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I attended an S/M party and when I was seated in the living room, a pair of ladies entered and I offered them my seat on the couch and I sat on the floor. A dominant lady, named Mistress R arrived and was introduced. She was seated in a recliner across the room with a tight black dress on and 5″ spike heels which showed off her tan feet tremendously.

From my position on the floor I was able to view Mistress R’s high arches and I could not help but notice that she had lots of toe cleavage. She had on tan nylons and her legs were so curvy and sexy I was immediately infatuated with her very presence. Being a submissive foot slave, I could not keep my eyes off her and her feet during the meeting. Several times she caught me gazing her way and I looked down at the floor submissively. She teasingly dangled her shoes off her toes and I was mesmerized. I was not even paying attention to the BDSM meeting at all. After it was over, she beckoned me over to her with a crooked finger. I knew to kneel before her. She told me that she was going to the parlor and wanted to have a little talk with me. I was to join her there after she was seated and comfortable.

I went down the steps to where she was seated. Mistress R had on sheer nylons and had one leg crossed over the other. I knelt before her magnificent presence.

She stuck the front of her spiked heel into my mouth and said “SUCK IT, you little bitch!” I did so. “Tongue clean the bottoms of my heels.” Of course I complied with everything she said. “Suck the spike like it’s a cock, bitch-boy!”

She re-crossed her leg so it was on the opposite side and I had to lay on the floor with my head raised high enough to reach. It was not comfortable, but she didn’t care about that.

After a while, she had me kneel and kiss her nylon covered thighs just below the hem line while she held a handful of my hair. “Now remove my shoes and kiss them.” When I did the most wonderful scent of nylon and shoe leather wafted into my nostrils and the back of my ankara türbanlı escort head tingled with excitement. She flexed her lovely toes before my eyes and noted my reaction.

I dutifully sucked her shoe and without thinking I stuck my nose and tongue into the inner sole for a taste. She smacked me hard on the ear and it knocked me so hard I was seeing stars for awhile and almost passed out. My ear rang from the dizzying blow, which had caught me quite by surprise, but I remained on my knees, quivering in fear and trepidation of what was to come next.

“Look you little bitch,” she scolded, “Did I tell you to lick my shoe soles? Now they are all wet. Blow them dry!” I did, while managing to inhale her intoxicating foot scent as much as possible.

After a while she grabbed me by the ear and told me to go outside and sit on the front porch steps. She came outside and stood on the top step, smoking a Virginia Slims. Me and her two male slaves sat on the bottom steps. I was told to keep my eyes downward at her feet, and not to look at her in the face. I obeyed.

After a long while, she told me to rejoin her in the living room and she was going to use me for a demonstration.

I waited a few minutes and went to the top floor of the split-level home. She was seated in a recliner watching her dominant friend, Mistress N shave a slave-girl in table-bondage and then paddle her with a large wooden paddle, while everyone watched. I crawled from the top step to Mistress R’s feet.

“You are going to be the sideshow, you little foot-slut!” “Remove my shoe.” I did as told and held her foot at the heel with both hands. “Suck my toes like the little bitch you are!” She forced her pungent warm nylon toes into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat. “Look at what a big mouth you have foot-slut!

She foot-fucked my mouth for ever and ever, until my tongue and lips burned from the nylons. Then she said condescendingly, “Are you gonna suck my tuzla escort cock like my foot?” and glared down at me for a response. With her stocking foot almost all the way in my mouth, I replied in a whisper, “Yeth, mith-twiss.” “WHAT did you say?” “Yeth, mith-twiss,” I said a little louder. “WHAT foot-slut?” “YETH, MITH-TWISS,” I said louder.

Everyone had been laughing at my shameless little act of foot worship, and making snide comments, and now they roared at my predicament. “WHAT?,” She would say again. I would reply again, with laughter ringing in my burning hot ears, one of which still stung from being slapped silly.

“You dare put a run in my nylons with your teeth and I will have you little ass publicly paddled by Mistress N, you understand!!??” I nodded yes, and she continued to have me suck her foot almost the entire evening.

My throbbing cock hurt so bad and was jutting out from my tight, confining jeans like a pole and was throbbing helplessly from every humiliating thing she did and said.

(I was wearing panties and had freshly shaved my balls, because once before at another meeting of this group Mistress V paddled and whipped a slave-boy until he cried for not having on panties! She made it quite clear that all of us slave-boys were to wear panties from then on or be publicly punished like he was!)

Mistress R was so haughty and cruel, I was truly humbled before her. Ever since then, I have to wonder who was there and saw me disgracefully suck her feet like the lowly little foot-boy I really am. I was so shamefully ridiculed and humiliated, yet I crave more.

This vixen scolded me and chastised me all the while. Her wrathful indignation and imperious, domineering assertiveness only served to arouse my passionate licking and sucking. I complied with every whim and totally enslaved and subjugated myself to her mercy.

She kept me under her feet, lording it over me like the puppet I had become, oppressing avrupa yakası ucuz escort me with her continuing inquisition. She domineered and bullied me all night, abusing my mouth and face with her feet. She was a tyrant, and exacted complete obedience from me to her every wish and whim.

My nose was rubbed raw from her stocking foot sole and she was relentless in her reign of terror, for I feared being publicly paddled by Mistress N. (My butt-cheeks had quivered at the very mention of it, since I had been previously beaten into submission by my ex-wife, Miss Jennifer on an almost daily basis.)

Mistress R was harsh, severe and stern and my slave-cock was rigid and at attention the entire time. The scent of her foot odor was aromatic as she suffocated my face with her feet, while contemptuously commenting how she felt sorry for foot-slaves in the summertime because she wore her heels barefoot and that her feet were coated with perspiration and foot-dirt from the sidewalks and streets, which the slaves were required to tongue-bathe.

She taunted me by sneering disdainfully at my efforts, turning her nose up, curling up her red lip and tossing her long lovely head of brunette hair back and saying scornfully, “And you think its FUN being a SLAVE do you? You are so despicable and pitiful, I should whip you for daring to look up you little foot-sucker!

She mocked me and laughed in my face, ridiculing me with sarcastic and disparaging indignities. The crowd hooted, hissed, taunted and jeered me. I continued to prostrate myself before her, obeying her belittling commands and respectfully tongue-worshiping her foot with reverence and absolute attention. She could impose her impervious will upon me anytime.

Afterwards, she made me blow dry her nylon encased feet and said I needed to learn how to lick and suck without getting her foot so wet. She made me crawl outside and gave me her phone number. I called her later and thanked her for allowing me the experience of worshiping her feet in front of everyone. She told me “I think you need another TASTE, you foot-slut!”

I can’t wait to do that! I wrote this essay about it so I could bring it to her and hope she is pleased. I savored the scent of her feet which remained in my mustache for several hours, and I drove home and masturbated to the memories. I still do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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