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I awoke the next morning not quite knowing where I was. I squinted into the sunlight streaming into the large bedroom window. It took a moment to realize that this was the guestroom where I had just spent an incredible night with my dream man. I rolled onto my back and stretched lusciously, thinking about Eddie.

Where was Eddie? I lifted up on one elbow and surveyed the room. He was nowhere to be seen. “Eddie?” I called.

Then I heard the door at the other end of the room open. Eddie appeared, wearing a towel around his middle. He looked wonderful. Red cheeked, his hair waving damply and a huge smile on his face. “Great, you’re up! I thought you would sleep all day!”

“What time is it?” I wondered.

“Oh, it’s only about 10, but I was so anxious. You looked so beautiful lying in my bed. The Sun God paying homage to your gorgeous tits.” He waggled his eyebrows at me. I looked down and saw that the sheet had slipped down to my waist and my nipples greeted the morning. “Now.” He tossed the towel that he had around his waist to the floor. His cock was already half erect. “Now, I’m going to fuck you.” He took no more than a couple of steps and flung himself onto the bed.

I squealed with delight. “Then get on with it, big boy! Let’s get it on!” I grabbed his head and brought his face to mine.

Our lips crushed into each other. His tongue stabbed between my lips and I forced mine back into his. His hands pulled and tugged at my tits, twisting the nipples almost painfully. I ran my hands over his back then gripped his ass trying to maneuver him between my legs. He quickly plunged his cock into me. Neither one of us was exactly ready but we couldn’t wait. We were like wild animals, pulling and biting, pushing and thrusting.

He began pounding into me. I heaved back as hard as I could, demetevler escoırt trying to bury him into my yearning twat. “Fuck me!” I ground into his lips. “Slam that cock into my pussy. Fuck me, damn it!” I gripped his ass harder, spreading the cheeks apart in my eagerness.

“You want my cock?” He grunted into my neck. “Take it! Take my meat into your cunt. I’ll fuck you blind!”

My knees were practically at my shoulders as I tried to open myself wider to let him in deeper. I felt the pressure start building in my pussy. I was setting up for a sky rocketing orgasm. I could feel Eddie getting closer, too. Each thrust was accompanied by an animal grunt.

I cried out. I climaxed until I think I actually saw stars. My back was arched and Eddies face was buried in my tits when he let loose with his steaming cum. He practically howled with each gushing thrust.

Finally, I was able to rouse myself. Eddie was panting on top of me. Sweat squished between our bodies and dripped off our faces. “Jesus.” Eddie panted.

“Yes.” I panted back. “That was a religious experience.” He laughed weakly but didn’t move.

“A-hem.” Someone cleared their throat.

I tensed and tried to see over Eddies shoulder. What the hell! Someone was in the room with us!

Eddie didn’t move. “Morning, Jessie.” Eddie said.

A middle aged woman in a tan uniform moved to the side of the bed and picked up the towel Eddie had thrown on the floor. “Good morning, Mr. Eddie. Good morning, miss.” She continued to the bathroom and began cleaning up in there.

“What the hell.” I squeaked. “Does she always just barge in?” I tried to wriggle myself out from under Eddie. I was very conscious that the sheets were on the floor and that Eddie’s limp cock was still inside me. rus escort Bloody Hell!

“Oh, don’t mind, Jessie.” He just lay there on top of me not moving. “I’ve known her all my life, practically. She’s seen it all.”

“She hasn’t seen all of me!” I tried to push Eddie off of me, but he didn’t budge. “Come on Eddie, get off. I have to get my clothes on!”

He shook his head. “Nope. I like it here” He snuggled his face on my tits and wouldn’t let me move.

Jessie reappeared into the room. “Mr. Eddie? Will you and the little miss be having breakfast this morning? Or would you like me to wait until lunchtime?” She just stood at the foot of the bed with an inquiring look on her face. She didn’t seem to notice anything unusual about the situation. I wanted to melt into the center of the earth and be burned up in the earth’s core. But, that’s just me.

Eddie finally rolled off of me, onto his back. “I think we’ll have some lunch in about an hour, Jessie. And could you rinse out Miss Lydia’s bathing suit? I think it’s somewhere on the floor.” Now I wished he had stayed put. I was completely exposed. I tried to curl up and hide myself at his side. Eddie was completely comfortable laying on his back his arm up beneath his head. I must have turned all shades of red when I noticed my slippery love juices, dripping off his flaccid cock. Not five minutes ago we were having ape sex and now he was ordering breakfast!

“Jessie, this is Lydia. I think you will be seeing a lot of her around her.” He rubbed my thigh.

“More of me than this?” I whispered to him through the smile I had plastered on my face. “Hello, Jessie.” I said to her.

“Very nice to know you Miss Lydia.” She said with a friendly smile and left the room.

I nudged Eddie hard in the ribs. “What was that?”

“I batıkent escort warned you about this last night.” He rolled on his side to face me. “My family is a little unconventional. My parents, my aunt and uncle are, what you might call, swingers.”

My eyebrows shot up. “Swingers? Really? How very seventies of them.”

He kissed the tip of my nose. “Actually, I guess hedonists is probably a better word for them. I mean, they truly believe that the complete enjoyment of the body, by men or women in just about any fashion is great. Completely consensual, of course.”

I sat up. “Really. I mean, it’s not just a reason to sleep around?” I thought about it for a moment. “Do you? Do you sleep with . . . you know, anyone?” I couldn’t look at him just then. I was just getting to know him. And had had the most wonderful night of my life. Not to mention morning.

He took my hand and made me look into his eyes. “I’m not going to lie to you, Lydia. I’ve enjoyed a lot of things with a lot of people.” I noticed he said people and not just women. He continued. “But I’ve never made anyone do anything they didn’t want to do. And I will never do anything to hurt you as long as we’re together. Actually, I haven’t participated in that much. My parents wouldn’t let me until I turned 18 about 4 months ago. Mostly,” He chuckled. “I watch.”

I smiled into his eyes. “Voyeur. I get it.” I moved to the edge of the bed. “This is a little bit more than kinky. You know?” I turned to him. “I don’t know you real well, but I’m already a little in love with you, Eddie. If this is too much for me, I won’t be able to stick around. You do understand.”

He moved over to sit by me. “I’m falling pretty hard myself, Lydia. But I understand. I grew up around all this and sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming for me too. We take it day by day. Deal?” He put his hand out.

I smiled again and shook his hand. “Deal.” I suddenly stood up and ran to the bathroom. I poked my head around the corner to look at him. “Oh, shower man! I need you to wash my back.” And I disappeared back into the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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