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Big Tits

******This is a world where magic and technology evolved side-by-side. Spells are as common as cells, phones I mean. This is an encounter between old friends who both happen to be magic wielders.******


Dinner has been fantastic. The small diner’s menu didn’t offer anything close to fine dining, but the intimate and casual atmosphere allowed the two friends to relax during their meal. Memories were shared and laughs echoed across the table. All in all, a friendship was renewed. Neither one of the diners wanted the fun to end so they decided to return to her apartment for some drinks and more conversation.

As she unlocks her front door she realizes she had only been home briefly and can’t remember how clean or dirty the house may be. She turns on the light in the foyer and glimpses something in the neighboring living that brings a warmth of embarrassment to her cheeks. She had been sorting through clean laundry this morning before leaving for her office and some of her more intimate clothing was draped over the couch in clear view. He slips past her through the door and steps towards the now lit living room before she can redirect him to a place with less of her private underwear and revealing bras present.

He gets an interested smile on his face as his eyes travel over the accidentally displayed pieces of lace and skimpy wear. “Oh. Were you planning to put on a little fashion show tonight?”

“Well, I guess I can put one together if there is an audience that would be interested.” She returns his smile with a seductive grin of her own. She is reminded of the energetic times the two of them had spent in, and out of, bed in their shared past. She also realizes that nobody has seen her in less than her street clothes in some time. In fact, she can’t think of anyone that has seen her in less than the long coat she is now wearing. Putting on a little show should be fun whether more happens afterward or not. Still, she is now hoping that more will happen than she had originally planned for the night.

“With what is on display here, I imagine there will be at least one very interested audience member.” He promptly sits down on the couch and leans back between a pair of red panties and a black lace half-bra that is a tad too small but she enjoys wearing because it feels like someone is cupping her breasts when she moves just right.

With a glance towards her kitchen, she uses a touch of her spiritual energy to summon a simple ethereal being to serve the two of them some wine. A platter with a pair of glasses and an uncorked bottle floats into the living room. A faint glow surrounds it as the being lowers the platter to the coffee table in front of him and vanishes. He pours each of them a glass while she positions herself directly in front of him. She slips her coat off and reveals more of her slim, athletic body. She has never considered the tan blouse to be flattering to her body shape, but that wasn’t çankaya escort the original point of the day. She is now wishing that she had chosen something tighter or more revealing. It is something she will very quickly be changing. A flick of her wrist sends her coat flying to the coat rack by the front door. A snap of her fingers causes her blouse and pants to vanish, leaving her standing there in the simple and plain white panties and bra she had quickly grabbed for the day.

She had never considered her breasts to be big enough, but they fill her B cup bra well. The physical demands of her work keeps her trim and she did enjoy the curves she has when she runs her hands down her body. She resists the urge to do that now until she has something a bit more flattering on. She has never performed any of her magic on stage before and certainly never put on a show like this for anyone. Still, she gets an idea for a way to progress through the various pieces of intimate wear on her couch without revealing more until the time is right. She also gets an idea of how to get him to reveal himself when the time is right.

She takes a deep sip from one of the wine glasses on the coffee table. He picks up the other filled glass and holds it, taking smaller sips as he watches her intently. She sets the glass down and takes a half step back. She stands with her legs together and her arms out to each side. She is now a nearly naked scarecrow in the middle of her living room. She looks into his eyes and snaps her fingers again. There is a bright flash between them and she is suddenly no longer wearing the simple white underwear. Now she has on the red panties that were next to his head and a matching red bra that is half lace on the cups. She smiles at him and gives her body a little shake. He returns the smile and gives a slight salute with the wind glass.

She snaps again and another flash. Now she is in a black lace babydoll set that she only wears when she is feeling particularly naughty. The lace bra holds her breasts tight and gives hinting views of her nipples. Nipples that are now becoming sensitive with the rapid change in materials covering them. They are trying to rise and are pressing against the soft lace she is now wearing.

As other urges grow stronger, she finally lets her hands slide down her body. She starts with her hands on her chest under her breasts and slips them to her sides and down over her hips. They roam around to the fronts of her still closed thighs and up her flat stomach. With a flourish, she returns to her “scarecrow” pose and snaps again.

This time there is no flash of light this time so she is completely naked before him for a moment before she is once again wearing something arousing. The black half bra is lifting her breasts up with her stiff nipples peeking over the low top edge of the cups. The matching lace panties had an open weave pattern that left nothing to the escort çankaya imagination if she stood just right. Right now, she wasn’t standing in the right position but intended to be soon.

She looks her single audience member up and down as he swallows down the last of the wine in his glass. His eyes are moving up and down her body much like her hands were a moment ago. Unlike her hands, his view lingers in a couple of specific points. While he is focused elsewhere, she cups her breasts with her hands and starts teasing her stiff nipples with her thumbs. Tingles zing through her body as she feels sensations growing between her thighs. As his eyes shift and focus on her pleasing her nipples, she watches him adjust himself so the swelling bulge in his pants is less awkwardly positioned.

“Now, you’ve had a show. It’s my turn to see something entertaining.”

“That’s too bad. I don’t have any particularly fascinating outfits to wear handy to model for you.” He lays back on the couch, his arms across the back and a smug grin on his face.

“That’s ok. You don’t really need to be wearing anything more than you are now to entertain me.”

She taps into the energies being excited by his gaze and the sensations from her nipples and uses flexes her will a little. The zipper on his pants slowly lowers without anyone physically touching it. The button pops loose and his aroused bulge is now only being contained by the thin material of the silk boxers he is wearing. He looks happily surprised at the sudden decrease in pressure on his erection. With a wave of his hand, he flexes his own energies and slides the coffee table that was separating them to the side of the room.

She takes a few seductive steps forward. With each step hints and flashes of the closely trimmed hair under her panties are visible. She slides her tongue over her lips to moisten them as she feels the moisture growing inside her. Finally, she kneels between his legs. She raises one finger and touches his pants. The pants and shirt vanish instantly and leave him wearing only a pair of dark blue silk boxers. She leans down and presses her breasts against his bare thighs. Not wanting to use only her magic, she slides her hands over his hips and releases the straining button on his boxers. Leaving the silk underwear on him, she slips her fingers inside the fly and slips his swollen manhood out and into the open air.

She places a few light kisses on his thighs as she slides the tip of a finger up and down his shaft as it rests against his pelvis. He sighs in pleasure at her touch. Her kisses move up and replace the touch of her finger. While her lips touch him, her hips move back and forth slowly as she presses her other hand against her panties feeling them get more damp. She desires to be filled but knows her fingers won’t be enough to satisfy her this time.

She uses a light levitation spell to lift his stiff manhood çankaya escort bayan off his pelvis while one hand caresses his chest and she teases herself with the other. She kisses the sensitive head and teases it with her tongue before wrapping her lips around it. She takes as much of him into her mouth as she can. His eyes flutter and he moans with pleasure as the sensation of her mouth enveloping him. She slowly lifts her head away and kisses the tip again before standing up.

She spreads her legs and begins to rub herself through her panties in front of him. Her arousal is almost as obvious as his through her thin layer of lace. Her stance makes all she has nearly visible. Only the finest of details of her is hidden by the almost transparent weave of the material. She steps forward and straddles his hips on the couch. She traces a line with her fingernail up the middle of her panties. A faint glow at her finger slits her panties open as she tickles herself intimately with the gesture. She leans down and kisses him deeply as she slowly lowers herself over him. She moans into his mouth as he enters her at her pace. Her nipples brush up and down his chest as she moves herself up and down on his lap.

Her body is so sensitive that she can feel everything against her skin. The smoothness of his silk boxers pressed against her inner thighs. The strength of the muscles in his thighs under her. The pressure of his lips against hers. His chest moving against her breasts as he breaths. Her hair moving across her own shoulders with each shift in her balance. The completeness with which he fill her when she settles on him. The aching absence of pressure as she rises up off of him. The thrill as she drives himself back in her.

The two of them move in unison as their pleasures merge. Their moans combine into a passionate chorus. He shifts underneath her to drive himself deeper into her each time she lowers herself on him. A light glows around their mingling bodies. The energies they each wield ebb and flow into and around each other. Their motions increase in speed and intensity. She sits up and grinds herself against him before rising up again. Her sensitive clit is squeezed between their bodies before the pressure is released as she rises and she roars in pleasure as she goes down and is stimulated again.

Their shared passion and pleasure rises to higher and higher peaks. The light coming off of their bodies gets brighter and brighter. Objects around the room begin to float aimlessly as their energies build up. The heavens themselves cry out as he begins pulsing and throbbing inside her. Her body stiffens then relaxes as she clenches around him. An electric hum fills the air and merges with the roars of passionate release coming from each of the lovers.

Suddenly all is silent and peaceful as she collapse onto him and they both sigh in exhaustion and comfort. The level of light returns to normal and the previously floating objects all settle to their previous positions. She shifts herself on his lap and feels what is left of his stiffness still inside her.

She sits up a little and smiles at the satisfied look on his face. “Well, I do have to say that is the best dinner and a show I’ve ever been to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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