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Thanks for reading this story. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Jack.

** ** ** **

It was a dumpy apartment. I knew it. Karen knew it. We both knew it but it was the only way that she was going to be a stay-at-home mom. It was very important to her to be at home with our baby boy. It was also important to me as we both just wanted the best for our newborn. I think every parent wants the best for their kids but there is no standard for “best” other than your own opinion.

Her parents were with us for the first two weeks and I suffered through that. Her mom was bossy telling us what to do and when to do it. Intent was good but delivery … oh boy! Our baby boy, Mitchell, was growing like a weed. In keeping with the “best,” Karen had decided to breast feed him.

I remember Karen’s pre-pregnant body fondly. As I look back at the pictures, she had a narrow chest and a narrow waist and slight hips. Her butt was my favorite feature on that body … a bubble butt that was muscular and taut. On her narrow chest were two beautiful B cup tits capped with small but firm nipples. I’d always thought I’d marry a big busted woman but then love hit me and blinded me to those crazy ideas. After our first baby, she still had the small waist and hips but her chest got bigger and even bigger as she breast fed.

With her parents gone and Mitchell 3 1/2 months old, she was getting pressure from her friends to end the breastfeeding. “Do you want to be some sort of cow?” said one. None of them had children and they had no clue what they were talking about. Even so, Karen listened and was beginning to be swayed.

For us, our lives had settled into a routine. I got home from work about 7pm. We ate dinner at 7:30. She fed Mitchell at 8:30 and one of us put him to bed. If we made love, it was usually right after Mitchell went to bed. It was routine. It was boring. We’d had a lot more fun before Mitchell but now we were getting complacent. It didn’t help that we were getting up with Mitchell throughout the night too. The sex was boring because we’d become “careful” not to cause her breasts to leak. It’s hard to have wild and crazy sex when you’re afraid to brush against a tit and cause a milky flood!

Then it all changed. One Friday evening, Mitchell fell asleep at the dinner table. He was tired from a full day of rolling over and trying to sit up. He was out like a light. I put him in his crib and quietly left his bedroom. Karen was cleaning a pan in the sink. I came up behind her and reached around and cupped her full breasts, one in each hand. They were heavy and milk laden.

“Don’t! You’ll make them leak!”

“I don’t care.”

“Well, I do. They’ll get all over my dress.”

“I’m ok with that … or you could take that dress off.”

She could feel my hardness along her ass cheeks and she squeezed her buns together.

“Ok, big boy. Let’s go to bed but I’ve got to drain them before we do or they’ll squirt all over you!”

“I’m ok with that,” I said again.

“What? Don’t you find that grotesque?”

“Nooo! I find that sexy!”

“You’re grotesque!”

“Let’s get to bed, baby!”

I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bedroom. I stripped off her clothes and mine soon followed. She lay on the bed and I kissed her ankles and shins. My cock was raging already. I kissed her knees and she giggled. I licked her thighs and she parted them more for me. I slipped my middle finger between the folds of her fat lipped pussy and felt the heat and warmth. I leaned in smelling the musk of her juices. I licked her clit slowly and fully. She groaned. My finger played inside her and then stroked her lips.

Her tits were so full that they mostly stood up straight as she lay on her back. I worked in a second finger and kept licking at her clit. It didn’t take long as she was close and on the verge. I teased her bringing her closer and closer to the edge. She reached up and cupped her big tits and milk formed on the tips of her nipples. She was groaning as I kept licking. My tongue was getting tired but I wanted her to cum. It had been a long time since we’d relaxed and enjoyed each others bodies. I kept licking and fingering curling my fingers to her g-spot and then it hit her. She shook and moaned and groaned. She writhed and squirmed as I kept licking. She cried out several times thrashing her head side to side. She didn’t know escort ataşehir what to do with her hands. They first flew to my head to hold me right where I was licking. Then they flew out to gripped the sheets. Little cries of joy and then grunts and groans escaped her lips and then she slumped.

“Oh fuck, that was good!” she exclaimed.

My lips and nose was covered with her juices. I was happy for her but my cock was thick, long and ready for her ministrations. I had hoped to get a nice blow job from her but she had decided that what I wanted wasn’t necessarily what I was going to get!

Taking charge, she rolled me onto my back. As small as she is, I’ve always been surprised at her strength. Of course, I was a pretty willing participant. In a blink she had me on my back and my flagpole pointing up toward the moon. She straddled my thighs with a smile and began stroking me.

“You seem very big tonight. Thick, long and hard, just how I like it.”

“You seem very much in command, tonight.” I replied, “just how I like it!”

She smiled. “You got me all worked up and now I need the ultimate relief.”

“And what would that be?” I grinned knowing the answer.

“You know and it is this fat fucking cock buried deep in my cunt! But first a thing or two.

She leaned forward and her thick, hanging breasts wrapped themselves around my cock. She stroked back and forth streaking my thigh with her pussy juices while her tits straddled my throbbing cock. Her nipples were hard and scraped my hips. I could feel droplets streak down my sides to the sheets.

With that she came forward and straddled my waist and leaned forward to angle my cock into her soaking pussy. My cock head is pretty thick, thicker than the rest of the shaft. She always enjoys that pressure that my cock head creates between her legs. She was really working it up and down her slit getting it warm and wet with her juices. Of course, this put her big milky tits right in my face. I really hadn’t noticed how they had grown in a few short months. I hadn’t noticed how her nipples were brown, thick and long. I hadn’t noticed that her aureoles had enlarged to 2 inches across. But I noticed them now and longed to feel her nipple between my lips and feel that milk, warm and sweet flow down my throat. I wanted that warm milk leaking across my chest.

She eased back onto my cock sitting up more. Her hands found my chest to use a leverage as she pushed back and down onto my cock. I was close to exploding as her tits were right in my face and pressed together by her upper arms. Round and full they seemed to be right in my face. She came up and then sat back down again. Her tits bounced heavily with each thrust. I was fascinated. They never bounced that way before. They were full and tight. I seemed as if her skin was stretched. Her purple veins were sexy and sensual leading down to those brown nipples. I gripped those mounds while she was initially preoccupied with grinding me.

She stopped. “No! They’ll leak! Don’t touch them!”

Are you kidding? Those big tits were a man’s dream, and now my fantasy, they were perfect while being perfectly natural. It struck me that they looked very similar to breast implants but not quite that hard. I wanted them in my hands. I wanted those nipples in my mouth. I wanted her milk pouring down my throat.

I thrust up and she couldn’t help herself but start again grinding on my cock feeling it deep inside her against her cervix. Yeah, she loved my cock, deep and thick pressing against the walls of her pussy, thick enough to pull on her cunt lips and sensitive clit. Despite her pleas to the contrary, I gripped those big mounds and milk began leaking.

I’d gotten her. She was losing control. She enjoyed my cock too much to stop and she was finally beyond caring about her milk leaking. She was even beyond any intelligible language. She was out of control humping my cock. If I told her that I had won the lottery, it would not have mattered. She was focused on the purple, bulging head that was thrusting up her canal spreading her wide and pounding her cervix.

Droplets of milk fell on my chest. She groaned. I lifted my head and sucked her nipple into my mouth encouraging her milk with my fingers. The milk flowed slowly at first and then there was a gush. It was sweet and warm but very different from cow’s milk. kadıköy escort bayan She kept pounding me but much harder now. She was slamming down on my hips with all of her strength. Her eyes squeezed shut as I sucked more out.

“Oh FUCK!”

She pounded my chest with her tiny fists while never loosing the rhythm of fucking my cock. Now, I was losing control. My pulsating cock and balls wanted release. Her cunt gripped me like a vice squeezing and pulling with each panicked thrust. She kept pounding and her tears joined her milk on my chest. I sucked it hard again and I felt her quiver. Her body shook in multiple micro orgasms. She was quaking and shaking. Her dark red fingernails gripped my skin. She had never cum like this before. Neither had I. My cum erupted from my cock. It was a flood of cum filling her hole and shooting out and around my balls down my ass.

She fell onto my chest gasping and sobbing. “Oh my God! I’ve never felt like that before! That was so incredible. Never, never anything like that.”

I stroked her hair now mixed with her tears and her milk from my chest. After several minutes, she climbed off me and sat beside me. The tit I had sucked was deflated while her other tit was still full and continued leaking. I wanted it. She seemed tired but I really wanted the rest of her milk. She saw my eyes.

“It’s for the baby.”

“There’s plenty. We read that in the books, remember?”

“Yeah, ok, but I don’t want to feel like a cow.”

“You are no cow baby. You are one sexy hottie!”

“No, I’m a fucking cow.”

I stroked her full breast for a moment. “You don’t want them uneven, do you?”

“No,” she paused.

I took a chance and licked her nipple. Then I sucked it in and could feel her give herself to me. The milk “let down” and flowed into my mouth. Sweet nectar, it was fantastic. My cock got thick again and I felt her grip it and begin stroking. I kept sucking.

“Suck it dry,” she whispered while stroking the head of my cock. “Honey,” she paused, “my pussy is hot again. Please fuck me!”

It flowed and I drank. I drained her. I turned her over and got her on her hands and knees. I entered her from behind. Her sloppy and used pussy spread easily for me now as I roughly shoved my meat deep within her hot cunt.

“Yeah! Give it to me rough!”

I always do what she tells me and I pounded her pussy hard. My hands gripped her slim hips and pulled her back hard feeling my cock slam against the deepest parts of her pussy. I kept pounding. I looked in our mirror and could see the two of us fucking. Her empty tits hanging down to the sheets and scraping them. I kept pounding and then we both grunted like animals in heat. I felt her juices squirt around my cock and it sent me over the edge. A tingle shot up my spine and curled my toes. My cum squirted and squirted. My cock pulsated long after there was no cum left. Spent, we fell asleep in the mess.

She awoke and I got an elbow to my shoulder, “Mitchell is crying. Can you get him?”

It was cold in the apartment. The windows weren’t much to keep the cold out. I got up and my feet landed on the cold wooden floor. The lack of insulation didn’t help keep the cold out. Mitchell was screaming bloody murder. I got him and joined Karen back in bed. I checked the time and saw that I had 3 more hours of sleep before my alarm would shock me into another hard day at work. I fell asleep to the slurping sound of my son nursing from his mom. There was plenty of milk.

When I got home from work, Karen was dressed in one of her older outfits. When I say “old”, I only mean that it was an outfit that she had worn before Mitchell was born. It certainly was not threadbare or tired in any way. It was, however, tight around the bust and a little tight in the ass. It was a leather skirt that was halfway up her soft thighs. The shirt was form fitting before nursing but now she was busting from it. Her lovely cleavage was on full display. Freckles dotted across her bust. With each breath, it expanded and contracted causing a tenting in my pants.

We had dinner. It was a simple meal of asparagus, potatoes, and chicken. I enjoyed every morsel but I enjoyed the sight of her soft melons before me. She was busting from her shirt and I was very excited.

“Can you feed Mitchell while I clean up?” she asked sweetly.

“Feed escort bostancı him?”

She smiled as if explaining something simple to a child as she handed me a bottle of warm mother’s milk. It was a first for me. We’d never used a bottle before. I was ecstatic. I held my boy in my arms and gave him his evening meal. He slurped as Karen cleared the table and washed the dishes.

“I bought a breast pump today. I need it in case we want to go away for a weekend. We’ll need a backup supply of breast milk for Mitchell.”

I stared into my boy’s handsome eyes, “Okay.”

“So,” she continued, “I pumped 3 bottles today but I want him to get used to someone other than me feeding him.”

“Thanks,” I commented as my son’s eyes closed and sleep came upon him, “I like this.”

“Asleep? Good! But my breasts are very full and I’m umm, tired of using the pump.”

I put Mitchell to bed and he stayed asleep as I left the room. I knew from my sister’s child that this falling asleep so easily wouldn’t last but more than a month or two. I walked from his room and found Karen with a smile on her face. She unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse. I could feel the anticipation rising in my pants. She popped a few more.

“So, they’re so full and I need release,” she commented. “I know you hate it but would you? Please?”

Such a tease!

I nodded and her shirt burst open revealing Karen’s tits bigger than they had ever been. I knelt before her and suckled one into my mouth. I felt her nipple extend and the warm milk slide down my throat. I slipped my hand up her skirt and along her thighs as she parted her legs for me. Her thighs were moist from her juices running down her legs. Her pussy was sopping and two fingers slipped easily inside. Her milk gushed into my mouth and she cried out as an intense orgasm ripped through her body. She shook and then held on to me to stop from ralling. It was obvious that her milk release was now tied to her pussy.

She fed me her other tit allowing me to drain it. Her wistful smile and closed eyes showed her sense of arousement. She was building again and I enjoyed the power I had as my fingers played and my mouth suckled at her tits. Her eyes were closed and I slid a cum covered finger in her ass. She jumped slightly at the intrusion and her brows furrowed. I sucked some more and I had a finger in her ass and one in her pussy. “Jack, that is so good!”

Her ass was tight as I worked my finger in and up, back and forth. She held my head at her tit encouraging me to suck and stroke her. “Uh, oh Jack!” she cried as another climax ripped through her. She shook and her tits wobbled as I got the last drops of milk from her. My fingers were sopping from her pussy juices.

I helped her up and guided her on wobbly legs to the bedroom. She climbed on the bed and shook her ass at me. “Fuck me from behind. I need it. I need it now.”

“In your ass?” I asked.

We had tried anal before and even with a ton of lube on my cock, nothing had worked to get that thick head of mine passed her ass rim. She’d had anal a few times with previous boyfriends but claimed that my head was too thick.

As I got on the bed behind her, she stopped me and ran to the kitchen. It was a second or two and she was back on the bed anxiously moving her butt back at my cock. Grabbing her hips, I slipped in her pussy feeling it slicken my cock. My fingers eased her ass apart and I pressed my cockhead against her asshole.

“Yes, oh no it might be too big!” she panted. She was afraid.

I pushed harder and felt my head pop past the rim.

“OH FUCK! Too big! Too big!”

I kept working at it and even though she was protesting, she was working with my rhythm.

I pumped her steady watching her butt bounce with each thrust. Then I heard a hum and she sighed. I looked in our mirror to see her milking her breasts with the breast pump. It hummed along merrily as I pumped my cock in and out of my wife’s sweet ass. She leaned forward and then pushed herself back onto my cock. The pump just kept humming as it rested on the bed. Her hand reached under and rubbed her clit. With the breast pump pulling on her nipple, it was sending electric shocks throughout her body. My cock was buried deep inside her ass and her fingers were flying over her clit, she was fast approaching another powerful climax.

“Oh fuck! fuck! fuck! FUCK!”

She exploded with a loud cry. Her back arched and my cum shot deep inside her filling her ass.

We collapsed on the bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

** ** ** ** **

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it! Jack

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