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Author’s note:

The setting for this story could prove disturbing or challenging to many readers. I make no apology for that; how you respond is entirely your choice. However, I hasten to add that the story is not based on any sect, cult or other group, nor is any offence directed at any group in particular or towards groups of this nature in general. The story is entirely fictitious and bears no relationship to any group or organization to my knowledge,

I have based the story on the song “Master Jack” whose lyrics were written by David Marks, the original song being released in South Africa in 1967 by Four Jacks and a Jill. I have attempted to interpret the message from this song since then and note that there are a variety of interpretations described in various pages accessible through Google. The interpretation I have placed upon the lyrics is a fictitious account and is not derived from any ideas recorded online of which I am aware.

As usual, I do not condone, approve of or suggest that any activity depicted in this story is attempted in real life. It is, as I say, fiction and nobody in the story is based on or is meant to represent any person in real life. Any such likeness is purely coincidental.

Other than that, enjoy.


Life returned to normal after my return. I would usually share my bed with Cedric at least once a week, often twice, and on other nights I would sleep with and make love with one of the other males, usually Ryan or Pete, and occasionally with Cliff. All told, it was an enjoyable life, with intermissions occasionally as I enjoyed making love with Alice or Sal when time was available, and once even with Evie, although she told me she far preferred men. However, I found I was counting the days until Doug would finish his work shift in the hope that he would pay a visit to our extended family. Before I’d met him, I hadn’t missed his huge cock, but since spending that wonderful night with him on the rig, my pussy craved the stretching and other sensations that only his massive member could offer. I had no idea when, or even if, he would put in an appearance in his break between his shifts at sea, and as the days passed and I knew he was officially on leave, my heart sank. Cedric noticed my blue mood and after we’d spent a loving night together asked what the problem was.

“I don’t really know,” I hedged, “But I had hoped that Doug may have paid a visit during his time off, but so far he hasn’t. I know I’m just being a silly woman, but the thought of his huge cock reaming my love tunnel drives me crazy at times.” I turned to him and cuddled against him. “I’m sorry, honey, and I don’t want to make you feel inadequate or anything. Your lovemaking is superb and I cum hard on your cock, but . . . . I guess it’s just that I want what I can’t have. It’s crazy really.”

I kissed him, concerned in case I’d made him feel inadequate. He just chuckled.

“That’s a common human trait, wanting what you can’t have. How about I take you out to the rig again and introduce you to Andy, the captain of this shift. I can’t guarantee that his cock is a big as Doug’s, but you would probably be able to find out reasonably quickly.”

I mulled this over in my mind for a few minutes as we each fondled the other. I still had a concern; what if Doug arrived, then left, while I was on the rig. Then I’d have blown my chances with him for certain.

“No, I’ll wait a while for Doug, I think. If he doesn’t arrive then he doesn’t arrive and, worst case scenario, I can maybe go to the rig in a few weeks when he’s on board.”

“Ok, that’s fine. Time will tell, I guess. Meantime, I guess you’ll just have to make do with the males here.”

“Oh, honey, don’t be like that. I’m sorry. I love you and I love your cock and I enjoy making love with you and Pete and Ryan. Am I being stupid to want more?”

“Not at all. Guys are the same. Your body is gorgeous, you’re wonderfully sexy, I enjoy making love with you and feel fulfilled once we’re finished, but if a gorgeous woman walked in, I would instinctively want to make love to her. It’s just how we’re wired. Women are the same, except that society tends to think otherwise and put them on a sexless pedestal. I don’t buy that attitude, so I’m very happy for you to want more and better. I feel safe enough in my masculinity to permit that, just as you seem to feel safe in your femininity to want more, like Doug. I’m not threatened by that, but also I don’t expect you to be threatened by my choices either.”

“I see what you mean, and no, I’m not threatened by your choices. After all, you’re married, so I guess I’m lucky to have as much of you as I do.”

“Sure. It’s only because the whole family or community adhere to these concepts that the whole thing works. Wouldn’t it be great if the whole of society thought like this? If everybody could love everybody else in a sexual manner without any possessiveness or jealousy? That truly would be Utopia. Anyway, time I got onto my work. Busy day today.”

We kissed and cuddled briefly then we both climbed out of bed. All the talk about sex had made me horny, unlike Cedric, it seemed, his cock was soft eryaman escort and pointing floorwards after being drained three times during the night. It was late fall so a little too chilly to simply wear a lappy in the early morning. I was just thankful that we lived in the south rather than having to endure the freezing temperatures of the frozen north in winter. I wrapped up in a warm gown, tied at the waist, and left Cedric still dressing in his more formal business attire as I went to the kitchen for breakfast.

Sal greeted me with a huge grin as I entered the kitchen and hugged her.

“You haven’t been to the lounge yet I’m guessing,” she commented.

“No, what’s new there?”

“Why don’t you go check it out?”

Clearly that was the best option, so I walked into the lounge looking around for changes. In the far corner, seated in a chair. Looking my way, with a wide grin on his face was Doug. I ran across the room and launched myself at him, hugging, kissing, caressing him until we were both breathless.

“You’ve come, at last,” I said, unnecessarily, “I thought you’d forgotten me and I’d never see you again.”

“Hey, honey, did you really think that our night of lovemaking made such a small impression on me that I wouldn’t come visit you?”

“No, of course not,” I said, realizing how stupid I had been in even considering that option. “So, did you just arrive out of the blue?”

“Hell, no. I’ve been talking with Cedric frequently since you left and have negotiated a very suitable arrangement. Did he not tell you?”

“No, not a word. In fact, just a few minutes ago, I was lamenting the apparent fact that you’d deserted me, and he didn’t let on. Wait till I see him again.”

“See who again?” asked a voice from across the room that I instantly recognized as Cedric’s.

I jumped off Doug’s lap and ran to him, pummelling his chest with my clenched fists until he grabbed both my wrists and stopped me.

“Hey, is that any way to show your gratitude?”

“Sorry, darling, but you could have told me. Even a few minutes ago you didn’t even let on.”

“What? And spoil the surprise? No way.”

I wriggled free from his grasp and turned back to Doug, who was approaching us. I again hugged him, holding him around the neck as I bent my legs and wrapped them around his waist, then kissed him again and again all over his face. Eventually I ran out of steam and relaxed against him, before standing up and, with an arm around both my lovers, I walked towards the dining area, where Sal served us a delicious breakfast which we ate while catching up with what they had been arranging without my knowledge.

“So, you mean that Doug will be living here for the time when he’s on leave, all the time, like, permanently?” I asked.

They both nodded in confirmation. “At least until Doug decides not to or we decide to kick him out, which I can’t see happening anytime soon.”

“Thank you, darling,” I said to Cedric. “It certainly takes a special person to arrange for his lover’s other lover to live with them. I can’t think of any better example of a person walking their talk than that.”

Neither Doug nor I could wait until evening. After breakfast, I escorted Doug to my room and helped him move his sparse possessions in. Then I closed the door, hanging the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the handle, and returned to Doug, pressing my body against him as I wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed passionately. My hands roamed over his body, unfastening what I could and caressing his bare chest while he loosened the waist belt of my gown and caressed my naked body beneath. After several minutes of this, he lifted me up and placed me on the bed.

“I hope you’re not too worn out from Cedric last night,” he said with a grin.

“Never,” I replied, “I’ve been waiting for you since I left the rig. Please, honey, make love to me.”

It took only moments before Doug and I were both naked, lying on the bed in a lovers’ embrace as we kissed fervently. I felt his huge cock lengthening and fattening against my belly as my pussy gushed her welcoming fluids. Then he was on top of me, his rigid log parting my wet and ready pussy lips as it slowly eased its way inside, filling me more that I’d been filled since leaving the rig, until it pressed against the end. I’d forgotten just how long he was as he withdrew slightly, then pressed inwards again, repeating these motions, each time extending my slowly lengthening cunt until I felt his pubic bone press against my clit with a satisfying pressure. We lay still like that for a long time, it seemed, his cock soaking in my pulsating love tunnel as we kissed and caressed. His hands found my breasts and cupped and caressed them, squeezing and rolling my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers as I moaned my ecstasy against his mouth.

Then he began withdrawing slowly before pressing back inside, over and over again, slowly and deliberately, his eyes gazing into mine as I writhed in delight beneath his body. I could feel the sensations building inside me, knowing that they would culminate in a massive orgasm as I pressed upwards against him, matching escort eryaman my motions to his thrusts. His breathing became louder, faster, deeper as his thrusting increased in speed and power, taking me with him as he fucked into me hard and fast. My own breathing matched his and I felt my head rolling from side to side as I lost control of my body, my whole being reduced to a cock-filled cunt as I approached my orgasm.

He beat me to it, with a final hard thrust and a moan he buried his mouth against my neck, squeezed my nipples hard and filled my cunt with his hot seed. The feelings of him cumming inside me were overwhelming and I completely lost control as a massive orgasm washed through and over me. As if from a distance, I heard myself scream my release as I cupped his ass cheeks and pulled him deeper inside me, as if that was possible. I felt my whole body pulsating, the walls of my cunt seeming to flutter against his massive organ, and then the peak slowly passed, leaving me in a state of lingering euphoria.

Slowly we both came down from our orgasmic highs; he rested his head beside mine, relaxed his body on top of me, constricting my breathing and forcing me to push sideways so I could obtain enough air. He skewed his body to clear my chest, still deeply implanted inside me, although I could feel him softening with each involuntary squeeze my pussy gave him. I felt his cum oozing out from my tunnel, slipping down my thighs to be soaked up by the sheet.

“I love you, darling,” he whispered in my ear, the first words he’d said since we began, “Love you so very much.”

“Mmm, I love you too, sweetheart,” I managed to whisper in reply, feeling how corny and trite that sounded but unable to put words together to state just how much I really did love and need him in my life.

After we had fully recovered, he lay on his back with me beside him, our hands gently and lovingly caressing each other, as he told me about the arrangements he and Cedric had made. He asked for my thoughts on the future of our relationship, which caused me to pause and think; what did I want for us? Was there, in fact, any us or were we simply ships passing in the night?

“I don’t know,” I replied, afraid to speak my real feelings. “If I said I wanted to marry you, but you didn’t want to be tied down, perhaps that would be a wedge to push us apart, which I don’t want. Then again, if I said I did not want to marry but that we should simply remain lovers of convenience, would that be the wedge? It’s really hard to know what to say, what you want to hear.”

He half turned towards me, his head propped up by his elbow, his hand stroking me gently from my sensitive tits to my exposed and engorged clit, sending pulses of delight through my body. It was hard to think while that was happening.

“My poor sweet darling,” he said soothingly, “Nothing you say could create a wedge between us. You mentioned marriage; I have no feelings about marriage one way or the other. I have seen very unhappy and unloving married couples, just as I have seen very intensely loving unmarried couples. Marriage does not make for a loving relationship necessarily. If you want us to marry, that’s fine, we can, but if you don’t want us to marry, if you want us both to be free to pursue our own lives and simply enjoy the pleasure we give to each other when we’re together, that’s also fine. I asked for your thoughts, not a commitment to something we may or may not want, honey.”

I realised that I had taken his question far too seriously and had completely overthought my reply. But what did I want? I wanted him. But I also wanted Cedric, Sal, Pete, Evie, Ryan, Alice, Cliff and, yes, even Master Jack, the man who introduced me to sex, if I chose to have them. I realized that I was not, and never would be, satisfied with one man in a normal, safe, boring marriage. At last I felt able to reply.

“I want you when I want you, and want the freedom to want and make love with others when I want to, and in return allow you the freedom to make love with whoever you wish, so long as I’m one of those for as long as I wish to be. Marriage is not necessary, but love most certainly is. If, sometime in the unforeseeable future, we decide that we do not love each other, I want us to have the freedom to part before we destroy each other, because I have seen that the hate that can develop between ex-lovers is just as strong as the love that previously existed between them. Does that make any sense to you, darling?”

In reply, he leant forward and kissed me, hard, lovingly, lingeringly; a kiss that sent a wave of desire through my body. I felt my pussy flush and gush, so I rolled over onto him, straddling him, pressing my pussy against the root of his rapidly hardening cock. We broke our kiss and I lifted up, feeling his cock head sliding between my pussy lips until it was perfectly positioned beneath my opening, then I slowly lowered myself as my slick tunnel engulfed his rigid flagstaff. The feeling of him sliding into me, spreading my cunt walls, until he was fully and deeply implanted inside me was amazingly sensuous. It was only once I was fully seated in the saddle formed eryaman escort bayan by his hips that I realised that my eyes were closed and mouth wide open with the sensations. I opened my eyes and gazed down into his, seeing the love that was there, then lowered my head and resumed our passionate kiss. He broke the kiss to respond to my question.

“That makes perfect sense to me, honey. I feel much the same way. To me, marriage is a trap that ensnares a person, changing their desire for love into a well of hatred which prevents that love from being given freely. I’ve seen far too many marriages fail because both partners felt trapped so love died slowly and painfully. I’m very pleased we think the same. I enjoy making love with you, but, if I’m allowed to stay here longterm on my shore leave, I know I will also enjoy making love with the other women living here, just as you do with everyone else now.”

No more words were required. I began rocking my hips back and forth, causing the head of his cock to slide over the end of my cunt and my cervix, sending waves of pleasure through us both, enhanced by his hands caressing my tits and rolling my nipples as he knew I enjoyed so much. My hip movements also rubbed my clit against his hard pubic bone, each movement sending a pulse of pure lust to my brain, each pulse pushing me closer towards my pending orgasm. Doug obviously noticed my pleasure and the rapid approach of my crisis. He began thrusting against me, meeting my movements to enhance my pleasure and push me closer to my release. I felt my eyes close, screw up tightly, my hip movements increase in speed and power, waves of sensation pour through my body, pushing me higher, closer, closer . . . .

“AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!” I screamed as my orgasm struck hard and my body went rigid, trembling, pulsating with sensations of indescribable lust pouring through every nerve ending. I felt my cunt muscles clenching and releasing around his massive intruder as though trying to suck him dry. Then it passed, leaving me panting, sweaty, hot and, amazingly, ravenously sexy. I opened my eyes again and saw him gazing at me with love and lust.

“That looked like fun,” he said with a grin.

“Oh, you’d better believe it.”

He moved his hands from my breasts and placed them on my hips, then began thrusting with his hips while he moved me back and forth gently. Quickly I responded, continuing the hip movements as he once again cupped my breasts gently, aware that they were still tender, and we continued as before, my clit once again sending waves of stimulation through my body to meet with and enhance the sensations from my other erogenous zones. It did not take very long before I felt myself approaching my next orgasm. I remember wondering what was happening to me; I’d never been so hungry for sex; never wanted sex as much as I did now with Doug. I felt my next orgasm approaching; felt my body take control, my hips moving of their own accord, Doug’s thrusting and movements synchronizing perfectly with mine, pushing me closer again. As though from a distance, I heard my cries of joy as my cunt pulsated rhythmically, squeezing and releasing its impaler.

“Yes, yes, yes, oooohhhh yes, yes, darling, yes, harder, faster, yes, yes, YES, OOOOHHHH, YESSSS, YESSSS, OOOOGGGGG YESSSSS I’M CUMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGG!”

My body shook and writhed with the strength of my release as I collapsed forward onto Doug’s chest, my hips still pounding against his, my pussy clenching and fluttering on his shaft until, after what seemed like hours, it was over and my orgasm released me, wrung out, exhausted, satiated for the moment. I lay on Doug, panting, feeling the flutter of my cunt muscles tease his cock, still huge, still filling my love tunnel.

I tilted my head back and looked into his eyes. “You didn’t cum, did you?”

“No, darling, but you did, eh.”

“Oh yes, and how. You want more?”

“Of course. Just when you’re ready though.”

“Mmmm, try me next week.”

He laughed. “I was thinking of giving you a couple of minutes break, but I guess with comments like that, you’re good to go now, right?”

I moaned in response. He wrapped his arms around me and rolled us over together, then he reached downward with his hands, caught me behind my knees and lifted my legs upwards, bending at hips and knees, until my knees were wide apart and almost touched my outstretched arms. He grinned down at me.

“My turn,” he said as he began pulling out and thrusting back hard. In this position he could go deeper and I almost expected him to come out my mouth. Because of the angle of his cock, my clit was untouched so the stimulation was lessened, as it was also by his hands holding my knees rather than stimulating my breasts. For him, now, I was just a cunt to fuck, and fuck me he did. His hips pounded his monster in and out, almost fully withdrawing then pistoning back in until he hit the end with a thud that sent shock waves through my body. Then out again, and back in, harder and faster with each passing moment. I listened to his breathing rate increase, saw his face contorting, his eyes screwing up, mouth open, breathing still faster and deeper until, with a muffled cry, he thrust in still deeper and I felt his sperm traveling up his cock and spurting deep inside me, pulse after pulse after satisfying pulse. Despite my earlier orgasms, despite the lack of stimulation, the feeling of his heat inside me pushed me over the brink and I came once again.

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