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My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to wear something sexy for him so I went out shopping for an outfit for dinner and some sexy lingerie for after. I really enjoy shopping and I was having fun hitting different stores in search of the perfect outfit. Once I’d found a sexy looking blue dress with a very short skirt. I tried the dress on and loved the way it hugged my body. The dress was tight but in a good way, it made my tits squeeze together just right showing lots of cleavage, and the way it stretched around my hips and ass was perfect. Now that I had my outfit I decided it was time to head to a lingerie store.

I was in a great mood, I felt like I looked good, and after seeing how that dress fit me I was feeling excited and a bit turned on imagining my boyfriend fucking me from behind not even taking the dress off just pushing the skirt up around my waist and giving it to me hard in the restroom of wherever we go for dinner. I went into the lingerie store with a spring in my step. New lingerie always makes me feel so damn sexy and I wanted to find something sexy and silky.

After looking through the store a bit I picked out a tiny black lace and silk night gown then headed to the changing rooms. As I got to the changing rooms I passed a small waiting area where a cute older looking guy who was maybe in his mid to late 40s, he was hanging around outside and smiled at me as I slipped inside one of the dressing rooms. Probably a husband waiting for his wife I thought to myself. Once in the dressing room I undressed and tried on the lingerie. I was looking at myself in the mirror and admiring the way my curves looked in the silky material.

The soft silky fabric felt good against my breasts and as I ran my hands over them my nipples started to harden. Suddenly there was Beylikdüzü escort a gentle knock on the dressing room door and I was startled out of my daze. I’m not quite sure what made me just open the door, but I did. The man who smiled at me earlier slid past me and pushed the door closed. I didn’t even have time to react before his big hands reached around me and cupped my big tits.

“Don’t make a sound baby,” He whispered into my ear as he squeezed my tits hard.

I was stunned and just staring at us in the full length mirror as those big hands squeezed and mauled my tits, my nipples now achingly hard. I was so getting extremely turned on by his touch so when he started kissing at my soft neck as he kept ravaging my tits, and pinching my nipples. I couldn’t help myself and my right hand slipped down to my panties and I moaned quietly. They were already damp as my fingers slipped inside against my pussy, and I started rubbing my clit.

“Yesss that’s it you hot young bitch.” He hissed into my ear.

Then at the same time I heard a woman’s voice from outside, “Tony what do you think of this? It feels a little tight but, Tony? Damn where did he wander off to now.”

The man grabbed my tits harder and smiled at me in the mirror as he heard his wife’s voice. He pinched and rolled my nipples through the soft material making my knees weak and causing me to gasp. Oh god I was so wet and turned on as my fingers worked my clit. My fingers moved back and forth against my clit occasionally slipping down between my pussy lips as I fingered myself. The man behind me continued his assault on my tits and it was all too much. I looked at the man behind me through the mirror and our eyes locked. His eyes were filled with hunger and lust and it pushed me over the edge. I opened my mouth Beylikdüzü escort to speak but nothing came out but a low long moan.

“Ungghhhhhhhhhhhh,” Was all I could say as I made myself cum.

My knees buckled a bit and the man behind me held me up still playing with my big tits.

“Good girl,” he whispered in my ear as one hand reach down to my wrist preventing me from taking my hands from my panties, “Don’t stop just yet.”

I moaned as I resumed rubbing my wet pussy while the man behind me was grinding his hard cock against my ass though his jeans and I watched through the mirror as his handsome face contorted in pleasure. I forced myself to take my hand from my panties and reached back attempting to free his hard cock from his jeans. Sensing what I was doing he let go of my tits just long enough to undo his belt and jeans enough for me to reach my prize. His hands immediately returned to my tits and he resumed squeezing them.

As I fished his cock out I tried to blindly measure it. He was definitely thick but not too long. Maybe about 6 inches long. I began stroking him a bit before pulling away from him spinning around, dropping to my knees, and taking his cock into my mouth.

“Ooooh fuck you are a horny slut aren’t you?” He whispered.

“Mmmm hmm” I said around a mouthful of his cock.

I looked up at him with my eyes filled with lust and sucked him fast and sloppy. I slid my right hand back into my soaked panties and rubbed my clit again causing me to moan around his cock. He put his hand on the back of my head and thrust his hips forward fucking my mouth.

“Can I fuck you, you sexy little bitch?” He whispered down to me, “Please?”

I nodded yes and let his cock pop from my mouth. I stood up with my back to him and bent forward a bit to Escort Beylikdüzü give him access.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” He whispered in my ear as he reached down and squeezed my ass with both hands.

He stayed like that just squeezing and rubbing my ass for a bit and it felt so good I was disappointed when he stopped. The disappointment didn’t last long though because I felt his thick cock prodding at the entrance to my soaked pussy. I moaned and wiggled my ass into him helping him find his goal a bit easier.

“Holy shit!” He gasped as he penetrated my tight young pussy, “Oh God you feel amazing.”

He was pumping in and out of me slowly at first and God did his cock feel so good. He was scratching an itch I didn’t even know I had. He increased his pace until he was humping me with fast short thrusts and grunting in my ear. His hands slid from my hips up my body and under the silky lingerie top I was wearing. His hands were on my bare tits for the first time and he just moaned as he squeezed them.

“Oh God so fucking soft,” He whispered.

I had my right hand between my legs rubbing my clit while he humped me with short fasts trusts from behind. All I could do was pant and moan quietly as he used my pussy and squeezed my big tits. It all felt so good that before I knew it was happening I was cumming again.

“Oooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” I grunted through gritted teeth, “I’m cuuuuuummmmming.”

He pinched my nipples hard as my clit throbbed and my pussy clenched, I put my other hand over my mouth as I moaned and a powerful orgasm washed over me. He kissed my neck over and over then I heard him grunt as he flooded my pussy with his hot cum. He pumped in and out of me a few more times before pausing with his cock buried balls deep inside my cunt.

“That was incredible,” he panted, “Thank you for that.”

Then kissed my neck one last time as he pulled out and left and as I stood with my hands on the glass trying to regain my senses I heard his wife say, “Oh there you are. Come on everything here it too expensive.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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