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“Wait. What do you mean I missed my connection?”

The consternation in my voice was probably apparent to everyone. This was just the latest in a series of delays that had plagued me all day long. I didn’t hear my alarm. I got stuck in traffic getting to the airport. My delay there caused me to get a less-than-ideal seat on the airplane. Then, to add even more insult to injury, we sat on the runway for half an hour before takeoff. That caused me to miss my connecting flight. The desk agent was more than helpful, but it seemed that the next outbound plane headed to my destination wasn’t going to be taking off for another 3 hours. I thanked the agent for her time and asked her to try and get me on the next outgoing flight. Thankfully, I only had my one carry on, so if I did get stranded at the airport overnight I wouldn’t have to worry about being without clothes.

I walked through the terminal until I found the nearest airline traveler club. The funny thing about spending as much time on airlines as I do is that while you may be screwed around by the airplane itself, the time you spend in the airport is not that bad. Exclusive access to frequent flyer clubs is probably the only reason I still fly with an airline that continually causes me to be late and miss my flights. Sometimes it’s the little perks that matter. I wheeled my suitcase up to the bar and camped out on a barstool, intent on passing the next few hours with some alcohol and maybe some catching up on the mountain of email that floods my inbox. However, after the second glass of bourbon, the idea of even caring about my email went right out the window. Instead, I focused on clearing my mind of all the stress and irritation of the day.

That’s when I heard a polite cough beside me followed by, “Excuse me, do you mind if I have a seat?”

The lounge was fairly empty with plenty of seating all around. It was as I was turning my head to say as much to the person interrupting my solitude when I caught a glimpse of her face. All my snarky retorts faded away as I recognized my old friend Valerie. I shouted out her name in greeting as I stood up and she must have been equally shocked to see me as well. She stepped over and gave me a big hug in greeting. After we broke apart, I took a moment to admire her form. Always the professional, Valerie was dressed for business today. A smart business jacket and skirt adorned with Valerie’s most famous accessory, a pair of high heels. She once joked with me when we worked together that the heels stayed on all the time. When I raised an eyebrow at the obvious entendre, she merely smiled and nodded before I could say anything. It had been quite a while since we had worked together in the same place, and we kept up mostly via email once every three or four months. However, seeing her once again was a rare treasure in a day that had already been going downhill.

I invited her to have a seat with me. She pulled her long chestnut hair together and draped it over her right shoulder as she sat down on my right. She ordered something off the drink menu that looked fruity. I continued working on my bourbon as her large pink fruity drink arrived, complete with a fruit salad for garnish.

I smirked at her choice of refreshment, but she chided my reaction by saying, “Hey! It’s got a lot of alcohol. Plus it’s pink. You know how much I love pink.”

I couldn’t argue with that. She finished it quickly as we caught up on things since the last email exchange a few months previous. It turns out that Valerie and I spent a lot of time flying into the same airports, just never at the same time. Life as a frequent traveler usually meant living out of a suitcase and knowing the inside of an airport better than the inside of your house. We took turns telling stories about terrible hotel rooms and run-ins with airport security. One particular anecdote about getting caught in the shower by housekeeping had her dying with laughter.

As she laughed and threw her hands around, one of them casually landed on my knee. It lingered there perhaps a second or two longer than it would have in otherwise friendly company. This of course got my mind to racing with some rather interesting thoughts. There was no denying that Valerie was a very attractive woman. Her confident air and take-charge attitude was as refreshing as her beauty. When we did work together there was a bit of unresolved tension between us from an attraction standpoint. We kidded around and made some pretty loaded comments to each other, but it never really went much further than that. Not for lack of trying on either part, mind you. It just seemed that we were never in the same place together long enough to make something of it. Then, she left the company and moved away to pursue other ventures. Now, many of those old thoughts came flooding back in the airport lounge.

I hoped that I hadn’t betrayed my thoughts, so I covered quickly with another half-hearted joke. I explained that I was trapped here due to a long layover and that I hoped to catch the next available escort bostancı plane out in a couple of hours. Valerie told me that her next flight wasn’t for a couple of hours as well. Valerie ordered another large fruity drink, and I decided to have another was well. I shifted my position on the barstool to face more toward her as opposed to looking over my shoulder to talk to her. She responded in kind and turned more to face me. As our conversation continued, I noticed that she shifted a bit more on her stool until her knee was touching the inside of my leg. I wasn’t quite for sure what to make of this, but I hoped that it was something more than just innocent body language. It didn’t take too long to prove me right as Valerie unconsciously seemed to rub her leg against mine as we spoke. In the back of my mind, images and thoughts were quickly becoming worse by the minute as our benign conversation continued.

I decided that if things were more than just friendly, it was time to see on my end. I reached out carefully during one of her stories and put my hand gently on the knee pressed against my leg. As it rested there, Valerie didn’t seem to notice at all as far as her story was concerned. Her body said something entirely different, however. I could feel her pressing against my hand, almost begging me to touch her more. I rubbed it around her knee a bit, enjoying the silky smooth feeling. I had once asked her if she ever wore stockings. She told me that she didn’t need too. Now I could see why. The conversation continued about business related things, but the focus wasn’t really on the words any more. Instead, it was on my hand and her leg. I tried to be as casual as I could in the open lounge, but as Valerie shifted more in her seat with each passing touch, it became obvious that we were quickly reaching a point.

Before I knew it, I was stroking my fingers along the inside of her thigh. It wouldn’t be long before they were right at the hem of her skirt and all the laid beneath. I was running more on instinct than anything else. All the flirtatious comments of the past and times I had imagined dirty, naughty things were driving me onward now. When the bartender came back, Valerie shifted her attention to him long enough to order yet another fruity drink.

When the bartender had disappeared I joking said, “You’d best be careful. I remember what happened the last time we got drunk around each other.”

Valerie narrowed her eyes as she looked back at me as if she was searching for the memory. When she found it, her eyes grew wide and she grinned back at me.

She replied, “As I recall, that was after a few tequila shots. I got up to go to the bathroom and came back and sat in your lap.”

We both giggled at that. I had always assumed it was on accident. I was beginning to wonder if that wasn’t the case now, though.

Before I could ask, Valerie jumped first with, “You know, I might have been a little tipsy back then. There was something that I meant to do after that and never got around to…”

With that, she leaned in and gave me a slow kiss on the lips. As she leaned in, the fingers that had been brushing up against her thigh scooted further under her skirt. I could feel the heat that she was putting off and I was only a few inches under the hem. I felt her tongue dart into my mouth for a moment and I replied in kind, savoring the feeling of her soft lips against mine. What felt like an eternity was indeed only a few seconds. Valerie sat back on her stool as my hand drifted out from under her skirt. She looked pleased with herself. I was rather pleased as well.

She said out loud, “Hmmm. I should have done that a long time ago. A shame there isn’t a more private place around here…”

Before I could say anything, Valerie stood up and walked to the back of the lounge toward the bathroom. I was sure that was because she wanted to take a second to clear her head or get some air. Instead, as I turned back to watch her, she glanced over her shoulder back at me. When she got to the door, she beckoned to me with her finger as she stepped into the men’s restroom.

All at once, the possibilities were swimming in my head. Was she really inviting me into doing something like this? I had always had some crazy thoughts, but now the real possibility of acting on them was in front of me. A quick check of the lounge found it virtually empty. There was precious little chance of any interruption. I walked back to the door and ducked inside after another survey of the room. Inside, I saw the usual sink, along with two stalls toward the back. I glanced around, trying to find where Valerie might be. Instead, I heard the unmistakable clicking of her heels against the tile floor. I then spied her heels and her legs beneath the door of the farthest stall. As I approached, I saw a small piece of white cloth drop to her ankles. I took me a minute to realize that it was a lacy pair of panties. Valerie deftly stepped out of them and I saw a hand reach down to pick them ümraniye escort up.

Before I could say anything, a soft voice called out to me, “Feel free to join me if you’d like.”

I pushed the door open to find Valerie standing there before me, twirling the tiny undergarment around her finger. As soon as she saw me, she unbuttoned the fastened button on her jacket and pulled it off, revealing a silky camisole beneath. Before I could say anything, she stepped over to me. With one hand, she hung her jacket on the back of the door. With the other, she pressed a finger to my lips. I figured that this wouldn’t be the place to make much noise anyway, but there was something intensely erotic about being as silent as possible in this situation.

Valerie wasted no time in embracing me once again, but this time the hug was more than friendly. I felt her hands sliding up and down the back of my dress shirt even as mine explored the silky garment she was wearing. She untucked my shirt and pulled back for a moment to start unfastening buttons. She carefully worked her way from the bottom up, releasing each one and pulling my shirt apart. When she reached the top, she loosened my tie just enough to unfasten the top button. She then ran her hands beneath my shirt and around my torso.

I responded in kind, exploring her soft skin beneath her camisole. I could feel her hips pressing into me, grinding against mine. With her fingers dancing against my skin and her body pressing into mine, it was no secret that I was getting more and more aroused by the moment. I leaned in and pressed my lips against Valerie’s neck. I felt her head lean back as she exhaled slightly. Her hands never stopped roaming as she pressed even further into me. I slipped my fingers under the waist of her skirt and down against her ass. Valerie responded by pressing against them. I stopped kissing her neck and instead moved back to her lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth at once, exploring every inch. I responded in kind, savoring the passion that had lain pent up for as long as it had.

Valerie was obviously ready to move a little further. Her hands dropped to my belt and started unbuckling it. With a bit of difficulty, she pulled it free and unfastened the clasp holding my pants together. As she pulled my zipper down slowly, her other hand reached inside and took a firm hold of my hard cock. She gave it a slight tug as she pulled it free of any errant clothing. Her lips broke away from mine as she looked down to see what she had found waiting for her. Her eyes grew bigger at the sight of my cock and she leaned down towards it. Her tongue parted her red lips and she carefully placed the tip against the underside of my cock and licked slowly to the head. I could feel every delicious inch as she got closer to the tip. I shuddered as she carefully licked the precum from the head, taking it inside for a brief second to be sure she got every drop.

As she straightened back up, she whispered in my ear, “Yum. I’m going to have to have that in my mouth again some time. Right now, I want it inside me somewhere else.”

With that request, I placed my hands under the hem of her skirt and wasted no time lifting it up, caressing her thighs as I pushed closer to her. The same heat I felt before was there, but it was more intense now without her tiny lace panties to contain it. My hands brushed against the soft lips of her wet pussy, and I felt her body shudder as my fingers made contact. I traced along the outside of her swollen lips, gently wetting the outside as much as I could. Valerie was very excited from what I could feel, and I couldn’t wait to get inside her. For once, her fashionable heels were going to come in handy for what I had always admired them for. With her standing a good four inches taller than normal, she was at the perfect height to receive my cock inside her dripping pussy. With her skirt pushed up as far as I could muster, I stepped back against the wall and pressed into her. Valerie parted her legs slightly and her hand took firm hold of my raging hard on. She guided it directly to the warm wet spot between her thighs and I felt myself slip inside her waiting pussy.

Valerie gasped in my ear as she sank completely down on my cock. I could feel her juices running down as the warm moist feeling of being inside her raced through my body. With her powerful legs, she wrapped first one, then the other, around my hips, sinking another tantalizing inch down onto me. I pressed her against the wall for leverage and started sliding in and out of her amazing pussy. I could feel her muscles flexing against me as I slid out and in, teasing me and driving me onwards. I grabbed her ass with both hands and used it to push myself even deeper inside her.

I was doing my best to stay as quiet as possible. However, Valerie was gasping even more with every stroke. Normally, I might be worried about being caught. At that moment, all I really cared about was the amazing sex that I was having. With every stroke, I could feel kartal escort bayan Valerie growing wetter. Her legs tightened around me, drawing me deeper inside her. I was really lost in my own thoughts. Every unsavory conversation and flirtation I had with Valerie was exploding through me and being expressed via my hips thrusting into her with all the force I could muster. Our slow rhythm prevented any noises of skin slapping against skin for the time being, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold back forever. Before I could do anything else, I heard Valerie squeak a little as her rhythm changed. She sped up slightly, and I felt her muscles beginning to squeeze harder against my cock. She buried her head against my shoulder, pressing her lips against me in an effort to keep quiet. I let her take control as she started to ride me harder and faster as her orgasm built. All at once, her body stiffened as she slammed against me, driving my cock as deeply as she could down inside herself. The juices ran down my balls as she spasmed against my cock.

I kept sliding in and out gently to prolong the feeling for her. As her orgasm floated away, her head came up from my shoulder and she smiled back at me.

She whispered in my ear, “Thank you. I should have done that when I was in your lap before too. Now, it’s your turn, big boy.”

Valerie lifted herself off of my cock and stood up on her own legs. She wobbled a bit a first, but with the grace of a dancer and the experience of someone that wore heels all the time, she righted herself before stumbling. She turned around and stuck her ass out, pulling her skirt up as much as possible. She looked over her shoulder at me, as if to invite me to take what I wanted. I wasted no time in stepping up behind her and once again sliding my hard cock inside her wet pussy.

I sank deep inside her as before, but this angle offered yet a different feeling. Once Valerie felt me deep inside her pussy, she moved her hands and pressed them against the wall in front of us. She pressed back against me, rubbing her ass against my hips and pushing me back slightly. If she wanted to play it a little rough, that was fine by me. Throwing caution to the wind, I began fucking her with all the power I could muster. Each thrust was met by Valerie’s hips pushing back against me, driving me into her harder and harder. At this point, the TSA could have come in and I wouldn’t have cared. I just kept sliding into Valerie, releasing all my frustrations of the day as well as the naughty thoughts I’d had for so long.

I grunted a bit here and there, but I noticed Valerie biting her bottom lip in an effort to keep quiet. I hoped she was enjoying this as much as I was. As delightful as the feeling was, I knew that I couldn’t keep enjoying it forever. It only took a few minutes before I could feel myself reaching the point of no return. I growled a bit lower than before and grabbed Valerie’s hips tightly as I mustered one last stroke. As I did, she pushed against me and gyrated her hips. I felt myself starting to cum as spurt after spurt of sticky cum left me and flooded inside her. I exhaled deeply as I felt myself empty inside her. She responded with yet another beautiful smile over her shoulder as I withdrew from being inside her.

We rearranged ourselves as best we could. Valerie slipped her panties back on under her skirt and smoothed it out somewhat. I refastened the buttons on my shirt but left the top button as well as my tie undone. Seems I was a bit worked up from the vigorous exercise we’d both just done. I opened the stall and peeked around to be sure we were still alone. When I was sure the coast was clear, I let Valerie step out. She leaned back to give me a kiss as she fastened the button on her jacket again. She stepped out of the bathroom and I followed a minute or so later.

The lounge was still mostly empty, but the bartender gave me a knowing look as I sat back down. Both Valerie and I finished our drinks and I picked up the tab for both of us. It was the least I could do. With a healthy tip for our new silent bartending friend, we stepped out of the lounge. I gave Valerie another passionate kiss and thanked her for the opportunity to get to know her a little better.

She smiled back and said, “No, thank you. Maybe the next time we run into each other at the airport, we can do it again.”

With the reminder of the airport, I exclaimed that I was going to miss my flight. I thanked her again and dashed off with my suitcase to the ticket counter. The agent said that they were having some difficulties getting my new connection to come through, so they had instead booked me on a different flight on another airline to be sure I arrived at my destination by morning. The new flight was just starting to board, so if I hurried I might catch it. I sprinted across the airport and made it to my new departure just in time. The gate agents cleared me in record time and I jogged down the ramp, suitcase in tow. I walked down the aisle and found my new seat, hoisting my suitcase into the overhead bin. When I finally collapsed into my seat, I glanced over at the person that would be my new friend for the next couple of hours on the flight. Lo and behold, I found the same chestnut haired beauty whose company I had just been enjoying.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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