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It has been more than two years since I have written about Liz and me. Liz has been very popular with a very wealthy crowd for the last year. I had been very busy finishing a business deal in Prague that gave me total financial freedom to do as I please for the rest of my life. I now only work part time as a highly paid consultant when i choose, with no financial worries.

The constant travel between Prague and NYC kept Liz and I apart for at least twenty days a month for one year. When I was away, I knew that Liz had often stayed at a townhouse owned by a very wealthy business executive and his wife.

During my time in Prague, I was never lonely. The Czech division of the multinational company I work for always provided me with female companions. While I had sampled, many of Prague’s finest whores, my choice of escorts, a former porn star, Lucie Lee was my preferred companion. Lucie was enthusiastic and fun and of course she was sexually willing for anything I requested. Lucie is a big as slut as my wife Liz. My other most frequent whore was a total slut named Anita Queen.

It has been more than nine years since Liz first fucked her lover Tim and more than seven years since Liz and I have agreed to a completely open marriage. God knows how many guys Liz has fucked in the nine years because she has admitted she lost count long ago.

Our agreement is “Sex with anyone is OK, no falling in love”.

That Liz embraced this lifestyle so enthusiastically shocked me at first. Liz wasn’t a virgin when we first met but she was prudish. Liz is prudish no more. Slut would now be the appropriate term to describe Liz. I can’t protest as Liz has introduced me to many other women in our lifestyle.

While I was traveling, Liz met a very wealthy NYC crowd through Steven and Kara, our frequent swap partners. While I was in Prague fucking Lucie , Liz was often staying at a private townhouse in Manhattan that a very wealthy couple basically turned into their own private sex club/brothel for their very wealthy friends.

I decided to take the position in Prague that would earn me more money in one year than I had earned previously in my entire career. My forty-two year old wife Liz made it clear that she had no interest in living in Prague.

Let me backtrack just a minute. in 2013, Liz was involved with a former Disney exec who was caught in a sex scandal that involved the making of porn tapes. Liz admitted she was one of the numerous women that had allowed him to make sex videos of them, mostly in gang bangs.

For about one year after the scandal Liz and I, except for a few dalliances, stopped swinging at parties. I knew that Liz was fucking Tim, a Ankara escort longtime black lover and I was occasionally fucking Kimmie, a wife of one of our former swing partners. It was very discreet and less often than at any times since we started swinging.

For that year, We both made the decision that we wouldn’t go to any parties or be seen in public settings until we were sure that the Disney sex scandal had blown over and that no videos of Liz surfaced on the internet.

So that I wouldn’t be shocked if any of the videos were released, Liz admitted that ALL the videos she made with him involved bondage and gangbangs. While I am no longer shocked by Liz’s sexual appetite, her description of the contents of the videos was eye opening. Liz was a little freaked that a video of her with cum all over her face from blowing fifteen guys would somehow surface for all to see.

In the year prior to my assignment in Prague, Liz and I were rarely seen at social events and never at swing parties. When I informed Liz that I decided to take the deal, she stared at me and said “I am not living in Prague.”

I had exactly one day to make my decision to go to Prague as the company had been quietly involved in a banking scandal. The compensation was too great and I said “Yes.”

A few days before I was to leave for my assignment, I got a text from Liz in the middle of the day telling me she wouldn’t be home until early the next morning. I knew what that meant.

I was asleep in bed when Liz got home around 3 am. To say she looked well fucked would have been an understatement. When she walked in the bedroom, she stepped out of her dress and was wearing only black fishnet stockings and a choker that said CUNT on it. A semi drunk Liz looked at me and said “You wanna fuck me, everyone else has.”

Two drinks turns Liz into a whore and that night was no different. I fucked her twice and finished in her mouth which she then swallowed. Relaxing in bed afterward, Liz admitted she just needed to completely let go that day. For Liz, “completely letting go” means a gangbang.

I had no idea what to expect from Liz while I was in Prague. I was working a lot of hours and usually fucking my favorite sexual companion Lucie, in my hotel suite every night. I had no complaints as Lucie allowed me to fuck her in the ass almost every night. While Lucie was very well compensated, she was also pretty fucking kinky.

It was like I was still barley married until I got an email from a former lover Kara a few weeks after I had first arrived. She said that she was at the swing party the night before and Liz had done a live sex show. The email said she had been gang fucked by Ankara escort bayan a lot of guys while Tom, Molly and their friends watched.

Kara’s email stated that basically Liz was being whored out at the Upper East Side NYC townhouse of a young wealthy Wall Street couple who often threw sex parties with their wealthy friends. The essence of the email was that Liz was often at the townhouse and was always made available for sex to couples, after she had performed a live sex show for them.

I was away for the first six weeks of my tenure when I finally got back to NYC for the first time. When I walked in to our duplex Liz was wearing just a micro thong. When she turned to face me as I walked in, Liz put her fingers in her sopping pierced cunt as I walked toward her.

Liz put her arms around my neck, kissed me and led me to the bedroom. She whispered in my ear, “My cunt has been well fucked and now it’s our turn.”

Liz and I went to our bedroom and had what I could only call a filthy dirty fuck. Liz was moaning that she was a” filthy fuck slut,” as I pounded her cunt. I flipped Liz over so she was face down and then fucked and came in her ass.

After fucking like animals, Liz made us a drink. She admitted that what Kara told me was true. She said she ate cum out of Kara’s well fucked pussy at a party while her husband Steven and other couples watched. Liz said she “I hate sleeping alone.”

The first few weeks that I was in Prague, Liz admitted she was going out every night with Tim or getting picked up at club she frequented. One night a wealthy young couple she had met through Steven and Kara texted her and asked her to come over.

Liz said when she got to the townhouse, Molly and Tom sat on either side of her on a couch while they talked, smoked some weed and had drinks. She said that Molly then told her to “Stand up and strip for us. Show us your pussy.”

Liz admitting that she was really high while she stripped and fingered her cunt as they watched. Liz said she had an orgasm after Molly gave her a dildo as they watched.

Liz said that Molly came over and put a leather collar attached to a leash on her. Liz said that Tom deeply kissed her and told her that he had some friends coming over and told her to say she was a “filthy fuck slut.”

She said she looked at both of them and said, “I am a filthy fuck slut.”

Liz admitted she was wildly turned on. As Liz was telling me what happened, she sat on top of me and slid her extremely wet cunt down my cock. God, I love when she grips my cock with her cunt.

While she slowly squeezed my cock with her pulsing pussy muscles, Liz said that Tom explained they didn’t Escort Ankara live at the Townhouse full-time, and that a security guard Ellis, would always be in the house. Their administrative assistant would also be there. She said that after she was introduced to Ellis, he took her to a bedroom and fucked her.

Liz said that over the evening and into early the next morning, she was visited by five different guys who fucked her one at a time. After she fucked each guy , she was told by Molly to stay collared and completely nude and to greet her next “Client” in the living room.

Liz said when she woke up around noon the next day when Molly and Tom joined her in bed. Liz said ” Molly ate out my pussy while Tom fucked me.”

Liz said that she and Molly showered together before they went downstairs to breakfast. Liz said they had a spa day, getting their hair and nails done before having a massage and their pussies shaved. A chef came and made them lunch and dinner. Liz said she couldn’t believe how extravagant Tom and Molly live

Liz said she was taken to her room by their admin asst. Carol. Carol had already laid out Liz’s outfit for the evening on the bed. Carol helped Liz dress into a leather strap outfit that left her pussy, ass and tits completely exposed. Carol knelt down in front of her and ate her pussy until Ellis took Liz’s hand and brought here to the living room.

Liz said when she entered the living room, there were six couples sitting on sofas having drinks. She said that one of the women spread her legs and Molly instructed her to “eat her pussy.”

As Liz was telling me that everyone fucked her, she was pulsing her clenched pussy on my cock and I flooded her cunt with my cum.

God I love my wife’s cunt. I know Liz is a whore but we have kept our agreement to not fall in love with anyone else. I certainly wasn’t going to fall in love with two whores from Prague like Anita Queen and Lucie Lee.

Liz admitted that she spent a lot of time at Tom and Molly’s. She said she was glad I was home, but until my business was finished in Prague, she was going to fuck a lot.

When I got back to Prague, Anita let me take a picture of her with her legs wide open and my cum dripping from her pussy. I sent it to Liz. The picture she sent me back was of her laying on a sofa, her cum filled pussy wide open surrounded by 4 guys (faces hidden).

The year in Prague was financially rewarding beyond my expectations. Liz and I live a much quieter life since my return. But everyone once in awhile, Liz spends an evening with Ellis and a few of his black friends. She said she loves the way her pussy feels for days after they fuck her. Who am I to deny her.

And of course Kara, who was at a few of the evenings at the Townhouse has told me Liz went a lot farther then she has told me. She said Liz is a very willing whore. She gave me details but that is for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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