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I’m in my apartment making dinner for myself in the kitchen. Normally, I would be making dinner for two, because you always come over after work. We eat dinner, cuddle, watch TV, and of course, fuck. Sometimes we do this at your place too, and you cook for me. But tonight is different, because we got in a fight this morning, and you made it clear you wouldn’t be here tonight.

I’ve been sad and pissed about it all day, but cooking helps me calm down, so I just focus on the task at hand, chopping this garlic. I have my music on, so I don’t hear my front door open. I have my back to the entrance to the kitchen, and suddenly in the side of my vision I see something. It scares the shit out of me, but before I can turn around you’re kissing the back of my neck at my hairline.

At first I wonder how you got in, but then I remember, of course, you have a key. I’m somewhat relieved, but still angry at the state you had me in all day. I pull away from your grasp, my back still towards you. You’re insistent, and you pull me close to you again.

Now I see that you have something for me in your hand; a lovely little flower that I know you picked from the grass outside my building. I can’t help but smile, and when you whisper your apology in my ear, I have already forgiven you. You go out and turn off the music, and when you come back, I turn around and kiss you passionately, setting the little flower down.

While we’re kissing you move your hand up and under the back of my skirt. You’re very pleased to find I’m not wearing panties. Fighting always makes us horny. With a lot of force you squeeze my ass and push atakent escort up my skirt. You tell me how beautiful I look while you take my hair down from the pony tail I put it in earlier.

I unbutton your shirt while you unbutton mine, and by the look in your eye, I know the sight of my black lace bra has turned you on. You move to take it off but I stop you and unzip your pants while you gaze at my tits in my bra. I undo your belt, your zipper, and pull your pants down.

Then I pull down your boxers and kiss you softly. I pull my lips away and move down to my knees. You lean against the counter and I flick my tongue over the head of your cock, tasting all the hot pre-cum that I can. I start to suck it and you breathe heavily and I see your hands clenching on the counter. I suck more and more into my mouth, gagging a little at one point, but then relaxing my throat again so I can take as much of you into my mouth as possible.

I suck firmly while I use my tongue to rub the head of your cock. I start to very gently rub your balls while I deep throat you, all the while teasing the head of your cock with my tongue. Your breathing is very heavy now, and I love knowing I please you. I suck it harder, and you make a jerking movement with your body. You reach down and grab my shoulder.

“Stop. Fuck, stop.” You say, out of breath and in a strained voice.

The way in which you say this makes it clear that you really don’t want me to stop, but that you know it’s better if you come somewhere else in me. I pull you out of my mouth and kiss the ataköy escort head of your cock goodbye. I stand up and stand in front of you for a second. Now you’re horny as hell and you pull my unbuttoned shirt all the way off me and throw it on the ground. You pick me up and put me on the edge of the counter, sucking at my nipples through the black lace. The sensation of this is incredible and I moan loudly.

Hiking my skirt up around my hips, you keep licking and swirling and sucking my nipples through my bra. The two things, your tongue and the lace, rubbing against my nipples are driving me crazy. You gently bite my nipples, pulling the lace up and away from my tits. I can’t stand how horny it makes me, and I push your hand downwards up my skirt, hoping you’ll get the idea.

You don’t at first, just licking at my nipples and running your hands all over me. So when you suddenly, without warning, jam three fingers into my hot, shaved, pussy, I scream and jerk forward. You start fucking my cunt hard with your fingers, moving my whole body, sucking my nipples hungrily at the same time. I’m moaning and groaning so loudly, my eyelids fluttering, I’m so fucking horny.

You pull out unexpectedly, and as soon as I start to whimper, you thrust your fingers into my mouth. I suck off all my hot juices, licking my lips. I ask you to please keep fingering me, because you do it so goddamn good.

“Like this?” you ask, slowly putting one finger into my pussy and moving it from side to side, very slowly.

“No,” I say, “Please. You know how.”

Now atalar escort you kiss me, feeling with your left hand my wet, hard nipples. Suddenly again, I feel this time four of your fingers enter me. I gasp loudly into your mouth, and now you start finger fucking me like I wanted you to, pumping my pussy, curling your fingers, just attacking my g-spot. You return to sucking my nipples still in my now wet lace bra. My whole body is moving under your hand, my head thrown back, screaming and moaning.

When I start to come I gasp and my hands grab your arm. I make littler noises when I come, my pussy which you’ve loosened up good tightening around your fingers. Before I’m even really done coming all the way, you hike my skirt up more, pull me to the very edge of the counter and thrust your cock into me. You start pumping my pussy, looking at my smooth tits under that black lace. I wrap my legs around you while you fuck me, and my noise starts up again, my pussy getting the same treatment from your cock that it did from your fingers.

You grab my tits hard, feeling them, and then finally pulling down my bra. When you see my bare tits you fuck me even harder, making me arch my back and struggle for breath, panting and whimpering your name. Another orgasm suddenly hits me, and when you watch me come, you fuck me so hard my legs are banging against the cabinets underneath the counter.

When I’m done coming and screaming you tell me you’re going to come now, and you do, pulling out and exploding all over my thighs and pussy. Eventually we both catch our breath, and you help me down from the counter. I clean myself up and we kiss. We go to my room and put on our comfortable clothes; basketball shorts and a t-shirt for you, and a tank top and your old boxers for me.

I lead you back down to the kitchen, and you start to tell me about your day, while I put the flower in a little glass of water and, with your help, make dinner- this time for two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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