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Ch 3 in the series. Enjoy, and please comment if you do. Thanks

Disclaimer: All individuals in the following work of fiction are above the age of 18 yrs old.

Matt had left to drop Adam and Summer to the airport. I was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner for our special night. I left the pasta boiling on the stove and began to set the table. After laying out the plates and cutlery I positioned a single white candle in the middle of the small dining table. I returned to the stove to stir the pasta sauce and begin grilling the chicken strips.

When everything was more or less set, I switched off the stove, took a quick shower and threw on a simple red summer dress.

When Matt returned I was all done, sitting on the couch watching some television. I watched as he walked in. I smiled as he looked around the dim living room, the lit candle on the table drawing his attention.

“Babe, this looks perfect,” he commented as he stared at the two plates of food I had prepared and placed on the table. He walked up to me and smiled,

“I should add that you look perfect as well,” he commented.

“Shall we?” I asked reaching my hand out to him.

He held my hand and pulled me up from the couch. We walked over to the table and, like the gentleman he was, he held out my chair for me. We sat and began to eat.

“So did everything go smoothly with Adam and Summer?” I asked.

“Yup, Summer said she’d give a ring to let us know they’ve arrived safely.”

I nodded and took a sip of the chilled champagne.

“Wow, Kimmy, this tastes amazing,” Matt commented as he took a bite of the grilled chicken.

“Don’t act so surprised that your girlfriend can cook,” I chuckled.

“You know that’s not what I mean, I know my baby can cook,” he defended.

“I know babe, I’m just teasing,” I smiled.

As we finished up with dinner, Matt cleared the table and I retrieved the two chocolate gelato cups from the refrigerator. We curled up on the couch for dessert, Matt with his arm wrapped around me.

“I’m gonna miss you so much over the next week,” I complained.

“I know babe, me too, but it’s just a week, and we’ll be together for New Year’s,” Matt replied, trying to console me.

“Oh, I wrapped those presents for your sister and brother in-law, and the Barbie kit for Kelsey, I stuck em in your suitcase,” I informed.

“Thanks sweetie, I honestly don’t know what I did before I met you,” Matt joked.

Matt fed me the final spoonful of icy delight from my cup. I stood up licking my lips, tasting chocolate on the sides of my mouth, and took Matt’s empty cup from him. I placed the cups and spoons in the sink and returned to Matt. He stood up and kissed me, his tongue was still cold from his last spoonful of gelato. I kissed Matt like it was the last time I would ever get to kiss him, driving my tongue into his mouth, searching desperately for his, and then swirling around it once I found it. Matt’s hand found my left breast, softly massaging it. I could feel my hard nipple press against his palm through the thin fabric of my dress. Matt pulled his mouth from mine, and I wiped the saliva that joined our lips.

“Wanna take this to your room?” Matt whispered.

“Love to,” I replied with a smile.

I squealed in delight as Matt lifted me off my feet and carried me to my bedroom, stopping along the way to blow out the candle on the table.

Once in my room, Matt laid me down on the bed and we began kissing once more. His body was pressed onto me and his hand found my breasts once again. After a few minutes, we needed some time to catch our breaths. Matt sat me up at the edge of the bed and knelt of the floor before me. His hands clung to the sides of my dress as he lifted the light garment off me. I raised my butt off the bed just a little so the dress could be removed then sat back down. Matt thoughtfully and delicately placed my dress over the back of a nearby chair then turned to me. I sat before him in just my white lace thong, my chest bare to him. His eyes were fixed onto my breasts.

“You are the most perfect thing on this earth,” he whispered.

I blushed, feeling truly special.

Matt leaned over and took my right breast in his mouth. He sucked on my hard nipple, then used his warm tongue, licking and swirling. He cupped my other breasts with his hand, teasingly tweaking my rosy red nipple. He must have spent at least five minutes on each breast, sucking and licking them, leaving my soft round flesh glistening, lightly coated in his saliva. I almost groaned in disappointment as he finally let my throbbing nipple slip from between his teeth.

I watched eagerly as he stood up and began removing his white, blue striped shirt. The sight of his bare chest, his tiny hard nipples, and smooth stomach had me squirming in my panties. Matt grinned at me as he lowered his skinny jeans. He now stood before me in just his blue boxer briefs, his prominent bulge arching in its cotton confines. I scooted up the bed and lay down while Matt crawled onto beşiktaş escort me,

“I love you so much,” I whispered as he leaned in and kissed me.

“I love you too baby,” Matt replied as he snaked his hand between my legs and began rubbing the lips of my pussy through my damp panties. He eventually pulled my panties to the side so he could gain access to my bare cunt. I cooed as he slid a finger into me. I could tell I was already dripping as Matt’s finger slid with ease into and out of my opening. My body shuddered when I felt Matt’s thumb press against my clit. He knew exactly how to get me going and wasn’t holding back as he immediately began rubbing circles around my nub. As Matt fingered me he moved his head back to my chest, teasing my nipple with his tongue. As he rubbed quicker and quicker, Matt kissed his way between my breasts, taking my other nipple in his warm mouth.

“Baby you’re gonna make me cum,” I cried.

Matt now inserted a second finger into my tight opening sliding them faster and faster.

“Oh fuck baby! Ahhh Ahhhh ahhhhhhh!!! Mhmmmm,” I moaned as I squeezed my thighs around Matt’s hand. I could feel every muscle in my body tense up as warm glowing sensation made its way through me.

“Fuckk baby mhmmmm,” I continued to cry as my body twitched over and over. Matt’s mouth left my breast and found my mouth. He kissed me and I moaned into his mouth as my climax continued.

I finally began to calm down. I lowered my hips back down to the bed; I didn’t even know I had raised them. Matt pulled his fingers from me and brought them between our mouths. We both lick his glistening fingers. My juices were still warm as I licked Matt’s fingers up and down. I hungrily inserted Matt’s thumb into my mouth, sucking as he pulled it out. We then briefly pressed our lips together. I was breathing heavily as Matt just patiently lay beside me.

I could feel the bulge of Matt’s cock pressing against the side of my thigh. I rolled onto him and straddled his stomach.

“Now let me just take care of you, and then we can get around to playing with our new toys,” I said as I stared into his eyes. I shimmied down and sat on Matt’s thighs, then reached down and slid his briefs down a little, just enough for his gorgeous cock to spring free. I immediately lowered my head and took him in my mouth and began bobbing up and down. I felt Matt clear the hair from my forehead and I directed my eyes upwards making contact with his. He smiled down at me as I snaked my tongue along the length of his shaft. I sucked all the way up till Matt’s cock made a pop as it exited my mouth. I spat rudely on the head of Matt’s penis, watching my saliva slowly make its way down. I lowered my head again, a huge smile on my face; Matt had told me on several occasions how much it turned him on when I spit on his cock during blowjobs. I wrapped my tiny hand around the base of Matt’s cock holding him in place is I licked and lapped at him like a popsicle. After teasing him for a while, I slid him back into my mouth and resumed bobbing my head up and down.

“Oh God Kimmy, I’m about to ahhhhh,” Matt groaned, not having enough time to finish his sentence as he bucked his hips and began cumming in my mouth.

I slowed my bobbing, instead leaving my mouth at the tip of Matt’s exploding penis. His warm seed filled my mouth as I slowly stroked his shaft. When I sensed Matt was done I let go of his penis swallowed his warm cum. I sat up and swallowed again, before briefly coughing. When I was settled, I lay down on Matt, squashing his soft penis under my abdomen.

“Sorry about the late warning baby,” Matt whispered.

“Aww babe, don’t even worry about it, besides, you know how much I love swallowing your hot spunk,” I replied.

Matt leaned up and we kissed. After a brief embrace, Matt gently rolled me off of him. He reached over to the bedside table at grabbed the white plastic bag. He emptied the lube and vibrator onto the bed,

“You think you’re ready?” he softly asked.

I nodded in response.

Matt picked up the pink vibrator, taking it out of the plastic holding. I watched as he walked to the bathroom and I heard him washing the toy. When Matt returned he was drying the slender toy with a bath towel. He switched it on and we both giggled as a loud buzzing filled the room. Matt switched the toy off again and sat down on the bed. I got up and onto my hands and knees, craning my neck to smile at him.

“Are you scared?” he asked, his voice trembling with concern.

“Scared? . . .No. A little nervous though,” I confided.

“Okay, I’ll go slow, and you be sure to tell me if anything doesn’t feel right,” Matt stated.

“Okay baby.”

Matt smiled at me then I felt him planting kisses on my butt cheeks. He was so sweet and gentle with everything he did.

I shut my eyes tight as I felt Matt’s hands spreading my cheeks and his tongue sliding over my ass hole. He licked up and down then focused on my tight opening. After a beşyol escort few minutes, Matt withdrew, and I saw him pick up the bottle of lube. I arched my back and watched him pour some of the clear liquid onto the vibrator. He then used his hand to slide up and down the pink plastic, covering the entire thing in lube. I watched as he held the bottle of lube over me,

“This might be a bit cold,” he warned before squeezing the bottle and letting some of the lube pour onto me, landing between my butt crack. I giggled as I felt the cool liquid slowly trickle down between my cheeks. I then felt Matt’s fingers, rubbing slowly around my anus.

“Okay babe, here it comes,” Matt announced.

I waited in nervous anticipation, and then I felt it, the tapered tip of the toy pressing against my butthole.

“Relax sweetie, and breathe,” Matt whispered. I did as he said and felt myself open a little, at which point I felt the tip of the toy slide into me. On my direction, Matt slid it in further, going very slow. It was such a strange feeling being filled in this manner, definitely nothing I’d ever felt before.

“Okay, it’s all the way in” Matt announced.

“It is?” I asked disbelievingly. I arched my neck to try to see but couldn’t

“Should I turn on the vibrator now?” he asked.

“Okay,” I replied.

I could feel Matt fiddling with the vibrator, then an unbelievable sensation pulsing though me,

“OOhhh my god,” I groaned as Matt turned up the intensity on the vibrator. I took a few seconds to get accustom to the new sensation,

“Okay Matty, you can start,” I whimpered.

This was soon followed by Matt slowly pulling the slender pulsing plastic toy out of me, then pushing it back in. The toy slid with ease thanks to the lube and it felt amazing gliding in and out of my asshole. As Matt filled me over and over again with the vibrator I felt his other hand below me, cupping my dripping pussy. He began to rub me, his fingers sliding back and forth over my clit. My moans and cries had apparently alerted Matt to my growing comfort as I felt him plunging the toy faster and harder.

“Ahhh yessss, fuck me babby,” I moaned.

“Ahhhhh ahhhhh mhmmm mhmmm!”

My cries were loud and forceful as I felt myself cumming. My anus squeezed down on the vibrator. I was certain I would suck it up into me if Matt hadn’t been holding onto it. Matt pulled his hand from my pussy at my request; my orgasm had left my lips and clit extremely sensitive.

“I think I’m ready for you baby,” I moaned.

“Thank goodness babe, I’m rock hard back here, you have no idea what a turn on watching your cute little butthole is,” Matt admitted as he pulled the vibrator from my ass. I groaned out loud as it slid from me and smiled embarrassingly to myself upon hearing Matt’s words.

I arched my neck and watched as Matt applied some lube to his cock,

“Ohh my, you really are turned on,” I commented as my eyes lit up at the sight of Matt’s throbbing erection.

Matt excitedly knelt down behind me. I felt his slippery hands rubbing my butt cheeks,

“Baaabbyyyy, quit teasing, I need you now,” I pleaded.

Matt gave into my cries and I felt his warm cock between my buttcheeks. I eagerly reached behind and held my cheeks apart; giving him the best view of what turned him on so much. I felt the tip of Matt’s cock pressing against my asshole,

“Be sure and let me know if you’re ever in pain,” Matt warned again.

“I will baby, I promise,” I replied.

With that I felt Matt pressing his bulbous head into my asshole. It was a big difference from the vibrator as Matt was a lot thicker. He went very slowly, and when I felt his head slip past my sphincter, I felt an uncomfortably sharp sensation,

“Oooh, wait baby wait,” I groaned.

Matt stopped immediately,

“Do you want me to pull out?” he asked.

“No, no, I think I just need a second,” I explained.

I felt my asshole grow accustom to Matt’s presence and the pain eventually dissipated.

“Okay Matty, more,” I urged.

Matt continued with his slow penetration, sliding into my ass.

I was groaning constantly as Matt eased in millimeter by sensational millimeter, a result of both pleasure and slight discomfort. I think Matt was about halfway in when I felt myself breathe out and totally relax at which point Matt simply slid in all the way.

“OOHHH FUCK babe, you’re so tight,” Matt groaned.

I didn’t reply to Matt, instead I was lost in a euphoric trance. I felt so filled, and my clit was throbbing uncontrollably. I finally came back down to earth when I heard Matt ask,

“How does it feel Kimmy?”

“When does it start vibrating?” I joked.

Matt laughed as he gently swatted my butt with his hand. I wiggled my body, letting myself adjust to having his cock buried in my ass.

“It feels amazing actually,” I admitted, “I can feel you every time you throb,” I explained.

“I can feel you every time you squeezed beykent escort down on me,” Matt replied.

“You have to feel how hard my clit is babe,” I said to Matt.

I felt Matt reaching below me.

“Ahhhh mhmmmm,” I cried when I felt Matt’s fingers press against my engorged clitoris.

Matt pulled his hand from below me and I replaced it with my own hand. I felt Matt grab onto to my hips as he began to slide out of me, then slowly back it. I had begun slowly teasing my clit with my fingers. Matt continued with his teasingly slow pace, I could tell he was a bit hesitant.

“You can go faster baby, you’re not going to break me, I swear,” I stated. I groaned as Matt’s plunges became harder and faster. I quickened the pace with which I was rubbing my clit. My cunt was drooling with my juices, my hand almost soaked.

“Ahhhhh fuck baby yesss, fuck your sweetie’s ass,” I cried.

Matt continued pounding, his grip on my hips getting tighter.

“Ghhahhhhh ahh ahhhh ahhh,” Matt grunted.

My hand was moving with extreme speed now, rubbing hard against my clit, my climax was imminent.

My toes curled and I felt my asshole squeeze down hard on Matt’s pistoning cock, as my orgasm shattered through my body. My pussy convulsed, as it expelled my creamy girl cum.

“Ohh god baby mhmmm,” I moaned as I pulled my hand from my still throbbing clit, Matt’s cock still stretching my asshole as he fucked harder and harder.

“Mhmmm fill me with your cum baby,” I groaned, desperate to have Matt cum deep inside me.

Matt continued pushing in and out of me. I felt his grasp on my hips tighten and I knew he was there.

With deep and long groan, Matt pushed hard into me. I felt his cock pulse over and over again and his warm semen spilling into me.

“Mhmmm yes baby yes,” I cooed.

Matt had stopped thrusting and just remained there with his cock in me, still throbbing. He eventually went soft and pulled himself from me. I eased my way down, and lay on my stomach. I turned my head to the side to face Matt who had lain down beside me.

“That was fucking amazing,” he panted.

“I know, I don’t think I’ve ever came so hard,” I replied as I raised my hand to Matt’s face to show him my glistening fingers. I giggled as he licked my fingers, devouring my juices.

We both lay their staring at each other, our bodies completely spent.

“Wanna go get cleaned up?” Matt asked.

“I’d like to, but I’m afraid I’m gonna leak all over my carpet,” I giggled.

Matt stood up beside the bed. He leaned over and worked his hands under my body, under my thighs and stomach. He lifted me off the bed, carrying me into the bathroom. We took a quick shower and returned to my room. Matt helped me change my sheets which were coated in our juices. Falling into bed wrapped in each other’s arms, I kissed Matt on the cheek.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“For a truly memorable night,” I replied.

“I think I should be the one thanking you,” he responded.

We fell asleep soon after.

The next morning Matt and I got up and got dressed and headed to the airport. We had a quick breakfast at a café in the airport terminal then Matt walked me to my gate. He sat with me as long as he could before he had to go to his own gate.

We sat with our foreheads pressed together, staring into each other’s eyes.

“I’ll see you in a week babe,” Matt whispered.

“Uh huh,” I whimpered. I could feel a single tear rolling down my cheek.

“Please don’t cry sweetie, cause then I’m gonna start crying,” Matt pleaded as he wiped my cheek.

I sniffed hard, trying to compose myself.

“Call me when you land?” I asked.

“I promise,” Matt replied, before kissing me on my lips.

We lingered a few seconds more before Matt stood up and I watched him walk away.


First week of classes was always a hectic week. I was delighted when I spotted Matt and Adam across the university cafeteria. I made my way over to them and sat down beside Matt.

“Hey guys, how’s your day going?” I greeted.

“Hi Kim, so far so good, we still have to get down to the bookstore,” Adam replied.

“Well goodluck, Summer and I were there yesterday, the place is absolute chaos.”

“Thanks for the heads up, well I’ll leave you two to catch up, gotta get to class anyway. Matty, meet you at the book store at 4 right?”

“Yeah man, I’ll see you there,” Matt replied, as we watched Adam walk off.

I took a French fry off Matt’s plate along with a sip of his cola,

“So how are your classes so far babe?” I asked.

“They’re fine, but it’s just the first week, we’ve just gone over the syllabus, no actual work yet. What about you?”

“More or less the same,” I replied.

“Hey Kimmy, do you know what this weekend is?” Matt asked, a wide smile on his face.

I smiled back at him, delighted he remembered our one year anniversary, not that I thought that he’d forget, but it was a nice feeling in any case.

“Yes I do Matt,” I replied.

“Well I was thinking, the fair is back in town, I thought it’d be nice to go again. This Friday night?”

“Sounds nice, can’t wait.”

“Okay, pick you up at seven then,” he responded.

We sat there another five minutes while Matt finished up with his burger and then he walked me to my next class.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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