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Admittedly it was damn fucking hot watching the girls going at it on the bed together. I might not have been as big as Mr. Clean was, or even Bob for that matter, but I was damn fucking hard.

Kay was delirious with pleasure. Now sitting astride Cujo as she fucked Kay with one of Mabel’s toys, and as Mabel lay between her legs, licking and flicking her clit while she did so was quite a sight to see.

FC had now joined Mr. Clean on the bed as they sat off to one side watching the women, just as we all were. The two of them now actually stroking his mammoth cock together, which was almost as interesting as watching the girls.

As interesting as that was however, I was even more interested in seeing Kay squirt, which she soon after announced she was about to. Even Mabel backed away, not that she had any reservations about continuing to eat the woman’s cunt…she didn’t. But she was just as anxious as everyone else was to see it when she came.

I actually found it highly erotic, as I think we all did when Kay actually did squirt. The spray of her pussy taking even Mabel by surprise, though she sat there expecting it, giving Kay her breasts as an initial target to cum against. With Cujo still beneath her, Kay launched into a series of earth-shattering orgasms, each pulsating squirt of pleasure seemingly more intense, and more long lasting in duration than the last. Her final spasm of ecstasy lasting what had to be a full ten seconds if not more of one solid steady stream of pussy pleasure. The almost clear liquid fluid bathing Mabel’s tits, soaking them along with everything else.

“Fuck that was a hard one!” Kay herself stated a few minutes afterwards, now reaching down, examining herself and laughing almost hysterically at her own pleasure. “I’m still not sure I’m actually ready for this…but it’s either now, or never!” She announced looking over at Mr. Cleans enormously hard prick, which he and FC had easily managed in keeping it that way. Rolling over onto her back now as everyone else scooted out of the way, Cujo once again directed him between Kay’s outstretched legs. Taking over for FC, she now held the tip of his prick, placing it…or rather resting it at the opening of her pussy.

“As big as you fucking are…you wait on her for direction,” Cujo told him. “She’ll let you know what she can handle…or if she can’t.”

Circling around the bed, the rest of us looked on, though Mabel now stood between Mike and I, her hands now grabbing each of our dicks as we stood there, slowly working them up and down simultaneously as Cujo just then began rubbing the head of Mr. Cleans prick up and down the thoroughly saturated furrow of Kay’s cunt.

“Ok, you ready baby? Shall we try the head at least?” she asked.

“Not sure I’ll ever really be able for that, but ok…let’s try at least,” she responded back.

As wet and as juicy as the woman was, it still took some effort getting her to stretch open wide enough to just accept even the head of the man’s prick. To my astonishment, she eventually succeeded however, her lips suddenly wrapping around it like a wide-open mouth actually engulfing him.

“Fuck! My first real pussy!” Mr. Clean groaned appreciatively.

“I’m not sure we can count it as that yet,” Cujo said still trying to guide him in, only the tip actually having succeeded in entering as yet. “I think we need at least a few more inches before we can state you’re inside, though how much of it she can even take, remains to be seen.”

Slowly, inch by agonizing inch, Cujo had actually managed to get quite a bit of the man’s cock inside her. Enough so, that she officially declared him no longer a virgin, and that Kay too had now officially been fucked by a man for the very first time. Letting go, Mr. Clean slowly began easing himself in and out of the woman’s cunt, Kay eventually getting more and more used to it as he did so.

“Bigger than any fucking cucumber I’ve ever used, that’s for sure!” She proclaimed, though she now began meeting his slow gentle thrusts, as gradually the two of them actually began fucking together.

Cujo now took over for Mabel, stroking Mike’s cock as we all stood there in a semi-circle around the bed. FC, working on Bob’s fat prick, while Mabel now paid exclusive attention to my own.

“I think Kay’s going to get quite the cum bath when it’s time,” Cujo quipped as we all began feeling the closeness of our own orgasms approach. Though no one, including Kay, had any idea just how big of a bath she was actually about to get, when Mr. Clean, suddenly warned her. The pleasure of actually having accomplished his first ever pussy fuck was not too surprisingly, almost too much. I still remembered my own first time, even embarrassed by now looking back. I’d thrust perhaps three, maybe four times inside my first pussy when the sensation of it had become too much, and I had lost my load long before I had actually wanted to. The good part was, I had lasted a much, much longer time the second time after a short period of rest.

“God! isveçbahis I can’t stop! I’m gonna…”

“CUM!” Kay cried out, finishing his sentence for him as she suddenly released another, totally unexpected jettison of her own female spunk. The force of which sprayed past his impaled prick, literally driving him backwards as she did so, though he too was about to take it out of her anyway, feeling his own massive eruption begin. Sitting back on his haunches, his cock completely free now, sitting between his legs like a baseball bat, Kay’s next streamer of liquid juice hit his prick precisely, just as he too shot off, joining her.

“Holy shit! Would you look at that!” Bob cried out, as Mr. Cleans dick suddenly tossed this biggest, longest, thickest cum-rope I’d ever seen before in my entire life. And that, was followed by another, and another, and still yet another that were all as equally big as the first.

Sitting as he was, most of his cream shot straight up into the air, coming down with a resounding splat against Kay, along with just about everything else too. When that happened, Bob suddenly joined in, FC’s hand still working his prick, now aiming it in the general direction of where the two of them were laying. Though Bob didn’t have nearly as much, he did managed to throw two pretty good streamers of his own, each one overlapping Kay’s breasts, squarely hitting one of her hard extended nipple’s near perfectly as she actually laughed upon seeing and feeling it.

Both Mike and I followed suit soon after, the intensity of everything we’d seen suddenly escalating our own needful desires. Scooting out of the way, a big shit eating grin on his face, Mr. Clean collapsed into one of the nearby chairs, perfectly content as Mabel now aimed me directly at the still wet glistening, sloppy looking swollen lips of Kay’s recently fucked cunt.

“Cream it baby! Cream it!” She urged me, and then I began doing just that.

Mike added his own copious load to mine, which between the two of us had thoroughly drenched and made Kay’s pussy even more of a wet slippery mess that it had been. As one, Cujo and Mabel then crawled up onto the bed, massaging in all that spent cream into Kay’s cunt, breasts, and everywhere else for that matter as they completed the total bath she’d just been given.

“Ok, I admit…that was interesting, and I might even try that again someday,” Kay stated after she had in fact experienced yet another milder, less liquid orgasm. “But…I hear one word of this get out to anyone, I’ll know where it came from,” she threatened somewhat seriously.

Giving her assurances no one here would, we all sat back collecting ourselves for a time until everyone had decided they’d had enough and it was time to get dressed.

I could see by the look in Mabel’s eyes however that for her at least, the evening wasn’t yet over. And even after we had said good-bye to everyone, she was already getting dressed in preparation for going out again. I had half hoped we’d call it a night ourselves as I was now feeling more than a bit tired myself, and thoroughly spent.

“You don’t have to come with me,” she stated. “If you’re too tired to do more, you can stay here and go to sleep. But I need to see at least one more cock cum tonight before I’m done, and now more than ever…I need to enjoy a nice fingering climax myself.”

Steeling myself to go with her, and somewhat curious as to what it was she might have in mind, I managed to slip back into my clothes before following Mabel out through the door, and once again into the night.


As we’d dressed, I had watched Mabel put on a very short pleated skirt, no panties or thong beneath it, along with a very tight form fitting tee shirt over her braless breasts. Stepping out into the cool night air in front of the hotel, I wondered briefly where it was she intended on taking me.

“Just really want a quickie to cap off the evening,” she informed me. “Usually, a cab ride will do the trick, and they can quite often be fun and exciting whenever I do,” she explained. Almost immediately flagging down an available cab a short time later, she climbed into the back seat with me following as the cab driver looked over the back seat towards us.

“Where too?” He asked curiously looking directly at Mabel, which was no big surprise as her nipples had hardened dramatically with the cool night air now caressing them. She smiled playfully at him, and then spoke without any hesitation or concerns.

“Where ever you’d like,” she began. “As part of a dare for my boyfriend here, I told him I’d sit in the back seat of a taxi, and masturbate for him until I came. So as far as it takes until I do that,” she finished. “Provided of course…you’re ok with that.”

He looked as though he didn’t believe her at first, until she spread her legs, bunching up her skirt and revealing to him that she was indeed serious.

“Tell you what,” he chuckled. “The ride’s free for as long as you do. I’ll start the meter only on isveçbahis giriş the way back, after you have. Provided…you don’t mind my looking at you in the mirror while you do that.”

“We were sort of hoping you would,” she said speaking for me. “Sort of adds to the excitement,” she said grinning at him. “But try and go somewhere where there’s not too much traffic, so we don’t have to worry about you running into anyone…or anything,” she grinned openly.

Seconds later we were pulling away from the curb, Mabel’s fingers already starting to work her own pussy as we did.

Once again he laughed to himself. “Damn, all the years I’ve been driving cabs, first time I’ve actually had anything like this actually happen to me. Closest to it was some drunk woman a few years back, didn’t know her boob had fallen out of her dress. Got to enjoy seeing that for a few blocks until her boyfriend caught me looking at it, and then tucked it away for her.”

“Well, speaking of boobs…what do you think of these?” Mabel asked, and then pulled her tee shirt completely up and over her head, now sitting there totally topless, baring her breasts for the driver as he glanced into his rear view mirror looking back at her. He whistled long and loudly, making us laugh. “Just make sure you don’t wreck the car looking at them,” she teased. “Or you won’t get a very big tip from me because of it,” she added.

He did drive a bit more slowly, though I was glad for it as we didn’t really have anywhere we needed to be. And the fact he took a few back roads instead of the main highway pretty much assured we traveled amongst little if any traffic, giving him plenty of time to look into the back as we drove along. Mabel fondling her breasts with one hand, obviously finger-fucking herself with the other. The sounds of which became easily heard too, her pussy becoming quite wet the longer we drove until it was so slick, it sounded like she was churning butter.

“Fuck mam, you’re one juicy sounding cunt aren’t you?” He said obviously horny glancing back through his mirror at us, though tossing me a slightly nervous look as he said that.

“Yeah, she tends to get that way,” I said easing his obvious nervousness at hearing his statement.

“Is it making you horny too?” Mabel now asked. “Because I certainly hope that it is, it would be nice knowing you had a nice hard cock now too,” she stated reaching over fondling mine, which surprisingly was hard once again too.

“Oh yeah, it is,” he chuckled.

“Well in that case, why don’t you take it out for me? Let me see it,” Mabel asked him, now leaning forward over the seat expectantly.

“You sure about that?” he questioned dubiously. “Your boyfriend won’t mind seeing me do that?”

“Oh no, not at all. He knows how much I love seeing a man jerking himself off, cumming…” she said hinting at what she hoped he would do for her. “So…if you would please, so I could watch you a little too, I’d really enjoy that. As a matter of fact, if there’s a park? Or a somewhat secluded parking lot nearby? I’d be more than happy to jerk you off myself,” she added seeing the delightful surprise in his eyes. Once again he looked at me for assurance. I smiled, giving him that. With his cock sticking out, he made a quick left turn, before we even knew where we were he was pulling into the lot of a business complex. Being late, everyone had gone of course, and there was no other cars even remotely close by.

“How’s this?”

“Perfect,” Mabel said getting out of the cab, not even bothering to cover herself as she slid into the front seat next to him.

I sat in the back looking over the seat, surprised to find myself as hard as I was, stroking it as I watched Mabel lean over, surrounding the man’s fairly nice-sized cock in her hand as she began pumping it up and down.

“All I ask is… you tell me. I like hearing it when a man tells me he’s about to cum.”

“Oh…ok, sure,” he stammered pleasurably. “Ah…but what about…”

Mabel giggled. “Where ever you’d like…on my tits maybe?” she now suggested.

“Oh yeah…yeah, I’d like that,” he groaned turning more towards her. “I’d like that…a lot!”

Mabel leaned forward, now running the man’s dick back and forth against her breasts, caressing her nipples with the tip of his cock. It didn’t take long after she’d begun doing that when he suddenly announced he was about to cum on her. Only when he did, he surprised the both of us, suddenly speaking in his native tongue, which was obviously Dutch when he did. His excitement and pleasure coming through as he cried out his ecstasy.

“Ik ga Komen!” He screamed out, his eyes popping open, looking down at himself as his prick began squirting out several pulsating squirts of semen all over Mabel’s breasts. As he did that, she continued pumping his prick with her hand, simultaneously rubbing it back and forth between her breasts, ensuring that each received an equally healthy dose of his spending. “Dank u, dank u, dank u!” he said over and isveçbahis yeni giriş over again afterwards, still speaking in Dutch, though he finished with one more thank you, in English finally regaining his senses.

Mabel stayed with him in the front seat, finger-fucking herself on the way back, climaxing just blocks away from our destination. He never did throw the meter on during the entire trip, though Mabel still tipped him quite liberally anyway after he had gotten us back and let us out.

“Anytime you’d like doing that again…just call dispatch and ask for me,” he’d said still with a shit-eating grin on his face. “Best damn fare I’ve ever had,” he added appreciatively.

“We’ll make sure to do that,” Mabel told him, and then hand in hand we headed back upstairs to our room, and some much needed sleep.


I don’t think I’d ever slept as soundly as I had before in my entire life. I had gone into take a shower and finish waking up as Mabel called room service deciding to order in rather than going out.

I had just finished drying off and was slipping into my robe when I heard on knock on the door right next to where I was standing.

“Room service,” came a soft voice from the other side, and I could tell it was a woman who was obviously standing there.

With the bedroom around the corner, I couldn’t see Mabel, though I could hear her when she laughed.

“This could be interesting,” she said more to herself than to me, but then louder, telling me to let her in.

With my hair still wet, toweling it, I let her in. A young, small but very attractive Asian girl pushed in the breakfast cart as I held the door for her, now following her into the room. She stopped somewhat unexpectedly and I nearly plowed into her from behind. Only then did I look into the room towards Mabel where she remained upon the bed. She was naked of course, spread eagled as she lay there with an enormous purple vibrator working it in and out of her cunt.

“Set it up over there,” she told the woman nonchalantly, as though what she was currently doing was the most natural thing in the world to be. The young woman hesitated for a moment, casting a quick nervous glance over her shoulder towards me, though I moved back so as not to alarm her into thinking I was actually in on this, though I’m not sure she’d have believed that anyway. Mabel of course continued to fuck herself with the toy, her eyes locked on the woman, gauging her reaction.

She lifted the lids on our breakfast, stammering as she did so, trying to avoid looking over towards Mabel again. I thought for a moment she might actually dash from the room, half expecting it if she did.

“Ah…two eggs over easy, sausage, toast, coffee. One order of pancakes, bacon, also coffee,” she said only then glancing up.

“Thank you,” Mabel told her. “There’s a tip for you there on the desk.”

Looking over to where she’d indicated, the young woman saw what appeared to be a sizeable stack of bills.

“Take ten for yourself…though if you’re willing to touch yourself for me while we watch…you can have it all,” she said quickly before the woman had even more time to react to her question one way or the other. There was easily a hundred dollars sitting there as I now looked over seeing it myself.

The young girl seemed frozen in place for a moment, unsure as to if Mabel was being serious, or perhaps if she’d even heard her correctly.

“Do what?” She now asked, as though needing to confirm it.

“Just touch yourself, play with yourself for us while we watch you…while you watch us,” Mabel said still fucking herself with the toy. “Nothing more,” she now assured her. “Just that.”

“Just…touch myself? That’s all?”

“That’s all,” Mabel smiled hopefully at her.

I now moved around the woman, rejoining Mabel there on the bed, giving her the comfort of knowing she could leave if she wanted to. Once again she hesitated briefly as though trying to decide, once again looking at the stack of bills.

“You just watch yes? No touching?”

“Just ourselves,” Mabel grinned as she now reached over, opening my robe. I was still flaccid at the moment, but I knew that wouldn’t last very damn long, especially if the woman did as she’d asked.

Revealing my cock, the young Asian now looked at me as my prick slowly rose to attention. Seconds later, her hands came up to the buttons on her work blouse as she smiled and slowly began undoing them.

Within minutes she too was naked. She had very little on top, basically no more than two little rounded mounds, though each had what appeared to be a very hard erect nipple. Only the thinnest strips of pubic hair appeared between her legs too as she stood there, at first seemingly shy as she allowed her hand to trail down over her tummy and on down between her legs.

“Come closer so we can at least see better,” Mabel coaxed her, now sinking down into the bed even more herself, one hand still busy between her legs, the other on me, now working my rapidly growing member. The young girl walked over closer towards the bed, now standing at the end of it looking down at us. “Good girl…now spread yourself a little, let us see inside your pussy,” Mabel urged her.

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