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When I was young back in the 80’s, I was encouraged to play an instrument. The instrument I chose was a saxophone. I got to be pretty good and in high school my parents sent me for private lessons. My instructor was good and believed that you practiced to perform and performing was as important as practice, if not more so. He worked at a lounge on Friday and Saturday nights and asked my parents if it was OK if I came by from time to time to perform at the lounge. The only stipulation was that I had to wait until I was 16 in order to get into the lounge. My parents agreed and would take me to the lounge, eventually just dropping me off and picking me up later. I really enjoyed it and got to know all the regulars. As an added bonus I got all the free soda I could drink, and as anyone who has teenagers knows, that’s gold to a 16 year old!

My teacher, Dan, was a one man band. He played keyboards and had a drum machine for the music and of course he sang as well. He was actually really good. I was very nervous when I first started, performing solo in from of all these people, well, there were maybe 10 or 15 people, but it was still nerve racking. Over time I got more comfortable and much better at performing. I would stop in and play every 2 or 3 weeks and people seemed really happy to see me when I came in. I would play a set of 5 or 6 songs, take a soda break, play another 5 or 6 songs, pretty much played when Dan told me to or someone specifically requested me to. I really had a blast.

I got to know the regulars, mostly older people with nothing else to do on a Saturday night but toss back a few. There were married couples and a few older women but it was mostly older men. They were always super nice to me and encouraged me to play. One woman in particular became my favorite. Her name was Linda. I always sat next to her at the bar and she talked to me like I was an adult. She was always interested in what I was doing at school and what was happening in my life. She would tell me all about her as well. She had 2 children who were fully grown and moved out of the house and her husband had died from a massive heart attack a few years earlier. She had retired from a job with the county a year earlier and enjoyed hanging at the lounge with her friends. I was young so I didn’t look at her a girl, she was an adult, a much older adult, and I always treated her like one, or tried to at least.

Linda was about 5’5″, brown shoulder length hair, pretty brown eyes, and great legs. She always wore high heels and a skirt. Linda had big tits, they were amazing! If I had to guess I’d say they were a 38D, but that’s just a guess. She wasn’t fat, maybe a bit round, you could say plump with a nice round ass to compliment her top half. I never found out eryaman escort her age but based on what I could gather she was between 46 and 48ish. She always wore tops that showed off her tits and she caught me looking more than I’d care to admit. What can I say? I was a horny teen aged kid! I always felt like she was flirting with me. She’d touch my leg or hold my arm while she told me a story. She always had a new charm on her necklace that she’d show me basically forcing me to look at her tits. She always had a funny story or a dirty joke to tell me. I just shrugged it off thinking it was just my constant state of teenager arousal.

I kept playing at the lounge for quite a while and the people there became like a second family to me. They even had a party for me for my 18th birthday. The owner of the lounge even let me have some champagne to celebrate. By this time I was driving myself there in my own car and had dated a few girls, all things Dan pointed out as he talked over the mike to the crowd. I had come a long way, learning how to read the crowd, improvise songs I didn’t know, and even introduce songs without running on about them.

Once I turned 18, Linda began to treat me a little different. She still did all the other things she had done before but now she would add things to my drink. I’d see her do it as I played and she’d just give me a wink and a smile. I knew what she was doing, adding a little liquor to my soda. I was good with it as long as it wasn’t too much since I had to drive home. When I wasn’t playing and was sitting a the bar, she wouldn’t just touch my thigh like she did before, she’d run it up toward my crotch getting higher and higher each time. I would just giggle and try to hide my boner. She always gave me a boner and I think she knew it!

About 3 weeks after I turned 18 I went to the lounge to play. Between sets Linda told me about a new van she just got. It was one of those conversion vans with a TV and wet bar. I told her I’d love to check it out sometime. She smiled and mumbled something but I couldn’t make out what she said. She almost caught me looking down her shirt again. She looked great, as usual. She had on a nice sweater that was open at the top to show off her tits, a black skirt that went to her knees and black high heels. During my sets I again saw her pouring something in my soda, and she gave me her typical wink. I finished up for the night and packed up my sax. I said goodbye to everyone and went to Linda last. She gave me her typical hug and kiss and asked me if I’d like to check out the van before I left. “Sure!” I said, “I’d love to see it. I’ll walk you out. We just have to stop by my car and drop off my sax first.”

She picked up her purse and we headed for the door. I spotted eryaman escort bayan the van almost immediately. She had parked it all the way in the back of the lot not far from where I parked. I had a sweet ’69 Mustang and I parked far away so no one would hit it with their car doors. We chatted on the way to the car and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I put the sax in the trunk and she led me over to the van. It was a sweet van, dark blue with a silver stripe and a high top to give to more headroom. She had parked with the passenger side along the privacy fence. She opened the two side doors and I briefly looked inside.

Linda surprised me when she jumped into my arms. She pushed me against the open door and pressed her lips to mine. I hadn’t been with many girls so I didn’t know what to do. I followed her lead and we kissed deeply. She unbuttoned my shirt and ran her hands over my chest. She grabbed my arm and put my hand between her legs. She had hiked up her skirt and wasn’t wearing any panties! Her leg was up on the step of the van giving me full access to her crotch. I found her pussy and began playing with it. I stuck a finger inside her to get it wet and began rubbing her lips. I figured out pretty fast that whenever I rubbed this little bump, which was her clit, she would squirm and gasp. She would break our kiss her I could feel her hot breath on my neck. It sent shivers down my spine. I continued to rub that little bump. What she said next both frightened and excited me.

She said in a hoarse voice, “Get in the van. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

She sort of pushed me towards the door, not like I needed any encouragement. I stepped in the van and noticed the dim blue lights around the van where the walls met the ceiling. It was enough to light the inside without being bright. There were no middle seats like you would usually see in a van like this. It was just he 2 front seats and the back ‘bed’. I didn’t have long to ponder this though. She pushed me back onto the “bed”, which was 2 bench seats slid together. She quickly unfastened my belt buckle and pulled my pants off which took my shoes off too. I was naked now except for my open shirt. and my socks.

I gasped when her tongue began to run up the underside of my cock. She licked it all around before she took it into her mouth, and she took all of it! She held my cock in her throat and I could feel her nose at the base of my cock. She slid back up and began blowing me. It was amazing. I had never been blown like this. This wasn’t a timid teenage cocksucking. This was serious. Linda stopped for a moment and pulled off her sweater and bra in one swoop. She crawled up my body, kissing my stomach and wrapped her huge tits around my shaft. She escort eryaman sat up and ran them up and down my shaft. It felt amazing, so warm and soft. She went back to licking my balls and sucking my cock, lifting my knees up on her shoulders. I knew I couldn’t take much more and tried to push her head off me but she pushed my hand away and sucked harder and faster.

My orgasm racked my body. I shook uncontrollably as I shot my load into Linda’s mouth. She began to moan but didn’t stop sucking until I finally settled down. She continued to lick and kiss my cock, which stayed hard. I settled down and she continued to care for my sensitive shaft.

She climbed up on me and held my face with both hands before kissing me. She was grinding her pussy on my cock making it slick with her juice. She reached down and held my cock as she slowly lowered herself onto me. I had never had sex without a condom and loved the feel of her pussy. It was so wet and hot. She sat up and began to ride me. I reached up and grabbed her tits as they bounced. They were so heavy and her nipples were so hard. I loved how they felt and how she looked on top of me. Her body glowed and her hair was stuck around her face from her sweat. Her skirt was still hiked up around her waist and I held onto it at times as she fucked me.

I felt her pussy begin to quiver after a few minutes and she began to shake and squeal. She squeezed her tits together and shook on top of me as she came. She collapsed on top of me mumbling, “so good, so fucking good”. She panted as she caught her breath. As she came to her senses she still wanted more.We rolled over so I was now on top.

Gone was the sweet widowed mother I knew and in her place was a woman possessed. “Fuck my pussy!”, she demanded. ” I want your cock inside me! I want to feel your cum inside my pussy!” I began to fuck her. “Harder, baby! Fuck me harder.” I did. I began to pump into her for all I was worth. I wanted to cum and my balls were aching. Her tits bounced up into her face as I thrust into her. “Yeah, that’s it, fuck my pussy!” She began to quiver again and she dug her nails into my back. I held on as she shook beneath me. My own orgasm snuck up on me as hers subsided and suddenly I was in the throws of orgasm. I began to grunt and she said, “yeah, that’s it. Fill my pussy with your hot cum.” She had a hold of my ass as was humping me from the bottom. I let loose inside of her and came so hard I thought I would pass out. I finally collapsed beside her breathless.

We laid together for a while. She had her head on my shoulder and was gently kissing my chest and neck. “Did you like that sweetheart?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah!” I replied.

“Good. Anytime that cock of yours needs attention I want you to let me take care of it. Don’t ask, just tell me and I’m yours. I’ll do whatever you want.”

And she held to that promise and I took full advantage of it! But this is just the beginning of the story. So much more happened in the months that followed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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