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I missed you baby. It just feels like coming home, waking up with you like this.

I am so proud of your behaviour last night and took your punishment really well. We have come such a long way together Darryl. You turning up here begging to be forgiven. I treated you to a steaming hot shower with a harsh scrubbing brush. Humiliated you by turning you into a girl with make up, nightie and pink panties. Followed by spanking your sexy bottom till it was red and bruised all over. Finally fucking your tight little arse hole with my big strap on dick till the tears were streaming down your cheeks. What a ‘Lucky Girl’ you were. Mmm.

This morning though I feel like the lucky girl. Hmmm… I adore the feel of your strong chest, so warm, pressing against my back. Your breath blowing on my sensitive neck sending, shivers down my body. Your thick hard cock nestling into my soft bottom cheeks. I wrap my arms around yours, holding you tighter, wiggling even closer into your safe, exciting, arousing body.

“Good morning Sexy Suz.” You whisper into my ear. I can hear your smile as you say it. I know how bostancı escort bayan happy you are waking up just where you are. If anything it makes me feel even more lucky.

“I want you inside me, Darryl” I tell you.

Again you are smiling as you reply with a sigh.

“Always so demanding Suz. Your wish is my command.”

“As if you have ever had a choice Darryl! Touch me. Show me how much you want me. I can feel how much you want me because your cock has been poking into me all night long. Show me with the rest of your body too.” And you do.

Our bodies still pressing together, spooning, We stretch. Pulling our muscles out, releasing the sleep. A yawn escapes your lips, setting mine free too. Then it starts. Starts with your lips exploring my neck. Little butterfly kisses, like little pops of pleasure. At the same time your left hand breaks free of my hold and comes back up to my shoulder. Holding me there, you takes a gentle nibble of my ear, the sensation I feel flows directly through my breasts. You turns me on so easily. Your hand tightens, holding me firmly, ümraniye escort pretending to take a huge bite out of me, making me squirm and giggle.

“Darryl…” I warn you.

“Don’t forget you are not too big to go over my knee young man!” I laugh

“Yes Mistress.” You says meekly, half hoping, I’m sure.

I am so impatient, I want you inside me already. My body pushing into yours in the age old rhythm of desire. So natural. Again your left hand comes round the front of me. Squeezing my flesh, teasing my soft skin. Different levels of pressure in different areas. You touching and moulding me from the tops of my thighs, over my lush hips. Stroking my tummy. Exploring as far as your hand can reach.

I slip out of your embrace, on to my back. Maybe to give you more access but mostly because I want to feel your mouth on my breasts. You know how I like it. How I love you to suck my breasts and nipples hard. Hard as you can. Leave me covered with bruises, show me that you were here for when you no longer are. For all that I owned your body last night, I am yours this morning. escort kartal

Mmmm blindly seeking your cock to fill me up. Turning my body away from your. Spreading my legs to fit between and over yours. I want you darling Darryl.

“Fuck me baby. Now. Please now!”

And you do. My pussy throbbing and ready for you. Holding him by the base I descend on to your rock hard cock, The pleasure is immense. Stretching me wide. Its been so long. You fill me right up. Getting further and deeper inside me with each stroke. Oh god you feel amazing. My whole body is singing with rapturous delight. Both striving for the same goal.

“Cum for me Darling, fill me with your cream. I am close.” Your fingers slip between my pussy lips to stroke my clit. I don’t need the extra sensation. I am wired.

“Oh god. Yes!” I couldn’t hold back. I cum and cum but you don’t stop you just keep beating into me. Harder, Harder, feeling higher.

“Yes… Yes… ohgod! ohgod! ohhhhhh…Mmm.”

Feeling you shoot your enormous load into me triggered me off again. My cunt spasming around you. Massaging every last drop from your balls. Draining you. Making me full of your baby juices. Very very happy.

Lying together, not ready to move, loving that feeling of your cock shrinking back out of me and yet still very much as one.

Thank you darling Darryl x x

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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