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As time passed and I grow older I sometimes find myself wondering what would have happened if my path with Meagan had taken a different route. Where would she and I be if we had met at some other time or same place?

I truly believe each of us has a ‘sole mate’, was Meagan was mine? She was the one I compared each potential lover with. I knew it wasn’t fair to compare her with someone from my past nor was it fair to Meagan. Meagan of course, was not aware that I judged anyone against her, nor will she ever find out.

It has been years since I had seen or talked to Meagan. I knew where she worked, still had her phone number in my cell phone. Our last conversion ended badly and either of us made the effort to Stay in touch with the other.

I bumped into Meagan in a coffee shop while doing some last minute Holiday shopping. She hadn’t changed from the last time I saw her. It was awkward as we sat down to catch up. We talked and laughed and then silence fell over us. Talk about uncomfortable. I had to ask – “What do you think happened to us?” We always said we would be friends – why aren’t we?”

More silence and then she started talking………..


Meagan and I first met at a winter dinner put on by our employer. Until that day I didn’t even know she existed. I was happily married and my wife and I were expecting our first child, as was Meagan and her husband. She was radiant; although to this day I’m not sure she thought so. At the time, for some unexplained reason I was drawn to her. Not to the point I was willing to divorce my wife on the spot and run away with this girl, but drawn none the less. After that evening, she was gone.

Every now and then thoughts of her would pop in to my head. How was she? Where was she? Did she have a boy of girl?

As the next five or six years sped by, watching children grow and a couple of job transfers, I found my self in a position where I supervised 12 people. This kept me busy, but still allowed me to be home at a decent hour. One of the people in my area was a trainee on her rotation in the department. Her name was Meagan and I found myself strangely drawn to her. Little did I know it was the Meagan I had long forgotten.

Meagan and I became friends to the point that we would share some things but managed to keep our distance on topics. She was not aware of my failing marriage although I knew she was divorced with a daughter. One evening, she told me we had met before – at a company dinner party years before. I felt ashamed that I had not recognized her. She told me all was forgiven!

Her rotation ended and she moved on, although we chatted every once in a while on the phone. My wife stayed together another year and half. We separated shortly after I discover her affair with one of her co-workers and subsequently kartal escort divorced.

Meagan eventually accepted a job at a branch office and our paths would cross once in a while about work. One day I was chatting with her on the phone just prior to my separation and she asked how my wife and boys were doing. I told her things were not all that happy in my household. I filled her in on some of the gory details and we met for dinner a week or so later. She became a great friend and supported me emotionally by offering me her shoulder. Over the next three months or so we chatted on the phone and she listened while I talked, never offered advice, rather letting me make my own decisions.

Divorce was inevitable and my x-wife and I separated. During the divorce, Meagan was there me to lean on. We chatted, grew closer cuddled up on the sofa for long make out sessions, heavy petting and eventually fell in bed together.

Through out petting sessions, I’m sure we touched every part of each other bodies, but we had not seen each other naked. There were glimpses of body parts – a nipple here or part of her breast and she would sneak a peak at my cock while she was rubbing on it. Outside of those quick looks, getting naked was something we had not experienced.

I knew every inch of Meagan’s body. Her small and firm breasts and her round butt. I knew exactly where her clit was and how the folds of her pussy lips felt. I had touched the small scar on her back and the insides of her legs. Licking her juices off of my fingers after touching her G spot seemed to gross her out. She tasted wonderful.

The first time Meagan and I made love was magical. Today it remains one of the most erotic times in my life.

Early in the evening I fixed dinner for us, opened a bottle of wine and started a fire in the fire place. She was dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, as usual she was braless. Her pert nipples showing through her shirt.

We eat dinner, drank some wine and cured up on the sofa to watch the move Ghost. Actually we saw little of the movie after the pottery scene. We spent a good deal of time in each other’s arms kissing. With heat from the fireplace she excused herself and slipped her jeans and polo shirt off and into a pair of my running shorts and a tee shirt.

Making love was something neither of us planned that night – it just happened. Making love for the first time is always better when it just happens. With the only light from glow of the fire and the blue hue from the TV she looked stunning.

I’m not sure how we ended up slow dancing to Unchained Melodies in front of the fireplace. It might have been after she changed or might have been after refilling our wine glasses. Our lips met for what must have been the millionth time – we were wrapped in each others arms maltepe escort bayan moving slowly to the music. Our tongues tangled as we explored each others mouths. We nibbled on each others lips. We pressed against each other – I knew she could feel my hard on – and she knew I could tell how wet she was. We were both shaking.

We broke our kiss, Meagan stepped back and pulled my shirt over the top of my head stepped into me and wrapped her arms around my neck and our lips locked again. She was holding me so tight I could feel her heart beating. I ran my hands under her shirt feeling the goose bumps on her back. She pressed harder into me as I ran my finger tips over back. Nibble kissing each other – followed by deep French kissing – back to nibbling each other lips.

I slowly lifted her shirt over up exposing her as she stepped back away from me she made no effort to cover her exposed breasts as I dropped the shirt on the floor. She stood in front of me in only her white cotton panties. I stared at her, looking up and down her body. Admiring her small firm breasts – her pink skin – her hard nipples. I had touched them before but had not seen them. Meagan was the most beautiful woman I had ever looked at. She looked at me a shy smile, perhaps a little embarrassed.

We were back into each other’s arms skin on skin for the first time. She felt so soft to me in my arms. Her breasts pressing into my chest, our genitals grinding through my walking shorts and her panties, our tongues once again ravishing each other. Her hands on my back and mine on hers, finger tips running up and down each others spines.

I’m not sure how long we kissed and touched and ground against other when we stepped apart holding hands. I slowly lead to the bed room and she watch with nervousness while I pulled the covers down on the bed.

Slowly we crawled into bed together and cuddled together. We were both still shaking as again embraced. Our hands roamed freely over each other. There was no fear of hurting each other. Our kissed became deeper and the breathing faster. Moans escaped as we worked each other into a frenzy. Meagan was kissing me and at the same time rubbing my cock through my shorts. I was kissing back and rubbing her pussy through her panties. She was soaked.

Ever so gently I rolled her onto her back and began kissing her neck. Meagan purred like a cat as I nibbled her neck. We were in no hurry. She let me explore her body as I nibbled from her neck to her toes and back again lingering at her clit through her panties. I took each nipple into my mouth licking, nibbling and sucking over and over again. Her whole body was covered in goose bumps as I kissed and teased her.

I teased her belly button with my tongue as I slipped my fingers into the waist band of her panties and slowly escort pendik slid them down over her hips as she lifted her hips off of the bed to help. Down over her knees, calves and feet the panties slid before I tossed them on the floor. She sat up, unbuttoned my shorts and slid them down my legs. I was soon naked as well.

Slowly I ran my fingers through the hair of her mound as I looked into her eyes. The hair was so soft. She smiled at me giving me the go ahead to continue as she spread her legs for me. I ran my tongue over her stomach as I parted the hair exposing her pussy to me. Sliding down between her legs she shuddered as I flicked her clit with my tongue. The intoxicating smell of her wet pussy and the taste of her juices were wonderful. I easily slipped a finger into her and found the spot she loved so well as I started to nibble on her clit. Her body stiffened and her vaginal walls clamped down on my fingers as she came after just a few minutes of me nibbling and licking her clit. It wasn’t one of those gigantic orgasms you see in all of the movies, more like a gentle rolling quake. Once her body relaxed I crawled up next to her and held her in my arms. I loved the feeling of her wetness on my leg as she wrapped her legs around one of mine.

We lay in bed and held each other for a long time. There was no rush to continue, great sex should last for hours. The vision of a naked man and woman cuddling together is very erotic. Our hands roaming over each other’s bodies as we cuddled and kissed. Caressing each other backs, hair, faces and arms. The feeling of love and contentment was all either of us needed at that moment.

Meagan rolled on top of me as she nibbled on my neck. Using just my finger tips I softly stroked her back feeling goose bumps once again. A soft moan escaped her as we touched and once again began to tease each other bodies. Soft light touches. Nibbling of each other’s lips. Stroking each other’s hair.

Our bodies seemed to melt together as we began French kissing again. Heated passion between to lovers as we started to grind together once again. Her breasts pressing into my chest. My hard on pressing between the lips of her pussy. Her juices flowing on to cock.

Slowly I slid my shaft in her slit with out penetrating her. More soft moans as the head of my cock rubbed against her clit. Back and forth, over and over. Tongues exploring each other mouth. Moans escaped both of as we slid against each other. Then, Meagan tipped her pelvis, ever so slowly I sled deep into her pussy and we stopped moving. Her vaginal muscles squeezed my cock tightly as she got used to me inside her.

She was so wet and so tight. Gradually we began to fuck. We moved together in unison, my shaft slid almost all the way out of her and then back in deep. With each deep stroke Meagan grind her slit against my shaft.


………..I listen as Meagan talked, I had my answer. At the end of the day that’s all that concerned to me was that she had found happiness. We hugged each other as we parted company with no hard feelings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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