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It was the next morning and I woke up at about 8am. I had slept well even if was awoken for a quick molesting in the night by my boss. My room was en suite so I showered and had a look for yesterdays clothes. He had taken them which was strange. I had nothing to wear now which presented a slight problem. I had a look through who ever stayed it this room before me’s clothes. She must have been a similar size to me because all the clothes looked like they would fit. As I flicked through I noticed that none of the clothes were actual items you could wear in public. They all looked like men and women’s fancy dress costumes. They looked really expensive and there was every thing from super hero clothes to real uniforms for Costa Coffee and even Army stuff. I couldn’t believe what this guy was into but I guess it made sense after everything he wanted me to do.

I decided to put on the barista outfit from Costa on just because I thought it would be funny to serve him breakfast in character. I put on the dark brown shirt and the black skirt which was attached to the hanger. The shirt was a little tight but I guess that added to sex appeal if you could see the black bra through the gaps which incidentally was not mine but I found it in the drawer.

I walked downstairs and saw him sitting in a dressing gown reading a newspaper at the kitchen table. He looked up at me and smiled from ear to ear and even turned to face me a little. I went into the kitchen to make some toast. He came in behind me and wrapped his arms around me from behind.

“I’ve missed you baby”

His hands moved up my shirt to my small breasts feeling the material rub against the cups of my bra.

“Oh I can tell” I pressed my bum against his erection which was literally lifting up my skirt.

He picked me up and put me on the kitchen table face down. He pulled up my trousers and thrust his shaft into my wet pussy. I let out a cry of pain as he pushed his shaft in and left it there to stretch my pussy. His hands groped my tits through my shirt and bra as he started fucking my tight pussy. I told him to slow down but he ignored me. Instead he pushed me down against the table and fucked harder.

He bounced my skinny pussy off his dick and I was soon moaning like a whore. My nipples were poking hard through my bra. He pulled out his huge cock and gestured for me to get on my knees. I lean forward and take his penis completely in my mouth. It was so firm but so soft. I embrace him until I feel, after five or six minutes, the twitch in his balls. He was close and ataşehir escort I felt so horny for him. I sucked him harder with my tongue dancing on his tip waiting for his cum.

He pulled out and started beating his cock over my breasts. I undid my shirt so that he could get a better view. They were small but my bra was a little small so they really bulged out. He emptied his balls over my chest. My breasts covered in his huge amount of cum. I was stunned. I couldn’t move.

“I am cruel. I will not leave you with your dignity”

He buttoned my shirt up and squeezed my cum covered tits which felt wet. My shirt was soaking the cum making it cling to my breasts. I stood up and without realising straight away he cleaned his dick on my skirt.

He then took me quite hard by the arm towards the front door and pushed me outside along with my phone and my house keys. The door slammed closed behind me with no warning and I was left on the streets with his spent load all over me and no money for even a bus and the jacket I came there in. I put on my leather jacket to hide the wet marks an then I flicked through my contacts for someone who could help me.

I found an Ex boyfriend Jason who lived local and I gave him a call. I fully explained what happened cause I don’t think I could have been more embarrassed anyway and he agreed to help me. I waited for him to arrive in an ally next to the house.

A blue sports car pulled up next to me and I got in. Well I did regret my decision seeing how his dads money got him everything and I was just there with jizz on my tits and a boss who was cruel beyond measure. He told me he had clothes at his place and then he would drop me off at my house.

He was taller than I remember. He had a really athletic build now which he didn’t have when we were going out. He had a flat in a very nice building which had a private lift to his top floor place. When the lift door opened he took my hand and walked me in to his room. It was plain and white with pull down blinds over all the walls which was weird. He lifted my hand up and I felt a click of a handcuff and before I realised both hands were over my head cuffed. I looked up in horror and noticed the cuffs were attached onto chains which reached to a pulley which connected to the wall opposite. He pulled at the end of the chain to the point I was on my tip toes just to touch the ground. My jacket was tight on me now and Jason wasted no time in undoing my jacket revealing my stained uniform still with wet cum on me. I was so embarrassed as kadıköy escort he walked around behind me and touched me up my legs and up my skirt. As I opened my mouth to let out a cry of protest he put a gag in my mouth. I couldn’t scream for help and no one knew where I was. His hand returned to teasing me and I felt my underwear being cut off and the sound of a belt buckle being taken off.

His tongue was beginning to get to me, up and down, in and out; also my pussy was being subjected to a severe sucking. My clit was beginning to take control of my senses. I was getting aroused; my body was starting that familiar tingle when I get hot! And there was nothing i could do to stop it unable to pull away as I was already on my toes. I felt a finger tip work its way into my unprotected arse, as his tongue continued devastating me. I was about to pay the price now for all my messing around, to be raped, but in truth now. I was being utterly turned on and seduced. He was in control, he had me, I was his prisoner, his captive. My body was in his hands, along with my immediate future. I was in tears; no one had ever dominated me in this fashion. He was taking my dignity, my esteem. He was taking me over, commanding me, and I didn’t like it one bit.

I tried to fight the feelings welling up from my clit, through my pussy, to my nipples. All around my body it went, and then into my brain. Where I would succumb to it, without any further protest from me!

But it was him, reaching up beneath me and tweaking, then twisting my nipples through my wet shirt that sank me. It didn’t faze him that it was another mans cum he was getting all over his hands. I came; he ravished my pussy with his tongue. His fingers ravishing my stud like nipples. He lapped me all the way to the finish. My nipples were driving me mad, or rather, he was.

My pussy was on fire. Now I wanted to be fucked; the fact that it would legally be rape never entered my head. I wanted cocking, and soon, real soon. He hiked my skirt up and placed his cock at my entrance. There was no resistance from me at all. He pushed in, he had to, it was much thicker than anything I had had, so there was no chance of it ‘sliding’ in! I felt the great fat head of his cock, pushing the inside of my pussy to one side, it was the most incredible sensation I had ever had. It blew me apart.

It seemed to get bigger, and thicker as it did. God I was being stretched and filled like I had never been. Then he started giving it to me, in seconds I was like a punch bag being hit by Tyson. I was bostancı escort bayan being battered back and forth as he rammed his prick in and out of me. It was such an intense hammering; I was cumming in no time because of what he was doing. I was being fucked as hard as I had ever been fucked, no, not that. I had never been fucked as hard as this, it was incredible. I was cumming in a constant stream, it was devastating me. I wanted him to cum, to give me a respite, but it was several minutes before he did. He knew exactly what to do, he was turning me on against my will, and he was readying me, so I would accept my rear end being defiled. Then I felt the first gentle push at my arse, he missed the first time, but not the second. I screamed into my gag as the bulbous purple head went in. He held me tightly; there was no way I could ever wriggle out of this. He stayed still for a while, I felt the pain subside a little, my arse must be expanding I thought. Then another push, again the pain returned, and again he stayed. After much pushing, staying, then pushing again he was fully in me.

I was in tears, more from the fear factor than the pain. Without me realising it, he was speeding up, he was gathering pace as his thick black cock plundered my virgin arsehole. And then unknowingly, I was going with it, the sensation of having his prick up there was assailing my mind, in a way I never thought possible.

I was enjoying the feeling of fullness, of the utter domination he was showing me, of his power over me. His mouth was occasionally clamping the back of my neck, like a lion with its lioness, when they were rutting. And make no mistake; I was being rutted, truly rutted! I was loving the electrical sizzles of orgasms flashing through my body, building me up to the climatic one, that I knew was on its way. Then my ultimate orgasm hit me, it hit me with such surprise and power, I thought my life was going to end, it was the most wondrous, sublime feeling I have ever had. Jason grunted, and then stiffened like a steel rod, and he came too. The feeling of my bowels filling and swelling was one I will never forget. He was chewing on my neck, on the sides, and on my spinal column under my hair line. He was marking me in a way, which I knew I would hardly be able to hide. But at that moment I didn’t care, I wanted it, I loved it, I needed it.

His cock fell out of me with a plop and he untied my hands which were red and sore after that intense fucking. He got me a change of clothes which was just a skirt and vest top. He walked me to the lift and stuck a tenner in my waist band. He then moved in for a kiss and gave my breast a little squeeze before he shoved me in the lift and hit the down button.

I felt owned and used and I loved it. Now all i needed to do was get back to my boyfriends house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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