, an overloaded circuit of pleasure. My senses are exploding. I cum easily, crying out and begging them not to stop.

Sebastian pulls out of my mouth and says let’s play doubles – I am on my stomach on top of Juan, his dick fucking me. Sebastian comes from behind and, oh my god, he starts to push in. The pain is sharp, my dick goes limp, but the pleasure of having two dicks inside me is amazing. I am crying and babbling incoherently but Juan’s tongue in my mouth makes everything come out as a moan. Slam. Slam. Slam.

Holy shit. I cum again as Sebastian pulls out, whips off the condom and shoots in my mouth just as I feel Juan pulsing inside me. I fall back as they kiss each other. I am wiped, panting, with a huge grin across my face – two dicks up my ass. Fresh sperm down my gullet. More as Juan spills the content of his condom down my throat. A new milestone in my life. I give them each a gift of hundred bucks. Best money ever spent. Inexpensive pleasure. I will be back.

Next stop LA

I check out Rentmen and find Eduardo. Okay, a few bucks for a hunk. Beylikdüzü escort He comes over to my hotel. I told him not to wash – I love the fragrance of a man, that male taste of underarm and that place were balls and thigh meet. He is a bit of a dom – something new for me. He stuffs my nose into his crotch and tells me to soak in the smell. It is an aphrodisiac, I am hard and throbbing.

He tells me to undress him, pull down his shorts and there is a man-size cock, maybe eight inches. He commands, “open.” I do. He says, “suck.” I do. And then he begins to push, hard. I am gagging, tearing, slobbering, choking, I am going to die, asphyxiated on a thick dick. They will find me, the medical examiner writing “death by a hard cock.”

He continues pushing, “open, more, swallow.” His dick slides into my throat and I start swallowing as if I was born for this moment. I am deep throating for the first time, in, more, more, deeper, sucking his dick, sucking for air, tears streaming down my face, gagging, thrust, thrust and he shoots so deep I only taste him at the end when I clean off his dick. I feel like crying, but now with joy – a new pleasure. I am seventy and finally I have become a real deep throat cock sucker. I feel the honor of accomplishment.

He is not through with me. I suck him until he is hard again. He throws me on my stomach and fucks me, hard, biting my back, yelling at me to use my ass muscles to grip his cock hard, I am writhing under him, how can I explain bite marks to my wife, I panic, he does not relent. I feel the contractions as he cums in me which, of course, sends me over the top and I shoot onto the sheets. I am so wiped I can’t move. He takes me in his arms and tells me what a good boy I am. He comes back the next day for a repeat. I am now a deep-throater, a proud cock sucker for sure.

Asian Fantasy

One more story to end the year. My wife and I travel to Asia and I am entranced by the beautiful, sleek young Asian men, huge smiles, lithe bodies, golden skin, almost feminine, but so beautiful.

When I return, I go on line to find an Asian guy and invite him over. My wife is away visiting family, so he comes for the night. He brings his test results that he is clean, no STDs. Hao is cute, small and thin, yet anything but Asian stereotype submissive. He orders me to strip and to crawl over to him, to undress him, starting with shoes and socks. He makes me kiss his feet, lick his toes. This is new. I am a real pathetic sub, every part of me loving the domination, drooling on his Escort Beylikdüzü toes, sucking like his big toe is a cock. Delicious. Hard with anticipation.

Hao puts his foot on my head and presses me to the floor. I am so hard – crazy. I grovel. I am enthralled. I pull down his pants to find a nice average cock, gleaming bronzed and gold. I lick, I suck, I take him all the way in as he holds my head and face fucks me. No gagging, just the pleasure of my new found skill.

Hao pulls me to the bed, throws me on my stomach and enters. That feeling, that electricity that pulses through my body. I am in heaven. He fucks and fucks and fucks, young stamina, delicious dick and then pulls out – he puts a blindfold on me and ties me up, pulling my head back like a harness and I feel something on my ass, but not his dick. He is fucking me with a toy and I am writhing, out of control, moaning, begging for more. This is a first.

I go limp, giving up all control. He is laughing, this 20 year old watching an old man begging and pleading, more, more. He pulls out the toy and drags me on top of him, dick pounding me from below, riding him like a bucking bronco. He sucks on my nipples and the circuit closes, electricity shoots from toes to the tip of my head. I am moaning, he is laughing. That is all I need as I shoot my cum across his chest, crying out in pleasure as he cums deep in me. I want to clean him off. He is not done.

Hao stays hard and fucks me missionary, his beautiful smile, his sweet body, his ferocious, ever-ready cock pounding me. My body is on overload, electric bolts shooting like lightning, fireworks exploding inside my body. His cum is in me, his DNA circulating in my body, swimming upstream in my gut, I fall asleep. I grip tight, wanting his life force, that semen, a million of him, deep in my body, not a drop to fall out.

Sometime during the night I awaken, lying on my side. His hard dick is probing my ass, seeking entry, coming home. I yawn and feel him enter, I am still lubed from his cum. It starts leisurely, the hardness against the walls of my gut, soothing, gently massaging my prostate. I feel myself hardening as he picks up speed.

Hao reaches over and grabs my dick, jerking me to the rhythm of his fuck. I am nice and hard again. We become one, he owns my ass but his cock is now part of my body, as if it always has been there, a magical wand of joy. The tingling becomes a throb, the throb becomes electric, lightning strikes as I feel him shoot inside me and I cum and cum, his sperm sloshing inside me. I have never felt more like a man.

I fall back asleep, his young cock still hard. I do not need to dream. No dream could be better than this.

I am seventy. I am married. My grandkids surround me, their sweet, normal grandpa. Life is so good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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