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Melanie and I were entering the house hand in hand, leaving the garden and the now chilling night air behind us. I was still surprised about what just had happened outside … the enchanted evening, the lurker in the dark, the exotic music – Melanie dancing in the moon light, barefoot in the grass with her veils like a flame in a magic lamp … and I had dared to rub it and free the captured spirit inside. The memory of Melanie giving in to my seduction made me shiver and involuntarily I clasped my fingers tighter around her hand.

I turned my head when I felt her respond to the increasing pressure by stroking the back of my hand with her thumb, and was rewarded with a happy, almost mystified smile on her lovely features. I was wondering for a moment if she had really realized what had happened, if she was fully aware that I had taken the deep friendship between us to another level by seducing her, and I was a little afraid if she would still feel good about it after waking up the next morning, looking back at the past night’s events in the light of the day.

We slowly made our way up the narrow stair case to the bedrooms on the first floor, and with delight I realized that Melanie was not stopping at the door of the guestroom she had occupied on similar occasions before, but followed me to my own bedroom. We didn’t bother to turn on the lights, the stray beams of moonlight sneaking through the only partially closed shutters were all the illumination we wanted. In the darkness I could hear Melanie breath and I could not resist the urge to pull her closer again. She did not resist and a moment later our lips were locked in a sensual, gentle yet passionate kiss. It was different from all the kisses I had exchanged with men before – there was something docile in holding Melanie, her fragile frame so light in my arms, her skin so soft against mine, her curves so inviting to outline them as if begging my hands to follow the soft bend of her waist and hip. With a hoarse moan I finally broke our kiss. It had been different out there in the garden with the excuse of putting on a hot show for the masturbating lurker in the shadows – but there was no excuse for what I was feeling and wanting right now in the secluded space of my bedroom. My nipples were rock hard and my pussy was throbbing with desire for the touch of Melanie’s hands and mouth, but I still was not too sure how she would take it if I tried to repeat my earlier advances. I was afraid to destroy our wonderful friendship if I took things too far, and that güvenilir bahis was the last thing I wanted. So I decided to be strong and extinguish the flame of lust the vision of her wonderful body in the scarce light continuously sparked inside my groins.

In silence we undressed and minutes later we lay cuddled close under the sheets, Melanie’s butt gently rubbing against my tummy while my arm rested on her shoulder, my fingers playing lazily and barely noticeable with her nipples. I was wondering if the continuous sway of her hips was just the response of the dreamlike state of my darling’s mind since she seemed to be almost asleep already, or if maybe my baby was a shy but most effective seductress herself. With those pleasant thoughts and hopes on my mind I too finally drifted off into dream-land, Melanie snuggled tight in my arms.

I awoke – only partially – I would say. Something was definitely good. The grayish light that crept through the shutters indicated that it was still very early in the morning. With a low sigh, gratefully acknowledging that there was at least another two hours to be spent in bed before even considering getting up, I turned around and… was staring into the wide open eyes of Melanie. I returned her smile, anxious to see how she would react to finding herself awakening undressed in my bed. “Good morning, love. Mmmhhhh…” I stretched and turned towards her, my head resting in my hand propped up on the elbow, “… it still is early, can’t you sleep?” I was hoping my voice would sound just nonchalantly and relaxed about the unusual situation.

Melanie looked at me, searching my face for signals maybe as intense as I had been searching hers. “Oh, don’t worry. I always am up early, I hardly need any more than four or five hours of sleep … and I have slept very well in your arms.” It was the cutest blush I had ever seen that now spread about her lovely face as she uttered that last phrase. Secure now that everything was alright I felt like a bottle of Champagne that someone had shaken – ready to burst from joy – and willing to overcome the fears and resentments that had stopped me the evening before. With a moan I pulled Melanie into my arms and passionately kissed her. This time I knew her body was responding to my attention, I knew that she wanted it just as much as I did … but I knew too that she was shy and maybe too shy to discover herself in this and let go. But I wanted her – that much I knew even in my half-asleep mind.

“How about you give me another hour of türkçe bahis sleep .. or two … actually darling .. you know, you could just give me a nice relaxing back rub, that always is great to fall asleep again. What do you think?” The plan was to get her to touch me under those chanced conditions – without forcing anything else on her. And she had given me those wonderful massages on previous occasion and they were just delightful. So I rolled over on my tummy and cheekily looked at her from that angle. Oh my god – that naughty smile on her face that minute was almost enough to make me grab her and force her head down between my legs immediately. Instead I closed my eyes and slightly spread my legs, awaiting what she would be doing – and she did not disappoint me.

With a giggle she straddled me, and soon her hands had set up a forceful rhythm on my shoulders and back. While I was laying there, eyes closed and my pussy throbbing, I could not help those pictures of Melanie with a collar and a leash trailing from there into my hand. Melanie, kneeling at my feet and me bending down to kiss her, pulling her wonderful lips in reach by means of the collar … my butt and hips started to develop a mind of their own it seemed upon those thoughts, since I realized that I was grinding my rear against Melanie’s pubic area. When Melanie finally became bolder and started to cover my sensitive neck and back with kisses I couldn’t hold back any longer. With a guttural moan I turned around under her. Her hands now rested close, so torturing and delightfully close, to my aching erect nipples, and her face hovered about a foot above mine “Kiss me darling – please, kiss me .. ” and this time my voice was not steady at all but shaking with anticipation and excitement. And as if I was watching a slow motion part of a movie I saw Melanie bend down, holding back her long hair with one hand, and then our hungry mouths met. I was feeling in heaven – this time enjoying the moment in the clarity of a new day, and the conscience that it was mutual attraction and desire that made this happen.

Given new confidence by me obviously enjoying the treatment, Melanie whispered into my ear: “Close your eyes darling – and return to your dreams… let me take care of you this time.” And I was more than willing to do as she had suggested when I felt her thumb and index-finger close around my one nipple and her lips around my other. It was a sweet eternity Melanie dedicated to my nipples but before too long I started to feel too horny to be satisfied with güvenilir bahis siteleri this kind of attention. I reached out buried my hand in her mane, gently forcing her to look at me as I said “Hmmm – that feel wonderful .. would you mind doing that a little further down?” And with a chuckle my sweet torturess slid further down, kissing and licking her way along my tummy till I finally with a gasp and an intense shiver of pure delight felt her lips making the first hesitant contact with the burning skin between my legs.

Immediately Melanie withdrew and looked at me puzzled about my heavy reaction and insecure about what to make of it “Oh…?” “Don’t spot – please darling .. it was so good that was why I shivered…. ” the urgency in my voice must have convinced her since she immediately started to once again shy and hesitant kiss along the outer rim of my pussy lips. “Hmmmm … ” my moans grew louder and more and more strained, ” just do whatever you think you would like to have done to you baby… oh yes .. please… don’t stop … oh darling .. Melanie … just lick around my clit babe … and suck … a little harder…”

I could not remember having had my pussy eaten so well, actually I never was really too much into oral sex being on the receiving end, but Melanie just pushed all the right buttons, and I soon was helplessly moaning and wiggling, my crotch attached to her nibbling mouth. And when she finally, encouraged by my moans, her wanting to please me and her own curiosity, inserted first one and then two fingers into my dripping pussy I couldn’t help it any longer but exploded into a brain shattering orgasm.

After a few moments of just laying and panting, waiting for the waves of this incredible climax to subside I looked down to Melanie. She had kept licking, but they were flat long slow strokes, wonderfully soothing and calming, to not abruptly deprive me of the contact – I adored her for this little considerate gesture. When our eyes met, I once again had the vision of Melanie in a collar and leash (held in my hand), this time she seemed an exquisite cat of prey, purring gently and satisfied, still licking her whiskers after she had devoured a bowl of sweet cream.

After just looking at each other for several heartbeats, Melanie climbed up over my limb body and stretched out next to me. I remember hearing her ask “Did you like it? Was I any good?” and I remember a vigorous nod and “Ohh damn baby – you were … WOW!” from my side before pulling her once more into my arms, and snuggled tightly together we slept for another hour or two … well, at least I did, till the smell of freshly brewed coffee and fresh muffins crept into my conscious mind.

Yes – I knew I was waking up to something good!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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