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For those new to this saga, I hope that each entry can be enjoyed separately, but if you enjoy this perhaps you will consider investigating the earlier stories as well as catching the others as they come.

Mary’s Evolution continues…


Chapter One: Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Colin Heath sunk lower into the plush couch as the television flickered to life, and used the remote to activate the tape that had hopefully captured the action that had taken place the previous weekend in the bedroom of the cabin.

No other use for a television this far up in the mountains, Colin mused as he fumbled with the remote control in an effort to roll the tape. No television stations nearby, and the remote location of the cabin and the terrain around it made dish reception so poor that it wasn’t worth bothering with.

So Colin’s only entertainment up here were DVDs and the film that resulted from the action he was part of. It had been a good investment, Colin reasoned, having those light and motion activated cameras installed, even if he did have to have one put in the living room as well so as not to have the guy installing them think he was a weirdo who was just interested in filming his bedroom antics.

Not only did the camera in the bedroom provide evidence should one of these women decide to play victim afterward and say they were forced into doing things, but it was also fun to watch himself in action, not to mention being able to catch what he might have missed amidst the excitement of the moment.

There was Mary entering the bedroom, a little tipsy perhaps, but more scared than anything else. The look on her face as they undressed her was priceless, especially the look as her bra lurched off of her. Mary, looking like she feared the men wouldn’t like what they saw, and the rest of them, himself included, gazing in wide-eyed wonder as those massive jugs burst out of that harness.

Seeing those big beauties lurch out of their confinement was a sight that he would likely never tire of seeing, Colin reasoned. Little Lloyd had swooped down on those tits like he had never seen a breast before, although to be fair he didn’t look much different himself, and the way the two of them sucked on those plump nipples of hers seemed to even surprise Mary.

“Too bad there weren’t more cameras,” Colin mumbled to himself as the action continued on the screen. The picture itself was clear, but being stuck with that one angle was frustrating at times.

Colin’s hand slid down between his legs, and as he began gently tugging on his flaccid cock, he had to remind himself to save his energy, because when Mary got up here with the others he was going to need it.

The look on Mary’s face when she first saw his cock was priceless. She was hypnotized by the thing, as were many of the women who had come into contact with it, and Colin shook his head when he recalled how embarrassed he was at the odd shape of his phallus when growing up.

“They all love it now, don’t they Mary?” Colin said to the young woman on the screen, who was busy gobbling up every inch of it.

It was amazing to witness the unquenchable desire for sex that Mary had, Colin thought. She sucked cock like no other woman he had ever experienced, and that was saying something when he considered how many mouths his trusty weapon had been in over the years.

Even guys were intimidated by it, Colin noticed with satisfaction, as he saw the look Lloyd gave to Mary’s full lips sliding right down to his pubes, swallowing the 7 or so inches like it was a cocktail frank. And there was Mullin – poor Mullin. The “you ran over my puppy” look on his face certainly told the story of how he was feeling while Mary forced his spear down her throat like she was on a carnival midway. Dumb ass Mullin had brought his fantasy girl to show her off in front of others, and he was now well on the way to losing her.

“May the better man win,” Colin announced to the room. “The better cock too – that’s it Mary – take it all.”

The pudgy girl on the TV was about to feel the wrath of Heath, as he liked to call it, riding cowgirl on her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend Mullin while expecting to feel his cock slipping into that plump ass of hers.

“Surprise!” Colin cackled as he watched himself ease Mary forward while he deftly rammed his cock right into that hairy pussy already occupied by Mullin, and there was the shock on Greg Mullin’s face when he realized that his cock had company.

Too bad Mullin popped his nut, Colin said with sadness. The minute he had felt Colin’s cock rubbing up against his, he had lost it. Who knows? It didn’t do anything for him, but some guys probably get off on that sort of thing.

“Didn’t bother me any,” Colin mumbled as he watched the defeated look on Mullin’s face as he was forced to have Mary keep hanging over him while Colin kept pounding away on his girl, finally forcing Mullin’s spent dick out of her.

The hair was definitely going to have to go, Colin decided while watching Lloyd rub his pecker under Mary’s Ankara escort arm before leaving a load of his cum in the thick jungle.

It had been different to see a woman like that, but Colin thought Mary would look better without it. After all, it wasn’t like it was a little wisp of fur she had growing under there.

Shaving those armpits of Mary’s would crush poor little Lloyd, Colin thought with glee, especially if he had to watch it happen. Even more so if Colin made Lloyd do the shaving. It would also cement his dominance over Mullin regarding Mary. Mullin tells her to do something and she does it for months, and then with a snap of the fingers it gets undone by the master.

“Heath, you’ve still got it!” he proclaimed while turning off the set before he ended up jerking off to completion. Too bad there wasn’t a camera down by the pond though, he mused. Now THAT scene would have been really worth capturing and replaying time and time again.


Chapter Two: Pickup.

Mary was glad that she had been waiting out in front of her house when the car came to pick her up as promised, because the sight of the white limo would have been tough to explain around the Koutusis household, especially since she had told her folks that she was going to be staying over at Brianna’s house overnight.

The limo driver seem a bit shocked when he saw that Mary had already hopped into the back seat as he was just emerging from behind the wheel to go around and open the door for Mary. Mary apologized to the guy, explaining that she wasn’t used to riding in limos, but the smooth looking black dude didn’t seem to mind as he was was busy looking at Mary as she peeled off her windbreaker while in the back seat.

What got the guy’s attention was her top, which was a mint yellow convertible halter she had gotten at Victoria’s Secret earlier in the day. To actually be able to buy something in that store was a thrill for Mary, and even though the top was a bit snug on her, she had bought it anyway.

“Tight in all the right places,” Mary had noticed while in the fitting room staring at her reflection in the mirror.

There were spaghetti straps that went from the front bodice, around her neck to the back, and that was all that was holding the flimsy garment up. In theory the straps were optional, but when Mary had tried it without the support around her neck her boobs forced the whole thing way down. Her breasts threatened to burst out of their confinement as it was, and the snug fit provided by the straps pinned the fabric to her breasts, separating them as well as accentuating them.

This top would really catch the eye of other people, Mary thought to herself before ducking out to the store to look at her reflection in the full-length mirrors that allowed her to look at herself from different angles. The provocative blouse made her breasts look like torpedoes and left nothing to the imagination.

Mary had begun to realize that after years of trying to avoid being looked at closely by others, now she not only welcomed the stares of guys, she encouraged it, and it wasn’t just the male attention she found herself craving either.

While Mary had preened in front of the mirror, she glanced over at a guy not much older than herself, strolling through the store with his ultra-hot girlfriend, and as the hottie was holding things up for her approval he was nodding. While he was nodding, he wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention to his girlfriend. His eyes were focused on Mary while she turned to check her reflection out in the mirror.

What a difference a few months had made, Mary thought to herself while her nipples had blossomed to their fullest under the dude’s stare. She was now the girl that other people looked at, and Mary cursed herself for wasting so much of her life. All it had taken was the shedding of some weight, along with the attention of a man to inspire her, and while the pounds disappeared her confidence level skyrocketed.

She was no supermodel – not even close and she knew that she never would be – but Mary found that there were a lot of guys who were really into girls that looked like her, and it only made sense to let the world see what she had to offer instead of hiding it under wraps.

The limo made great time in getting up to the cabin, and when it pulled up to the front of the rustic lodging, Mary waited for the driver to get out and open her door for her, even extending his hand for her to assist her, and his eyes never strayed from her chest for a second.

Mary tied her windbreaker around her waist and headed up the steps of the porch as the limo driver watched from beside the car, his eyes now focused on Mary’s ass as it wiggled on the way. Letting out a faint whistle, the driver got back behind the wheel and headed back out of the driveway, rearranging himself in his pants as it had gotten a bit crowded in there.


Chapter Three: Old friends.

Colin Heath greeted Mary warmly as he let her inside, shaking his head as he saw Mary’s clothing Ankara escort bayan while closing and locking the door behind her.

“That top is so…” Colin growled suggestively into Mary’s ear as he slipped his arm around her waist and led her over to the bar in the corner of the room, where Lloyd stood nursing a drink and looking much more restrained than he had the day before back in their old classroom.

“Mmm,” Mary said as she got near the bar, her nose scrunching up. “I smell something familiar.”

“Can’t be you,” Mary giggled as she gave Lloyd a kiss on the cheek, and her old teacher gave her a weak, nervous smile in response.

“Your other friend will be right out,” Colin informed Mary as he handed her a drink. “Vodka and tonic, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, sweet of you for remembering,” Mary said. “Other friend? Sounds ominous.”

“I don’t think you’ll be disappointed when you see her,” Colin said.

“Her?” Mary asked as the strong drink made her throat tingle. “That explains the scent. Smells like…”

Mary was interrupted by the sound of a door opening behind her. The bathroom door to be precise, and the woman that emerged from there was indeed familiar to Mary.

“Johanna,” Mary said softly as the woman walked over to them.

The proprietor of the woman’s undergarment shop looked much different that she had in the store that evening when she had fitted Mary for the brassieres. Johanna had looked a little mannish then with her short, swept back silver grey hair, but she had dressed in a very feminine manner that night.

Tonight, Johanna was dressed in an androgynous fashion with black slacks and a pleated white shirt with a black bow tie. Her cheekbones were more pronounced with the make-up she was wearing, the way she walked was more strident, and even the way she stared at her was different. There was no coy flirting now, just an older woman looking at her like a vulture sizing up road kill, and as Johanna came to Mary’s side she reached her hand out.

“Soft,” Johanna said as her fingers touched the fabric which just happened to be covering her right nipple. “Nothing underneath, I see. I mean, there’s obviously quite a lot underneath, but don’t tell me you don’t like the brassieres I fitted you for?”

“No, they’re great,” Mary said. “It’s just that – with this top – I didn’t think it would look right, even the strapless one, you know?”

“I was hoping you’d call,” Johanna said softly, moving her hand from Mary’s breast and letting her fingers graze over the down on Mary’s forearm. “I thought we had made a connection that night.”

“I wasn’t sure if I should,” Mary said in a quivering voice, her skin suddenly awash with goosebumps as the tiny hairs stood up straight as Johanna’s fingers went up and down her arm. “Greg…”

“Who?” Johanna said, cutting Mary off. “There is no Greg. Forget about him.”

“I’m still kind of…”

“There’s no Greg,” Johanna reiterated. “There is no one else here besides the two of us.”

“Why don’t we go into the bedroom?” Colin Heath said after clearing his throat, taking Mary’s empty glass from her and guiding her down the hallway, with Lloyd and Johanna in close pursuit.


Chapter Four: Grooming.

“Let’s get rid of this,” Colin said as he stood behind Mary and took the bottom of her halter in his hands. “It’s quite lovely, and we don’t want to see it get soiled.”

Mary lifted her arms, allowing Colin to lift the blouse up over her head, and after it cleared Mary’s hands Colin took her by the wrists, snapping on a pair of handcuffs so quickly that they were clicked shut before Mary knew what was happening.

“Ouch,” Mary said as the metal dug into her wrists.

“I’ll adjust them,” Colin said, and as he held Mary’s hands behind her head while fiddling with the adjustment, Johanna was pulling Mary’s wavy brown hair from her shoulders so that Lloyd could wrap the leather collar around her neck.

“What?” Mary mumbled as everything went on around her, confusing the teenager.

Colin adjusted the bracelets so that they didn’t dig into her wrists as much, but then promptly hooked them onto a clasp in the back of the collar, rendering her helpless as her hands were pretty much fastened to the back of her neck.

“Keep her elbows up high so that the collar doesn’t cut into you neck so much,” Colin advised. “The last girl to wear these things didn’t have wrists and a neck as large as yours.”

“Didn’t have other things as big as yours either,” Lloyd said in a voice not much louder than a whisper, his eyes glued to Mary below the neck.

“What are you guys doing to me?” Mary asked.

“Enjoying you,” Johanna said, holding up what looked like the tiniest pizza cutter imaginable, only instead of a smooth blade the metal edge of the wheel was spiked.

Johanna brought the wheel to the pebbled aureola of her right breast, and with a slowness that made the discomfort even greater, began circling the wide circumference of the large crimson circle. Gradually, Johanna brought Escort Ankara the pointed wheel closer and closer to Mary’s nipple, until it was right at the base of the thick peg which had never been so taut and fully engorged as it was now.

“Hurts,” Mary whimpered.

“Quiet,” Johanna said gruffly, and when Mary continued to protest, simply said, “Shut her up.”

Colin wrapped something around Mary’s head and slipped the gag into her mouth, instantly turning Mary’s protests into stifled squeals.

“Hate the ball-gag,” Colin announced. “I like to be able to hear a little bit of the anguish.”

“Her nipples are so sensitive,” Johanna said calmly as she began bringing the spiked wheel up and down her throbbing nipples. “That’s unusual for nipples as big as hers are. See how she reacts.”

Mary let out a piercing and prolonged squeal as the pointed metal pricked her nipples, and Colin had to hold Mary upright as she started to squirm.

“Stay still, dear,” Colin told Mary as Johanna worked over the other nipple before putting the toy down on the dresser. “Don’t want to hurt you.”

Johanna returned with a couple of things that looked like test tubes to Mary, and while the teen looked down in confusion, with Lloyd’s help the older woman slipped them over her nipples and began squeezing a bulb that was attached the the tubes with thin hoses.

When Mary first felt the suction of the device on her nipples, it was like someone was sucking on them, but as the pressure got greater it became very intense. Almost painful while still being pleasurable, Mary felt as if her nipples were on fire and about to explode.

With each squeeze of the bulb, Mary’s body shuddered from the resulting sensation, and she began jerking around like a marionette being operated by a demented puppeteer. Soon Mary found herself moving backward as if to try to escape the device but after a couple of steps she found herself with her back against the wall.

Johanna, with the two men at her sides, surrounded Mary as her nipples became more and more swollen. Mary’s bulging eyes burned with the sweat that was pouring down her forehead as she looked at the trio surrounding her.

Johanna was breathing heavily as she stared at Mary’s nipples through the clear plastic, enjoying the transformation she was causing. Lloyd, to her right, was looking as well, and seemed shocked or even upset at what was happening, but if he was truly offended he made no effort to avert his eyes. And Colin looked on like he usually did, with the attitude that he was the director of this show, smiling and nodding his approval as Johanna kept pumping.

Mary found herself making noises that, because of the gag in her mouth, sounded more like the squeals of a pig. While the nipple suction hurt in a way, she made no real effort to disengage herself, which she could have easily done by spinning to either side and breaking away.

Finally, Johanna stopped squeezing that bulb, and after muttering, “need bigger tubes”, she pulled the devices off of Mary’s swollen nipples, causing Mary to squeal again, and as the abused pegs were exposed to the air Mary heard the reaction of Lloyd.

“Omigod,” Lloyd said, and Mary looked down in response to the look on his face.

Mary only looked for a second before turning away, the sight of her freakishly engorged nipples almost making her faint as a result. As she looked up toward the ceiling she felt a cool mouth on the left nipple, followed by another on her right.

The men sucked gently, and although her nipples still throbbed and burned, the saliva felt soothing to Mary.

“Might as well get down to business,” Johanna said while turning away from the two men nursing at Mary’s teats, and when she returned from the dresser, she was carrying a silver tray.

Mary’s eyes bulged out when she saw what was on the tray. There was a bowl of water, scissors and a cloth, but that wasn’t what made Mary begin to freak out. It was the straight razor that rested on the towel, the silver blade sparkling brightly against the black handle, that got her attention.

“Relax,” Colin hissed in Mary’s ear as he held her tightly to him. “Nobody is going to hurt you.”

“Hurt you? Not at all my dear,” Johanna said, smiling when she realized what thoughts were probably going through Mary’s head.

“It’s going be alright, honey,” Lloyd said as he looked at Mary with sad puppy eyes, and Colin watched gleefully as Lloyd’s worst nightmare unfolded before him.

“Please take the gag out of her mouth, Johanna. She doesn’t like it. You’ll be quiet, won’t you Mary?” Lloyd asked meekly.

Mary nodded rapidly, and after consulting with Colin, undid the gag allowing Mary to breathe fast and loud as a result.

“Sweating a bit, aren’t we Mary?” Johanna said as she watched the trickles of sweat rolling down Mary’s sides from the wild sprays of hair under Mary’s arms. “Think I’ll get comfortable too.”

Johanna pulled off her tie and unbuttoned her blouse, tugging it out of her slacks and tossing it aside. Mary looked at Johanna in confusion, hardly noticing that Colin was moving her away from the wall and undoing her shorts, letting them fall to the floor while Mary stared at the slender woman who was now removing her shirt.

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