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Tom Wilson was the first to wake in the morning. He showered and shaved and came back to the bed. As Louise lay there he looked down at this beautiful 18 year old and marveled at her beauty. She looked so young laying there sleeping. With her lovely face with those full lips he knew could suck his cock so nicely to her dark brown chestnut hair to her green eyes he knew she had. She was fully asleep as he saw a small smile on her face lying there. Tom knew she was completely nude under the sheet covering her.

He smiled as he slowly and very easily began to pull the covers off of her shoulders. As he did her shoulders became fully in view. They felt soft to his touch. He saw the tops of her breasts rise and fall with her breathing. He pulled more now and Louise’s breasts began to appear.

He lowered the sheet more and her full round shapely breasts came more and more into his view. He licked his lips as his passion grew with the sight of her small dark circles came into his view and then as he lowered the sheet another inch both her nipples popped over the sheet. They were small and soft now as he lowered the sheet down below her breasts. They were perfect, full round with no sag at all. They seemed to fill and get bigger each time she took a breath. He sat there just watching them rise and fall.

He just sat and looked at them, “God she is so lovely”, he said to himself.

He had no idea how long he sat and watched her breasts and face as she slept. Louise was proud of her breasts they were beautiful, and large and she knew men loved to look at her and them. She took very good care of her body and now Tom, Mr. Wilson as she called him, had fucked her. She was dreaming about his cock. It was the biggest and the best cock she had ever had. She sighed lowly as Tom stood up and lowered the sheet down off of her stomach. It was so small and firm and complimented her breasts.

He lowered the sheet now down past her round small hips and there was her slit. Her Venus mound and the hairline that indicated where her pussy hair would have been if she didn’t shave. He inhaled her body musk as it filtered in the room and into his lungs. He just looked as the pussy.

Louise looked as young as his daughter maybe younger, but Louise had the body of a woman. He finally removed the covers completely and touched her leg. She moved it and as she did she opened her legs more. Now Tom saw the full slit, the full length of her vagina. He smiled as he saw that there was a small glistening in the slit. He imagined she was always a little damp if not wet directly between her pussy lips. He noticed that they were still a little puffy from the sex he gave her last night.

He remembered she had gotten up and showered after the fucking was over. He felt her get up in the middle of the night and heard the water running. Then he felt her come back and move over him again lying on his body. He hadn’t disturbed her he inhaled her flowery small and held her gently as they both fell asleep. She was clean and smelled sweet, as she lay with him in the big bed.

Now as she was still lying there sleeping and he could take his time and examine her body. Her thighs were so smooth and firm and looked so athletic. He touched her again and she opened her legs more as she tried to roll over again. He let her do it this time. She laid on her side now and he could see the curve of her hip and ass. He ran his hand over her ass very gently. She sighed but didn’t move. He left his hand on her ass cheek and moved his face to her hip. He rubbed his face along her hip feeling how smooth and soft she was.

Then he moved his hand down the back of her thighs and felt the bottom of her ass cheeks. They were so firm. He remembered how they lifted them both up off the bed as she climaxed with his cock buried deep inside her. He remembered how her full rear end felt in his hands as she bounced up and down on his cock riding him. He slimed thinking of her breasts bouncing up and down as she fucked him faster and faster. He again felt his cock harden as he looked and remembered last night and how he had cupped her breasts as she rode his cock. God how he loved the feeling of her full breasts in his hand and her pussy locked down on his cock completely.

Tom couldn’t help it. He pulled gently on her shoulders and she rolled back over. Lying on her back again, Tom reached up and cupped a breast in each hand. He lifted them and heard her moan in both protest for waking her as well as from pleasure from his thumb rubbing her hardening nipples. Louise sighed and tried to roll away. But Tom was sitting on the bed now and she couldn’t turn. As his hands and fingers became still, she fell back into a deeper sleep. He held her breasts feeling them move a little with each breath. He bent his head and kissed each nipple before releasing her breasts.

Tom knew he had all of Saturday to spend with Louise if she wanted it. His entire family was gone and wouldn’t be back until Sunday afternoon. That sincan escort would give him ample time to fuck her until he couldn’t fuck her any more. He took his hands and pressed against her inner thighs. Louise opened her legs a little. He moved his mouth to her slit and kissed it and licked up and won the full length of it. She moaned and as she woke she placed her hand on his head and softly sighed, “Oh yes! Oh Mr. Wilson! Lick it.”

Louise liked his touch. It was always pleasing, never any pain in his movements. Tom slowly pumped his thumb in and out of her pussy fucking it as slowly and gently as he could do it! Her hips began rocking on it as her pussy began squeezing his thumb it as it entered her pussy all the way every 2 or 3 seconds. Tom also would rotate it around as it moved in and out! The feeling was sensational to her. Tom felt her began to rock faster and faster until she wasn’t able to speak without sound deep and very sexual. Louise moaned, “Oh yes! Oh I love that! More Mr. Wilson! Lick and finger me more sweetie.”

He looked at her face and saw her close her eyes and let his hand please her body. Her hips were pumping in unison with his hand movements now and she arching up gently feeling him slip his thumb out and insert two of his longer fingers. She moaned again and whispered, “Oh yes I love how you wake me! Faster! Oh faster baby! Finger it faster. Yes! Yes! Just like that! Oh!! Ohhh Mr. Wilson! I’m going to cum all over your hand.”

She moved her body and Tom knew she was close to cumming. She was moving with his hand now and he knew he was about to give her the first orgasm of what he hoped would many today. She felt his head against her clit and she held his head and let him lick. He teased it and stimulated it again and again. She moaned louder this time and Tom watched her young body move as his tongue did the trick to take her higher. She arched her back and lifted her hips up and began to thrust them faster and faster as she began to orgasm. She held his head against her as his tongue licked the top of her pussy and his two fingers drove into her hard and fast trying to keep up with her body movements. She lifted higher yet as she took her hand covered his and she squeezed it hard against her wet pussy. His fingers were deep inside her hole now and he felt her body pumping her pussy into his hand. She moaned again and again as she thrust her hips up and fucked his hand as fast as she could and then she froze as she peaked. As she did his mouth covered her clit and he sucked. A scream of pure pleasure came from her mouth a she hung in the air and held his hand and head against her pussy.

Finally Louise came back to earth and pulled at him trying to move his head out from between her legs. She moaned, “Oh come on! Come on! I need your cock now. Oh please come up here and kiss me and put the big dick inside me.”

But Tom wasn’t ready for that yet. He did come up and kiss her and then moved to her breasts. He began to kiss and lick them with his devil tongue. His hand never stopped moving inside her and her ass was lifting up off the bed to meet his insertions. His thumb was magic on her clit! He knew exactly when to push it in and when to rotate it around inside her wet open pussy. Tom kissed his way up her neck as his hands and fingers made tender gently love to her pussy. He whispered, “Soon baby soon I’ll fuck you.”

His voice sent a chill up her back as his hands sent thrill after thrill around her beautiful young body. It was like he could feel what she was feeling and knew exactly when to rub or push or pull around, in or out of her throbbing pussy. Louise’s pussy was so swollen now she knew she was going to cum again. So did Tom. It was all she could think about…..orgasm and cumming. Louise needed to cum bad again now and Tom knew it from the motion of her body and the wetness of her pussy! She was flooding his hand with her juices.

As he worked on her body with his hands, his voice spoke and his words went directly to her brain. Tom would lick her ear and neck and whispering exactly what he was going to do to her. It was what she was yearning for. He said, “Cum for me baby. Cum Louise! Cum on my hand baby! Cum for me! Climax baby! It will feel so good, so good baby! Feel it baby! Yes, that’s right! Fuck my thumb baby. Fuck it back, Louise! Cum baby! It will be so good baby! That’s it pump your pussy against my hand baby! Yes! Faster Louise!! Pump it faster for me! Let me see you cum. Mummm that’s it! You look so happy fucking my hand! Cum for me sugar! Orgasm and you’ll please me!”

Louise cried out in pure animal lust and desire from his soft words and his slow hand. She began to orgasm! Oh god did she orgasm! Both hands grabbed his hand this time. She had her legs wide open and arched her hips lifting her pussy up off the bed and held his hand tightly against her pussy. She squeezed it tight as she began to thrust her hips again. Tom watched her perfect young body cumming. It was unbelievably çankaya escort sex and erotic.

Louise cried out and threw her head back and she closed her eyes and she humped and humped and humped her pussy up against his thick hard thumb. She was open pornographically and didn’t care about how she looked or anything else in the world. All she wanted to do was orgasm for him, and herself. She screamed out loud as she reached the peek of her second orgasm. She yelled, “Oh God! OH GOD YES MR. WILSON! YES MR. WILSON! YES! YES! YES MR. WILSON!!!”

She sounded like an animal in heat as she continued to rock and pump and cum on his hand. When she had finished she let her hips fall to the bed again and pulled him to her. She said, “Oh God! That was a good one, a very good one Mr. Wilson”

He smiled and held her feeling her shaking. She whispered, “Oh god! I loved it Mr. Wilson, I loved it. You make me feel so good!”

Tom held her and kissed her and stroked her as she began to recover from a very good cum. She said she almost passed out. You took me to a dream world of orgasm. I love how you just pumping my pussy against your magic fingers and hand!”

She held him and he held her. Later she finally began to come back to earth. Louise sighed and with a low and hissing voice moaned out his name and bit his ear gently then licked it. Her hips were back on the bed now and she relaxed her thighs from around his hand. But Tom didn’t take it out from between her legs. He kissed her gently and for a very long time he held her and used his hand to rub her young soaking wet pussy.

Tom’s thumb was still inside her and he could feel hr muscles squeeze and release it. As he held her and slowly stroked her young body, he said, “WOW! You had a good one that time didn’t you Louise? You like what I do to you don’t you baby?”

She smiled and kissed him telling him it was very nice. He asked, “Did I please you Louise did you like how I made you cum?”

She felt his hand working on her again and she moaned and told him yes. Tom slimed and asked, ” Is that why you came over here, so I could get you off?”

She said, ‘I came over to fuck you. But yes, I wanted you to make love to me again.”

He smiled into her dark green eyes that were filled with lust. He said, “Good! I’m glad you wanted me to be the one to give your beautiful young body pleasure! Was your orgasm good? Was it hard enough? Long enough for you? It sure looked like it! Are you satisfied baby?”

He saw her open her eyes and look up into his face. Then she said, “Oh Mr. Wilson yes! Oh god yes you know exactly what I want when I want it. It was better than good! God it was so great. You please me so much Mr. Wilson. I love your touch! More! You please me so much! And I am satisfied now it’s my turn to please you Mr. Wilson. You know I always need you cock to finish me off completely!”

She kissed him and he held her tight as she circled his hard thick shaft with her small hand. “O my you feel so hard and so thick” Mr. Wilson. “I want you in me.”

He asked, “So you want me to teach you today”

She said, “Huh”

He smiled and told her, “You teach me I’ll teach you Louise fair is fair. I have been pleasing you. Now I would like you to show me what you can do for me.”

She smiled and looked at him very sexy then she said, “Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

He laughed as she told him and then she moved her face close to his and put her lips next to his ear and whispered, “Oh Mr. Wilson I could never please you as good as you do me. You are just to good.”

He smiled and said: “Well consider it a test then. I’ll tell you what to do and you do it. We’ll see how good you really are baby.”

She smiled and said, “Your wish is my command. You instruct me and see if I can pass the test. This should be fun.”

He said, “OK?”

Louise smiled and told him, “OK! How do we start?”

They took a break first and got something to drink. Then he stood there with his big cock swaying and jumping up and down. She looked at him and sat up on the edge of bed. Tom opened her legs wide and she told him, “OK! The first thing you do is kneel on the floor and get between my legs. I want you to use your fingers and mouth to suck my pussy for me.”

Tom smiled as they began to play this game. He told her, “First I want you to tell me how to make you cum. Then I will do the same thing with you. It will be fun and sexy. What do you think?”

His words and the sight of his big hard cock were driving her crazy. She had feelings for him, no not love, more like erotic and desire which was moving her closer towards him. Tom could see it on her face and hear it in her voice and he wanted this to happen. She was a beautiful young woman and she enjoyed fucking.

He said, “OK. Tell me what you want.”

She smiled as she sat on the bed and opened her legs wide. She saw him look between them at her bald pussy. eryaman escort She moved her rear end to the edge of the bed and put her feet up. Open wide now she looked at him and said, “First locate my clit and rub it until I begin to move against it.”

He smiled and said: “Yes mama!”

Tom moved closer towards her pussy as his face was again between her legs. It seemed like he was there more and more lately. He loved her musk smell and the beauty of her inner thighs and pussy. God he would have never imagined he would be this lucky. Now as he knelt directly in front of her pussy Tom moved his face between t the side of her thighs and began to kiss and lick them. His hands moved to her legs and he pushed them open a little more now. He saw the lips of her vagina open more and they were wet. He pulled them open with his fingers gently.

He bent his head and licked up and down her slit once. Then he backed off and looked at her pussy. It was so lovely as it stayed open for him. He went to work on it. “God he knows what he was doing”, she said to herself when she felt his lips and tongue lick and kiss her pussy.

He took his left hand and opened her cunt lips wider, exposing all of her pink young pussy’s insides. He smiled up at her from between her thighs. Then Tom took his finger and touched her clit directly. It made Louise jump like she had just been hit with an electric shock. He laughed and told her, “Well you’ll have to hold still Lou.”

She laughed as he moved his mouth back into position and when he opened her pussy lips again he licked her pinkness. It was wet and had her body taste. He kissed her pink and stuck his tongue into her hole. He heard her moan and felt her hands on his head. He knew she loved that part of having a tongue in her hole. “Oh yes! “, was all she said as Tom licked and kissed her pink insides.

Tom took his fingers and pulled back the skin around the top of her pussy. When he did, it opened up her hood more and made her clit stand up completely out and open. He took his tongue and licked over the hard round bud. Again he felt her jump with excitement. “Yes!”, she moaned.

He rubbed all around it and then quickly gliding his finger over it making her lift her ass up off the bed! “More! More please Mr. Wilson! More” she cried out as he played with her clit.

Each time he touched it directly, Louise elevated her ass and hips up to meet his touch. She moaned as he pushed against it and held his finger directly on it. He began rotating his finger around it very gently in tight little circles. Her body started to fuck his finger. “Put one in me please”, she hissed at him.

He moved his finger faster and faster as he used his other hand to insert his middle finger all the way into her wet open hole. “YES”, she cried out.

As he fingered her hole he rotated his finger directly on he clit. She moaned at first and then she cried out, “Oh God yes! Oh Yes! Mummmmm Mr. WILSON!!! You do know how to please my clit!!”

He let his finger relax a little as he heard her panting and trying to tell him, “Now……here’s what I want……….want you to do next.”

She arched and fucked her pussy on his finger deep inside her. “Here’s what I want. Use your tongue and touch me there.” She pointed at her clit. “Suck it! Suck it now Mr. Wilson! Suck it please!”

He knew she was close to cumming and he wanted her to receive the maximum excitement and pleasure. “I want you to make me cum and climax now”, she told him in a deep sexy voice. He could see her body pumping and rocking on his hand. Now it was time to finish her off.

“I want you to make me orgasm with just your one finger and your tongue as it touches me here just like you did a few minutes ago. Can you do me again”, she moaned?

He smiled at her and moved his fingers around the inside of her pussy as he fingered her pussy Tom said, “Well you have to tell me when I hit it just right baby! OK? You say when!”

Tom began to touch her clit with his tongue using different motions and pressures. But when he touched her about the third time in, it was heaven. Louise arched her back and lifted her ass high up off the bed screaming out: “YES!! Right there!!! Oh yes! THERE!! OH Mr. WILSON!! Oh yes!! That’s it!! Faster! Faster baby! Lick it faster. “

He did what she asked him to do and he fucked her faster. She felt his change in speed and screamed again, “Yes! OH fuck yes! Mummm!! Faster! Rub it faster! YES! YES!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!”

He moaned as did she trust up into him as he held her clit between his teeth and used his tongue to lick it over and over again. His finger was in her pussy and then he pushed his d thumb against her ass hole. She cried out as she felt it enter her rosebud. It was the first time any one had ever done that to her.

As Tom worked with his fingers and mouth she cried out. He took his mouth off of her pussy long enough to say, “Like this baby? You like this?”

Louise groaned out: “Oh my God! Yea Mr. WILSON!! Mummmm yes!!! I’m cumming!! Oh god yes!!!”

He went back sucking her clit and she held his head thrusting her pussy into his face saying, “Just like that!!! Oh GOD!! I’m cumming Mr. WILSON!!! So good!!! Ahhhh! AHH!! AHH!! AHH!! AHH!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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